Godly Model Creator Chapter 76

Gmc Chapter 76

Chapter 0076    New drug

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More failure!

Endless failure!

He managed to succeed in a meagre one out of every ten trials, a pitiful ten percent. Additionally, it was all because of luck. That was how Su Hao managed to grow despite an endless cycle of failure. In a few days, Su Hao had improved by leaps and bounds.

As for Master Zhang, who had been observing Su Haos progress, he held bittersweet feelings within his heart. 

It would be strange if he didnt feel heartache. That madman Su Hao, when he was in the midst of work, it was comparable with Zhang Zhongtian himself. In a period of few days, he had carried out hundreds of experiments!

It is worth noting that each experiment produces ten bottles of beginner origin ability recovery drug. Although the materials needed cost half that of the resulting product, it still amounted to fifty thousand star dollars! These past few days, Su Hao had consumed tens of millions of star dollars worth of materials. Almost all of Zhang Zhongtians reserved materials had been consumed. Who would believe him if he said his heart didnt ache?

Fortunately, in later experiments, the amount of time Su Hao needed to complete an experiment decreased, indirectly increasing the success rate. Even without model analysis, he was already capable of achieving a success rate of fifty percent. The stockpile of beginner restoration drug had increased by quite a number these few days.

Overall, Zhang Zhongtians total loss wasnt that great.

As for Su Hao, his progress was magnificent.

Previously 5 minutes, Su Hao could now complete an experiment within 3 minutes!

As for what made Su Hao depressed, that should be his poor success rate. Fifty percent! After consuming tens of millions of star dollars in herbs, he had only improved his success rate to fifty percent?

A success rate of fifty percent also meant that..he didnt earn nor lose.

Since the cost of materials was half the price of the resulting drug, he neither earned or lost anything with his success rate.

This was too f*cking expensive!

Not bad.

Zhang Zhongtian was very satisfied with Su Haos performance without the use of his origin ability. In the field of pharmacy, there are three values which are of the utmost importance.

Foundation, persistence, and talent.

Foundation. It was pointless to talk about Su Haos foundation. He was capable of reciting all herbs with ease. Questioning a bookworm on his foundation was an insult.

Persistence. Su Hao wasnt lacking any of this. To be able to reach this point, his persistence was unshakable. Even after his ability had undergone mutation and become powerful, Su Hao had kept moving forward and hadnt been negligent for a second!

Talent. Su Haos talent in the field of pharmacy could be considered as ordinary or slightly above average. He was not considered talented, but now.with the help of his origin ability, he had become an entirely different man. A single line to best describe Su Hao would be, once I am serious, even I myself would get scared and flee.

Su Hao, how is your mastery coming along? Zhang Zhongtian walked into the lab and had a look at the ever busy Su Hao.

Consistent at fifty percent. If I want to improve, I can only keep practicing. Su Hao said so with a hint of depression. Fifty percent, he definitely wasnt satisfied. 

Youre still not satisfied? Zhang Zhongtian snapped back, For others, they would need several months to reach fifty percent. You only took seven days, whats there to be depressed about? Not to mention, you could always use your origin ability to help once in awhile.

Hehe. Su Hao scratched his head.

Alright, I guess thats all for the mastery of beginner restoration drug. Zhang Zhongtian casually said.

Su Haos mind moved. The materials for black market strengthening drug are here?

Not yet, but it is about time soon. Zhang Zhongtian nodded, The last batch should arrive tonight. From tomorrow onward, we should be able to carry about experiments.

Su Hao nodded.

Black market strengthening drug held quite some significance to his master. 

Not to mention, once a new version of strengthening drug was developed, such a find would lead to major changes!

Zhang Zhongtian could no longer wait.

Su Hao himself also had his own matters to attend to. He couldnt stay here all the time. Pharmacy always required a long period of study. Since he had mastery, he could slowly improve it later.

Youre still a student of the natural selection class. There is still one more important event, the college entrance examination! In your third year of high school, you should concentrate on college exams. After enrolling in Zhanzheng College, it still isnt too late to devote yourself to pharmacy at that time.

Zhang Zhongtian reminded him, Enrolling in Zhanzheng College doesnt mean youre formidable, but.your horizons will definitely broaden

Yes, master. Su Hao listened carefully.

These days, your beginner origin ability restoration drug has already made quite a bit of progress. You should be quite adept at mixing three types of herbs. You can proceed to next stage.

Zhang Zhongtian laughed, Beginner body repair drug. Do you want to try?

Body repair drug? Su Haos eyes brightened.

The so-called body repair drug, its use was literally restoring ones body. While practicing or in various types of combat scenarios, ones body would typically receive some damage. Some injuries are so severe that a hospital visit is needed for proper treatment. For example, when Sun Yaotians eyes had burst, he had required such care. 

As for most cases, it would usually be some minor injuries such as fractures or exterior wounds. Going to hospital would be a waste of time. Under such conditions, you would utilize this kind of drug, body repair drug.

By using origin ability energy and recovering blood for the body, body injuries are eliminated.

This was the initial stage. Similar to beginner origin ability restoration drug, it is one of the two drugs which a novice must master.

Only after mastering these two drugs could you truly call yourself a beginner pharmacist. 

The final day, Su Hao learned seriously. Under the guidance of Zhang Zhongtian, he carried out several experiments. Of course, they all failed without any exceptions!

Su Hao noticed that in many cases, it was actually Zhang Zhongtian who deliberately guided him into failure.

According to Zhang Zhongtians words, todays purpose was exposing all possible mistakes. This way, when encountering similar problems in the future, he would be able to solve and avoid them. 

Su Hao went into deep thought.

Body repair drug, it was the second experiment which Su Hao had seen in the experimental notes. As a five herb mixture, the difficulty had multiplied by quite an amount.

Until early next morning, Su Hao repeated the experiment ten times, all of them ending in failure!

I guess we can stop here. Youve basically stumbled upon all possible mistakes. Zhang Zhongtian was extremely satisfied with Su Haos performance, To mix five herbs requires a lot of time and experience. As long as you slowly train, you should be fine.

Yes, master!

Su Hao nodded. Via his model analysis, he could directly view Zhang Zhongtians current level, master pharmacist! It wasnt that he didnt attempt to read Zhang Zhongtians data, but the energy consumption was too great. Su Hao curled his mouth as he noticed that he was unable to establish cards of Zhang Zhongtian.

Master pharmacist, what kind of existence was that?

The current Su Hao was incapable of knowing. 

He could empty his entire gas tank without succeeding in establishing a card, showing the formidability of that skill. At the very least least, it was not something which he could touch. 

Alright, you havent come out for quite some time. It should be about the right time to go back. Zhang Zhongtian laughed, I thought there was a battle of honor every month in the natural selection class?

En. Su Hao nodded. Master even knew about this?

Hehe, those old men are still trying to stimulate the potential of students. Zhang Zhongtian sighed, If you dont have anything else, return. These days, I would remain in the lab, but the store would have to be closed for quite some time.

Uh..theres something else. Su Hao hesitated.

Yes? Zhang Zhongtian looked at him strangely, Whats the problem?

Haha, not that. Su Hao coughed for a second as he pointed at the tools nearby.

Zhang Zhongtian became livid, Damn brat, you still want to exploit me before leaving? These tools, I will give them to you then!

Thank you, master!

Su Hao shamelessly took all the tools away. For him, as long as he had experiment tools, it should be sufficient. Vacuum covers, all those high tech gadgets, did he really need them?

As long as he activated his origin ability, all experiment tools would be instantly created!

Shitty brat... Zhang Zhongtian helplessly shook his head as he watched Su Haos figure leave. Looking up at the dark sky, he suddenly turned sentimental...how long had it been since hed been home?

Heh, there will be such day soon.

Zhang Zhongtian muttered to himself as he shut the store door and entered his laboratory.

Closed door. Experiment, start!