Godly Model Creator Chapter 757

Chapter 757 I Dont Want To Kill People

Tian City.

The security was tight.

The news of Su Hao and his friends intruding into Tian City had spread throughout the Federation. As the first among the top ten families, this was a huge humiliation.

From domain realm espers to peak domain espers, this intrusion resulted in countless casualties!

Among them, the casualty the Tian family felt the most was the hidden first-generation esper, their manager.

In this regard, the other forces naturally loved such news.

The Tian family had been too arrogant!

After being ranked first for so long, their security even became lax. Otherwise, how could such a large force let a few students trespass into their territory? Their young lady got robbed from their own residence, this was a massive blow to their face! Plus, there was this rumor in Tian City that the intruders successfully left the city. How is the Tian family going to uphold their reputation now?

The Tian family, in the end, they are not invincible.

Many people had such thoughts. Thus, they knew that the following days would be Tian family’s counterattack. Whether it’s Su Hao, Li Tiantian, and everyone else who participated in the operation, they would probably have to face unimaginable danger! Based on the Tian family’s style of dealing with problems, it would probably be a total annihilation from the roots up to the leaves.

Whether it’s for the Tian family’s future or for revenge, the Tian family has to take action!

“What a shame.”

“Yea, Su Hao has a chance to be a strong esper.”

“Youngsters are indeed too impulsive.”

“All this for a woman?”

The crowd discussed among themselves and felt sorry for Su Hao. To provoke a force like the Tian family, this time it’s really the end. Soon, the news of the Tian family acting spread, shaking the whole world.

Li Tiantian, Xiao Die, both died!

Su Hao had turned into a cripple!

This was the news spread by the Tian family. Soon, it spread all over the Federation. Those who were eager to witness the Tian family turning into a joke then shut up. Isn’t this a bit too quick? How long had it been since Su Hao and his team left? They were shocked by the Tian family’s capability. This news reminded everyone that the Tian family was still standing strong at the peak.

This effect was what the Tian family desired.

“As expected…”

“Sigh, I thought there was the Tian Xing Martial Army supporting Su Hao… Also, what about the so-called peak world esper, why didn’t he make a move?”

“Who knows? Perhaps these are all fakes.”

“Hehe, you guys are so clueless. I heard that that esper did take action, but that only resulted in Su Hao barely able to maintain his life. If not, why is he crippled now?”

“So that’s the case.’”

Everyone exclaimed in amazement. That peak world esper took action, but could only save Su Hao’s life which was about to be extinguished? The Tian family’s strength really could never be underestimated.

At the entrance of the city, the crowd engaged themselves in this topic while whispering.

The original guards had all been killed by Su Hao. As for their replacements, they were from the nearby cities. However, the Tian family is indeed worthy of its reputation. Even though they had just suffered a huge loss, the security actually turned stronger than ever. Even though the incident was now over, the degree of security here increased by several times.

“Hey, boss. Can we really laze around like this?”

“Smirk, how could it be useful if you become tense now?”

“We, the Tian family, have just shown the world how powerful we are. Who else still dares to barge into our domain? Rest assured, at this moment, it’s the safest because no one dares to come!”


Everyone leaned against the gate of Tian City.

At this time, Su Hao actually stepped into the city alone without caring about the situation which caught the attention of the guards.

“Hey, hey, hey, that guy over there. Who are you, let me check your identity!” One guard said impatiently.

Su Hao calmly said, “Su Hao.”

“Oh, Su Hao.” That guard disdainfully said, “Hey, how can you act so arrogant while passing through the gate. Don’t you know there is inspection? You… ”

Before that guard finished his words, he suddenly felt a chill. When he turned around abruptly, he saw the other guards retreat in fear as if they had seen something scary.

“What?” The guard was stunned.

“Su… Su… Su Hao!” Another guard pointed at Su Hao while trembling. At this time, the one who inspected Su Hao finally reacted. Looking at that familiar face, cold sweat began to drench his back as he subconsciously retreated more than ten meters in panic, “How dare you, Su Hao, come to Tian City again?!”

As he said so, he took several more steps in retreat.

Thus, at the entrance of Tian City, such a strange scene was shown. An ordinary person, standing in front of the gate and those guards who should be stopping Su Hao stood far away from him, forming a semi-circle. No one dared to approach him. As Su Hao took one step forward, they took several steps back!

One couldn’t blame their nervousness.

Why were they standing there?

Because their predecessors were all cleanly killed by Su Hao! In fact, that legendary manager of the Tian family, a first-generation esper got himself killed. They are only qualified to serve as cannon fodder, how are they qualified to step forward?

To send themselves to death is never a good option!

The guards shouted while retreated even quicker.

“One of you come.” Su Hao glanced at them for a second.

“No!” A guard quickly shook his head.

“Are you kidding me? Just because you asked us to come, then we have to go?” Another guard sneered.

“Ridiculous, we will never listen to your order. As a guard of Tian City, we will never go!” Another guard righteously said.

Those watching: “…”

Damn you!

These guards, are they here just for show?

Even Su Hao was speechless. “I am now a cripple. What’s there to be afraid of?”



The guards finally realized it.

Yeah, wasn’t Su Hao crippled yesterday? As they observed carefully, they noticed that the current Su Hao no longer has any origin energy. Instantly, there was someone who acted boldly and prepared to capture Su Hao but got himself slapped by another guard beside him, “You retard! You really believed his words!”

“He’s indeed a cripple. What’s there to be afraid of?!” That guard, whose face was now red, complained

“Who told you? If you’re a cripple, will you go to the enemy’s territory? If you’re a cripple, will you dare enter the enemy’s place alone?”

“Plus, he might be alone, but who knows if there is a world esper spectating us right now?”

“Right!” That guard reacted and took a step back, pointing at Su Hao, “Sure enough, we must never believe the enemy’s words. How dare you try to trick me into going towards you! In your dreams!”

Su Hao: “…”

Why are there so many clowns here? Obviously, Su Hao was still clueless that the intrusion he did yesterday had caused much psychological pressure to these guards.

“I will repeat one more time, one of you come here!” Su Hao pointed to the nearest one, “You come over.”

“I don’t want…” That man retreated in horror. As for the other guards, they could only nervously stand there. The current atmosphere was so tense that they literally moved forward and backward together.

“Don’t be afraid!”

“Let us go together!”

“Someone will be here soon, don’t be afraid!”

A group of domain espers which others looked up upon clung among themselves, looking at Su Hao in shivers while cheering for themselves.

“I only need one person.” Su Hao suddenly thought of another method which would be more efficient, “If you don’t come, I will kill everyone here. What I said, I will always do it.”


A man got himself kicked forward.

“Brother, just go in ease.”

“Yes, this Su Hao is one who will keep his promise.”

“I will take care of your family.”

The other guards were so ‘encouraging’.

“F*ck you!” That man got up and wanted to flee. However, when he saw Su Hao in front of him, his legs turned weak and couldn’t even take a single step forward. All he could do was quiver and ask, “Su, Su Hao, what do you want? Let me warn you, this is the Tian… Big brother, I still need to take care of my aging parents and young kids. Can you not kill me?”

Su Hao: “…”

“I’m not interested in killing anyone.” Su Hao glanced at him for a second. To be frank, it was more like he wasn’t able to kill the one he wanted to, “What’s your name?”

“Li Huan.” That man said in such a low tone. Looking at Su Hao’s expression carefully, he said, “I will do what you want. As for my parents, I will deal with them.”

Su Hao: “…”

“No need.” Su Hao looked into a distance which was where the center of Tian City located, the residence of the Tian family: “Let’s go. Bring me to meet Tian Gang. I believe he must have missed me.”

“Tian Gang?” Li Huan was stunned.

“Smirk, that world esper who attacked me yesterday.” Su Hao calmly continued, “It has only been one day. I believe he still hasn’t left the residence yet.”

“That Lord!” Li Huan was suddenly horrified. As for the other guards, they were even more frightened.

Su Hao actually planned to find that world esper! What’s he planning? Thinking of the peak world esper behind Su Hao, they instantly had an idea.

Could it be…

Su Hao wants to kill Tian Gang?

Having such thoughts, Li Huan almost peed himself. Should he bring Su Hao there or not? If he’s to bring Su Hao there and Tian Gang happens to die, he would be dragged into this too. However, if he does not bring Su Hao there, looking at the calm Su Hao in front of him, he felt that he would die even faster.

Oh God!

This daddy only peeked at the girl bathing next door, does this deserve such a harsh punishment?

Li Huan wanted to cry but no tears came out.

“Er, perhaps I can give you some advice?” Su Hao’s tone sounded unquestionable, “Just contact Tian Gang and tell that I want to meet him.”


Li Huan’s eyes lit up. Yes, why didn’t he think of this?

“Many thanks.” Li Huan happily sent a message to the Tian family which made the surrounding guards speechless. Damn you, who’s the enemy and who’s his allies!

After the message, there was no response for quite some time.

They probably brushed it off as a joke.

However, when Li Huan sent the photo of the scene here to the Tian family, finally a cold voice sounded, “Bring him to see me.”

“Phew!” Li Huan took a deep breath of relief.

“Let’s go.” Su Hao smiled and patted him on the shoulder, “Look, I told you right. I won’t kill anyone.”

“Hehe.” Li Huan seemed to have regained his guts. Who cares about the conflicts between the Tian family and Su Hao? He’s merely a guard. “Come and follow me.”

At the main road of Tian City, everyone stepped to the side, watching Su Hao leave with a dark expression.

What’s he here for? Reconciliation? Surrender? The crowd noticed the faint smile on Su Hao’s face and without knowing why, they felt an inexplicable uneasiness.

It was so cold that it was bone-chilling.