Godly Model Creator Chapter 77

Gmc Chapter 77

Chapter 0077    Ranking reward

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Having returned home to spend time with his family, Su Hao once again decided to train his origin ability transition technique.

A week before this, Su Hao had lost track of himself in the laboratory, crazily practicing. There had been almost no time improve his origin ability transition technique. The bottles of beginner origin ability recovery drug on the floor were also unable to be utilised.

Since free time was scarce these days, he should use what little free time he had as wisely as possible. 

Moreover, after exiting the laboratory this time, he had managed to leave not only with some tools for himself, but several bottles of beginner origin ability recovery drug which he himself had created.


Su Hao poured a bottle of the drug into his mouth. The energy within his body began to rapidly recover.

Thinking back to the last time Su Hao had trained his beginner origin ability cultivation technique, one bottle of recovery drug had been enough for him to fully recover. Whereas now...a full six bottles were needed for complete recovery.

Origin ability recovery!


Su Haos mind moved. His bodys energy began to be consumed at a crazy rate. The gray color of origin ability transition card began to slowly brighten.

Fifty percentfifty-twofifty-five percent...ka!

It stopped.

It had only reached this point?

Su Hao became depressed. The consumption of these two star cards was simply too terrifying! The  card progress had only increased by five percent, the equivalent of six bottles of recovery drug.

Forty-five percent remaining. If every five percent requires six bottles of recovery drug, in order to fully master this card, I need about fifty-four bottles! Su Hao took a glance at the remaining eighty plus bottles. Phew, luckily it was enough.

Break through!



Su Hao consumed bottle after bottle of recovery drug. The energy within his body recovered endlessly. Whenever his gas tank was full, Su Hao would make progress on the card at the cost of origin ability energy.

One time...two times...three times

The current Su Hao was unaware of the passage of time. His mind was focused entirely on the card which gradually brightened as time passed by.


During his last attempt, as the energy in his body completely emptied, the origin ability transition technique card was finally completely lit up. However, Su Hao was unable to be surprised at this time.

With the completion of origin ability transition technique, endless streams of information and experiences about the card were pouring into his mind.

The cultivation route for origin ability transition technique.Zhao Fengs usual training routinethe shaky foundation of beginner origin ability transition technique until full mastery


He had finally completed beginner origin ability transition technique!

A card packed with countless memories and experiences, all of the information was perfectly integrated into Su Haos mind. Practice of beginner origin ability transition technique would now begin!

Su Hao began to circulate the energy within his body according to the route of origin ability transition technique.

The confused state of energy within his body began to rotate in an orderly fashion as Su Hao sat cross legged. Traces of energy could be seen flashing around his body, akin to an ancient, old monk meditating.

As the energy operation went on, along with the energy traces, the energy within Su Haos body began to increase in larger and larger increments!

Seven days!

Again seven days!

After a full seven days, Su Hao finally was able to integrate and master the beginner origin ability transition technique.

Within these few days, besides eating and sleeping, Su Hao used almost all of his remaining time to train the origin ability transition technique.

Model analysis was only able to read the card model. Also, due to some factors, it was able to analyze the training method, experiences, and route of the model, but prevented one from directly mastering the new knowledge. As for how to master and when to master, that would depend on Su Hao himself.

Only when all of these were completely integrated and mastered would this ability really belong to himself!


Su Hao had a long sigh of relief. As he slowly opened his eyes, the traces of light returned to his body.

Su Hao observed his current state for a moment. The flow of energy within his body was flowing quite heavily. Compared to the time he had mastered the advanced origin ability cultivation technique, it was an entirely different realm. Whether it was the capacity of energy or recovery speed, they were all greatly enhanced!

Two star card truly was formidable!

Looking at the time, today was 28th of September. Two days remained before October 1st, the date of the battle of honor. Should I go or not?

Su Hao was hesitant. For freshmen, the battle of honor was an excuse for them to be abused.

This wasnt a practice unique to the current time period. Even in the era preceding origin abilities, when there only existed a written exam, the first examination of the third year was a critical affair. The majority of the freshmen, excluding a few outstanding students, would be trampled under the feet of repeaters.

After all, everyone there was a genius. A gap of one year was far too difficult to overcome.

Did the school organize such a fight to make it interesting?

Su Hao remained skeptical.

Since everyone knew they would be thrashed, would they willingly participate? Although the five hundred point reward for victory appeared attractive, the greater than ninety-nine percent failure rate dissuaded many from trying their luck..

As Su Hao remained hesitant on participating, the communication device on his wrist once again vibrated. He had received a message, turning out to be a school notice. Taking a quick glance at the messages contents, he was instantly stunned.

The battle of honor is about to begin.

New task release.

Name of task: Obtain victory in the battle of honor

Task participants: Freshmen of the natural selection class

Task content: Defeat the repeaters and obtain victory in battle of honor

Requirement: Gain victory

Reward points: Three hundred task points


Name of task: Defeat in the battle of honor

Participants: Freshmen of the natural selection class

Task content: Failure is not scary. Whats truly frightening is to lack the courage to face failure. Youth, you must fight for it!

Requirement: Battle failure!

Reward points: One hundred task points


Task name: Personal honor

Participants: All students in the natural selection class

Task content: The battle of honor also involves personal honor. Will your presence help in the battle? Fight for it! In this battle, it is entirely about your own honor! Kill a hostile student and score one honor point.

Requirement: None

Reward point: With two hundred students in the class, the reward will be distributed from the top of ranking to the bottom. First rank will receive two hundred task points, second rank will receive one hundred ninety-nine points, the last rank will receive one point (Reward formula: two hundred and one - current rank)


Sure enough!

He knew that the school definitely wouldnt let go of such a golden opportunity. Gaining victory in battle of honor would reward three hundred points. Even if you lost, you would still gain one hundred task points! Additionally, there was the matter of personal honor.

Even if you were unable to defeat any repeaters, it would be fine! After all, there were only one hundred repeaters. Let them occupy the top one hundred; as for rank one hundred and one, it was up for grabs!

Rank one hundred and one, that was a nice one hundred task points!

Coupled with the one hundred point reward for defeat, the battle of honor truly was too generous!

One hundred to two hundred task points, was that a lot?

Not really, but the battle of honors length was limited to a single day! Su Hao, after putting his life on the line and dealing with all sort of difficulties, had barely managed to complete the emergency task given by Teacher Yang. He obtained a meagre three hundred points after three days!

As long as you participated in the battle of honor, you would receive one hundred task points.  How was this not generous?

Su Hao put these newly released tasks aside. In the battle of honor, there was still one task listed at the very top - the honor of freshmen.

It was a terrifying three star task.

Beating the repeaters for the first time would reward five hundred task points. There was no conflict between this and the newly received tasks. If the freshmen won this time, they would all receive at least eight hundred task points, not including the rewards for personal honor!

Eight hundred task points!

This was bait, intended to encourage freshmen to step forward! What sort of value was eight hundred points? Besides the one-time reward during the first field exploration, there were no more opportunities for such high rewards!

And all of this would take place in under a day!

Battle of honor.. Su Haos eyes flashed, Seems that its about time to go back to school.

However, school was still an institution for growth. It would always try to stimulate students potential and protect their confidence. By doing it in such a way, everyone would have the chance to get stronger together.

If freshmen had received such a task, what about repeaters?

If Su Hao didnt guess wrong, the repeaters surely had a task to oppose the freshmen!

Natural selection class, the domain of wild berserk beasts.

In a field two thousand plus meters away from school, a youth was battling with a rough thick skin black cattle beast. This type of thick skin beast was something which everyone would struggle with.




After several attacks, the black cattle beast remained sound and unharmed. Its body didnt have the slightest scar or wound.

However, as the youth stood there motionless, the black cattle beast suddenly gave a large cry and fell to the ground with a resounding bang.