Godly Model Creator Chapter 761

Chapter 761 Finding A Solution

The Su family’s residence.

In the core region is a spring-like garden that is a suitable resting place for the current powerless Su Hao. As for the unrest experienced by the outside world, no one cared about it.

In the garden, Su Hao sat cross-legged. He seemed to be cultivating. Only after a long period of time did he open his eyes.

“Still the same.” Su Hao frowned.

No progress at all!

Just like Tian Gang mentioned, now that his origin ability has been crippled, all the strength he possessed before is all gone. Even a world esper wouldn’t be able to help.

Such a pity…

His path in realization had only just begun!

Su Hao sighed in disappointment. During his crisis, his realization stage finally began to form its outer shape, which allowed him to create the mini Kingdom of Heaven. If he was given more time, perhaps he would achieve perfection in realization and step into the domain realm! But what about now? With a crippled origin ability, everything is now over.

In theory, as long as his realization stage is completed, he would be able to step into the domain realm!

But in reality?

His origin ability got crippled!

If this is the case, the so-called realization stage, does it still exist?

Su Hao smiled bitterly.

He wasn’t sure. These two days, he was at the place with the highest concentration of origin energy, a place where it’s soothing to one’s eye. This place is simply the holy spot to cultivate! This is something which he yearned for even in his dreams. Only those disciples from large families are qualified to enjoy such a blessing. Unfortunately, even in such a perfect spot, his gains were still nothing. No matter how long he cultivated here, he still failed to find any trace of strength.

Could it be he will remain a cripple for the rest of his life?

Su Hao’s eyes began to reveal a hint cluelessness.

Yes, he indeed stepped over the Tian family, but he relied on one person to do all the work, Zhao Feng! Zhao Feng won’t be able to accompany him forever. Thus, he needs to have his own strength in order to protect his loved ones!

“Is it really impossible?” Su Hao took a deep breath.

Quietly contemplating his life, he felt slightly unaccustomed to the disappearance of the smart computer. He began to attempt his old way of thinking, albeit it is now slower.


Within his body, is there any power left?

Su Hao closed his eyes, all he sensed was emptiness.

He couldn’t sense it at all. Without any origin energy, he couldn’t even inspect his own body, let alone his sea of consciousness. Such a level of inspection, even the most basic still requires origin energy.

“If I want to restore my strength, I need to understand the problem first.”

Su Hao pondered, “However, if I want to understand the current problem, I need to use origin energy. This is simply an endless loop. What if I borrow the energy from an external source?”

Su Hao’s eyes shone and tried to use an origin energy recovery drug.


A first-rate origin ability recovery drug was swallowed. Just like throwing a stone into the sea, not even a ripple formed within Su Hao’s body.

It’s futile?

Su Hao was shocked for a second before more and more bottles of energy recovery drugs were poured down his throat. If one bottle is ineffective, then he will consume ten bottles! If ten bottles are still ineffective, he will consume one hundred bottles! However, after consuming one box of advanced recovery drug, there was still no reaction coming from his body as the rich energy particles began to disperse into the surroundings.

“What a waste…” Su Hao sensed the dispersing energy particles around him.

He couldn’t see but could feel them. These energy particles that came from the drugs he just consumed began to escape into the surroundings from his body.

He didn’t even absorb a tiny bit of them!

The energy recovery drug was not a valid option!

“I will ask others to help me have a look.” Su Hao began to regain back his focus.

An esper could examine the body of an ordinary person. So why not ask someone to examine his body? Su Hao would carry out any idea he could think of. Instantly calling Chen Yiran, when she began to explore his body with her icy cold energy, Chen Yiran shook her head lightly, “I can’t.”

“Your situation is different from ordinary people. An ordinary person won’t have anything in their body, but there is your scattered power in your body. Even a tiny fragment of your power has a strong anti-reaction to any foreign energy. When other people’s energy tries to invade, it’s impossible to inspect anything!”

“Yet another failure?” Su Hao smiled bitterly.

“But perhaps a world esper can give a try?” Su Hao’s eyes shone.

“En.” Chen Yiran nodded.

Thus Su Hao fooled Su Minghui to help him find a world esper of the Su family. No matter how powerful a world esper is, Su Hao is still the Clan Head, so the world esper needs to give some face. Helping him inspect for a bit, the result was simple, “Unless you personally open up, I simply can’t inspect you.”

“Even a world esper failed to see anything?” Su Hao felt a bit dizzy.

Even at normal times, a world esper should be able to sense the fluctuation within his body, right? Why can’t he see it now? What kind of unknown dilemma is this? Could it be after one’s origin ability is wasted, it becomes even stronger? Su Hao couldn’t understand. As for himself to personally open himself up, that’s nonsense. To do so, he needs to control the energy which he obviously couldn’t do!

If he has energy, does he even need to struggle this much?

No solution!

All experiments so far failed!

Complete failure!

Su Hao tried again and again, yet he ended up with the same result.

Even so, Su Hao insisted on staying in the garden to cultivate daily in order to find that slim chance of success. He wouldn’t give up even if he has to start from scratch!

“What to do?”

As the Su family’s Clan Head, there is no longer any concern he has to bother with. Instead, he has a lot of spare time to sort out his strength.


What strength does the current him have?

A body!

And also the techniques imprinted in his mind which doesn’t require origin energy!

Piano… oh, that’s not possible too. Pharmacy… he’s not that good in this. Without his origin ability, Su Hao’s failure rate is extremely high. The only skill he could use now is his hacking ability. When he made a deal with the Tian family, it was with this ability that Su Hao managed to get himself the name list.

Smart scan and analysis, that job can’t be any easier!

And now?

Can hacking skills make him stronger?

Su Hao smiled bitterly.

It’s useless!

Even in Zhanzheng College, at the place such as the center of weapon research, it could only develop weapons against professional espers, let alone other aspects. Even if there is, whether it would be effective against a domain esper is still unknown. However, one certain fact is that against a world esper, such weapons are definitely ineffective!

Su Hao still remembered that tragic scene when he infiltrated the beast domain. A nuclear bomb which had detonated was easily subdued by a giant hand.

This is the might of a world esper!

In the era of origin ability, hacking skills only acts as a supporting ability. If so, it seems that he could forget about this hacking ability.

Su Hao laughed at himself, “Right now, the only thing left is my body.”

Such a pity…

What’s the use with his body alone?

This isn’t any era but the era of origin ability!

Su Hao completed his cultivation again and stood up to temper his body. Since he no longer has any origin ability, he can’t give up his physical cultivation. Perhaps that would create a new path for him. Even if he couldn’t take the body strengthening route, at least by doing so, he would be stronger and increase his chances of survivability when facing danger.

Having thought of this, Su Hao began to train the body tempering arts.


Some kind of force wandered within his body.

Su Hao instantly startled. After standing with an empty expression for a long time, he heavily slapped his forehead, “Damn, how could I forget about it!”

This was a pleasant surprise for Su Hao.

He was too persistent on his origin ability!

He was so persistent that he actually forgot about another force in his own body!

His origin ability is gone, but his body could still cultivate. Since the strength of his body is still present, then that weak force within his body naturally didn’t disappear.

That force is none other than the internal force.

Because of excessive origin energy, the internal force of Su Hao could only play a supportive role. In fact, Su Hao had ignored it so many times since it was so weak that it was negligible! But now, after his origin ability got crippled, this force ended up being Su Hao’s final straw.

To inspect his own body?

Perhaps the internal force might get the job done?

Su Hao tried to control the force a bit.


The situation within his body now turned clear.

“Just as I expected.” Su Hao’s eyes showed a shocking look. This is the biggest progress he had these few days! Although his strength doesn’t recover, at least he is no longer like a headless chicken running around aimlessly. With the help of the internal force, Su Hao can now inspect the condition of his body clearly. However, when he had a look, his face turned grave.

Total chaos!



These were the conditions of his current body.

The scattered fragments of Kingdom of Heaven or other drifting fragments of other forces, all sort of messy things, abnormal origin energy; those things were wandering around Su Hao’s body as if they are now within a boundless universe. Each strange thing acted like a black hole, absorbing any free energy particles nearby. Even when Su Hao tried to control the energy particles, it was futile!

“What kind of situation is this?” Su Hao stared blankly for a bit.


Su Hao poured down a bottle of energy recovery drug before carefully inspecting his body with his internal force. He saw the drug enter his body, appearing as free energy particles which got absorbed.

“So this is what happened.” Su Hao carefully thought about it.

If the path of cultivation is to be compared to a pipeline, then before being crippled the pipes in his body were smooth. Now they are full of obstacles that clogged the entire pipeline. If one tries to force water through it, that action will make the obstacles rusty, making it more difficult.

And Su Hao’s current situation was like this.

The irregular trash within his body was everywhere. No matter what origin energy he uses, it would be absorbed by these things. Of course, Su Hao’s current situation is a bit worse than the so-called clogged pipeline. Because the ones that blocked his cultivation path is the pipeline’s debris! Once they are all cleared…

He would officially become like any ordinary person.

In other words, Su Hao needs to start from the very beginning! Reintegrating his origin ability, just like the time he experienced while in high school.

“To start from the beginning?”

Su Hao narrowed his eyes.

Not everyone has the courage to start from the beginning, especially Su Hao! He had a powerful model analysis to start with, and even established a world of his own! And now, he needs to clear the debris and reintegrate a new origin ability from the beginning?

Su Hao sank into deep thought.

If not for the internal force, he would still be at a loss of his current situation. Due to its presence, he now had two more options. First is to wait for hope, waiting for a strong esper or someone with a unique talent to fix his origin ability. As for the other option, using the internal force to clear the debris within his body and integrate a new origin ability, starting from 0 points!