Godly Model Creator Chapter 770

Chapter 770 Knockoff


The sound of a bell ringing echoed throughout the Federation.

Resonating within the ears of every person, the stronger one is, the clearer the sound! A basic esper literally couldn’t hear it. A specialized esper could hear a faint noise, but it sounded like a typical sound coming from the surroundings. Only as a professional esper could they hear the sound of a bell ringing beside them.

As for the ears of a world esper, the ringing was so loud that it could hurt their eardrums!

The loud ring seemed to drag everyone back to the chaotic era. They could still remember that during that era, due to the emergence of first-generation espers, the bell sound seemed continuous. Literally, every day some strong esper would become a world esper, creating new rules, waking up the bell of the world and create a legend!

However, as time passed, gradually…

There was no more of such a ring!

The method to wake up the bell of the world, there is only one way which is to create a new rule. Even if there is another method, no one can achieve such a feat!

The chaotic era seemed to have undergone a period of hibernation.

And now…

The bell of the world had been awakened!

The appointment of a new Clan Head, the rise of new blood, the sound of the world bell seemed to symbolize the arrival of a new era, the birth of a genius. The new generation, finally the time had arrived for them to arise.

When everyone was contemplating with their emotions, Su Hao was still busy absorbing the force belonging to him!

The golden light gradually disappeared. Almost 90% of it fused into Su Hao’s body. When the force vanished completely, what is left behind is a new future for Su Hao.

His strength, no improvement.

His ability talent, no improvement.

Origin energy, it doesn’t appear either.

However, Su Hao still couldn’t help but be surprised, “The new force, it actually got stabilized!”

Yes, that’s right!

The newborn Rule Force, this mysterious force which has combined several forces, with the aid of the golden light, it has now become a force that truly belongs to him. It’s no longer a one-shot move. Although he still doesn’t know how to improve it, after using it, it would recover as long as he slowly cultivates.

This indicated that Su Hao now really has the strength of a world esper.

Albeit it’s just one hit!

“The birth of a new rule; it will be added to the world. Please name it.” A cold voice echoed within the void.

“Give it a name?” Su Hao calmed himself down.

He didn’t know where this voice came from and also was clueless of what it is. However, after experiencing strange things with the mysterious cards, Su Hao no longer found it weird.

As for the naming…

Su Hao’s eyes revealed a hint of nostalgia, “Why not name it model force then?”

“Model force!” The void trembled.

Two giant words flashed in mid-air and then disappeared between Earth and Heaven. At the same time, the endless golden light finally vanished from the sky.

Until now, this mysterious scene was finally gone.

The entire Su family cheered out of their lungs.

After experiencing such a scene, naturally they had endless gratitude. The last time this occurred was decades ago! For such a scene to appear again in the Su family, it’s all thanks to Su Hao! Naturally, they’re grateful to him. As for the Su family disciples who had never experienced this before…

Their Clan Head is simply a legend!

Have you seen it?

During the time when he had the model analysis, he managed to pressure those from the same batch as him that they could hardly breathe and now?

His origin ability got crippled?

Is this some kind of joke?

In minutes, he could create all sorts of miracles!

Overwhelming the Tian family, his Flying Leaves, and also the golden light at this moment; Su Hao has now become a deity in the eyes of those disciples. Su Hao is the legend. As for the elders, they were happy with this situation too. Such a misunderstanding which bring everyone together, why should they tear it down?

Thus, when Su Hao opened his eyes, all he saw was pairs of glowing eyes.

“What happened?” Su Hao was startled for a second.

After understanding what happened earlier, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The moment he turned around, he reprimanded, “What’s there to look at. Haven’t you seen a handsome man before? Faster go and train your internal force!”

The disciples all laughed and left the scene. Only then did Su Hao walk towards Su Zhengwen, “I pay respect to Senior Su.”

“You don’t have to act that unfamiliar. Just call me Brother Su.” Su Zhengwen’s smile was very wide, “How do you feel?”

“What do I feel?” Su Hao was stunned.

“The ring of the world’s bell.” Su Zhengwen sighed.

“The world bell?” Su Hao rolled his eyes as if he recalled that sound of the bell. He had thought that only he could hear it. His eyes instantly widened, “You all can hear it too?”

“Of course.” Su Zhengwen laughed out loud, “Not only that. This is the bell of the world. Forget about the Federation, even the strong beasts in the beast domain can hear it too.”

“Damn!” Su Hao was shocked.

Although he created a new Rule Force, he didn’t have any terrifying strength now. He’s merely a knockoff…

If a number of world espers target him, he can’t even imagine how his death would look like! Su Zhengwen found it funny, looking at his expression. However, Su Zhengwen felt relieved at this. At least, Su Hao didn’t get full of himself for creating a new rule. If that were the case, then all the effort to protect him would be worthless.

“Don’t worry.” Su Zhengwen smiled, “When I sensed that someone is about to breakthrough, I already sealed off the entire Su family. However, I never expected you to ring the world’s bell. Today’s incident can’t be hidden, but at least, they won’t know the one who rang the bell is you. Hahaha.”

“Then that’s great.” Su Hao forced a smile.

Although he woke up whatever that bell is, it rang in everyone’s ears; with his current strength, if he becomes a public target, he can’t imagine how his days would be. However, what is this damn world bell?

Su Hao raised this question.

“The world bell?” Su Zhengwen sighed as if he had immersed himself in his previous memories. Only after a long time passed, did he open his mouth.

World espers, it is the most special group.

From the start of the chaotic era until now, it’s not known how many world espers were born, but a majority of them died in battles during the chaotic era. The world espers who are here now, most of them broke through after that.

Thus, not many people know about the so-called peak of the world.

According to a legend, at the end of this world, there is a giant mountain range called the peak of the world. This mountain range consisted of the Rule Force. Each new Rule Force will form a part of it. Correspondingly, when the world has completed another portion, the bell on top of it would ring.

Su Hao: “…”

“What happened?” Su Zhengwen looked at him for a second.

“Uh, nothing.” Su Hao wiped off his sweat. This is too amusing…

Is this some kind of joke!

Does this world really have an end?

What’s with this strange setting? The earth is a sphere, where does this end of the world come from?

“In the past, the world had no end, but now in the era of origin ability, it has one.”

As if noticing Su Hao’s doubts, Su Zhengwen said mysteriously, “Can you circle around the earth then?”

“Why not…” Su Hao’s words suddenly came to a halt.

Because he thought of the beast domain, one north and one south, this made humans occupy only one part of the world. If so, then where is this end of the world?

What is the situation in the beast domain?

No one knew!

However, is there really any end of the world?

Su Hao was still unconvinced.

“Alright, let me rephrase it in another way.” Su Zhengwen sighed, “You just need to know that somewhere on Earth or maybe not on Earth, at an unknown mountain, there is a temple. The bell in the temple will ring when a new rule is born.”


Su Hao was stunned for a bit before giving up, “Concise enough!”

“Then, you should understand it now.” Su Zhengwen became cheerful, “In short, no one knows where that damned bell is. Whenever a new rule is created, it will definitely ring. When the rule users complete a certain achievement, it will ring too. To be precise, it will direct the power of the void to help you improve.”

“Really?” Su Hao seemed to have understood a bit.

This world bell, rather than a real one, it’s more like a virtual one or more like a special rule than governs all Rule Force! This rule is set that whenever the rule user completes a certain achievement, it will ring the bell and generate a force to help the user.

“What’s the achievement all about?” Su Hao pondered.

“Don’t think too much. When the time comes, you will naturally know.” Su Zhengwen noticed that he kept thinking and suddenly smiled, “Is your current state considered the world realm? A few days ago, I helped to check your state for a bit. Even if you recover your strength, you should be only at the peak of the professional realm. At most, you will be a domain esper. The distance from the world realm is still far.”

“Not like this.” Su Hao shook his head decisively.

He knew well of his own strength. He now has a bit of Rule Force and could deal a blow equal to a world esper. However, having said that, what does this Rule Force do? What could it do? He was still clueless! Forget about the world realm; he can’t even be considered a knockoff.

“What do you mean?” Su Zhengwen was very curious.

Su Hao briefly explained the situation. Even Su Zhengwen found it ridiculous. This special situation, no matter where it is, it would be unprecedented…

“Do you know how to use it?” Su Zhengwen asked.

“I don’t know.” Su Hao honestly replied.

“You should know what it can do, right?”

“I don’t.” Su Hao sighed.

Su Zhengwen was dumbstruck. Forget about not knowing how to use one’s own Rule Force; he didn’t even know what it could do. This is too unique. He wanted to help, but each rule is different and the method would naturally differ. All they could do now was wait for Su Hao to slowly figure it out.

Su Hao was depressed.

He had tried to examine this model force just now. As a result, it has no usage. He could control the model force to float around, but that’s about it.

How to use it, what it could do, it’s a total blank!

“What a knockoff, there is not even an instruction on how to use it.” Su Hao couldn’t help but curse.

Su Zhengwen pitifully patted his shoulder to comfort him, “But at least when you face a domain esper, you no longer have to be afraid.”

“What do you mean?” Su Hao’s eyes shined.

“Smash them down!” Su Zhengwen grinned, “Use your Rule Force and forcefully slam them down!”

Su Hao’s heart skipped a beat. He suddenly recalled the scene when he faced Tian Gang. There is nothing to be done or consumed; all he needs to do is forcefully slam the opponent down!

This is the might of a world esper!

No matter what rule it is, no matter what role it has, as long as you slam it down, it would be enough to make a domain esper unable to lift a single finger just like the previous him!

This power…

Even if there is only one chance to use it, it’s sufficient!