Godly Model Creator Chapter 777

Chapter 777 Fill The Pit And Bury People


One could see flames raging.

This phenomenon is caused by origin energy burning after one’s energy consumption reaches the extreme limit. When it appeared in this cultivation room, it was such an amazing scene. However, the elders had no time to enjoy the scene because when the flames appeared, Su Hao’s body produced an even more terrifying suction force.

The energy consumption suddenly accelerated!

One minute, two minutes, three minutes…

After half an hour, all the elders’ faces turned pale. It still hasn’t ended; still ongoing! Half an hour had already passed, and it is still continuing! Plus, they couldn’t intervene midway because under the flames, if one suddenly halts the energy flow, everyone here will be injured.

Yet another ten minutes passed.


Finally, an elder couldn’t hold it any longer and passed out. Everyone was shocked and quickly took over his spot in order to maintain the energy halo. Su Minghui hurriedly took care of the unconscious elder. After a quick inspection, he felt relieved, “He’s fine, just consumed too much of his energy.”

All elders sighed in relief. When they looked at the flames again, their face turned a bit ugly.

Damn it! They had suffered a big loss this time.

Five minutes later, another elder fainted. Such a scene continued for the next 30 minutes. 90% of the elders fainted, leaving only two behind.


Yet another elder fainted. This peak domain esper with resounding strength from the previous generation was thoroughly sucked dry by Su Hao.

The big elder’s face turned green. He was the only one left!


The big elder’s rich energy erupted. He actually supported the entire energy halo. Su Minghui was shocked as he looked at the big elder. As the same peak domain esper, the big elder’s strength actually far exceeded the others. Not only was he the last one remaining, but he could also withstand it for this long!

“This smelly brat, when he wakes up, I need to give him a beating.” The big elder’s anger could no longer be contained, but his hands’ didn’t stop.

Five minutes later.

The big elder supported the energy halo by himself for five minutes which made Su Minghui gasp in amazement. Fortunately, at this time, the attraction force coming from Su Hao’s body gradually weakened. The big elder also reduced his energy output. Gradually, the flames vanished, and Su Hao’s energy consumption finally reached a normal level.



Su Hao’s body suddenly emitted the sound of bone dislocating. Then, the terrifying suction force appeared again. The big elder who felt relieved a moment ago had all his energy plundered by Su Hao. As his legs turned soft, he nearly fell to the ground as Su Minghui quickly went to support him.


The radiance emitted from Su Hao’s body was very bright!

Being shrouded by the endless radiance, an inexplicable dignify appeared from Su Hao’s body as he turned golden.

The flames surged!

However, it was not his whole body on fire, but only the surface of his body. The rich golden fire was combusting as if it’s trying to wipe off every bit of energy, turning them into his physical potential.

Potential Release, it produced another terrifying outbreak.


Su Hao’s body was drifting around at the speed of lightning.

The golden light kept flickering within the cultivation room, and one couldn’t see Su Hao’s shadow. Even the big elder was shocked, “This boy, his speed is too quick!”

A moment later, the flame burned out, and Su Hao gradually halted his movement as the final transformation was completed. Su Hao opened his eyes, emitting two golden light rays.

What a stunning view this man showed!

This was the power left after the cultivation, but it was far above the previous one.

That mighty aura only lasted for a second. When Su Hao saw a group of fainted elders, he opened his mouth wide. Damn, this time, I am in deep trouble.

As he raised his head, as he expected, he saw the big elder’s green face.

“You brat! You are doing this on purpose, right?” The big elder was very angry. If not because of his energy being exhausted, he would have been caught in the storm by Su Hao!

“It’s an accident, definitely an accident.” Su Hao raised both hands, showing his sincerity.

“Humph!” The big elder snorted, “Hope so. Go and test for a bit. We old bones nearly got crippled by you. If you don’t improve by a huge margin…”

The big elder stared at Su Hao with deep hatred for a second.

Su Hao scratched his head. Activating the physical test equipment, he laid down, and suddenly his entire body floated in the air. When the test results came out, everyone was dumbfounded.

“Physical fitness: 3,600 points.”

“3,600?!” The big elder shouted.

The consumption to breakthrough the barrier of 2,999 points was huge. They knew very well that it would be a huge leap, but never thought that he would go all the way and gain 601 points! No wonder Su Hao looked so terrifying during the final transformation.

3,600 points in physical fitness, this has gone far beyond anyone’s comprehension. When they looked at Su Hao again, it was as if they were looking at a ghost.

“Don’t tell me that you can also breakthrough at 4,000 points.” The big elder asked in shock.

“Uh….” Su Hao sensed his current state and shook his head in regret, “Nope, if I didn’t guess incorrectly, the bottleneck of the professional realm should be at 4,999 points. Such a pity, if it’s at 3999 points, perhaps I can breakthrough one more time.”

Pity, your head!

The big elder and Su Minghui looked at him despisingly.

If there is one more time, will anyone survive? Although the big elder didn’t say anything, after the energy consumption just now, they would need to consolidate their energy for at least one month. One could even see this as the elders using one month of cultivation to help Su Hao breakthrough.

“What is your current strength?” Su Minghui asked curiously.

“Not sure, you want to give it a try?” Su Hao looked at him with malicious intent.

“Come then!” Su Minghui seemed to disregard fear. He had stayed in the peak professional realm for too long. Even when everyone else had stepped into the domain realm, he still stayed because his potential is still there! However, in terms of combat effectiveness, Su Hao won’t even mind when facing against some domain espers.

They said they would and they did. Both instantly went into a battle.

After Su Minghui’s last defeat, he had thought of some countermeasures. Su Hao isn’t afraid of any illusions or psychological tactics. So Su Minghui will just drag Su Hao into an illusion, but without using any psychological tactics. Instead, he would face Su Hao head-on! With his strength as a peak professional esper, he would clash with Su Hao.


Facing Su Minghui’s illusion, Su Hao just waved his fist, and a loud noise echoed, causing the illusion to tremble and nearly be destroyed.

Su Minghui was in deep shock, and quickly he stabilized his illusion. Separating another illusion of his, by infusing the strength of a peak professional esper, he directly charged at Su Hao.



One punch!

As golden light radiated, the phantom got crushed!

Another punch! With a bang, the illusion collapsed!

Su Hao halted his actions. Meanwhile, Su Minghui opened his mouth wide. The big elder also looked at Su Hao in shock. Three punches, only three punches! And this time, they only recalled a part of the description about Potential Release. They had always wondered why there was such an evaluation, being invincible in the same realm!

It turned out that this is the so-called invincibility?

Stepping into the specialized realm, one is invincible within this realm.

Stepping into the professional realm, one is invincible within this realm.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a level one or a peak professional esper, one punch and you will get blown away!

Of course, Su Hao’s current strength is still far behind his previous self, but this punch seemed to create a new future. Because they were sure that once Su Hao passes 4,999 points and breaks through into the domain realm, it will be inevitable that he’s invincible within that realm!

By then, he would be far ahead of his previous peak strength!

What a blessing in disguise, how long was it since the time Su Hao got crippled until now?

The group of elders began to regain consciousness and were very angry. When they went to find Su Hao for this, they were also shocked by Su Hao’s strength. As if they had seen the bright future of the Su family, they got coaxed by Su Hao. Anyway, they were happily looking forward to such a future. Such a scene could only make Su Minghui sigh.

This group of elders, indeed they have sold their soul and even calculated the money for Su Hao.

However, he was also well aware that Su Hao’s strength represents their Su family’s strength, especially as the Clan Head. After showing such a terrifying potential, he is now regarded as a treasure. When Su Zhengwen saw Su Hao’s progress, he just gave a sentence as an advice, try to use the silver needle as little as possible.

“I understand.” Su Hao also felt the same.

The flawless grade silver needle was extremely powerful but, for Su Hao, it can only be used as a killer move. Once it’s used, he must not leave the target alive.

After all, he’s still a counterfeit world esper.

When the Tian family notices this silver needle, when he makes any move in the future, there would be some defensive countermeasure. At that time, Su Hao would truly be a rabbit, waiting to die. However, if he hides it well, in the future, during a confrontation with the Tian family, that silver needle would be his giant killer move!

A killer move is named so because it’s to be used during a crucial moment.

Just like his previous Universe Creator, at first, Su Hao just resorted to using it whenever he confronted any enemy. Just one use of Universe Creator and he could easily solve the battle without consuming much energy. However, when he confronted Zheng Tai, that move was easily broken by a mere peak professional esper.

Fortunately, Su Hao later found out that this approach was wrong, and he began to use it cautiously. Otherwise, during the battle in the Tian City, Su Hao would have been exhausted to death by the members of the Tian family if he was to use Universe Creator repetitively!

With an enemy like the Tian family, Su Hao can’t afford to be careless.

After a perfect breakthrough into the professional realm, Su Hao needed a day to adapt to his newfound strength, or else more holes would be formed.

After tonight, tomorrow will be Su Aota’s so-called challenge.

Seven days!

Su Aota must have made an ample amount of preparation.

Su Hao calmly smiled, “Has any actions been taken against Su Aota?”

“En.” Su Minghui sneered, “If not because of him, I’m afraid we won’t know there are so many things hidden under the prosperous Su family. Damn this Su Aota! ”

“This is pretty obvious.” Su Hao looked into the distance.

Under the moonlight, the entire Su family seemed to have been covered by a silver-white cloak, “I have dug such a huge pit, if that Su Aota doesn’t jump in, won’t my efforts be wasted? After all, the Su family is the final pure land. There must not be any internal conflict, right?




“Tomorrow at noon, we will fill the pit and bury people.”