Godly Model Creator Chapter 758

Chapter 758 Sorry Brother.

Chapter 758: Sorry brother.

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Tian City.

A strange scene occurred here.

A guard led a young man as everyone else stepped aside for them to pass. The entire main road of Tian City was so empty as no one dared to approach them!

When Su Hao stepped into the residence, more people became scared. This especially applied to those who managed to escape from the disaster yesterday. Fortunately, noticing that the one who led the way was their own men, they calmed down. However, they still stared at Su Hao nervously.

As long as there is any sign of irregularity, they would definitely flee. Once bitten, twice shy. For the Tian family to use these men as guards, this seems a bit funny.

At least in front of Su Hao, they were ineffective.

Just like that, Su Hao entered the Tian family’s residence in an upright fashion under the eyes of everyone. Entering the main hall, Su Hao could clearly sense waves of murderous intent directed at him. The ones sitting here were all core members of the Tian family. Whether in term of courage or strength, they were miles ahead of others.

Su Hao glanced around for a second.

Many domain espers were seated around the respected world esper, Tian Gang, as if they were in a discussion. At this moment, when they saw Su Hao calmly walk towards them alone, they got startled too.

“A meeting huh?” Su Hao calmly walked inside and skillfully attracted everyone’s attention before he sat down casually on an empty seat, “I hope you don’t mind me joining the meeting.”

Tian family: “…”

The atmosphere suddenly turned into a strange direction.


They were indeed in a meeting, but the agenda was how to eradicate Su Hao, Zhou Wang, and everyone else. However, their first wave of operation seemed to have failed! Now when they were discussing their second wave of action, Su Hao actually came?

Just by himself?

What kind of situation is this?!

Their expression instantly turned serious.

No one is a fool here. Since Su Hao dares to come here alone, he must have something to back his confidence. Thinking of the esper who rescued him yesterday, could it be…

That peak world esper is here too?

“What’re you here for?” Tian Gang’s eyes were full of killing intent, “Don’t think that with that protector, you can act as you please. This is the Tian family! Worst comes to worst, I will just accept the punishment and call out the ancestor from closed cultivation.”

“No, no. You have misunderstood my intention.” Su Hao shook his head, “I have already said this. I am really just alone. En, I thought you are all in a meeting right? Actually, I’m here to discuss the contents of the meeting…”

Su Hao smiled, “I think regarding this matter, it will be better to discuss together. What say you?”

Everyone was stunned!

You’re alone? Is this some kind of joke?

Discuss the contents? Discussing how to kill you?

They felt that this is ridiculous. Even Tian Gang was speechless. This Su Hao has such big animosity with the Tian family, what’s he here for?

“Since you guys are not adding anything, then let me continue.” Su Hao smiled.

“The main content of this meeting is to eliminate the roots of the enemy. Thus, I have also done a detailed plan to eradicate all roots. Come, start the meeting. I believe everyone has his own opinion. It’s good to reach a consensus by the end of this meeting. What say you?” Su Hao stood at the main hall like a professional manager, leading them energetically.

Tian Gang seemed to finally understand.


This brat is here to negotiate!

What is the meeting for? Destroying their enemy! Su Hao already knew about this the moment he saw them gathering together, and yet Su Hao spoke about it. However, what does he have to negotiate with them? That world esper? What a joke! The ancestor of the Tian family is currently in closed cultivation. It might not be convenient outside, but here is the Tian family’s residence!

When the younger generation came to visit, the ancestor was too lazy to even pay attention.

However, if that ancestor is to show himself, it will inevitably lead to a terrifying battle!

Thus, Su Hao is here to negotiate, but what capital does he possess? Tian Gang suddenly became interested. To be frank, he had to admit that Su Hao is good in grasping the human heart. In the previous battle, he was able to provoke curiosity in Tian Gang several times to delay for time. Now, with just a few words, he already aroused all of Tian Gang’s curiosity.

“Say then!” Tian Gang coldly said.

With his cultivation, he could easily see that the current Su Hao is nothing but a cripple! In fact, he was the one who crippled Su Hao which was why he clearly knew that even that world esper would find it impossible to cure Su Hao. He really wished to see what trick a cripple man could use.

“Then many thanks.” Su Hao smiled and remained as calm as ever. Turning on his communication device, he switched it to public mode and enlarged the screen to project it in front of everyone.

“The so-called enemy elimination is naturally to remove all the roots. To destroy the enemy, one needs to do it cleanly, leaving no trace behind. Just like how you’re acting on my family, Su Ling, Zhou Wang’s relatives, and the others. This is indeed the right move.”

Su Hao calmly narrated. Those around who listened to him felt uneasiness in their heart, especially after looking at Su Hao’s current calm expression.

This brat… what’s he planning to do? !

How could he say such matters without batting an eye?

“Well, after all, to deal with the enemy, this method is indeed the most optimal.” Su Hao smiled and then tapped on the screen, “Thus, I have also made some data on the mission to eradicate all the roots. Have a look yourselves. After all, isn’t this meeting is to discuss different opinions?”


The data on the screen refreshed.

A list of names appeared in front of everyone. In an instant, everyone had a huge change of expression. That name list was like lightning striking the atmosphere.

“You’re courting death!”

“Su Hao, what a bold move!”

“Damn you, I dare you to touch my son!”

“If you dare touch my family, I will not let any member of your family die in peace!”

Everyone roared in rage. On the list, there were names of their family members which included detailed information such as personal hobbies, age, who they like, or even their favorite color of clothes. It was in such fine detail that it terrified them.

“I thought you all already did that earlier?” Su Hao smiled, but his smile was a bit cold.

Everyone became speechless. Yeah, aren’t they already taking action right now? Since they already did so, why would Su Hao be afraid of this threat?

“Plus, it’s not only you guys.” Su Hao reminded them with a good intention.


The screen began to flip to the next page.

As the name list turned to the following pages, everyone was shocked to find out that those names earlier were just those on the first page. More names were listed on the following pages!

On the second page, Tian Gang’s family was on the list!

Every single member! His wife, son, and even an illegitimate child who Tian Gang had never announced were there. Tian Gang’s body was now full of chills.

Page three…

Page four…

When the list was over, everyone had cold sweat because, at the final part of the name list, they even saw the direct bloodline of the old ancestor! After all, not everyone is a genius. The Tian family has many strong espers; naturally, there are many who are not as talented as them.

And all those people were on the list.

As the direct descendant of the Tian family, the bloodline of the old ancestor, even if the talent is bad, to arrange a good management position for them is pretty easy. Even if one’s talent is great, time is still needed to cultivate that talent. Worst still, a six-year-old kid was on the list. The room was in total silence.

The main hall was so quiet that it terrified them!

They knew what kind of list this is. Once this is exposed, the Tian family will face its biggest crisis in history! As for how Su Hao got hold of the name list, that’s no longer important. What’s more important is how to make Su Hao leave the list here!

Everyone was silent.

“So this is your purpose?” Tian Gang smirked, “Trying to use this list to refrain us from taking action and then yield to your requests? Aren’t you imagining too much? Even if this name list is leaked out, who dares to touch the Tian family? As long as I kill you, who dares provoke our Tian family?”

Everyone finally realized.

Yes, as long as they kill Su Hao, wouldn’t this be solved?

Who cares about the list…

Is there no enemy during peaceful times? Aren’t their family members well protected right now? As long as they moved their family members to protect them, who cares about the name list? Having such thoughts, everyone suddenly lost their fear and stared at Su Hao, brimming with anger.

“Sure enough, what a futile move!”

“A mere sinner actually dares provoke our Tian family?”

“Kill him!”

Everyone raged in anger.

Tian Gang sneered as he looked at the scene. Instead of shocking the world with their strength, he preferred this scene more. It gave him the feeling that everything is under his control.

Su Hao?

Just a mere clown.

Tian Gang felt that he had lost his patience.

“Relax, you don’t have to rush.” Su Hao was still as calm as ever, “Everyone is already an adult here. It will be better to discuss in a calm manner. This is a meeting which everyone should express their opinion. Who says that I want to use this name list to expose it and threaten you guys? Am I such a person? This name list, I will carry it out myself.”


The main hall was once again blown away.

Implement it himself…

This name list…

“Sigh, I already said this is a name list to eradicate all roots. Such a precious thing, how could I give it to others.” Su Hao smiled sinisterly, “After all, I have to make sure that it’s total annihilation.”

“How dare you!”

“I will kill you now!”

“Disgrace, who gives you such guts!”

Everyone in the Tian family roared at Su Hao in rage. Instead of anger, it is more like being fearful. Each of Su Hao’s words made them feel a chill right into their bones.

With Su Hao’s wisdom and strength, if he’s to do so himself…

Having such thoughts made them tremble all over their body.

At this time, Tian Gang casually threw in a sentence, “Do you have the strength to back that up? Being a cripple, you can do nothing. Plus, several friends of yours are now helplessly being chased by the Tian family. What can you use to kill? Plus, can you even leave here alive?”

Everyone was enlightened.

Yes, what’s there to be afraid of?

Now that Su Hao is a cripple, what can he do besides bragging?

“Let me teach you a lesson!” A domain esper ridiculed him and immediately charged toward Su Hao in an attempt to kill him. It was at this moment that on the screen, an avatar suddenly turned gray. Su Hao had a glance and leisurely said, “Sorry brother, your son… seems to be dead.”

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