Godly Model Creator Chapter 760

Chapter 760 Paying Respect To The Clan Head

Outside Tian City.

After Su Hao left, he just headed in the direction he came from.

He didn’t expect that just as he walked a little, he saw a man waiting for him in the distance. It was indeed the same guy who was alone with no family members, he stared at Su Hao with a cold smile, “Hehe, Su Hao. Your so-called threats with a hostage won’t work for everyone. I am eager to see how you and that old fart kill each other.”


An afterimage flashed, and that man began to rush over here.


However, one could hear a soft bang.

That man suddenly came to a stop. His eyes widened in disbelief as his pupils enlarged to the extreme. From the reflection on both his pupils, one could see a bullet traveling in mid-air and getting closer as each second passed. The speed was so quick that it just flashed through his eyes.


One-shot and it accurately hit his head.

The huge impact blasted his body away.

Su Hao just coldly looked at him. From the start to the end, he didn’t even move. Allowing this man to rush at him, then this man ended up falling to his knees.

Seeing this crisis averted, Su Hao had a meaningful glance at the Tian family for a second before turning around to leave.


Zhao Feng!

Who would have thought that the guy who was at the bottom of the natural selection class, who might not even be able to further his education in a university would become such a giant assassin?

One-shot, one kill!

It was all because of Zhao Feng’s help that Su Hao could complete this plan. At this moment, he knew that what the old man said was true. If he had done this in the first place, what would the result be? What would have happened to Li Tiantian and Xiao Die?

He thought that he had his bottom line, but who would care about it?

It’s hard to fathom a person’s mind.

In this world, the most complicated thing is humanity. He can retain his so-called kindness, but if he loses, the Tian family would never let off his relatives. This isn’t a game of house where one could retry after losing. If one dies, everything is over.

“Humanity, huh?” Su Hao reminisced on this word and then returned to the initial place.

As he expected, that old man was waiting for him. Watching him return, that old man just gave a smile of satisfaction, “Let’s go. Follow me back.”

“En.” Su Hao nodded. Now that he’s alone, there is nothing for him to worry about. On the contrary, he was eager to see what this old man plans to do?


A light ray flashed.

The old man directly caught Su Hao and flew away. The surrounding energy circulated as they moved. He couldn’t tell how fast they were traveling. Being engulfed by origin energy, Su Hao couldn’t even feel the existence of wind.

“Do you think your name list can hold back the Tian family?” That old man suddenly said.

“At least it’s effective for now.” Su Hao continued indifferently, “But the Tian family will probably begin to launch a plan to protect them. When all the hostages are protected, they will probably resume the operation again.”

“Oh?” That old man sounded curious, “You’re pretty open-minded regarding this matter. If so, what’s your next plan then?”

“It depends on what kind of gift Senior is giving to me.” Su Hao was calm, “If it’s about restoring my strength, naturally I have a method based on my recovered strength. If not, I do have a backup plan based on that situation too.”

Su Hao answered while beating around the bush.

That old man stared blankly as he listened before laughing out loud, “Great, excellent. I never thought that these few friends of yours are all geniuses.”

“My friends?” Su Hao seemed to have recovered his enthusiasm, “What about them?”

“That silver-haired prideful guy left and said that he wanted to pursue his own path. There is also that amusing kid who got dragged away by his dad. As for the remaining little girl, she said that she’s going to accompany you. I wanted to send her away.” That old man seemed to have thought of something and then said in a funny tone.

“Really?” Su Hao knew.

Those three are Zhou Wang, Li Xin, and Chen Yiran. His team, one person was missing! Inexplicably, Su Hao’s heart was full of sadness.

That old man just shook his head and suddenly accelerated. Su Hao’s view turned dark, and he passed out.

“Huh?” The old man was stunned for a second before smiling, “I forgot that the current Su Hao is just an ordinary person.”

Helplessly sighing, that old man surrounded Su Hao with Rule Force before accelerating again. Like lightning, they disappeared with a flash.


Three days later.

Su Hao woke up groggy.

Opening his eyes, there was this scent of nature. It seemed that he’s currently in a bamboo house. If not for a screen hanging on a corner, Su Hao would have thought that he had traveled to another world.


Su Hao got out from the bed, causing a dull sound on the ground.

Walking out the door, he was greeted with green hills and clear water. Such a scene was very fascinating. A girl happened to be squatting beside a streamlet washing clothes. Su Hao looked down and noticed his clothes had been changed.

“You woke up?” Chen Yiran heard signs of movement and quickly stood up to walk over while looking surprised. Such speed startled Su Hao. Only then did he realize that with his origin ability now gone, his sight couldn’t even keep up with this speed. This was something he was still not accustomed to.

“En, where is this by the way?” Su Hao adjusted his state of mind for a bit and observed his surroundings.

“Well, a bamboo forest. That old senior just dropped us off here and left. He said that when you wake up, we will naturally know.” Chen Yiran said in a soft tone.

“This old senior, is he a trickster or something?” Su Hao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Let’s go down there and have a look.”

“En.” Chen Yiran supported Su Hao while going down from the bamboo house.

The surrounding air was fresh and clean. Su Hao had long forgotten when was the last time he enjoyed such fascinating scenery. On the contrary, the currently powerless him felt at peace. One man and one woman, holding hands together in this beautiful bamboo forest. Even if time is to stop, this would always be a beautiful scene.

Su Hao was extremely calm.

However, what caught his interest more was what the gift from that old senior is? He still remembered that before he went to Tian City, that old man said to him that if he succeeds, the old man will give him a big chance! While conversing with Chen Yiran, out of nowhere, there were some noises from the surrounding.

Trickle, trickle~

“Someone is here.” Chen Yiran suddenly turned alert.

“Really?” Su Hao’s eyes squinted. Even when his origin ability is gone, it doesn’t mean that his sense of crisis would vanish too. Shifting his gaze back to Chen Yiran immediately, “Could there be any berserk beast in this wilderness?”

“Nope!” Chen Yiran firmly shook her head, “I have inspected before. Within a radius of one hundred miles, not a single berserk beast is found. Plus, these auras, they seemed to be coming from human beings.”


Human figures flashed.

Dozens of people walked out from the thick bamboo forest. Su Hao had a quick look and instantly felt shocked.

It’s him?

Su Minghui?

Previously during his time in Zhanzheng College’s Junior Class 8, Su Minghui had attempted to provoke him quite a number of times. Their relation is none other than mortal enemies. So, why would Su Minghui appear at this moment?

“Killing intent!” Su Hao’s eyes turned cold.

He saw Su Minghui holding a knife in the hand which was dyed in blood while emitting murderous intent. Behind Su Minghui, dozens of people wearing similar uniforms walked out, following behind Su Minghui as they approached Su Hao’s side at a quick pace.

Why would he be here?

Su Hao’s thoughts were moving like electricity.

What’s the saddest thing for a man? Being a tiger and yet being bullied by a dog. If it’s during regular times, forget about a single Su Minghui, even a hundred Su Minghui wouldn’t make Su Hao give a damn.

But now?

He had to pay close attention!

That old man left him here, so this place should be safe. But how did Su Minghui know about his presence here? Because this would indicate something worse, since Su Minghui could even find out about his location, what about other people? Other enemies? How was he found?

Something isn’t right.

Su Hao thought so in his heart.

Without the aid of a smart computer, he could only think up till here. It’s not because his IQ is not high enough, but the time left for him to think was too little!

Now, his biggest problem would be how to deal with Su Minghui!

“Damn.” Chen Yiran’s face turned cold.

“How’s their strength?” Su Hao asked in a low voice.

Chen Yiran had a closer look, and her face instantly changed, “The one in the front is a peak professional esper. As for the rest, they’re all domain espers! Among them, there are ten absolute domain espers and three life domain espers.”

Even she would have never thought that the enemies would be this powerful!

If Su Hao was at his original strength, even if they’re not able to fight toe to toe, at least they could still quickly retreat; but now they had no option to withdraw, only death awaits them if they are to clash!

“Let me stop them.” Chen Yiran’s face was as cold as ever.

“No need.” Su Hao shook his head, “You can’t fight them.”

“Then, let us die together!” Chen Yiran calmly said and suddenly made a move, blocking in front of Su Hao. A blue ice barrier formed, preventing everyone from the Su family from reaching them. When Su Minghui and the others arrived at the front of the barrier, they stopped abruptly. They didn’t take any initiative to attack, they just raised their heads to look at Su Hao.

“If you want to touch him, you’ll have to step over my dead body first.” Chen Yiran looked calm and cold. It had always been Su Hao protecting her. Now she finally had the chance to protect Su Hao! Even if that would result in her death, she didn’t have the slightest bit of resentment.

A blue ice barrier divided the bamboo forest.

Su Hao and Chen Yiran stood on one side while Su Minghui and the others occupied the other side, forming a strange confrontation. Behind them, one could hear the sound of water flowing in the streamlet.

The atmosphere was so quiet that it could terrify people.

“Yiran, step back.” Su Hao suddenly said.

“En.” Chen Yiran looked back before retreating behind Su Hao. Guarding near him, if she notices something amiss, she could take action at any moment.


The blue ice shattered.

Su Minghui and the others instantly rushed over.

“Halt.” Su Hao once again spoke.

This was an absurd scene. If his word was directed at Chen Yiran, that’s fine; but to say so at Su Minghui and the others, if others witness this, they would probably laugh at Su Hao for being crazy. However, with such command from Su Hao, Su Minghui and the others halted their movement.

Even Chen Yiran herself couldn’t help but reveal a hint of surprise in her eyes.

This is…

Su Minghui raised his head. His eyes showed a very complex look. Looking at the indifferent Su Hao in front of him, he could only sigh and eventually closed his eyes. He went and knelt in front of Su Hao, “Su Minghui, as a disciple of the Su family, I pay respect to the Clan Head!”


Everyone knelt on one knee in uniform and then shouted out loudly, “As disciples of Su family, we pay respect to the Clan Head!”

In the bamboo forest, no sounds could be heard except their voices paying respect to their clan head continually echoing.