Godly Model Creator Chapter 768

Chapter 768 Rule Force

In the Federation, no one knows how many people were paying attention to the Su family.

Luck Charmer, Astrology, Life Mark, et cetera, those with special talents would be the guests of major forces to forecast the forces’ future direction. No one can grasp how much change would happen in the future, but whether something would bring a positive or negative impact could still be determined pretty accurately.

“Su Hao became the Clan Head?”

“Hmmphh, the Su family is simply courting death!”

“There is actually no internal conflict?”

They were slightly surprised at the turn of events. To appoint a cripple as the Clan Head is always a disastrous move, yet this matter didn’t cause any internal struggle within the Su family. This is simply incomprehensible! This isn’t related to betrayal; any ordinary man would expect the family to fall. How could anyone bear to have a cripple as their Clan Head?

Obviously, they never thought that the old ancestor of the Su family would brainwash the family members by playing Su Hao’s achievement on loop every day. Coupled with Su Hao’s Flying Leaves, he had conquered every member’s heart.

“The future of the Su family will be dark.” An unknown astrologer looked up at the sky at night while saying forcefully and with justice.

“The trace of fate has indeed faded away.” An esper with unique talent said indifferently.

“The Su family’s luck river is about to dry up.” Yet another man sighed.

The ten major families all have extraordinary significance. Only the Su family had a change in Clan Head, and this attracted the attention of all sorts of parties. The current declined state of the Su family made them sigh as they felt that the old ancestor of the Su family had gone senile. It might also be possible that the Su family will lose its title as one of the top ten families.

“Pay full attention to the Su family!”

Knowing that the news of the Su family was about to drop, everyone was excited.

Suddenly, a strange aura flashed as it headed straight up the sky!

Espers from various forces were shocked and quickly went to investigate. Anyone who came into contact with the aura was stunned. This aura, it’s coming from the Su family!


A world esper who just entered the realm not long ago instantly vomited blood with an overwhelmed expression, “I received backlash just from having a quick peek? What kind of power is that?”


“Could it be a new world esper?”

“A new world esper capable of injuring a world esper. Could it be this new world esper is comparable to the Su family’s old ancestor?”

“Rule Force!”

“This Rule Force has never appeared before! It is a new force. The Su family actually managed to have a new world esper. Who is it?”

Those strong espers who were aware of this incident were stunned. Exactly what had happened within the Su family?

Due to curiosity, countless auras spread around to inspect.

It was at this moment, a loud bang echoed. A green light flashed, blocking the entire Su family’s residence. Any aura from the outside would no longer be able to easily infiltrate. Everyone knew the world esper of the Su family had taken action. Since the Su family had guarded themselves, the others won’t be able to see anything; however, wasn’t the Su family about to fall?

Having such thoughts, their face turned ugly.

As for the masters who deduced the fall of the Su family, their face was even worse. They couldn’t wait to slap their own mouth.

They just said that the Su family is about to fall and the very next second, a new world esper is born from the Su family?

What kind of a concept is it to have a new world esper?!

Every world esper’s presence represented the shift of power, and a super-strong world esper could easily reverse the outcome of a battle!

This is the terrifying power of a world esper!

The Su family is about to fall?

Are you f*cking kidding me?

Sure enough, the so-called prediction of the future could only be considered a reference. The forces once again put their own so-called deduction masters back on the shelf and would probably take it with a pinch of salt in the future. The difference in prediction is too much. Fortunately, they aren’t in a battle, or else one mistake would put their own family into a dead end instead.


Whether it’s the fate master or the astrologist, no matter which force they are from, when they looked up at the sky, their face was full of doubts. How could they be blamed?! Their talent really showed such a prediction! From the time when Su Hao became the new Clan Head, the Su family is destined to fall.

How could it be wrong?

They couldn’t understand at all.

What a pity, even at death, they won’t be able to understand. They would have never thought that when someone is resurrected, they would no longer have an imprint in this world. Since there is no imprint, how could they predict anything? Not even Su Hao’s fate line could be detected. No matter how one calculated, the Su family’s strength will obviously be plunging.

Forget about these fortune tellers. At this moment, all eyes fell onto the Su family, or to be precise, the newly born world esper with complicated feelings. With a new world esper, the Su family is assuming a rise! However, no one knew that the Su family was even more puzzled.

In the Su family’s residence, when that boundless force appeared, all daily activities were halted. Those youngsters who were practicing hard were so shocked that they were rooted in place. The elders were not exceptions from being surprised too.

“What happened?”

“Could it be an enemy?”

Everyone was in great alarm.

Anyone who got slammed down by a force, the situation won’t be any better.

As a green light flashed, their petrified state was quickly nullified as they returned to normal. It was coming from the world esper of the Su family!

A middle-aged man flew up the sky, standing in mid-air proudly in front of the crowd.

Su Zhengwen, he is only forty-five years old, a world esper of the Su family!

Everyone respectfully saluted in a hurry.

“Zhengwen.” The big elder walked over there. He was the only one who faced the mysterious world esper with an indifferent expression. This amazed those disciples who had never seen a world esper before. The Su family’s big elder is actually this powerful? He can actually talk that casually with a world esper?

This is simply amazing!

Su Zhengwen was helpless as his prideful face suddenly softened, “Dad.”

When he was young, his luck was so extraordinary that he was lucky to be a first generation esper. In twenty years, he ended up becoming a world esper powerhouse! Su Zhengwen’s legendary story is something that most members of Su family yearn for. However, no matter how strong he is, he’s still the son of the big elder. Plus, with such a prideful father, he could only be helpless.

“Ahem, how are things?” The big elder asked with a majestic look. His eyes slightly swept across everyone. In fact, his proud tail rose up so high that it could reach the sky, if only he had a tail.


This is my son!

You all need to salute, but this daddy is different!

“Let me have a look.” Su Zhengwen coughed for a second.

Standing high in the sky, Su Zhengwen looked far away, at a place where the force appeared. His heart couldn’t help but sway gently, “Could it be a new world esper is about to be born in my Su family? Whose place in that position?”

“Uh.” The big elder awkwardly smiled, “The Clan Head is there.”

“Clan Head? Su Hao?” Su Zhengwen glanced for second before recalling the young man he saw two days ago. At that time, he had specifically examined Su Hao’s condition, and the result wasn’t optimistic.

“I thought he’s a cripple?”

“Uh…” The big elder pondered for a bit for the right word, “He refreshed it.”

“Refreshed it?” Su Zhengwen was at a loss. What does he mean by refreshed it?

“He refreshed his talent and got a new one.” The big elder explained.

“?” Su Zhengwen became even more confused.

What was with this refreshing a new talent, can an origin ability be reintegrated?

The big elder sighed and could only explain from the start to the end. Hearing this, Su Zhengwen was stupefied. As a world esper, he had seen many things so not much could surprise him anymore; but today, he got scared. Since when could an origin ability be refreshed?

It was at this time that another shocking explosive force appeared. At the same time, countless aura coming from all four directions headed towards this location!

“Get lost!” Su Zhengwen suddenly gave a cry.

The Rule Force violently blocked all the strong auras approaching the Su family, isolating everything here. When Su Zhengwen noticed that there was some hint of Rule Force within this mysterious force, Su Zhengwen’s face turned serious. As for refreshing one’s talent or not, he didn’t care since a new world esper is about to be born…

“Let me have a look.”


Su Zhengwen instantly disappeared from that spot.

Within the Su family’s garden, it was still covered in ice and snow. Chen Yiran had long awoken to protect Su Hao. When she saw Su Zhengwen approaching them, she instantly defended in front of Su Hao.

Su Zhengwen glanced at her for a second. Usually, if a domain esper dares to confront him, he would have been outraged. However, looking at the force surrounding Su Hao, Su Zhengwen halted his step and observed from afar to show that he carries no malice. Only then did Chen Yiran silently walk back to Su Hao’s side to continue guarding him.

The members who saw this scene were shocked.

Su Zhengwen, this world esper actually stopped?

Don’t judge based on his outer appearance that he seems kind and soft-hearted that he is helpless in front of the big elder; after all, he’s a world esper! Excluding the big elder, who else in the Su family would he put in his eyes? Now, this isn’t as simply as a concession. It indicated that Su Zhengwen acknowledged Su Hao’s strength, which is why he respected Chen Yiran!

Su Hao, this Clan Head of theirs who easily obtained the title, could he really break into world realm?

The crowd had their mouth opened wide.

Around Su Hao, that orbiting force was still in an excited mode. Su Zhengwen observed this scene not far away. His eyebrows revealed some doubts.

“What Rule Force is this?” Su Zhengwen mumbled to himself.

Rule Force is a general term that represents all sorts of rules in the world. Of course, the so-called curse force belongs to one of them. However, Su Zhengwen affirmed that this mysterious force in front of his eyes, although it reveals the might of Rule Force, he had never seen it before.

“Could it be…”

“It’s the birth of a new Rule Force?” Su Zhengwen suddenly became excited. Since the start of the chaotic era until now, there are 2,132 rules existing in the world. Even if a world esper is to fall, the power of the Rule Force will remain in the world. With the refinement of Rule Force, the probability of a new Rule Force appearing become less and less.

Especially in recent years, no new Rule Force was discovered.

Even if a new world esper is to be born, the Rule Force obtained would be one within those present in the world. For example, the flame force which has the most number of espers.

And now, could it be that a new Rule Force is about to make its debut?

One can’t blame Su Zhengwen for being this excited. The birth of a new Rule Force represents not only the symbol of strength but also glory! Even Heaven and Earth would pay homage to its birth! Since Su Hao is in the Su family, the entire family would greatly enjoy benefits from this! As Su Zhengwen was contemplating, the force in front of him underwent another change.


A translucent white light headed straight down from the sky!

“It’s coming.” Su Zhengwen’s eyes lit up.