Godly Model Creator Chapter 771

Chapter 771 Creation

Late at night, the Su family’s residence.

With a bright moon decorating the sky, in the residence’s vast bamboo forest, what remained was the moonlight. As the moon shone, Su Hao sat cross-legged. He was cultivating, but surprisingly there was no trace of energy fluctuations surrounding him.

The space trembled, leaving behind strange traces.

Su Hao quietly summoned out the Rule Force, and a trace of the model force appeared. It is so weak and minute that one couldn’t even identify its actual shape.

“So this is the model force?”

For the first time, Su Hao summoned it out as he inspected it under the moonlight. The translucent model force flashed blue under the moonlight.

“So beautiful.” Su Hao exclaimed in admiration from the depth of his heart. Yet, his eyes looked serious. What his Rule Force can achieve, he needs to study it in depth.

Without a manual, he could only figure it out by himself.

During the day, he had a conversation with Su Zhengwen which allowed him to understand a lot regarding this Rule Force. Of course, it sounded extraordinary, but controlling it is extremely difficult. Su Hao’s control of his Rule Force was only limited to within his sea of consciousness for now.

It’s not a bad idea to forcefully smash the opponent with it, but the current him isn’t capable of doing so.

The reason is pretty simple: it’s too slow!

This is no joke; in a battle where the situation changes rapidly, who would have the time to wait for you to slowly summon your Rule Force? Even if you managed to squeeze it out, you still need to hit your target.

In the end, it’s all about control!

No matter what force, one needs to have absolute control over one’s own strength in order to exert the true power of the force. Even the Rule Force is no exception.

“Control…” Su Hao pondered.

To manipulate the model force and rotate it around, he was akin to a teenager who just learned how to drive. Moving left and right in an awkward manner, traveling in a not so straight line. Being slow has its own advantage too. At least, it won’t hit the surrounding bamboo forest or else…

The consequences would be catastrophic.

A week passed just like that.

The garden now became a forbidden region for everyone because there would be an aura emerging which would scare them from time to time. Forget about getting closer, even from afar, the disciples were so frightened that they could not concentrate on training! Under such a helpless state, Su Zhengwen could only resort to isolating the entire garden.

Fortunately, Su Hao didn’t use a long period of time.

In the garden, a light flickered.

Whenever the model force passed by the air, its path would be distorted to a varying degree. Its speed was fast as it traveled back and forth in the bamboo forest without hitting any obstacles.

“Not bad.” Su Zhengwen smiled as he looked at Su Hao’s progress.

“Finally, it’s done!” Su Hao rejoiced, “Finally I can slam people down with it!”

Beside him, the praise which already reached the corner of Su Zhengwen’s lips was retracted. Damn, this brat is working so hard just for the sake of slamming people down?

“Now that you have mastered the basic control, you can now try to study how it is used.” Su Zhengwen gave a suggestion, “The magical might of Rule Force will only be effective when you can truly use it. Just like when you have money, you need to buy something to justify its worth. To use your money and drown others daily is never right.”

At the end, Su Zhengwen added another sentence, “Albeit doing so is cool.”

Su Hao: “…”

“En, these are the methods for using Rule Force.” Su Zhengwen sent some data to Su Hao, “Because each rule is different, the methods varieS. You can try each one. Perhaps you can find one which suits your Rule Force.”

“En.” Su Hao nodded.

“Just concentrate on cultivating without distractions. Even if you fail to train it, it’s alright. Anyway, you still have your ability talent. When you truly step into the world realm, you will be able to destroy them with no sweat!”

Su Zhengwen’s both eyes shone, “Perhaps you might even have two Rule Forces. Hehe… I really want to see you destroy those from the Tian family.”

Su Hao wiped off his sweat.

“What?” Su Zhengwen noticed Su Hao’s strange expression.

“Uh.” After giving it a thought, Su Hao laughed it off, “Brother Su is different from any world esper I met before. En… Very kind and funny.”

Su Hao forcefully stopped himself from uttering one word.

Su Zhengwen glanced at him with a disdainful look, “Aren’t you trying to say I am amusing?”

“Ahem.” Su Hao coughed for a second, “Absolutely not!”

Su Zhengwen rolled his eyes. However, he didn’t blame Su Hao; he looked at him with a funny expression instead, “You think that every world esper should be like the old ancestor who has half a leg into his grave and yet looks majestic with words full of philosophies, right?”

“Huh?” Su Hao was stunned.

Su Zhengwen indeed had described the old ancestor precisely. A strong esper would have his own pride. Whether it’s the old ancestor of the Su family or Tian Gang, they would always act mysterious and keep their distance from ordinary people. Of course, Su Zhengwen is an exception.

“They’re all merely acting…” Su Zhengwen sighed and instantly criticized two powerful world espers.

“Acting?” Su Hao wiped off his sweat.

He couldn’t really relate this single word to a world esper.

At the same time, Tian Gang, who was somewhere within the Federation, and the Su family’s old ancestor couldn’t help but sneeze, “Strange, I am already a world esper. How could I have a cold? Could it be that someone is using curse force on me? Hmmm… this is a serious issue.”

“What else do you think they are doing?” Su Zhengwen sounded very disdainful, “Think about it. When you first started cultivating, didn’t you think that a professional esper is full of splendor? What about now?”

“It seems so-so.” Su Hao scratched his head.

“That’s right.” Su Zhengwen smiled sinisterly, “Plus, how hard is it to cultivate and become a world esper? The reason they acted like that is because there is a need for them to do so at times. Look at me. I have cultivated for so many years before breaking through into the world realm. Do I have to bother with others? Naturally, that impressive aura will come to us.”

“True.” Su Hao also thought so.

“Moreover…” Su Zhengwen pointed at the big elder within the crowd, “I have this old father of mine here. No matter how much I pretend, it won’t work.”

Su Hao became speechless.

However, he understood what he meant.

Su Zhengwen’s personality is indeed different from others. Perhaps because he isn’t old or perhaps it is just like what he said; he had worked so hard to become a world esper. Does he even need to bother with other people’s opinion of him?

“The world realm!” Su Hao clenched his fists.

One day, will he have the chance to not bother with other people’s opinion of him? Looking at the model force floating in mid-air, Su Hao silently cheered for himself. This is a good start.


Su Hao opened the data he received. There are a total of 130 methods to use Rule Force. Basically, the list has covered the method used by each Rule Force.

Su Hao tried to use the method for flame force.

No reaction.

Curse force, no response.

Thunder force, nothing happened.

After trying one hundred Rule Force methods, Su Hao began to feel disappointed. Sure enough, a new Rule Force will have a different method from the available one.

The final thirty methods?

Holding a glimmer of hope, Su Hao could only give up with a bitter smile in the end.

Damn it!

Not even one?

“Not possible?” Su Zhengwen asked.

“En.” Su Hao smiled bitterly and returned the data to Su Zhengwen. However, before closing, he noticed that at the end of this data, there was this strange law with two big words, boundary spirit.

“Boundary spirit?” Su Hao was curious, “What is that?”

“That’s the second stage of the world realm.” Su Zhengwen explained, “You’re still too early for that. The world realm’s first stage is to master the basic control of Rule Force, both offense and defense. Only after you have truly integrated it and it becomes your own strength can you begin the second stage.”

“Using the Rule Force to condense a boundary spirit.”

Blue light flickered.

Layers of fluctuation emerged.

A small blue rectangular object appeared within Su Zhengwen’s hand. As the Rule Force flashed, it actually formed into a solid object in reality.

“Come, touch it and see.” Su Zhengwen said indifferently.

Su Hao reached out his hand and touched it. His eyes subconsciously stared at it. It’s actually a real object! Being startled for a bit, Su Hao’s heart was now full of complex emotions; this is the realization stage! How could Su Zhengwen know about this? Could it be that his talent is related to models?

“This is the second stage of the world realm, creation.”

“A world esper, what exactly is a world esper? Only by controlling the Rule Force to achieve creation is one considered a true world esper!”

Hearing this, Su Hao was astonished!


Every world esper could actually do this?

Not long ago, the dream in his heart is to create a model of the entire world and control it! And now? If everyone could do so, what’s the point of model analysis?

“All world esper can achieve creation?” Su Hao asked in a shocked tone.

“Of course. Otherwise, why would one be called a world esper?” Su Zhengwen was slightly proud of himself, “Based on the different Rule Forces, the creation would differ. For example, my breeze force! I have spent over half a year to condense and temper it into such refined grade!”

“Half a year?” Su Hao really got scared by his explanation.

“Of course.” Su Zhengwen sneered, “The reason creation is magical is that it can appear in reality. No matter how long you spend, it will never be enough! The more complicated a thing is, the longer one would need to condense it! Thus, during the start, one would begin with the simplest form.”

“Then what is this…” Su Hao pointed at the rectangular object in Su Zhengwen’s hand. He vaguely had a thought that it looked like something, but he still decided to ask to make sure.

“This?” Su Zhengwen threw it up in the air before catching it, “A brick!”


Black lines formed on Su Hao’s face; sure enough, his guess was right. Damn, he was afraid to ask Su Zhengwen earlier for nothing, worrying that it might be an insult. After all, he’s a world esper. How would he resort to such a low-quality item?!

Su Hao felt that the majestic aura surrounding a world esper began to collapse.

“Brother Su, why do you create a brick?” Su Hao retained a trace of respect for the world esper and cautiously asked Su Zhengwen. Su Zhengwen happily gave him three words.

“For smashing people!”