Godly Model Creator Chapter 767

Chapter 767 The Awakened Force

“Have you seen it clearly?” Su Hao asked indifferently.

The public square was filled with silence as each disciple stood there speechless. Although they had made preparation within their heart, they still couldn’t help but feel disbelief!


That’s nothing but leaves! Without any origin energy, how could the leaves destroy the thick trees which are about the length of several men’s arms in diameter? Pure strength? But if it’s solely pure strength, the leaves would have definitely scattered into pieces in the air! Could it be as what the Clan Head described, it’s some kind of strange force?

“Are you surprised?” Su Hao found it ridiculous, looking at these youngsters’ expression. However, he realized that wasn’t he like that too in the past? The mysterious force, humans would always find an unknown force to be magical. It took a full half a minute before these talented young ones awoke and became excited.

“This is simply amazing!”

“In our body, there is actually another type of energy?”

“Flying leaves, I remember during the college entrance exam, our Clan Head showed this move to kill the green man!”

“So magical.”

A group of little boys kept admiring non-stop.

Su Hao raised his head slightly to let them calm down before saying indifferently, “Today, everything you see and hear is confidential. I want you all to be clear of this fact.”


They could barely contain their excitement.

They were excited because it’s a secret.

“This force, I have been training for a long time and only managed to master a tiny portion.” Su Hao continued, “I don’t know whether there is anyone who has also mastered it or if there is such a force in this world. After my own research, I have named it a unique name.”

Having said up to here, Su Hao uttered one word clearly at a time, “Internal force!”

The group went into an uproar!

Even the elders were stunned as they stood up in shock! As the ones who survived through from the previous era, these two words, internal force were simply deep imprinted into their bone marrow!

Internal force!

It actually turned out to be internal force!

Yes, the flying leaves, wasn’t it the legendary move commonly used in the martial art world? Su Hao actually managed to discover such a force. This Clan Head, he’s simply too magical!

Everyone exclaimed in amazement while Su Hao just gave an indifferent smile.

“Practice hard then.”

Su Hao looked at this group of excited young ones, “You are all geniuses but whether or not you are able to grasp internal force depends on your luck. It might be one in a hundred or one in ten thousand. Flying leaves, you can slowly comprehend it. When you’re able to grasp the internal force, it will be the time to integrate a new talent.”


Everyone replied in unison.

“Alright, start training now.” Su Hao walked down the stage and then saw those youngsters grabbing a bunch of leaves and throwing them. The entire training floor suddenly became full of fluttering leaves.

“Being young is indeed great.” Su Hao sighed. In the end, those elders who had already lost nearly all of their teeth soon came and surrounded him, “This, Clan Head, this strength, can we learn it?”


Su Hao was stunned for a second.

These elders at bare minimum are absolute domain espers. Why waste time to learn this internal force?

Looking back, Su Hao looked through the eager eyes of the elders and then realized something which he had ignored, internal force carries great meaning to these elders from the previous era!

From the words of the elders, this is the so-called nostalgic feeling!

“Nostalgic feeling?” Su Hao was puzzled. What is this nostalgia?

The elders began to utter nonsense and even resorted to reciting some classic quotes, something like before the era of chaos, there is this so-called wooden club or hammer or some sort of communication device. What it sold was the nostalgic feeling!

“Selling a hammer!” Su Hao rolled his eyes.

Although he couldn’t understand the so-called nostalgia, that didn’t prevent the elders from throwing the leaves awkwardly. Looking at those elders acting like kids, he recalled his childhood days.

Su Hao suddenly felt that returning to the Su family isn’t a bad thing.

“So this is the Su family?” Su Hao pondered.

“This is indeed the Su family.” Su Minghui proudly said.

Su Hao glanced at him for a second. This mere peak professional esper actually dared to point this out in front of the elders. If it’s any other family, he would probably be beaten.

The Su family is very warm, and Su Hao enjoys his life here.

The ups and downs of the Su family will depend highly on this internal force. Even Su Minghui was so curious that he joined the fun. Of course, it’s only limited to the core region. As for Su Hao, this Clan Head, once again became someone who asked others to cover his ass. After throwing the family matters to the elders, he once again focused entirely on studying this new talent to release his potential.

“Yiran, come here!”


In the garden, a strange scene could be seen.

The whole garden was covered in ice crystals. Su Hao rushed toward Chen Yiran, but each time, he would be easily brushed away by Chen Yiran.


So what if he has the strength?

If Chen Yiran is to use her full strength, even one hundred Su Hao wouldn’t dare fight her! As soon as you step onto the icy surface, it would melt instantly and Su Hao would turn into duck soup. Even in other places, facing against Chen Yiran’s ice, he’s helpless as the surface is so slippery.

“Alright, I admit defeat.” Su Hao raised his hands, indicating his surrender. It’s easy for this daddy to transform into a berserker but yet will still end up being kited around by an ice mage. No one knew what nerve was damaged in his brain that Su Hao actually suggested sparring against Chen Yiran. In the end, the result was self-evident; he got toyed around miserably.

In the end, Model Analysis is still the best…

Su Hao missed the time when he was omnipotent. Although his actual strength isn’t that strong, from analysis and deduction, perception and pursuit, all sort of support skills made him a support master.

“What?” Chen Yiran saw Su Hao getting distracted and quietly came over.

“Nothing.” Su Hao smiled, “It’s just that I am still a bit awkward.”

“En…” Chen Yiran whispered.

With the disappearance of Model Analysis which had accompanied him since the start, an entirely different talent, even though it has its own benefits, Su Hao still couldn’t help but feel strange.

“Let me study it further.” Su Hao regained his senses and sat cross-legged, once again entering the state of cultivation. Seeing this, with a wave, an ice crystal block formed around Su Hao with numerous ice crystals forming around one meter away.

The current Su Hao isn’t strong, which is why Chen Yiran is required to stay beside him and guard him. Even when this is the Su family’s residence, she will not slack off.

All she could do was sit cross-legged and stay beside him to cultivate too. She knew the confusion experienced within Su Hao’s heart. If there is a day when her ice talent is to suddenly disappear, replaced with a new talent which she has never seen before, she will probably be overwhelmed as well. Su Hao kept saying that he’s going to cultivate. Rather, it would be more accurate to call it a session of searching for his new identity.



Only when one resonates with the current talent can you truly communicate with it and bring out the true power of this new talent.


Those several floating ice crystals didn’t only play their role in defense, but also absorbed the surrounding chill, keeping the temperature perfect for the human body.

“To acknowledge…” Su Hao mumbled to himself.

He was cultivating, except the method was a bit strange.

The surrounding energy particles kept moving. Su Hao still remembered the content of the universal cultivation techniques, but without the aid of the cards, he had to start from scratch.

Carefully guiding the surrounding energy into his body, Su Hao, who was getting ready to direct the energy according to the cultivation route, suddenly became dumbstruck.

“F*ck!” Su Hao cried with no tears. They got absorbed again. How could he forget about this?!

This damn talent in his body, as long as it is still present, forget about absorbing even a tiny bit of energy. Su Hao wished to communicate with it. Brother is cultivating for your own good! If the cultivation technique is rendered useless, the progress would be extremely slow, do you know or not! After struggling for half a day, Su Hao gave up.

No wonder that esper with Potential Release before this could no longer progress. This damn talent, if one is to rely on actual cultivation, it will never succeed!

Even if you train till the day you die of old age, you won’t step into the world realm!

“This time, I am truly a cripple.” Su Hao sighed.

From now on, he really has to depend on this Potential Release?

Su Hao was experiencing an emotion which is hard to describe. Potential Release is indeed not bad, but Su Hao’s heart is still with Model Analysis, Kingdom of Heaven… they contained too much of his dreams and memories! The people of Kingdom of Heaven, the realization stage which he was eagerly awaiting for, those are all his dream!

And just like that, they shattered?

Su Hao was deeply disappointed and frustrated.

While in a daze, Su Hao suddenly felt a shock. At first, he thought that after recovering his energy, he would visit his sea of consciousness to check the status of the seal but now…

He has no origin energy!

Can he still enter into the sea of consciousness?

Su Hao’s state of mind had a jolt.

This is a big deal! If he has no origin energy, he won’t be able to enter the sea of consciousness, which means that Li Tiantian and the others can’t wake up!

“Damn it!” Su Hao quietly calmed his heart.

The internal force flowed along the route!

This is the only force which he could control now. That weak internal force was like a bright light within the dark night sky when it suddenly burst into the sea of consciousness.

“Finally, I am able to see it!”

Su Hao was pleasantly surprised.

Fortunately, internal force can be used to view the inner state.

Being surrounded by the faint internal force, his entire sea of consciousness turned bright. Su Hao seemed to return to the time when he controlled everything. Of course, he knew that this is merely an illusion. With a closer look, a few photos were drifting around. Those people were all in a deep sleep, floating in the deepest part of his consciousness.

“They are sealed…” Su Hao quietly looked at their familiar faces, “Wait until my internal force is large enough, then I will unseal you all!”

Su Hao was extremely serious.

After he finished inspecting the photos, he inspected another thing which kept drifting within his consciousness, a spiral object surrounded by a strange seal, “This is…”

Su Hao’s eyes opened wide.

He remembered it!

That is the meshed-up super power sealed together!

“Those things are still here?”

Looking at this, Su Hao couldn’t help but be alarmed. The internal force subconsciously swept over its surface. He carefully wanted to have a clearer look at it. At this moment, that force seemed to have been ignited.


The Su family’s residence had a quake!

The entire Su family got suppressed by a horrifying force!

Even the world espers who were in closed cultivation were awakened at this moment.