Godly Model Creator Chapter 759

Chapter 759 Withdraw


That domain esper came to an abrupt stop as he looked at the screen in disbelief, “Who are you trying to cheat? Just an avatar turns gray, and someone dies?”

“Stop trying to fool me!”


His wrist vibrated.

That domain esper’s communication device suddenly received a notification, resulting in that domain esper having a sudden change in expression. After having a quick look at the screen, his face turned even paler, “Wife, what are you saying? Xiao Song is dead?”


The communication device was crushed into pieces!

That domain esper’s face looked livid. Once again, he stared at Su Hao with endless murderous intent, “Su Hao, today if I don’t kill you, I will be a useless man!”


The aura of domain realm erupted.

That domain esper charged at Su Hao again. Su Hao just casually glanced at him and then looked at the screen, “Seems like… there is one more.”


That domain esper stopped.

Even when he could hardly control his anger, he didn’t dare to move again! Because at this moment, the screen in front of Su Hao, his other son’s avatar was blinking.

This was Su Hao’s warning!

“One step closer and one more life is gone.”

“You…!” That man was so mad that he nearly died from anger.

One of his sons had been killed and yet he could only suppress his anger! Because he knew that if he’s to make another move, his other son or even his wife will die. All he could do was bear it all!

“Now this is what we’re talking about.”

Su Hao picked up the tea on the table and took a sip, “Such a pity. If you were to cooperate from the start, you wouldn’t have caused your son’s death…”

“Pftt~” That man spurted out a mouthful of blood.

For Su Hao to say so, does that mean he was the one who caused his own son’s death? His own son died, and all the blame was on himself! How could he not feel hatred?

The main hall became quiet, no one dared to speak.

They were all frightened by Su Hao. They knew his words were real and no longer dared to act again. In fact, they were glad that someone else volunteered to be white mouse or else the one with bad luck would be themselves. Everyone subconsciously looked at Tian Gang, but he only observed this scene coldly without saying a word.

“A bunch of trash!” A middle-aged man grinned as he walked out from the crowd while looking at them disdainfully, “With so many domain espers, you guys already got toyed around by a cripple! Su Hao, let this daddy play with you! This daddy is alone. With no parents and only a few friends, what can you do to me?”

That middle-aged man laughed wildly without having any concerns for relatives or friends.


That middle-aged man attacked.

Those around couldn’t help but have some expectations. Yes, they couldn’t attack, but that doesn’t mean that others can’t. If this guy kills Su Hao…

Ding~ ding~

On the screen, two avatars suddenly blinked.

Two domain espers who were enjoying the show suddenly had a change in expression. Seeing their children in danger, they bit their teeth and swiftly went to defend Su Hao.


Energy trembled.

That middle-aged man was forcefully pushed back, which resulted in him angrily staring at those two men. He roared in disbelief, “You two idiots actually helped Su Hao?”

Those two men bitterly smiled and shifted their gaze back to the screen. Everyone followed suit and became speechless. The hope they had earlier instantly vanished. So what if they have the advantage in number? As long as Su Hao has this list, he controlled everyone here! The question here is how did he manage to kill the people on the list?

Everyone was clueless.

Nor did they have to know. What was going on in their prayers was when will this killing god Su Hao leave! Those domain espers could only look at each other in dismay. All they could do was stay at Su Hao without being able to do anything.

A cripple with a list of names made the Tian family helpless!

How absurd is this!

Clap, clap! 

Two sounds gently rang.

Tian Gang clapped his palm while his eyes revealed a look of admiration, “Indeed worthy of the name of Su Tiancheng’s son and the Federation’s super genius. Forget about strength, just this mindset alone is unparalleled. Just that, are you really that confident that I won’t touch you? As long as I kill you, everything will naturally be solved by itself.”

“Really?” Su Hao smiled indifferently, “There are a total of 2,670 names on the list. This is all the information on every higher-up in the Tian family. If I am to die, the plan to bury bodies to accompany me will begin. For every second that passes, there will be one person dying until all those 2,670 people are all dead. To accompany me to death, do you want to have a taste?”

Hearing this, everyone present had their face change color.

This madman, he actually planned to kill over 2,000 men to accompany his death!

“Of course, you can also coerce me. Even an illusion or enchanting technique is also an option. However, even I have no idea where the one who is taking action is at. I just gave a unilateral order. If I am to be captured, the plan is to proceed as ordered. For every second, one person will be executed until I am released.”

“So… do you want to give it a try?” Su Hao said in a sinister smile while in contrast, everyone’s face went pale.

Tian Gang’s calm expression finally began to change. Each step was planned to perfection, Su Hao is indeed terrifying!

Inside the main hall, the atmosphere became horrifyingly stiff.

After a long period of time, Tian Gang slowly opened his mouth, “What do you want?”

Those around him took a sigh of relief. If Tian Gang heartlessly kills Su Hao, every member of their family will be buried alongside him! In front of a world esper, they had no room to resist too.

Fortunately, Tian Gang chose to save them.

In fact, on one side is the crippled Su Hao while on the other side is the high-level figures of the Tian family, it was an easy choice for Tian Gang to pick which side.

“Now this is the content of the meeting.” Su Hao’s face restored its smile, “See, when I came here, I mentioned that everyone is here for the meeting. So… how about we have a truce?”

“Truce?” A trace of hostility flashed on Tian Gang’s face.

He naturally knew what Su Hao meant by that. Su Hao wanted all the actions taken by the Tian family against Su Ling and the others to be terminated! However, this was the operation to reclaim the Tian family’s dignity! If they’re to give up like this, where would they find the Tian family’s dignity? This operation just began no longer than half a day, yet they’re to withdraw completely?

And let everyone in the world ridicule them?

Tian Gang really wished to flip the table, but looking at the name of 2,670 people on the list, thinking of the collective chaos by the higher-ups of the Tian family that will happen as a consequence, he couldn’t afford it! Whether or not Su Hao dares to do so, he dared not bet! Finally, Tian Gang just grit his teeth as he made his decision, “Everyone from the Tian family’s Dark Star team, withdraw!”


Several domain espers immediately accepted the order.

The order was issued, and everyone quickly withdrew.

“Now, are you satisfied?” Tian Gang looked at Su Hao coldly. Although an agreement had been reached, one should not expect him to give a good face to Su Hao. The prideful Tian family actually got stepped on by one man.

Such a disgrace!

That damn name list, exactly what was going on?

Who is the one who performed the mission?

Could it be the Tian Xing Martial Army?

Inexplicably, Tian Gang thought of this organization again.

“Of course.” Su Hao sounded cheerful.

He knew that he mustn’t force Tian Gang over the line. Tian Gang was weighing the pros and cons of whether he should take action or not. Once the threat is greater than the loss, Tian Gang would probably take action instantly. Even if the Tian family has to face huge repercussions, Su Hao needs to be killed. At that time, whatever the Tian family’s higher-ups said in protest would be all nonsense!

Su Hao had to admit that a large part of the reason Tian Gang agreed to this request was probably because he’s a cripple now.

To destroy the Tian family just for a cripple is not worth.

However, since a choice had been made, Tian Gang noticed the increasing sign of uncomfortability on Su Hao. Looking at the crowd, he noticed some people harbored ill intent. Yes, if someone tries to provoke a huge battle between Su Hao and Tian Gang, as long as Su Hao dies, that would be sufficient… but the Tian family would suffer a great loss!

Tian Gang grit his teeth and made a decision that angered him, “Protect Su Hao as he leaves. At least until he leaves Tian City, I want him to be safe and sound.”

“Hahaha.” Su Hao laughed for a second and then turned around to leave.

Everyone from the Tian family could only look at him while gnashing their teeth. However, no one dared to move! After Su Hao left, they finally could not hold it any longer. The Tian family has always trampled upon others. Since when have they been subjected to such frustration?

And it was in such a sullen way!

Moreover, that name list in Su Hao’s hands was an even worse giant nuclear bomb. With that thing in his hands, they could do nothing. They desperately need to find a way to counter this!

“Have you memorized everything?” Tian Gang suddenly opened his mouth. Behind him, a figure appeared and respectfully answered, “Yes, 2,670 names, not a single one missing. Everything is clear in my memory.”

“Great.” Tian Gang smirked, “Activate the Tian family’s inner residence and pick everyone up.


Everyone’s eyes lit up.

Inner residence!

It turned out to be the inner residence!

Tian family’s inner residence is the real place for the Tian family to rest, and the most important fact is no one can create trouble there. Not no one but nobody dares! Because in the inner residence, there is a world esper who is in closed-door cultivation! Forget about Su Hao’s attacks, even Tian Gang himself wouldn’t be able to attack the inner residence!

Tian Gang sneered, “We will suspend Dark Star team for two days before continuing the operation. We need to collect our debt from Su Hao too. No matter how much he has eaten, I want him to spit it all out!”

The Tian family’s main hall was now filled with a cold atmosphere.

Everyone was so excited about hearing this. What a blessing in disguise, to send their family members into the inner residence, they no longer have to worry about anything. Who still dares to threaten them?

Su Hao?

After two days, let’s see how we are going to clean you up! They were so fired up as if they have personally seen the scene of Su Hao’s bones turning into ashes.


Tian City.

When Su Hao walked out of the Tian family’s residence and was then led by Li Huan to leave Tian City, it caused an even greater uproar.


Not only did Su Hao manage to walk out safely, but there were also even some people dispatched to protect him. What kind of special situation is this?! What the hell is going on? They couldn’t understand. All they could do was watch Su Hao leaving together with some members of the Tian family. However, when today’s matter spread out, the Tian family’s reputation would probably hit a new low.

First, their bride got snatched away, but luckily those two parties involved were killed. This somewhat reclaimed the Tian family’s lost dignity. Just when everyone was waiting for the Tian family to destroy the enemy all the way to the roots, the Tian family actually got stopped by Su Hao alone!

This time, the years of the Tian family’s accumulated pride could be said to be completely lost.

A cripple? Loser? Whether it’s true or not, the matter of Su Hao charging alone into the Tian family will inevitably shake the entire Federation!

Su Hao’s face was calm even when he left Tian City and separated from those of the Tian family, only to find out that his back was all soaked.

Looking back at the towering city, Su Hao stared for a long time before turning around to leave. Today’s matter was just the start!

“Tian City… I’ll definitely be back!”