Godly Model Creator Chapter 772

Chapter 772 Boundary Spirit

Hearing Su Zhengwen’s answer, Su Hao became speechless.

He had long experienced the might of a world esper before, but this time, Su Zhengwen had thoroughly untied the mysterious aura surrounding a world esper. Creation and boundary spirit, there are too many surprises. However, he couldn’t understand the significance of the boundary spirit.

“Significance?” Su Zhengwen paused before giving an explanation.

The so-called boundary spirit is actually just the condensation of Rule Force. Each completed work during the creation stage can be called the boundary spirit.

After forming the boundary spirit, one’s power would have a huge boost and eventually obtain unique strength. During a battle, the power released would be unimaginable.

Once a domain esper successfully breaks through into the world realm, there won’t be any origin energy left within the body. All origin techniques would be abolished, and one literally has to start from scratch. When two world espers confront each other, it will be a battle of Rule Force’s consumption. Because of this, the battle evolved into a clash between boundary spirit.

Whether a world esper is strong or not, it would depend on his boundary spirit!

“For example, the blue brick in my hand.” Su Zhengwen once again raised the brick in his hand, “This is just an ordinary fusion of Rule Force. Without considering the existence of boundary spirit, it’s merely a bunch of scattered Rule Force. Its power is extremely weak. However, when it’s formed and becomes a boundary spirit, it would have a special power!”

“Oh?” Su Hao’s eyes shone, “What power?”

“Your overall strength can be doubled.” Su Zhengwen sneered. A scene appeared in the air.

Su Hao looked up and saw from the scene, that blue brick flashed brilliantly as it floated on top of a giant mountain before slamming down. At this moment, the surrounding aura became tense. Su Hao’s pupils constricted in disbelief!

He saw the mountain under the brick crumble!

A loud bang accompanied the destruction!


Countless smoke and dust arose.

One giant mountain got turned into powder just like that.

“Your overall strength can be doubled!”

Those few words uttered by Su Zhengwen were still echoing within his mind. He understood that although ordinary Rule Force could destroy a mountain, it would never be able to crush the mountain into powder! This already far exceeds the power of ordinary Rule Force! Plus, this result comes from the bonus stats provided by the boundary spirit.

“Boundary spirit?” Su Hao licked his lips with burning passion within his eyes.

This is so wild!

If he has such a brick, would he be afraid of Tian Gang?! If you dare to provoke me, just slam a brick down, and the entire Tian family’s residence would be reduced to dust.

Of course, it’s only under the premise that their old ancestor isn’t there.

“What a pity.” Su Zhengwen sighed as he saw Su Hao’s reaction, “Too bad, it’s still far away from the perfect state. Otherwise, it might even be possible to ring the world bell.”

“The world bell!” Su Hao’s eyes shone even brighter, “Creation can also ring the bell?”

“Of course. Didn’t I mention it before? As long as you create a new record with your Rule Force, you will trigger the world bell. The more perfect your creation, the more the bell will ring. Unfortunately, there are five levels of creation, and only the fourth level and above would ring the bell.”

“Then what about that brick?” Su Hao asked curiously.

“Not yet.” Su Zhengwen frankly said but with a hint of pride, “This brick just graduated from the ordinary level not long ago. As long as one reaches the treasure level, its power would be doubled and is when the special ability would arise. The most important fact is that I only used half a year. Give me one more year, and who knows? I might step into the third level, the flawless level. At that time, my power will increase again!”



Su Hao was confused by these new terms and once again asked Su Zhengwen for clarification. It turned out to be like this, no wonder each time Su Zhengwen talked about his brick he would always be proud.

Treasure level!

The boundary spirit is divided into five levels.

The first level is the ordinary level, limited to the formation of objects which is also equivalent to condensing the Rule Force together. When a boundary spirit is formed, it would have its unique strength. For example, the power of this brick, at its ordinary level, the increment in power is only 10%.

However, even if it’s only 10%, during a battle, it plays a big role. After all, it was crystal clear that who will win with a power of 10 and 11.

Once one reaches the treasure level, the boundary spirit would undergo changes, the increment in power would be exponential. For example, if this brick increases from one portion to 10 portions, the increment is ten times!

If one doesn’t have an equivalent boundary spirit, that opponent would die a miserable death.

As for the third level, flawless, fourth level, perfection, and fifth level, heavenly; they aren’t something that Su Zhengwen could come into contact with yet. In fact, all his boundary spirits are all in the second level, the treasure level. After all, for any ordinary battle, a treasure leveled boundary spirit is already heaven-defying.

“Treasure, flawless, perfection, heavenly.” Su Hao imprinted these terms into his brain with fiery eyes.

The mystery of the world realm began to slowly unveil itself. The magical creation caught Su Hao’s attention, and the emergence of boundary spirit had moved his heart.

If he didn’t guess incorrectly…

“As long as one has Rule Force, anyone can create anything, right?” Su Hao asked in excitement.

“Of course.” Su Zhengwen smiled, “However, first of all, one needs to control his own Rule Force. The next step would be to understand the concept of transformation between virtual and reality. By projecting the image you have in your mind into reality, it is possible to create a boundary spirit in reality. Only by doing so does it qualify as a creation!”

“Really?” Su Hao looked pensive.

“Of course, you can give it a try.” Su Zhengwen once again threw a book to Su Hao. When Su Hao opened it, he saw a few big words appearing in the middle, “The cheats of condensing a boundary spirit.”

“Here, you just need to follow the instructions.”

“En.” Su Hao excitedly flipped and read one page at a time.

“Don’t rush.” Su Zhengwen said indifferently, “The condensation of a boundary spirit isn’t that simple. Even for a world esper like me, I had to use half a year to understand the contents. You’re just a knockoff world esper. To condense a boundary spirit, the difficulty would be even greater.”

“Half a year?” Su Hao’s face suddenly turned strange. The so-called cheats in his hand, this so-called creation, isn’t it the same as realization?

“En.” Su Zhengwen nodded, “Plus, your Rule Force is too little! Rule Force is measured by quantity. To condense this brick alone, I have to use 1,000 units. This doesn’t include the Rule Force that was wasted when I started condensing it. In your body now, there is only 1 unit.”

“There’s no need to be hurry!”

“Oh.” Su Hao scratched his head. The Rule Force in his body only has a total of 1 unit. From the appearance alone, he didn’t even have the qualification to start creation. However, after Su Zhengwen patiently explained all this to him, Su Hao still said in a serious tone, “I want to try!”

“Hmm?” Su Zhengwen frowned.

The reason he was so serious in persuading Su Hao was because he didn’t wish to see Su Hao wasting time on this. Why not wait until he has enough Rule Force before proceeding to condense a boundary spirit? With one unit of Rule Force, what could it achieve? He had already explained it so well, yet Su Hao still didn’t want to give up!

Does he really think that the world realm is some game?

Su Zhengwen was somewhat dissatisfied. He didn’t have the same old-fashioned mindset and stubbornness as the other world espers. He also didn’t have the same tolerance as other strong world espers. When Su Hao no longer wished to listen to him, his face already turned ugly. He could hardly speak, “Then you can try.”

“Alright.” Su Hao didn’t refrain.

He couldn’t explain it to Su Zhengwen, but he knew that the doubts in his heart needed to be solved right now. This is an opportunity. He needs to try it. After having a quick read on the so-called cheats in his hands, Su Hao immersed his focus into the Rule Force and began to study the process of condensing a boundary spirit.

“What a shame.” Su Zhengwen shook his head in regret.

When he first saw Su Hao, he thought that this Clan Head is smart and talented, and perhaps could uphold the future of the Su family. Never did he expect this young man to bite off more than what he can chew!

That’s not anything but a boundary spirit!

How could it be that easy?

No matter how lucky he was to obtain such a weak Rule Force, he’s still a professional esper! Oh, no, the current Su Hao isn’t even a professional esper but merely a specialized esper with a unique physical talent!

In Su Zhengwen’s opinion, the correct approach would be to use the Su family’s resources and take it one step at a time to train his physical talent in order to be a true world esper.

At that time, Su Hao would then be a truly strong esper, and wouldn’t be aiming for the stars like now.

As for now…

So what if he managed to ring the world bell?

Is 1 unit of Rule Force a lot?

It’s enough to overwhelm a domain esper, but it can only be used for one move! This means that once two domain espers make a move on Su Hao, he can’t even imagine his death!

Such strength, based on what could he act this arrogant?

“What a shame.” Su Zhengwen sighed and was ready to leave. However, he had never thought that the moment he turned away, a strange aura suddenly emerged behind his back.

The chill coming from it was dense.

“This is…” Su Zhengwen’s pupil suddenly enlarged as he abruptly turned his head back. When he looked at Su Hao again, his eyes were filled with shock. What is that? In front of Su Hao, 1 unit of Rule Force was floating. Oh, no, to be precise, it shouldn’t be called Rule Force anymore.

That was a tiny needle.

It was a very thin needle.

With 1 unit of Rule Force, it’s sufficient to condense this needle.

It was this thin, fine needle that scared Su Zhengwen because when this needle appeared, it meant that Su Hao’s boundary spirit had actually formed!

“Boundary spirit?” Su Zhengwen opened his mouth in disbelief.

He studied the Illusion Reality of Rule Force and spent half a year before condensing his first boundary spirit. Now, Su Hao only took three seconds to complete it in front of him!

How is this possible?

Su Zhengwen couldn’t close his mouth for a long time, but at this moment, Su Hao’s fine needle suddenly jumped and had a change of color with bright light illuminating from it.

“This is!” Su Zhengwen’s face changed. He was instantly dumbstruck!

What had he seen?


Su Hao’s newly formed boundary spirit reached the treasure level within a second! How is this possible? Just when Su Zhengwen found it hard to digest this fact, his eyelids suddenly twitched. The boundary spirit which had already evolved into the treasure level flashed once more!

The third level, flawless!