Godly Model Creator Chapter 762

Chapter 762 New Ability Talent

What should he do?

Su Hao pondered for a long time.

To hold on to that glimmer of hope or start from scratch?

Su Hao wasn’t afraid of starting from the beginning. Even having to reintegrate his origin ability, with his identity, Su Hao could achieve success at the fastest speed. However, with no more model analysis, who can guarantee what kind of new ability talent would he integrate?

“Should I start from the beginning?”

In fact, Su Hao already made a decision.

To hold on to that glimmer of hope isn’t his style! Since the internal force had aided him in making a choice, he would naturally choose to start from scratch. He had already made a decision. However, the reason he hesitated was because of the reluctant feeling in his heart.

“Model analysis…” Su Hao felt a bit distressed about it.

That was the ability talent which accompanied him from the beginning. Unfortunately, when he was at the peak of the professional realm, and when he was about to figure out the realization stage, everything was ruined, including model analysis!

“Time to end it.” Su Hao gritted his teeth as a decision was made.


Sitting cross-legged, Su Hao began to use his internal force, bit by bit to carefully wrap around the fragments within his body before expelling them outside. After leaving his body a light flashed. The fragments which were forced outside gradually disappeared into glittering flashes of light. Just like that, these fragments vanished into the surrounding.

One fragment, two fragments, three fragments…

Su Hao worked hard to move out every fragment. As each one of them gradually disappeared, bright flashes surrounded Su Hao who was sitting cross-legged.

Two guards who were responsible for guarding Su Hao looked from afar as they unknowingly widen their eyes.

“Damn, I thought our Clan Head has been crippled?”

“Not sure, the old ancestor definitely wouldn’t make a cripple our Clan Head. It’s not like you didn’t see how our Clan Head charged into the Tian family. He’s so awesome…”

“That’s true.”

Both men were busy chatting among themselves. They didn’t approach him but just remained standing from afar. In this beautiful garden, the brilliance coming from Su Hao became brighter and brighter. That figure of him sitting cross-legged while being shrouded by light gave a feeling of endless mystery.

Three days.

A total of three days before Su Hao woke up from his cultivation! This should be the most fruitful session out of all the cultivation session he did during these days. Unfortunately, this was a session to revert back to the start.

“It’s over.” Su Hao mumbled to himself and once again used his internal force to inspect his body’s condition. Total emptiness. It seemed that he had returned to the time when he was in high school. This time, it was truly a new beginning with nothing inside.

When he walked out of the garden, everyone looked at Su Hao in amazement.

These days, Su Minghui and the others were shocked by the state when Su Hao cultivated. One by one, they came to have a look at themselves. Of course, they dared not enter inside. Su Hao is now the Clan Head; naturally he mustn’t be disturbed.

“Clan Head…” Su Minghui respectfully bowed.

“Why are you here?” Su Hao just casually smiled.

“Your state…” Su Minghui was slightly worried.

“Nothing much. Well, wasn’t my origin ability crippled? I simply cleared it out thoroughly and removed the fragments from my body, starting everything from scratch.” Su Hao calmly said as if he was describing someone else’s matter.


Everyone had a huge shock.

“How is this possible?” Su Minghui was stunned. After one’s origin ability got crippled, the state within the body would be chaotic. No one can help. Even a world esper would be helpless. This is the reason why it’s terrifying when one’s origin ability got crippled! The Clan Head actually managed to clear out all the fragments? This is simply unbelievable.

“I thought you guys saw what happened to me during these past two days?” Su Hao laughed it off.

Everyone was amazed. So, these two days, he was doing this?

However, the way everyone looked at Su Hao was no longer the same. To be able to clear the fragments, that’s not something that even a world esper can achieve! From the start of the origin ability era, no one succeeded! And now, their Clan Head actually managed to do so while being a cripple?

Indeed, he’s worthy of being their Clan Head!

Everyone felt that the mysterious aura of their Clan Head thickened by another layer. However, Su Minghui’s brow wrinkled as he realized a bigger issue.

“Something wrong?” Su Hao noticed the hesitant look of Su Minghui as if he has something to say.

“Head Clan, this time, you have made a mistake.” Su Minghui smiled bitterly.

“What’s the matter?” Su Hao looked at them strangely.

“You can’t integrate anymore!” Su Minghui sighed, “A person can only integrate an origin ability once. It’s impossible to integrate a second one after being crippled. If not, if one’s to integrate a low-grade ability talent, wouldn’t one cripple himself and integrate a new one?”

Hearing this, everyone agreed with such reasoning.

If one can reintegrate an origin ability, won’t one be able to aim for a higher grade ability talent? One will keep reintegrating until a grade A talent appears. If this was the case, wouldn’t everyone be a genius?

“Oh?” Su Hao’s eyebrows twitched.

A person could only integrate an origin ability once. He naturally knew this fact. However, it was simply because of the existence of fragments of the destroyed origin ability within one’s body which couldn’t be erased. However, since he could erase them and make his body like a blank piece of paper, why couldn’t it be possible? Since it can be done, Su Hao’s heart skipped a beat.

Because he suddenly thought of an unbelievable yet incredible idea!

He’ll reintegrate with a higher grade ability talent!

Why can’t it be possible?

With the existence of the internal force, once he integrates a new origin ability, he can cripple himself, erasing the previous ability before continuing to integrate a new ability, until an ability talent which satisfies him appears.

The more Su Hao thought about it, the more excited he became as his eyes shone.

Su Minghui and the others looked worried that they might have said too much that their Clan Head would be very regretful now. If they knew about this, they would have held themselves back for a bit. However, too bad, that glimmer of hope they had was now gone once and for all. So the Su family’s Clan Head is now truly a cripple? Thinking of this, they began to feel confused.

“Haha, rest assured. I know what I am doing.” Su Hao patted Su Minghui’s shoulder, “Our family should have quite a number of advanced energy integration drugs, right? Bring them all out, let me give it a try.”

“Yes, Clan Head.” Su Minghui sighed.

The Clan Head still can’t accept it. Well, it’s beneficial for him to try until eventually give up.

A group of people walked out, heading toward the direction of the family’s main hall. The Su family’s matters were all managed by several big elders. Those trivial things, Su Hao was clueless and too lazy to bother with them. As long as they manage the matters well and don’t interfere with his access to the resources, he won’t care about who has the authority.

As for the elders of the Su family, they were happy. With their age, it’s hopeless to aim for any improvement. All they had was the little authority within their hand. At first, they were afraid of Su Hao using the old ancestor’s name to take away their authority. Never did they think that Su Hao didn’t care about it, which is why they didn’t resent him. This is also the reason why the Su family is able to stay harmonious.

When the other families were having internal conflict, the Su family remained peaceful as usual.

And the true reason…

Is all because of Su Hao’s laziness.

“Clan Head…”

The elders respectfully said.

“En.” Su Hao directly took his seat at the main position. After waiting for Su Minghui to arrive, he put dozens of bottles filled with energy integration drug on the table. The elders looked at the drug in amazement. When they were explained by someone nearby, they looked at Su Hao with a pale expression. He wants to reintegrate an ability talent?

With these drugs?

Is it possible?

No one thought that he would succeed because it’s impossible!

“Could it be that our Clan Head has become a retard?”

“Sigh, it can’t be helped. It’s still better than being a cripple. Even if there is only one out of one-thousandth possibility, why shouldn’t he give it a try? Unfortunately, that hope will soon shatter instantly.”

They said in regret.

“Clan Head, these are the highest rate energy integration drug. The success rate is 100. Plus, the probability of integrating a high-grade ability talent is relatively high.” Su Minghui explained.

“En.” Su Hao nodded.

These energy integration drugs are the ones used during the first year of high school. However, they were just students at the bottom of the social line so they could only use the most common ones. Unless one’s talent is extraordinary, otherwise… this point can be clearly seen from Su Hao’s classmates as most of them only have grade C or D ability talents.

As for Chen Yiran and Zhou Wang, they used better drugs that allowed them to tap into their max potential!

“Let’s start.” Su Hao no longer uttered any more nonsense.

As for the disciples present, they stretched their head over to his direction, forming a funny scene. Above the table in the middle of the main hall, Su Hao was inspecting each bottle. The elders nearby stared at him without blinking. As for the disciples, they used their peripheral vision, worrying that they might miss something.

“The color is different.” Su Hao looked at the energy integration drug in front of him. Ten bottles but each one has a unique color.

“En, these are all top-notch drugs. Plus, it’s said that due to the different materials used, they lead to different integration factors. Their essence is based on the modifications of the common energy integration drug. The difference won’t be huge, but at least it still offers better benefits.” Su Minghui replied earnestly.

“En….” Su Hao quietly looked at the bottles slightly dazed.

During his time in high school, one common, lowest tier energy integration drug made him feel helpless for so long since he could only wait for the school to distribute them because he couldn’t afford them. And now, as long as he speaks, countless top-notch drugs with some possibility to enhance the integration by 1% will be put in front of him.

Su Hao smiled as he randomly picked a bottle and poured it down his mouth. Immediately, he sat cross-legged in the main hall while circles of energy began to illuminate, surrounding him.

“It’s starting?”

Everyone was so nervous.

Even though they knew it was impossible, when Su Hao began, they couldn’t help but have some expectations.

“En.” Su Minghui acknowledged, unable to move his gaze.

Integrating an origin ability isn’t a surprising scene. After all, it’s only a transformation of an ordinary person into an esper with 1 point of origin ability. Plus, the energy integration drug doesn’t have much energy within it.


The energy gradually vanished.

The main hall returned to its original state.

The crowd looked at each other, “Is this a success or failure?”

“What nonsense are you asking?” An elder sighed, “If he can succeed, then ghosts exists in this world. Look at that energy illuminating. It’s not the same as when my son succeeded in his integration.”

“Such a pity…”

Everyone sighed. Could it be their Clan Head is really an ordinary man now? When no one was paying attention, Su Hao, who was sitting cross-legged, suddenly opened his eyes. Both his eyes revealed a brilliant flash.

“This is…”

The crowd widened their eyes.


Blaze surged around Su Hao, drowning everyone.