Godly Model Creator Chapter 774

Chapter 774 Qualification Discussion

“Clan Head, I have comprehended the internal force!”

Within the Su family’s training square, one could hear the cry of wolves.

Su Hao, who was conversing with Su Minghui, had his eyes shine. Yet another disciple mastered it! This is now the third one! It seems that of the Su family’s disciples, quite a number of them are talented. What made Su Hao speechless was the miserable-looking elders.

These two days, Su Hao had lost count how many times he had been disturbed by them.

Especially that big elder, he literally came to Su Hao every day to sweet talk him and ask for some cheats. This really made Su Hao helpless. Since when are there such cheats? Plus, is the internal force even important for you guys? They’re simply toys for you all! At this time, Su Hao finally understood the frustration felt by Su Zhengwen.

With such a thick faced father, how can Su Zhengwen act happily in front of the disciples?

“Clan Head!” Yet another howl. Su Hao’s hand trembled, that big elder is here again.

“Tell him I am not here.” Su Hao hadn’t even finished his sentence yet when he already saw the door open. The big elder rushed in and said in a flattering tone, “Clan Head, that internal force…”

Su Hao had a headache.

Damn you!

“Let me go and see.” Su Hao sighed, “Call all disciples who comprehended the internal force. Let me analyze the route of internal force.”

“Alright.” The big elder with his eyes beaming ran out and shouted, “Smelly brats, quickly come here. Our Clan Head wants to examine your body.”

Su Hao: “…”

Examine your body…

Examine your…


Damn you! Can’t you phrase it in a better way?!

“Pftt~” Chen Yiran couldn’t help but laugh.

Su Hao sighed and adjusted his mind before walking out. However, in the past, because he was the only one with the internal force, there is no way to study further. Now, with an additional three specimens, it would be a big enough sample size to analyze.

At the training square, Su Hao used his internal force to sweep across the disciples. Due to the universal nature of the internal force, Su Hao could sense the route of their internal force. With their constant training to achieve a tiny bit of internal force, it made Su Hao exclaim in admiration.

“So that’s where the internal force comes from.” Su Hao pondered.

How is the internal force born?

This is a mystery!

Origin energy exists in the world. As long as one has an origin ability, you will be able to attract the energy particles into your body. Then…

What about the internal force?

Su Hao always had this doubt.

Now, with his analysis, he finally cracked it! Within the human’s body, there will be a mysterious current that flew throughout the body to power up human activities. With the twisting and friction of body tissue, the birth of this mysterious current will become unusually fast.

It will be very weak, yet wonderful.

This wonderful microcurrent is the root that gives birth to the internal force. Ultimately, the internal force is a mysterious force coming as a result of physical activity.

As for Flying Leaves…

It kept the body in a specific position.

Just like yoga and other physical skills, there will always be some specific gestures and moves. And this Flying Leaves is the entry way into the beginning of cultivating the internal force. When one keeps repeating the movement of Flying Leaves, more microcurrents would be created within the body and eventually give birth to the internal force.

Where do these microcurrents come from?

This isn’t biological electricity but a strange current.

Su Hao wasn’t sure, and he didn’t care. Anyway, in the era of origin ability, because of the origin energy’s existence, it’s like a butterfly’s wing, triggering a storm and too many variations already happened.

After understanding these things, the following things would be easier to handle. Su Hao deliberately compared the postures of these people during training and then identified the similarities before finally making a set of special training postures that will most likely give birth to the internal force. Then, the big elder taught those moves to every disciple.

In just two days, one elder managed to comprehend it.

Only then did the big elder quiet down and begin to focus entirely on cultivating this force. As one elder succeeded, that triggered the others to train even harder.

“These guys…” Su Hao could only smile, looking at this scene. As for Su Minghui, he had been quietly accompanying him.

“What about those people?” Su Hao suddenly voiced out.

Su Minghui knew who he was referring to. His eyes suddenly turned cold, “The disciples in charge of Su Aota are secretly active behind the scenes. They’re planning to brew a scheme up.”

“Really?” Su Hao just casually smiled.

Su Aota is just a clown and can’t play much of a trick. However, the return of Su Aota and the others had reminded Su Hao of another matter.

Zuo Xiaoyou!

The Federation agent!

Such words appeared in Su Hao’s mind. In this chaotic world, when there is literally no bottom line to kill someone, even if someone is to tell him that there is an undercover agent in the Su family, he wouldn’t be surprised.

Unity is always just an idea.

However, in these past days here, Su Hao had realized the benefits of a big family. At least, he can cultivate seriously without being bothered by anyone nor be the target of an asssassination! It was so hard for him to obtain a peaceful environment. Naturally, he won’t let it be destroyed.

“The old ancestor said that they’re all scourges, right?” Su Hao smiled sinisterly.

“Yes.” Su Minghui smiled.

“Great.” Su Hao’s eyes were filled with coldness, “Then we will pull out the scourges. They just came back and already started creating trouble. These days, they have been quiet. I believe they won’t endure it for long.”

As expected, Su Hao didn’t guess incorrectly. Two days later, at the main hall of Su family, Su Aota, who had been secretly active behind the curtain for a few days, finally revolted against Su Hao.

“Su Hao, on what qualifications do you have to be the Clan Head?!”

With a loud shout, every member of the Su family was shocked and widened their eyes in disbelief. Su Aota, is this guy mad? What is he planning to do? Could it be that he wishes to usurp the throne?

“Oh?” Su Hao smiled sinisterly at him, “Why am I not qualified? While acting as Clan Head, I don’t believe I have done anything wrong.”

“Yes, what is this groundless complaint?” An elder sneered, “When outside, could it be that your brain had been hit until you become a retard?”

“Not only is he not guilty, when our Clan Head just assumed his position, he had led the entire Su family to train. In fact, even a few disciples managed to reintegrate a new talent. The entire Su family will have a brand new future. Our Clan Head has such great merits. On what qualifications do you have to question him?” The big elder was the first to bombard him.

“Could it be you want to usurp the throne?”

Everyone looked at Su Aota, and at the same time, they praised the big elder in their heart. Sure enough, with a son like Su Zhengwen, he didn’t have to care about anyone!

Su Aota didn’t get angry. Instead, he said leisurely, “I am not talking about this. If one wants to be the Clan Head, at least he should be someone from the Su family. right?”

“Is he though?” Su Aota pointed at Su Hao.

“Why isn’t he?”

“The old ancestor had personally verified that Su Hao is Su Tiancheng’s son!”

“Yes, why isn’t he a member of our Su family?”

Everyone shouted in anger. In their opinion, this Su Aota is simply creating trouble out of nothing.

“Are you sure?” Su Aota sneered, “Su Tiancheng has long severed his relationship with our Su family. At the same time, Su Hao doesn’t belong to the Su family. On what qualifications does he have to be our Clan Head?”

“Ridiculous!” The big elder looked at him contemptuously, “The old ancestor acknowledges that Su Hao is our Su family’s member. Could it be that you’re questioning his vision?”

“Of course the old ancestor is right.” Su Aota revealed a look as if victory is in his grasp, “However, even if the old ancestor brings him back, Su Hao still need to abide to the rules by the Su family. Those rules were personally made by the old ancestor. Do you still remember when a relative of the Su family wishes to return to our family, what qualifications does he need to meet?”

The big elder frowned, “Isn’t it to challenge the disciples of the same batch?”

“Are you joking? With Su Hao’s current strength, is there any need for a challenge? At that time, he was exempted because no one dared to challenge him, and no one could do so! Naturally, he passed the requirement!”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Su Hao’s strength was clearly shown on the virtual screen as his clips kept playing looped. Even a domain esper easily got massacred. What’s reason for the disciples of the same batch to challenge?

Naturally, there won’t be a challenge. This is needless to say. Among all the disciples of the same batch, the fastest one was only a level one domain esper!

To challenge Su Hao?

That’s suicidal!

However, they never expected this Su Aota to come up with this matter. Staring at the big elder coldly, Su Aota asked, “How do you know there is none?”

“I…” The big elder became speechless.

Because at that time, there was indeed no one, so he managed to avoid this stage but now… The big elder saw the disciples behind Su Aota and suddenly understood his intentions.

“Could it be that you all want to challenge Su Hao?”

“We need to follow the rules no matter what.” Su Aota sneered, “If there is no challenge at that time, naturally Su Hao is our Su family’s Clan Head; however if someone challenges and beats Su Hao… He naturally won’t be a part of us.”


“This is also possible?”

“Su Aota, you simply have the ambition of wild wolves!”

Everyone angrily rebuked.

These days, Su Hao had won universal respect from everyone due to teaching his internal force. For Su Aota to challenge Su Hao at this time is simply making an enemy out of the entire Su family! Facing everyone’s wraith, Su Aota looked at Su Hao calmly, “What do you think?”

“Courting death!”

“Who are you for daring to talk like that to our Clan Head?!”

“Su Aota, get lost!”

The other elders raged.

“Clan Head, ignore him.” The big elder sneered, “As long as Zhengwen and the old ancestor are here, even if he doesn’t accept this, he would have to take it lying down! On what qualifications do you have to touch the Clan Head’s position?!”

Everyone comforted Su Hao and expressed their anger.

There is no choice. After all, they knew Su Hao’s current strength. He’s just a level one specialized esper. He couldn’t even reach level one of the professional realm. How could he face the challenge now? Previously, no one dared to challenge him, but now this Su Aota is simply trying to take advantage of his weak state.

If Su Hao wasn’t crippled, a mere challenge is nothing to him.

They’re simply profiting from one’s misfortune!

“It’s alright.” Su Hao raised his hand to calm everyone down. Then, he looked at Su Aota and smiled, “Since this elder wants to enforce the rules, then just come.”

Su Hao leisurely walked down.

“After all, rules need to be enforced no matter what, right?” Su Hao said indifferently which made Su Aota’s eyelid twitch. What happened? Su Hao is actually so carefree. Wasn’t he crippled?

Looking at Su Hao’s easy-going expression, Su Aota inexplicably had some cold sweat.