Godly Model Creator Chapter 756

Chapter 756 A Crippled Person

“Who?!” Tian Gang’s eyes were full of murderous intent. He was this close to killing Su Hao and yet someone is here to create trouble for him? This is the Tian family’s territory! Even if another world esper comes here, he would have to kneel!

“Someone is here?” Su Hao’s body was drenched in cold sweat. He literally felt that he would not last any longer. After all, he was facing a world esper! An esper who just needs to raise a finger to kill countless strong espers! In fact, even when they exchanged words, a lot of his mental strength had to be consumed. Plus, isn’t the current him a cripple?

At times, he didn’t even know why he was trying to delay for time.

Li Tiantian fought to bring him time. The residents of Kingdom of Heaven fought to buy him time. Even that damn giant tree fought to delay time for him too. Thus, he kept waiting, waiting for that dim hope.

And now, that hope had arrived.

Who is it?

Su Hao raised his head up and saw that familiar figure. It was the same old man who saved him in Zhanzheng College, that peak world esper!

“Senior…” Su Hao lost his consciousness and fainted. Chen Yiran quickly went to help him up.


That old man stepped out from the space.

“It’s you!” Tian Gang suddenly trembled, crying out in fear.

He was still wondering a second ago which world esper was so daring to step into the Tian family’s territory and it turned out to be this man!

“Previously in Zhanzheng College…” Tian Gang seemed to have thought of something.

“Yes, it was me.” That old man maintained his calm composure. Tian Gang could only bitterly smile. The one behind Su Hao’s back turned out to be him!

“These few children, I’m bringing them away.” That old man didn’t waste his time with any nonsense. With a wave of a hand, he got Su Hao and the others in his grasp. Tian Gang began to panic and grit his teeth, blocking that old man, “No matter what, this is still the Tian family’s territory. I advise…”

“Get lost!”

“Pftt~” Tian Gang was sent flying as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“If it’s the old ancestor of the Tian family, perhaps I might be afraid for a bit. However, you are merely a young brat. On what qualifications do you have to be arrogant in front of me?” That old man coldly stared at Tian Gang. Emitting his killing intent for a second, he then vanished with Su Hao and his friends, leaving behind the injured Tian Gang who was full of hatred and regret.

However, he quickly thought about this clearly.

Although the wedding was distributed, both Li Tiantian and Xiao Die had been executed. The Tian family could consider it as claiming back its face. Meanwhile, as for the most threatening man, Su Hao…

“His origin ability has been crippled, this boy is no longer a concern!” Tian Gang sneered. So what if that man took action? Although Su Hao managed to stop Rule Force a couple of times, his origin ability and domain had been forcefully destroyed. Suffering heavy injuries, what was left behind is an empty shell, even if he survives, he’s now a cripple. Thinking of this, Tian Gang left the scene.

Just that he had never considered that this brat, who barely managed to escape from his hands, is a character who defies Heaven. He would also never consider that a catastrophe would be sweeping through the world in the near future.


“Here… where is this?”

“Is this a dream?”

Total darkness, Su Hao couldn’t feel his own body but he was aware of the existence of his consciousness. The scene before he fainted played in his mind. Su Hao’s mood became unstable yet again as his raging emotions began to take over. It was at this moment when a white light appeared within this sea of darkness, and an old man’s voice could be heard.

“You’re awake?”

“Senior?” Su Hao recognized this voice.

That old man replied, “Sorry for being late.”

“It’s not your fault. I could only blame myself for being too weak!” Su Hao hatefully continued, “If I had sufficient strength, this wouldn’t have happened.”

The old man questioned, “Then… what’re you planning to do next?”

“Make a comeback!”

Su Hao’s emotions began boiling again, “One day, I will become a world esper and obliterate the entire Tian family!”

The old man retorted, “So what if you become a world esper? There isn’t only one world esper in the Tian family. Plus there is that old ancestor of the Tian family; he’s a peak world esper. Furthermore, with your bad blood with the Tian family, you will have to face ambushes from your back too. Where can you go? Are you going to experience being hunted all over the place again?”

Su Hao turned silent.

Even if he’s unwilling to admit it, he had to be frank that the current him isn’t able to seek revenge nor have the qualification to do so! He’s not someone who acts based on his temper, but it was precisely because of this that he understood the gap between him and the Tian family! Forget about a world esper, even a peak domain esper is able to easily kill him.

Just a mere manager of the Tian family already required every bit of their effort to fight…

A world esper?

He dared not dream of beating one!

This road isn’t going to be a smooth journey. He didn’t know how long it would take. He didn’t know whether he could continue this road, but he knew that he can only take one step at a time to avenge everyone!

“Are you full of hatred? Do you hate that the world is being unfair to you?” The old man suddenly asked a strange question, “Tian Zi is obviously not as good as you, but he gets to enjoy all the resources in the world. Everything has been prepared by the Tian family for him. As for you, you have nothing, plus you have to carry consequences from your father’s deed. This causes your cultivation path to be extremely difficult.

“What I want I will get it myself!” Su Hao was as resolute as always.

The old man asked, “Do you know what you lost to?”

“A world esper.”

Su Hao understood, “I underestimated the strength of a world esper.”

“No, you’re wrong.” The old man’s voice suddenly turned cold, “You lost to yourself!”

“What?” Su Hao felt at a loss.

“You’re not ruthless enough!” The old man smirked, “You’re too soft-hearted. You caused your own men’s deaths! Li Tiantian, Xiao Die, they all died because of you. Thanks to you not being ruthless enough!”

“Not ruthless enough?” Su Hao was speechless.

How many people did he kill in the Tian family? Along the journey, anyone who dared to hinder his path would be beheaded! This is still not ruthless enough? What does he mean by not being ruthless enough?

“As a warrior, you’re qualified; but as a strong esper, that’s not sufficient!” The old man’s voice sounded intimidating, “You have the core of a smart computer plus the capability to predict the future. With such advantages, you really don’t have any other choice? Do you dare to say that there is no method which could lead to a successful retreat among all the plans you deduced? Yes! There is, but you didn’t use it. All thanks to your mercy!”

“I…” Su Hao wanted to refute but instead silenced himself.


There is no need for a smart computer!

He could think of it himself but…

The old man saw Su Hao’s hesitation, but he didn’t mind, “In this department, you’re inferior to the Tian family’s manager. Do you know what will happen next?”

“Huh?” Su Hao raised his head.


Su Hao had a quick look as the scene refreshed, and his eyes opened wide. In Zhanzheng College, several disciples from the Tian family launched a suicide attack on Su Ling. In Jianghe City, several men in black attempted to assassinate Li Xiaoru. The scene then froze. Even without being told of their identity, Su Hao could clearly guess they’re from the Tian family.

“Tian family!” Su Hao’s eyes turned cold. The anger brimming in his heart was hardly able to be suppressed, but soon he restrained himself and regained his composure, “Senior must have saved them right?”

“Haha.” The old man laughed, and the scene resumed. Sure enough, those who attempted to kill Su Ling and their mother were annihilated on the spot. Without having to guess, these were the result of this senior taking action.

“Now, are you going to continue being merciful?”

“You consider the Tian family as the enemy of your life, yet you lack the determination to wipe them off the Earth. Indeed, you have found a world esper for Su Ling. Ordinary forces won’t dare to touch her but not the Tian family! Any of the top ten families are exceptions because they have the strength to back it up!”

The old man sneered, “This is the result of you being soft!”

“Li Tiantian, Xiao Die died. Su Ling and Li Xiaoru were in danger! Whether it’s Zhanzheng College or Su Ling’s master, they can’t stop the Tian family! Even if it’s me, I can’t always be guarding them all the time! From the moment you guys attacked, the life of every member of your team was in your hands.”

“And this is how you reward them?

“Is it because your journey has been smooth sailing recently that you have forgotten the darkness of this era?”

The old man’s voice became colder as each second passed, and it sounded more like a man who had high expectations on someone yet got disappointed with their performance. However, the current Su Hao who was drenched in cold sweat wasn’t aware of it. The incidents from the past replayed in his mind like lightning, which let him completely awake.


He’s indeed too weak!


Isn’t it too late now?

If Su Hao didn’t remember incorrectly, his origin ability had been destroyed. He’s a complete cripple. No more model analysis or whatever origin energy!

For him to be awake now, it seems to be too late?

“Is it too late?” Su Hao bitterly smiled.

“There is no such thing as being late.” The voice of the old man drifted, “If you’re truly a cripple, then you’re not worthy of being saved by me. Since you’re awake now, then everything is still possible to be salvaged.”

Su Hao’s eyes lit up, “Could it be…”

This senior could save him? Can this senior recover his strength?

Su Hao became excited.

“Don’t think too much.” The old man instantly poured a kettle of cold water on him, “First, I will not help you again. At least, not now! Second, your ability talent and origin ability are indeed gone. Even I can’t help you.”

“Sure enough…” Su Hao smiled bitterly. He no longer has anything. Even all the origin techniques he learned had disappeared. He couldn’t cast them now, but that didn’t prevent him from remembering the feeling of doing so. As a former bookworm, he had never read of any documented data of someone who is crippled but recovered.

Just that since this old man isn’t going to help him, why bother saving him then?

“Su Ling and Li Xiaoru are in danger.” The old man just casually looked, “The Tian family won’t give up. I will see how you’re going to deal with them from now on. If you can really protect your sister and mother, if you’re qualified to be a strong esper…”

“How about I give you a big chance?”


That last sentence literally blasted in Su Hao’s ears. That scene of nothing but darkness seemed to begin illuminating countless light rays.

What is it that a peak world esper would call it a big chance?

Su Hao awoke.

Looking around, it was an ordinary cottage and he was now lying on a bed.

Getting off the bed, that old man had long vanished. Inspecting his body’s condition, the injuries were all gone but that also included his own origin ability. In fact, he couldn’t even sense it at all.

This state of Su Hao is none other than being a cripple!


Opening the door, this was a small town and in the east, one could see a city looming. That was Tian City. The old man didn’t take him far away.

“Tian family…” Su Hao smiled.

Lifting his feet, he actually walked toward Tian City

Yesterday, they had prepared for so long but ended up full of tragedy and death, and becoming crippled. Today, Su Hao went there alone.

A cripple in plain clothes was so calm that it could terrify people.