Godly Model Creator Chapter 775

Chapter 775 The Pure Big Elder

“Aren’t you going to do it?” Su Hao acted almighty while gazing confidently at Su Aota, “Are you going to fight or not? You have the desire to seize my throne but don’t have the guts for it?”

The crowd went into an uproar.

This sentence of Su Hao could be considered a death order, putting Su Aota directing on the chopping block.

“Humph, I am just upholding the rules of our Su family.” Su Aota knew that no explanation can save him anymore and immediately thought of an excuse, “We have just returned from our mission with injuries still remaining on our bodies. Are you trying to torture us?”

“Then what’s your idea?” Su Hao looked at him. His eyes were still as cold as ever.

Su Aota sneered, “In one week time, they will recover. At that time, they will naturally represent the Su family to challenge you to see whether or not you’re qualified to be a member of our Su family.”

“What a disgrace!” The big elder raged.

“You still want our Clan Head to wait one week? Su Aota, what kind of tricks are you scheming now? Clan Head, you don’t have to bother with him…” The big elder said in a hurry. But before he finished his words, Su Hao waved his hand to stop the big elder. Instead, he stared at Su Aota and descended one step at a time with dense murderous intent.

“One week later, I will be waiting for you in the training square.”

“Let’s go!” The big elder swang his sleeves and immediately left. Seeing this, the other elders quickly followed behind him. However, each one of them gave an angry glare at Su Aota.

Soon, most people had left the main hall, leaving behind Su Aota and his disciples.

“Hehe, sure enough, young ones are hot-blooded.” Su Aota sneered, “It’s so easy to bait him. I just trigger him a little, and he could no longer keep his calm. With such weak self-restraint, you still wish to be my Su family’s Clan Head?”

“Elder.” One disciple beside him whispered, “That matter…”

“Begin its execution.” Su Aota’s eyes revealed his greed, “Not only do I want to take him down, I want to take his position!”

At a manor in the Su family’s residence, the angered big elder wished to find his son to complain to, and when Su Zhengwen received the news, he was also shocked. He immediately headed to the manor.

“Su Aodi, your brother had crossed the line!”

In the manor, a middle-aged man was cultivating. When he heard Su Zhengwen’s question, he didn’t get mad but instead, politely drag him away, “Aiyo, Brother Zhengwen is here? Let’s go. I just obtained a book about the boundary spirit. Let us study together. As for my brother, sigh, as for the matter of the Clan Head, we are both world espers. It’s better to not bother with it.”

“Humph, sooner or later, my Su family will be destroyed by him.” Su Zhengwen said furious, “You should know what kind of heart your big brother has. If he’s pushing the Su family into the abyss, what are we supposed to do?”

“Impossible.” Su Aodi looked stern, “He should know where his bottom line is. For matter with the Clan Head, he does have the right to intervene. However, if there is such a day…”

Su Aodi’s eyes were sharp, “I will personally cripple him!”

“Alright.” Su Zhengwen looked at Su Aodi, knowing that he would keep his word, “I hope you will do as you said.”


At this time, Su Hao had just learnt of Su Aota’s identity. No wonder he was so ambitious that the old ancestor called him a scourge but did not kick him out of the family because of his younger brother, Su Aodi.

“Aodi, Aota?” Su Hao seemed to have heard these two names before.


It was so clear that one could see a smiling expression from Su Minghui, “There is this rumor that there were these two popular car brands. When they were poor and gave birth to their eldest son, they named their son Aota since it was their first car. In a few years time, the family became wealthy and managed to buy an Audi car. When the second son was born, they just called him Aodi.”

It turned out to be like that.

Su Hao was amazed by the story, “Luckily they didn’t buy a Danteng car at that time.”

“Su Danteng?” Su Minghui’s face could hardly hold his laughter.

“So they’re the only two brothers?” Su Hao was curious.

“En.” Su Minghui smiled, “However, I heard that that family wished to have a daughter, but thanks to the chaotic era, that wish was cancelled.”

“Fortunately, they didn’t give birth.” Su Hao continued, “Based on their family’s tradition if a daughter is born, won’t she be named Oreo?”

“Eh?” Su Minghui was confused. What’s wrong with Oreo?

“Don’t you know the Oreo’s catchphrases in advertisements? Twist, lick, dunk in milk… Such advertisement was surprisingly played nationwide. You say, how obscene was it before the chaotic era. What a complicated era.” Su Hao sighed before adding his own thoughts, “Why weren’t we born in that era?”

“…” Su Minghui wiped off his sweat, “Clan Head, we’re talking about Elder Su Aota.”

“Oh, right.” Su Hao coughed for a second and returned to the topic, “How’s his strength?”

“Just ordinary.”

“However, Senior Aodi is worthy of his reputation. His character is great, plus his talent is extraordinary. He’s also a first-generation esper and has long stepped into the world realm. He’s not something Aota can compare with. Over the years, Elder Aota has caused a lot of trouble. It was Senior Aodi who cleaned the mess or else…” Su Minghui sneered.

Obviously, even he also felt that Su Aota needs to die.

It turned out to be like that. Su Hao finally understood the whole picture, “Then, Senior Aodi won’t intervene?”

“He’s after all still a member of the Su family.” Su Minghui hit the mark with his reply.

“Great.” Su Hao sneered, “If so, we will accompany this Elder Aota and enjoy the game.”


Su family’s training square.

When a group of disciples heard that Su Aota wanted to confront Su Hao, they became furious. Each one of them had their faces brimming in red, “Who is he? On what basis can he represent us, the younger generation?”

“Yeah, this daddy has been represented too much since young!”

“Our Clan Head Su Hao is so great. This damn elder is simply seeking trouble.”

“Why didn’t he get killed while completing his mission outside.”

The disciples expressed their anger. Obviously, they were extremely dissatisfied with Su Aota. Even those few disciples at the bottom rank dared to talk like that, showing how bad Su Aota’s popularity was within the family.

“However, after a week, what is our Clan Head going to do?”

“Yeah, our Clan Head’s strength…”

“Damn it, if it was before this, anyone who dares to court death, our Clan Head would obliterate them with a single move. Now, they’re obviously looting a burning house.”

“Don’t worry.” A disciple sneered, “As long as we admit defeat, wouldn’t everything be fine? Anyway, it’s not like I am going to challenge him. Besides us, who else is Su Aota going to find?”

“Huh, true.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

Yes, how many people are there over on Su Aota’s side? Plus, their strength seemed to be so-so. The strongest one is only a level one professional esper. What’s there to be afraid of? As long as the core group of disciples doesn’t take action, can Su Aota defy Heaven? Having such thoughts, everyone’s mood became better.

“Damn it. I can’t wait to see this guy become a joke.”

“Yes, yes, yes, let’s see who he can summon.”

One week is not long nor short. Whether it is Su Hao or Su Aota, both sides seemed to have quieted down, showing no signs of movement.

The Su family continued to operate as usual.

Then during the third day, several disciples returned and quietly headed to Su Aota’s courtyard, never to come out again. On the same day, a lot of the Su family’s valuable resources were taken by Elder Su Aota. Within the small courtyard, there were strong energy fluctuations from time to time.

“This broken car definitely used some tricks!” The big elder was deeply worried, “Clan Head, although those several disciples under the broken car are weak, they are still professional espers. If they kept getting stimulated by that broken car by using some tricks, perhaps their strength might increase even more. At that time, your side won’t have a good outlook.”

“En.” Su Hao nodded.

Regarding this point, he admitted that if he does not take the silver needle into consideration, his current strength would only be invincible within the specialized realm. Even a level one professional esper would be dangerous to him. That can’t be helped. After all, Potential Release requires too much energy!

Just imagine this, the previous energy he had within his body was no less than a peak domain esper! After being crippled, the amount of energy left should still be around 30% or more.

How much is 30% of a peak domain esper’s energy?

Anyone can casually send a professional esper flying!

As for him?

Su Hao looked at his own realm, a level one specialized realm.

Although he has an extremely strong body, he is only invincible within the specialized realm. No matter what, he’s still a poor level one specialized esper.

“What to do?” Su Hao scratched his head.

That silver needle would be unusable here because it’s too strong.

Using his Rule Force against several professional espers? Even the thought of it already made Su Hao’s balls constrict. All the Su family disciples would be killed. At that time, it won’t be easy to deal with. Moreover, this silver needle’s strongest point is its ability to hide and ambush. Is he going to use his killer move to deal with ordinary disciples?

That would be a waste.

“Which is why I want to know why did you agree to such unfair conditions? Regarding not following the rules, as long as the old ancestor is here and you don’t admit it, what could Su Aota do to change the situation?” The big elder nagged.

“My appearance fee is very expensive.” Su Hao smiled, “At least one Su Aota isn’t enough.”

“Huh?” The elder was somewhat confused. Looking at Su Hao and Su Minghui who kept grinning, he suddenly rubbed his head, “Could it be you two have another goal? No wonder each one of you are hard to deal with, or perhaps this daddy is too pure…”

The big elder shook his head and sighed at humanity’s degenerating morals.

“When this daddy was a kid, even when I sweep the floor, I was afraid of hurting the ants. Unlike you brats nowadays. Each one of you is full of schemes. Forget it, I won’t bother with you all or else I will be influenced.”

The elder nagged while leaving.

When he reached the door, he suddenly halted his steps and turned back, “Su Hao, if you can’t deal with this, you can tell me. I will just cripple all the disciples under Su Aota. Anyway, even if he discovers it, he can’t do anything. After all, this daddy has a world esper as my son.”

Su Hao: “…”

Su Minghui: “…”

The big elder is indeed pure!