Godly Model Creator Chapter 764

Chapter 764 Birth Of A Grade A Talent

“Again!” Su Hao started another integration.

The result hovered between grade C and D, which really annoyed Su Hao. However, when he integrated for the third time, finally some special change happened.

“Still not finish yet?”

One elder felt strange about it. Su Hao sat cross-legged without showing any signs of movement. It’s reasonable to say that after so many integrations, they were already used to Su Hao’s timing. However, this time, they didn’t think it would take such a long time as Su Hao still didn’t move. What’s the situation now?


A faint force resonated around Su Hao.


Everyone was excited, “Could it be some kind of special talent?”

If it’s an elemental type talent, they would have felt the aura by now. Only when there are some special talents would that strange occurrence occur. However, the aura produced was so weak that it seemed to be a low-level unique talent.

The aura circulated.

There was some faint energy around Su Hao. If the domain espers didn’t look carefully at it, no one would have noticed it. It was really too weak!

“Yet another failure.”

“Sigh, I feel that a grade A talent won’t appear.”

“Do you want to make a bet?”

Several elders discussed with interest. As for Su Minghui, the corner of his mouth twitched, “These elders, sigh…”


Origin ability integration.

Su Hao quietly felt it. Each time when an origin ability appears, he would inspect his ability talent for a bit before decisively crippling it before consuming another bottle of energy integration drug to attempt one more time. This time, before he managed to inspect it, he noticed that his body froze.

Yes, it’s not that he didn’t move but he couldn’t!


Endless energy circulated within his body.

Just when this new ability talent appeared, the quiet inner state of Su Hao’s body and the origin energy which had disappeared for a long time actually appeared as if a tsunami had emerged.

“What happened?” Su Hao opened his eyes wide.

Although the current him is an ordinary person, he used to be a peak professional esper. Obviously the amount of energy within his body wasn’t small. It also acted as the basis for his new start. Such a large amount of energy suddenly appeared, and was absorbed by the newly born ability. Before the energy was converted into a stream of heat and infused with his body.

He couldn’t move!

Because the force was too powerful!

The havoc created by the heat stream within his body made Su Hao’s expression change. F*ck, if his origin ability got crippled, he will just end up as an ordinary person. This time, if problems are to occur. He might really be a cripple for life.


A wave of heat flashed as the heat circulated throughout his body and through every blood vessel, making Su Hao’s stiff body more comfortable than ever.

“This feeling…”


The force kept expanding, causing Su Hao’s heart to be horrified. This feeling, why is it similar to the internal force forging?

The human body has its limit.

After the limit, one can only cultivate slowly via forging. Even Su Hao was no exception. As for those close combatants, they also battle under the growth of their ability talent. For those who actually use their physical body in battle, the number is small. This point was clearly shown by Li Xin, someone who surprisingly succeeded in going far.

It’s not because one’s strength isn’t enough, but the difficulty is no joke!

How hard is it to increase one’s physical fitness beyond the limit? Su Hao utilized the body forging technique which he tweaked, and that didn’t get him much stronger. By practicing the body forging technique daily to train the internal force in order to improve his physical fitness, it was like a stream joining the vast sea, the effect is minute.

However, today…

Su Hao could sense a torrent as powerful as a raging sea.


The heat stream within his body began to fluctuate again. He could feel some kind of mysterious force, improving his physical body over and over to become more powerful!

After a long period of time, when that force disappeared, Su Hao awoke. His heart skipped a beat as he sensed that his body seemed to have a force that could defy heaven!

This is a strong self-confidence coming from the changes within his physical body.

But… what actually happened earlier?

Su Hao calmed his heart down. When he inspected his origin ability, he was dumbfounded, “Grade A unique talent, Beyond Limit.”

Grade A?

Beyond Limit?

What kind of strange origin ability is this?

Su Hao was at a loss.

After having a closer look, he was shocked for a second. Grade A ability talent, using origin energy to transform one’s physical body to go beyond the human physical limit and become a truly strong esper.

“That’s it?”

“Such a simple explanation?”

Su Hao was too lazy to even curse. The description of this ability talent is just these few sentences? Could it even be any simpler than that? Other than those sentences, there was no more information.

How does he use his ability talent?

He didn’t know.

Oh, wrong. Su Hao didn’t even know where is this weird origin ability because he couldn’t sense it! His inner body was empty, what he could use to sense it?

Su Hao tried to use some origin energy. Yes, he could now cultivate like normal but the origin energy cultivated is like throwing a stone into the sea and waiting for it to sink.

Su Hao’s heart turned cold.

Damn it, isn’t it like the situation when I am crippled? Why does it happen again?


Su Hao took a mouthful of air, forcing himself to calm down. Using his internal force, he inspected the situation within his body in order to figure out more regarding this so-called ability talent.

The so-called Beyond Limit is actually a potential converter tool.

Of course, this was based on Su Hao’s understanding. The meaning of this potential converter tool is to cultivate energy and then convert into one’s potential, spreading it around the body, improving one’s physical fitness to change its potential. Only via cultivation can one’s physical fitness be quickly improved.

To sum it up, this is a physical body talent, and it’s an overpowering one.

It shamelessly plundered all the energy within Su Hao’s body and forcibly transformed it into his physical potential without even asking whether he agrees or not. When he thought of that one point of origin energy got taken away, Su Hao really felt like cursing 1000 times…

Cripple it!

I must cripple it!

Su Hao raged. Since when is it time for an origin ability to be this arrogant?

When Su Hao was ready to cripple it, he suddenly stopped because he realized a problem, where is the origin ability?

How to cripple it?

Because of this damn origin ability, the little origin energy left within Su Hao’s body had been absorbed and converted.

Without any origin energy, how does he cripple it?

As for the ability talent, Su Hao used his internal force and finally found out where is that damn talent located. That ability talent had fused with his body! To be precise, the ability talent is his body itself! This so-called Beyond Limit had become his own stigma!

“In other words…” Su Hao tried to calm himself down, “This damn talent is a passive talent?”

A passive talent?

It’s not like Su Hao hasn’t seen it before.

For example, the most basic grade F Body Strengthening is a passive talent. When one trains the body, the improvement speed would be extremely fast. However, due to the limit of a human’s body, its role isn’t much help. This is why it’s merely a grade F talent.

This was also the reason why both Li Xin and Zhao Feng’s unique talents were graded as B when they appeared.

Because of the existence of the human body’s limit!

In the era of origin ability, passive talent is definitely more troublesome because in addition to the bonus state from the talent, you won’t be able to gain anything else!

Origin technique?

What is that…

Cultivation technique?

Is that edible…

Nothing at all!

Su Hao’s face turned pale. He had experienced the same situation for a while during his early times with Model Analysis. However, luckily Model Analysis was an active talent. After he was familiar with it, he could create some origin techniques. Even with no existing origin technique, he could still create one because he believes heaven will reward those who are diligent but now?

A passive talent, f*ck. Isn’t this bullying?

The opportunity to create his own origin technique was not even given to him! Plus, this damn talent is definitely a physical body talent. Thinking that he would have to take the same route as that silly Li Xin, his face became even uglier.

“Cripple, cripple it!” Su Hao anxiously inspected it even more, but the result wasn’t optimistic.

Because there is no origin energy in his body, he couldn’t cripple it. Plus, Su Hao also realized something even worse. Previously, he had to clean the inner state of his body before integrating a new origin ability.

But now, it’s impossible!

Because of it being a passive and physical talent, his body literally underwent changes the moment this ability talent appeared. This also means that… whether or not he can cripple the existing origin ability, he won’t be able to integrate a new one.

In other words, this damn Beyond Limit would be Su Hao’s last ability talent!

Su Hao: “…”

“I overdid it.” Su Hao sounded bitter and hateful.

If he knew that it would end up like this, he would have just settled with the grade B Illusion Reality which appeared earlier. At least, Illusion Reality is similar to Model Analysis! Great, now he has come out with an amusing passive talent which he couldn’t even revert. All he could do is to surrender to his fate!

“Again?” Su Minghui handed over another bottle of drug, causing Su Hao’s face to turn even uglier.

“Anything wrong?” Su Minghui sensed that something was amiss.

“Grade A talent has appeared.” Su Hao calmly said.

“Oh, then it’s great.” Everyone nodded. Then, they noticed something and looked at Su Hao in surprise, “Succeeded? Grade A talent?”

“En.” Su Hao nodded.

“It actually appeared!”

“Haha, it’s really feasible.”

They were all in ecstasy, but they quickly noticed Su Hao’s unhappy look. The festive atmosphere in the main hall suddenly quieted down. Everyone looked at each other which an elder eventually poked Su Minghui.

Su Minghui was left with no choice, and reluctantly stepped forward, “Clan Head, what talent is it?”

Su Hao sighed before roughly explaining it. Passive talent? It can’t be reverted? The elders who were so excited just now felt like getting their faced poured by a bucket of cold water. In other words, if one dares to reroll for an origin ability, the end result would certainly be a passive talent!

This is too fraudulent!

Perhaps, the only thing that is fortunate was that Su Hao ended up with a grade A talent and not a grade F Body Strengthening. If not, Su Hao wouldn’t even have a place to cry.

Could it be that he cheated too much that God despised him?

Su Hao quietly looked at the sky.