Godly Model Creator Chapter 763

Chapter 763 You This Is Cheating

“Be careful!”

“Quickly step aside!”

Everyone became alarmed.

That surging blaze rushed out like a tiger. Coupled with that flashing light within Su Hao’s eyes, it intensified everyone’s horror. Those domain realm elders present quickly activated their absolute domain as they were scared while taking one step behind. Only when the blaze passed through their body did they smile embarrassed.


We forgot that the Clan Head has no origin energy.

For someone who only just integrated an origin ability, could he harm these domain espers? That blaze looked ferocious, but it was merely a scene to indicate a successful integration. Even the table nearby, after it got engulfed by the blaze, only a small scorch mark was left behind.

“Cough, cough.”

The elders coughed awkwardly, revealing a blushing face.

The old ancestor of the Su family kept playing the scene of Su Hao’s mighty feat daily in a loop. Literally, each action of his would leave behind many deaths and injuries. When he confronted the Tian family, quite a number of absolute domain espers were killed! How could they not panic? Subconsciously, they had forgotten that the current Su Hao no longer has any origin energy.

However, soon, they soon forgot their embarrassment because they began to realize…

Su Hao…


“WTF!” Su Minghui was also stunned. As for other members of the Su family, their eyes were opened wide.

He succeeded…

He actually succeeded?

Su Hao managed to integrate an origin ability for the second time? They aren’t sure whether there will be another human who could achieve such a feat, but they’re absolutely confident that there is no one who has done it until now! How many people have failed in their attempt to study about a second integration?

Everyone was astonished!

If this matter is to spread to the world outside, it would be one hell of a sensation! If everyone could reintegrate an origin ability for a second or even a third time… Just having this thought alone was enough to make them excited. Everyone had their blood boiling, he’s indeed worthy of being the Su family’s Clan Head. At any time, he could create miracles, writing his name in history.

“Clan Head, what ability talent did you get?”

After recovering from excitement, they asked.

“En, let me have a look.”

Even Su Hao was confused. His second ability talent is the start of a new him, which is extremely important for his future. During his first integration, he got a grade E Model Analysis, but due to the existence of the cards, he began to defy nature. What if he gets a grade A talent?

Would everything be different?

Closing both eyes, he utilized the origin energy to inspect for a second. Su Hao could feel the rush of blaze surging which led him to a thought, grade B ability talent, blaze surge.

“Blaze Surge.” Su Hao answered truthfully.

“Grade B?”

The crowd was slightly disappointed.

How big is the gap between grade B and grade A? At first, there wouldn’t be any difference, but the difference is like heaven and hell in the eyes of these domain espers! The majority of people who stepped into the domain realm had a grade A talent. Only a small number of them possess grade B talents, and it is with a new unique talent like Unstable Eruption, Penetration, and so on.

Under normal circumstances, someone with a grade B talent couldn’t step into the domain realm!

Thus, when they learned that Su Hao obtained a grade B talent, they couldn’t help but feel disappointed. In fact, not only them, even Su Hao wasn’t satisfied with this.

Is this some joke? He has to start from the beginning, and it’s a grade B talent?

Even worse than his own sister’s talent?

Could he tolerate this?

No, he can’t!

“Clan Head, actually a grade B talent isn’t that bad.” An elder noticed the ugly expression of Su Hao and offered some comforting words.

“Yes, our Su family has a lot of resources. It’s not difficult to make Clan Head into a domain esper. Perhaps Clan Head can create a record of stepping into the domain realm with a grade B talent.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

Everyone agreed in succession.

As for Su Hao, he only quietly closed his eyes before a loud cracking sound could be heard.



Those who were comforting Su Hao just a moment ago opened their eyes wide as they looked at Su Hao in disbelief. Su Minghui’s eyes suddenly revealed a flash of pleasant surprise.


“This is…”

All the elders were terrified.

Crippled! Su Hao actually crippled himself! Damn, is this even possible? Since when would one cripple their own origin ability? Everyone was bewildered, but they quickly thought of something. Could it be…


A glow of light appeared!

The scene they saw a few days ago reappeared, causing them unable to hold their excitement. This scene, wasn’t it the same as the time when Su Hao was in closed-door cultivation? It was at that time when Su Hao cleared away all the fragments from his body and now… Could it be Su Hao can have another try?

Half an hour later, Su Hao opened his eyes.

“Clan Head?”

The crowd was full of expectations.

Su Hao just revealed a smile, “Let’s try again.”


Everyone was so excited, it turned out to be true!

Their Clan Head actually crippled his own origin ability to try again! To integrate an origin ability, there is actually another chance? No, this is unlimited chances! If you’re not satisfied this time, redo! If you’re not satisfied for the second time, try again! After redoing it many times and having all sorts of variety, there will definitely be one origin ability that suits you!

This is insane!

The elders nearly went crazy!

If everyone in the Su family could be like this, then wouldn’t everyone have a grade A ability talent?! Everyone can restart from scratch! Everyone will be super geniuses!

This isn’t just any opportunity, it’s an opportunity to defy heaven!

Their blood was boiling to the extreme. Even Su Minghui’s eyes were fiery. There are countless people who can’t climb any further due to their ability talent. If this can be solved…

Looking at Su Hao once again, their eyes were filled with worry and expectation.

“Clan Head.”

Su Hao once again took a bottle of energy integration drug and poured it down his mouth. Sitting cross-legged, he began to feel the energy contained within the drug.


Another glow of light appeared!

Everyone looked at Su Hao in a fanatical manner. This time, they dared not even blink, fearing that they might miss something. Soon, the brilliance from the light gradually disappeared.

Su Hao was still sitting cross-legged.

Suddenly, a strong wind blew!

Everyone was so happy. It isn’t because of the talent but because Su Hao had succeeded! He succeeded in integrating an origin ability thrice. This can’t be anything but a cheat!

This era is really about to change!

Will there be any garbage talent in the future? Grade B? Damn, do you even have the face to meet people? As for brothers with grade C talents, go back and restart from scratch. Grade E…

Speechless, how dare you step out from your home?

Grade A!

If one can really reintegrate with no limits, the Su family will be full of espers with grade A talents!

Your talent isn’t great? Quick, reroll for a grade A talent. In the future, when Su Hao’s disciples go outside, they would be able to proudly look at others. When we make new friends, we won’t bother with what grade is their talent because they will never be higher than ours.

Everyone began to imagine their bright future.

“Grade C…” Su Hao sighed.

Sure enough, it’s not that easy to get a grade A talent, maybe one in every ten thousand! Even with a top-notch energy integration drug, he could only hover between grade B and C.

“Clan Head, try again.”

Those elders eagerly brought a bottle of energy integration drug to Su Hao. Their fanatical eyes made Su Hao speechless. What’s happening to these guys?


His origin ability was once again wasted. Another bottle of drug was poured into his mouth before lightning flashed and thunder rolled.

A grade D talent!

“The more I try, the worse it becomes.” Su Hao sighed and crippled himself again while being surrounded by the elders. If outsiders witnessed this scene, they would naturally urinate on the spot. How could Su Hao be accepted as the Clan Head so easily? Forget about Su Hao being an outsider, just his current strength alone wasn’t able to convince the masses!

Thus, one couldn’t imagine the number of people waiting to mock the Su family.

But in reality?

The current scene clearly showcased what is called harmony and unity.

“Clan Head, try again.”

Those elders of the Su family smiled while surrounding Su Hao and even personally handing over the bottles of energy integration drug.

“Sigh.” Su Hao took a deep breath. “Again!”

He didn’t believe that a grade A talent is hard to obtain. Forget about Tian Zi and Zheng Tai, those kinds of top-notch grade A talents. Even Zhou Wang and Chen Yiran also obtained grade A talent! And they all managed to get it on their first try! Why is it so difficult for a grade A talent to appear when it concerns Su Hao?

Su Hao was frustrated.

Crippling his origin ability, he reintegrated a new ability again.

Grade C, Fire System.

“F*ck! Again.”

Grade D, Water System.

“Damn! Why are there so many elemental type talents!”

Su Hao was in an extremely bad mood. In fact, he knew that elemental type talents occupy over 80% of all recorded talents! This is the reason why it’s easy for those talents to cultivate. Since there are many with the same type of talent, naturally the methods available to learn would be abundant. If a grade A elemental-type talent appears, Su Hao wouldn’t mind either.


Each one of them is grade C or D. This time, even a grade B is so difficult to obtain!


Grade E, Visual Enhancement.


Grade C, Earth System.


Su Hao nearly went crazy.

Throughout the whole day, Su Hao didn’t even leave. The elders and disciples weren’t bored either. To integrate so many times, what an interesting scene this is!

Repeatedly crippling and reintegrating a new talent, all sorts of ability talents had appeared. Su Minghui urgently went to the warehouse to bring a batch of advanced energy integration drugs. When they saw Su Hao kept going on that not even a grade B talent appearing again, they suddenly began to worry.

Could it be that excluding the first integration, subsequent integration will have a very low chance to obtain a high-grade talent?

Obviously, they had forgotten that the previous Su Hao’s original talent isn’t great to begin with, a grade E talent thanks to his heaven-defying feat…


Grade B, yet another Blaze Surge.

Su Hao wiped off his sweat. Why did it appear again?

Not even a single grade A talent! Even Su Hao had to admit now that he didn’t have much talent to begin with. After experimenting dozens of times, the most powerful one should be those few unique grade B talents! After all, unique talents have natural advantages over elemental talents. Just look at Li Xin and Zhao Feng, they’re walking proof.

Because of it being strange, so it’s powerful.

“Clan Head?” Noticing Su Hao was in a daze, Su Minghui reminded him.

“Oh, nothing.” Su Hao once again picked up a bottle of energy integration drug. This drug is mass-produced. If it’s still not enough, he will use the government’s commonly issued drug. If one day is not enough, he would spend two days, three days, or even more! To use hundred of bottles in a day, he doesn’t believe that a grade A talent wouldn’t appear.

When he played games before, just for a 0.0005% chance, he farmed two months for the ultra-rare whole set of purple clothes?

“Again!” Su Hao’s determination surged.

Isn’t it just a grade A talent?

What’s there to be afraid?!

To grind something, that’s what he loves the most.