Godly Model Creator Chapter 773

Chapter 773 The Power Of Flawless Level

Flawless level!

It actually reached level three! Looking at that dazzling fine needle, Su Zhengwen could no longer utter a word. His trembling hands couldn’t conceal the amount of shock he was experiencing right now.

How many seconds had just passed?

A moment ago, he felt regret over Su Hao’s obsession. The very next second, he experienced payback. This is the flawless level which he had long dreamed of but failed to reach!

How could Su Hao do it?

Boundless aura swept across the Su family’s residence, and the disciples were terrified by this aura. Luckily, no turmoil occurred this time.

Gradually, that aura vanished.

The slender needle had now turned silver in color and emitted radiance.

The third level, flawless!

“How did you manage to achieve it?” Su Zhengwen couldn’t help but ask. He didn’t notice that he, a world esper, actually used the tone of inquiry in front of Su Hao.

“Just completed it like this.” Su Hao forced a smile.

The Su family is very knowledgeable regarding his matters. Thus, he told the situation of his model analysis and his dream to control the world. The more Su Zhengwen listened to him, the more shock he felt.

Control the world?

Even when he became a world esper, he didn’t even dare think about it.

Yet Su Hao, during his time in the basic realm, he already had such a goal. The bonus from his unique talent, the never-ending deduction and analysis, the aid from a smart computer, to say that from the beginning until now, Su Hao already took the path to complete the realization stage.

The so-called creation is the same as realization.

For Su Hao, it can’t be any simpler than that.

Long before his origin ability got crippled, he had touched the realization stage. Although he hadn’t mastered it yet, to visualize a needle, is it that difficult?

Su Zhengwen didn’t speak for a long time after he finished listening.

In the end, he could only lament with a sentence, “A perverted talent. A perverted brat!”

For an ordinary person, that might be nothing, but for a world esper, this heaven-defying model analysis is priceless! Before becoming a world esper, one already began the path of realization. When he becomes a world esper, he would probably be able to control the entire world!

Although the model analysis got ruined in the end, Su Hao had mastered the essence of model analysis – realization.

Who would have guessed?

In the future, as long as Su Hao slowly refines his mastery in realization and has complete control over it, when he truly becomes a world esper, that would be the moment when he becomes a super god!

A real super god!

“The future belongs to you.” Even Su Zhengwen, who has always self-proclaim to be young, patted Su Hao’s shoulder and sighed.

Su Hao scratched his head.

“Your needle…” Su Zhengwen looked at the floating needle. With his hand out, the needle fell into his hand. As the light faded, it turned into an ordinary silver needle. However, both Su Zhengwen and Su Hao understood the power condensed within this needle.

“What special power does it have?” Su Zhengwen’s eyes shined. After all, this is a flawless level.

“Let me have a look.” Su Hao pinched the silver needle and sorted his thoughts. Compared to others who had to face hell mode difficulty, for him to comprehend realization, the difficulty is set on easy difficulty. The only thing he needs to take note of is how to make the best usage of this 1 unit of Rule Force.


This slim needle was created. He clearly remembered that when this needle was formed, he could sense the power coming from the silver needle.

Ordinary level, its speed increases by 10%!

Treasure level, its speed doubled!

Flawless level, its speed tripled! Its piercing force doubled too!

When the final flawless silver needle appeared, Su Hao was very happy. He formed the silver needle using Rule Force. Its strength naturally shouldn’t be underestimated.

Now, after reaching the flawless level, its speed tripled. The speed would be too quick to catch using sight. Coupled with doubled piercing force, the final damage would be terrifying!

“Two special characteristics.”

Su Zhengwen was envious after having a thorough understanding of its special powers, “When my brick reaches the flawless level, it may be possible to derive a second special characteristic.”

“Can I try?” Su Hao suddenly turned eager.

“Come!” Su Zhengwen laughed out loud.

Endless Rule Force spread, covering the entire garden. Su Zhengwen sacrificed the brick in his hand and threw it into the air.

“Come, attack it for a bit.”

“Alright.” Su Hao nodded.


The silver needle flashed like a lightning bolt.

A silent impact.

The silver needle which was in front of Su Hao a moment ago appeared in front of the brick in the next split second. One couldn’t see its path because the speed was simply too fast to be seen with the naked eye.


The quiet fluctuation spread towards the surrounding.

As the silver needle collided with the brick, a pinhole soon appeared as it managed to enter about three-quarters of its length!


The silver needle landed. Su Hao helplessly shook his head in regret, “It failed to penetrate.”

“You smelly brat!” Su Zhengwen nearly got triggered, “How could you still not be satisfied? This brick has a total of 1,000 units. Your silver needle is only one unit! What kind of thick face mask are you wearing?! A pinhole already formed and yet you dare to say it failed to penetrate.”

“True.” Su Hao agreed. Yeah, how could he be compared with Su Zhengwen. One is a 1,000 unit brick, and his silver needle only has 1 unit. Such a huge gap and yet the boundary spirit which he completed just a moment ago could form a hole in Su Zhengwen’s brick, that’s already out of this world.

“Put it away.” Su Zhengwen sighed. His eyes were getting red.

The silver needle disappeared from reality.

In Su Hao’s sea of consciousness, the silver needle quietly appeared, emitting its chill. However, it remained motionless like a soldier waiting to be summoned.

Su Hao knew that as long as his mind made a move, the needle would instantly appear!

Anyone below the world realm would be instantly killed!

If there is no boundary spirit, Su Hao just needs to use his Rule Force to slam his enemy down. If two domain espers are to join hands, he would be in big trouble. However, with the emergence of a boundary spirit, Su Hao’s strength had escalated by multiple times. As long as the silver needle is not destroyed by any esper, no matter how many domain espers appear, he could kill them all.

This is his current strength!

Su Hao’s eyes went cold.

During the battle against the Tian family, countless deaths and injuries occurred. From someone who has the strength to confront a domain esper and turned into a cripple, even if he’s able to reintegrate a new talent, he’s now a mere specialized esper.

How could there be no hatred in his heart!

However, because of his weak strength, Su Hao could only silently conceal everything and pretend nothing happened. But now, he finally has true strength!

“The birth of Rule Force, I still need to thank the Tian family.” Su Hao’s tone was filled with a touch of murderous intent, “Because of the existence of the Tian family, I stumbled upon Rule Force. In the future, I need to thank them properly.”

There was only one silver needle because Su Hao only has one unit of Rule Force. Plus, this one unit, he didn’t know how to cultivate or increase it. Thus, before Su Hao truly steps into the world realm, he would always be a knockoff world esper.

In other words, a pseudo-world esper.

However, isn’t this enough for Su Hao?

As long as he makes good use of this silver needle, he could still overwhelm the entire world! Regarding this, Su Hao sneered. If his Rule Force can’t be increased, this silver needle can still be improved, can’t it?

His next step would be the perfect level!

“I am looking forward to the moment when the bell rings.” Su Zhengwen laughed out loud.

“That day will definitely come.” Su Hao clenched his fists.


Time flew by, and yet another month passed.

Ever since Su Hao comprehended Rule Force, time became worthless to him. In one month, the usage of the silver needle had been mastered like an extension of his own limb. It could appear and disappear unpredictably. Coupled with its super speed, it could easily hide itself within the void before appearing suddenly.

Su Zhengwen no longer played with him after two exchanges.

Too shady!

This needle which seemed to be everywhere, each time it would attack at awkward spots such as eyes, nose, and anus. Whatever spot that will make one uncomfortable would be the places of Su Hao attacks. Facing this terrifying silver needle, even Su Zhengwen felt that it’s impossible to guard against it with his brick.

Of course, this is just a confrontation by using a needle and brick. If they are to fight seriously, maybe one move and Su Hao would be defeated.

After Su Hao had complete mastery control of the silver needle, he finally left.

“Clan Head.”

The passing disciples respectfully saluted Su Hao.

Su Hao waved his hand.

During that period of time, the one who improved wasn’t him alone. Perhaps being stimulated by Su Hao, the entire Su family was madly training. Moreover, with the internal force trained by mastering Flying Leaves, there were actually several people who succeeded! Albeit they have less than 0.1 units.

After someone succeeded, the stimulation increased even more.

Especially those elders, they simply couldn’t endure it! Those sixteen-year-old kids could comprehend the internal force, yet they who have so much life experiences still failed to master it?

Thus, the Su family’s training square now had additional sleepless training maniacs.

Regarding this, Su Hao was naturally happy to see it. As long as the internal force appears, the following steps would be easier. To reintegrate a new talent would be possible and it would bring a terrifying effect for the future.

The Su family’s future!

After settling the arrangement regarding the Su family’s matters, Su Hao received some unexpected news.

An elder named Su Aota didn’t accept the appointment of Su Hao as the Clan Head, stating the reason that he’s not qualified which made Su Hao puzzled.

“What happened?” Su Hao frowned, “Who is this Aota?”

“An elder of the Su family.” Su Minghui replied truthfully.

“Why have I never seen him before?” Su Hao’s eyebrows twitched. He clearly remembered those several elders of the Su family, yet he had never heard of this guy named Su Aota.

“Hehe.” Su Minghui mysteriously smiled, “Clan Head, in fact, every family will have some scourge. In order to not affect your succession, the old ancestor simply sent them out for a mission. Now, they have returned from their mission.”

“Really?” Su Hao sneered. Since the old ancestor considered them as scourges, then this matter would be easy to deal with, “Then, what’s your opinion on how to deal with them?”

“We will listen to your command.” Su Minghui respectfully smiled and easily sent these members into the abyss.