Godly Model Creator Chapter 769

Chapter 769 The Eras Bell Sounded

In the Su family’s residence, everyone was shocked due to the emergence of some mysterious force!

Even when the world espers were alarmed, under such a situation, Su Hao was still clueless about what is happening. He was still deeply immersed in his cultivation as he studied further on what’s with this so-called force.

“What is this thing?”

At first, Su Hao was also shocked by it, but after noticing that this force didn’t threaten him, he calmed down and began to study this mysterious force carefully. Inspecting it thoroughly, Su Hao noticed that this force was tangled like a rope at first, but after being activated by the internal force, it actually rotated within his sea of consciousness.

It floated around while emitting a peculiar light.

This force is divided into three layers.

First layer: Core force

Its shape is akin to a double helix DNA strand. On one side, it’s the Rule Force of Tian Gang though he doesn’t know its name. As for the other side, it’s none other than the magical curse force. These two forces constantly rotated, yet they didn’t come into contact. This is the current state of this core force.

Su Hao was clear that because of those two forces’ fusion, this wonderful force was created.

This is an opportunity but also a coincidence.

Second layer: Telekinesis

This is a shell-like layer, wrapping around Tian Gang’s Rule Force and the curse force. Because of the presence of telekinesis, these two forces were able to maintain the magical double helix structure. Otherwise, with just a few rotations, these two forces would probably touch each other and spell doom.

Telekinesis itself has no power but balances these two forces. This is the function of its existence. This force, it’s something that Xiao Die created by exchanging her life.

The one and only in this world!

Third layer: Seal

This is yet another powerful force. It came from the body of Blue Dream Butterfly, who had been sealed for an unknown amount of time. Facing the Rule Force, it could actually absorb and counter by itself. It was so unbelievably powerful that in the end, it sealed those two forces that form helix!

It’s the outermost layer.

“This force…” If Su Hao didn’t guess incorrectly, this force is a Rule Force too!

It originated from Blue Dream Butterfly, or to be precise, it’s from the man who sealed Zhang Yating. The force left by him, coupled with the curse force, in total, there are three Rule Forces!

Three types of Rule Force, due to various coincidences, they appeared within Su Hao’s body. Also, thanks to the presence of telekinesis, they magically didn’t collide with each other; instead, they managed to strangely fuse together. Three different Rule Forces with three different magical characteristics are now altogether as one unit.

This is simply amazing!


Even Su Hao felt amazed by it as he seriously looked at this new birth of a mysterious force. If one is to use an analogy, Su Hao felt that it’s pretty similar to the power cable before the chaotic era. A live and neutral wire intertwined each other while being surrounded by a layer of insulation, forming the wire.

This is a new force!

He didn’t dare to touch it.

Su Hao just looked from afar. Just now, when the internal force just gently touched the surface for a bit, the force seemed to be stimulated. If he’s to touch it again…

Without knowing why, Su Hao was a little wary of it.

This damn force, although it’s just a tiny portion, this is simply a nuclear bomb waiting to detonate! Moreover, the worst part is that it’s within his mind! With its flexible property, it kept moving around within Su Hao’s sea of consciousness; at times, it turns into a S-shape, at other times it would be B-shape…

“What to do now?” Su Hao went silent for a moment.

Is he supposed to ignore it like that?


If it’s anything else, it might be fine, but this thing is so powerful. It’s literally a ticking bomb residing inside his own body. If somehow detonates, he won’t even have the chance to cry!

“Damn it!” Su Hao raged, “Just a mere fragment of unconscious force. What’s there to be afraid of?”


The internal force within his body directly headed toward the mysterious force. Just now, it was only on the surface, but this time, Su Hao wanted to see the essence behind this force! What Su Hao didn’t think of was when the internal force once again came into contact with the new force, an unforeseen event occurred.


His sea of consciousness quaked!

Su Hao’s eyes opened wide as he suddenly understood something.

If the telekinesis is said to be the reason these three forces are in equilibrium, then the internal force acts as the opposite; it is the catalyst that ignites these forces.

At first, they were just stimulated by the internal force into some boiling state and now…

It’s burning!


His sea of consciousness once again turned into a bright scene.

The collision of the new force and the internal force wasn’t something that Su Hao expected. When Su Hao was still surprised, he saw these two forces were confronting each other.

And then…

The new force burned.

It was as like a gunpowder’s ignition. The moment it caught a spark, it instantly burned out. The ignition was so quick from one end to the other end that in a short period of time, the final transformation was completed.

And then, it turned quiet again.

“Finished?” Su Hao was in a daze.

Just now, during the collision, he was caught surprised. Never did he expect the situation to turn calm in a blink of an eye. What happened just now?! No… It seems more like the internal force also got fused into this thing.

Su Hao’s eyes opened wide.

Taking a clearer look at this new force, he found something amiss. If before this, it was more like strings merged together, then now after the ignition, only one force remained.

If in reality, the only explanation would be the other forces turned into ashes.

But now…

Where did those several Rule Forces’ remains go?

What’s this remaining force then?

In the sea of consciousness, there was no more chaos. When Su Hao tried to use the internal force to sweep through, there was no more reaction. What was left behind was only a group of translucent white matter.



It was packed with so much strength that it made one’s heart beat non-stop!

“So what is this?”

“The true integration of force?”

Su Hao’s eyes shone. Whatever force it is, that’s not important. Whatever role it has isn’t important either. What matters to him is whether he could truly operate it or not!

Only if he could master it will it be considered his own power!

When Su Hao focused his mental strength into this force, he suddenly felt that the angle of view changed as if his mind was totally immersed in it.

Then, he tried to control it, that force…

It moved!

“It can move!” Su Hao was in ecstasy.

He could actually control it. After numerous integrations and with the final addition of internal force, this force actually turned into his own strength! He had a hunch that this force is absolutely not any weaker than other Rule Forces. Even when facing a world esper, he would fear nothing!

Can he compete with a world esper with this?

Su Hao was pleasantly surprised.

However, he quickly calmed himself down.

This force is indeed strong, but it only has a tiny portion. To be frank, it’s only sufficient for one blow! After that single blow, whether or not it will recover is unknown.

As for how to improve it?


He’s clueless!

Even if he’s to find those three different Rule Force, he won’t be able to get the telekinesis again.

However, no matter what, he can now consider having a killer move to confront against a world esper. At least, that’s what Su Hao thought of.

And when Su Hao was preparing to end his cultivation session, a new scene appeared!

Wind was blowing strongly, clearing the dark clouds away, leaving behind a clear blue sky.


A golden light beam suddenly descended from the sky, directly shrouding Su Hao. This powerful force penetrated the barrier Su Zhengwen set up.


The light beam expanded!

The entire Su family’s residence was bathed in this golden light; vaguely, the world seemed to play a heavenly music which made the people feel incredible.

At this moment, not only the Su family, the eyes of the entire Federation powerhouse were focused over here.

“This is…”

“After so many years, finally a new rule appears.”

“The sky is dyed in golden color, with the heavenly music playing, this is a new Rule Force!”

“Sure enough, the Su family has not only an additional world esper powerhouse, but also the holder of a new Rule Force!”

“The birth of a new rule? Could it be that bell is going to ring again?”

At this point, there is nothing much to doubt anymore.

The Su family is now confirmed to have an additional world esper!

Plus it’s the debut of a new rule!

In the sky, the golden light pillar slammed down and fused into Su Hao’s body. Those around him were affected by this force too. The entire Su family experienced a clamor.

“My strength is improving!”

“My origin ability increased too!”

“My days, I just consumed the drug to step into the peak specialized realm. I don’t know how long would I take to consolidate it; but now, I managed to do so in one shot and even reached the bottleneck to breakthrough into the professional realm.”

“My domain is getting stronger!”

“The defects I had from a drug is gone!”

“God, the injury I had over a decade ago, even a world esper can’t do much to heal it, yet it just healed like that?”



The Su family was drowned in screams from countless people. Just a trace of this golden light and those people already enjoyed such benefits. What about Su Hao, the focus of this golden light?

Su Hao’s figure could hardly be seen being bathed in that rich golden light.

Everyone looked at that thin figure with eyes filled with endless fanaticism!

This is their Clan Head!

He just came here for a few days, and the entire Su family already had so many transformations. So what if he’s not strong? So what if he’s a cripple? As long as Su Hao is in reign for another day, he would win everyone’s respect!

No one could beat him!

“Sure enough, it’s Heaven’s blessing.” Su Zhengwen’s eyes revealed a hint of joy.

The top of the world!

The bells were ringing!

During the chaotic era, the most common thing became something difficult in this era. This is inevitable, after all. With more and more rules added, there would be less chances of a new rule appearing. When the world becomes perfect, there will no longer be any new rules!

“The nostalgic feeling…” Su Zhengwen mumbled to himself.

Whether or not Su Hao is able to step into the world realm, with just this blessing alone, it already proved that he has the potential to be a strong esper or even the strongest esper!


With the ring of a bell…

It was as if it alarmed the entire era!