Godly Model Creator Chapter 778

Chapter 778 A Beast In Human Form

It is currently noon at the Su family’s residence.

In the training square, there was a huge crowd. All the Su family’s disciples were present, looking at the central square. Today is the day for Su Hao’s challenge that Su Hao and Su Aota both agreed on. If Su Hao loses, he would naturally have to leave the Su family.

“Brat, I won’t toy you to death.” Su Aota secretly laughed in his heart while looking at Su Hao.

Most people of the Su family were angry. Su Hao became the owner of the family and the family managed to enjoy good fortune for several days, yet his position is being disrupted. However, because Su Aota is using the family’s rules to pressure them, they could do nothing. They were extremely worried for Su Hao, but Su Hao strangely didn’t even have the slightest bit of concern.

“Su Aota, so you’re saying that there is someone going to challenge me?” Su Hao asked indifferently.

“Of course.” Su Aota coldly said, “If you want to return to my Su family, you need to get our approval. As long as you defeat all the disciples of the same batch, I will naturally support your return to our Su family.”

“Then, let’s start!” Su Hao was too lazy to continue this nonsensical conversation with him.

“Alright, the challenge regarding Su Hao’s return will begin. Is anyone from our Su family willing to come up here and challenge him?” Su Aota declared in a cold tone while looking at the disciples on the square at the same time.

Total silence.

Not even one person came out!

Obviously, during this period of time, Su Hao had conquered their hearts with his actions. Even if there is someone who wishes to do so, he wouldn’t pick this timing.


The silence was terrifying.

Su Aota’s cold gaze swept across the people around him. What he received was a stare from them. Stare your head! You think you can stare anytime you want with your big eyes?! After noticing there is no response, he made a hand gesture quietly, and a disciple quickly walked out from the crowd.

“Let me!” An uproar occurred.

All the disciples turned their head over to the source and instantly gritted their teeth.

“As predicted, it’s Su Aota’s person.”

“Damn it, these bunch of shameless people.”

The man arranged by Su Aota made his move.

A professional esper, a young man about 18 years old, he looked ordinary but possessed the strength of a level three professional realm. Standing in front of Su Hao, his entire body was full of raging flame.

“Su Hao, I challenge you.”

“Then, do it.” Su Hao said indifferently. His casual look made the crowd doubtful instead. Su Hao, rumors said that he’s now at the level of the specialized realm…

Can he defeat the challenger?


That young man didn’t reserve his strength and immediately attacked.

With a pike in his hands, the energy weapon appeared. Coupled with the raging flame, it headed straight toward Su Hao, dying the sky red.

It was like lightning.

“Clan Head, be careful.”

“Quickly evade.”

The crowd exclaimed while watching the flame raining down on Su Hao.


A soft bang could be heard.

The flame extinguished, and a figure flew out.

Everyone looked over and instantly went speechless. At the center of the square, Su Hao stood there indifferently while slowly retracting his fist. Facing a level three professional esper, he actually sent the opponent flying with a punch!

“So strong!”

“Damn, our Clan Head is actually this fierce?”

Su Aota’s face instantly turned ugly.

“My turn.” Yet another man walked out. A level six professional esper, compared to that young man earlier, this guy seemed to be more capable.

As he walked up the stage.


One punch and he was sent flying.

One punch! Yet another one punch win!

“My turn!”

Su Aota’s men, from level one to level nine professional espers, there was even one challenger with a unique talent, but without exception, there was no chance to resist in front of Su Hao. No matter what strength you have, I will use one punch to stop you!


One punch!

Water shield?

One punch!

There is no other origin technique that could be this simple and crude.


“Clan Head is almighty.”

A group of disciples applauded while looking at Su Aota’s face as if they could already imagine his pale expression.

The elder was a little worried instead. He had a good understood of Su Aota; this guy is the typical wolf in dog skin. Facing an outsider, he would just be as fierce as a dog, but during an internal battle, he would be ferocious like a wolf. How could he not prepare anything?

Soon, another man came out.

He’s the only super genius under Su Aota with the standard of a peak professional esper. However, when the crowd had a closer look, their face suddenly changed.

“Half-step domain realm!”

In a mere seven days, that guy had turned into a half-step domain esper. His distance from the domain realm would be just one fine line.

“Damn it!”

“Su Aota had indeed made his preparations!”

“In theory, our Clan Head can destroy anyone in the professional realm, but that’s only in theory. Now that he just broke through, he has no origin energy or origin techniques.”

All the elders expressed their worry.

They were well aware of Su Hao’s strength. Indeed, it’s heaven-defying, but the problem is that Su Hao’s breakthrough was too quick. Without even mastery of an origin technique, how could he face the challenger?

On the stage, that man took out a Nitai artifact while emitting bright light all over his body. The surrounding disciples literally cursed non-stop. He’s already strong, yet he is now equipped with a strong Nitai artifact. Without a doubt, Su Aota must have also prepared a powerful origin technique to complement it. This is simply shameless to the extreme.

“F*ck, too shameless.”

“Yeah, what’s the point of fighting anymore?”

Upon seeing this, Su Aota wasn’t concerned by it. All he did was coldly respond, “Shut the f*ck up everyone. Is there a rule that states no Nitai artifact can be used? Isn’t it part of our strength? If it’s possible, Su Hao can also equip himself with one too. How about it, if you’re not confident, you can admit defeat.”

“Since you have been our Su family’s member for a few days, perhaps I can make an easy way out for you.” Su Aota smirked, looking at Su Hao.

“You have been uttering too much nonsense.” Su Hao glanced at him indifferently. His gaze was filled with dense loathing. Su Aota naturally fumed and immediately instructed that man to take action. As the light flashed with some hint of domain-like aura, his strength was far ahead of everyone else.


With a step, Su Hao vanished. Attacking at the same time, as always, it was a punch. Everyone was looking forward to the moment when he sent the opponent flying with his punch. However, unexpectedly, as his punch reached the target, his punch actually got evaded!


The Nitai artifact flashed.

That man’s body actually got forcefully pulled a few inches away, just enough to evade Su Hao’s attack. This scene made the surrounding disciples wary.

“Hehe.” That man sneered. Without any hesitation, he attacked Su Hao, causing the audience to exclaim. With Su Hao’s current strength, if he’s to take it head-on, that won’t look good. Everyone began to worry and fearful. As it landed on Su Hao, even the elders were frightened.

However, the following unfolding scene made them dumbfounded. Looking from afar, all they saw was during the final moment when the attack was about to land on Su Hao, Su Hao slid past it. With a huge momentum, he erupted an unbelievable force at the same time.

“Mountain Breaker!” Su Hao rushed forward like a tiger dashing down a mountain!


That ferocious figure slammed, causing a quake. At this moment, it was as if the entire residence felt the impact. Looking at the black shadow which got hit by Su Hao, the crowd could feel their liver trembling.

Damn, this is too ruthless!


That figure landed on the ground.

The area was totally silent. A half-step domain esper! He actually got sent flying by Su Hao. Su Hao’s horrifying display of power was like a tank. Anyone hit by that would sent flying, it’s too ferocious.

However, wasn’t Su Hao crippled?

How is he crippled?

Such a degree of ruthlessness is comparable to the time he charged into the Tian family! Damn it, such fake news would cause death! Who still dares to say that Su Hao is a cripple, I will slap them!

As the breeze blew, leaves fell.

The scene seemed to have turned colder by some degree.

“I wonder if there is still anyone who wants to challenge me?” Su Hao asked indifferently. His tone was flat but filled with pride. He seemed to be asking everyone, but everyone knew that those words were directed at Su Aota! Not even a peak professional esper could defeat him! Even while fully equipped, they still failed! Su Aota, can you endure this humiliation? Can you still find someone else?

On the other side, it was Su Aota with an ashen look.

“Now, he looks like an idiot.”

“Our Clan Head was so badass. He directly rubbed dirt on his face.”

“Plus, with full equipment but ended up being sent flying by our Clan Head. This is so funny.”

A group of disciples were secretly happy and laughed out loud.

Su Aota’s face turned paler. The big elder and the others were also delighted. Of course, on the surface, the big elder still calmly asked, “Is there still anyone willing to challenge Su Hao? If not…”

“Hold your horses.” Su Aota suddenly opened his mouth.

“Oh?” The big elder looked at him with a wide grin, “Could it be that you want to challenge him personally?”


Everyone laughed on the spot. Anyone could spot that the big elder is ridiculing Su Aota, yet Su Aota wasn’t angry at all, “I would like to give it a try. But unfortunately, I am not from the same batch. However, it’s not like there is only one peerless genius in my Su family.”

“Oh?” The big elder’s eyelids twitched.

It was at this moment, behind them, a thin figure gradually revealed himself. Everyone’s eyes subconsciously widened. When they saw that man take one step at a time all the way to the front of Su Hao, everyone had a huge change of expression.

“Su Changhong!”

“How could it be him?!”

“Changhong, you!” The big elder’s pupil constricted.


The ground under the big elder’s feet formed countless cracks. Staring at Su Changhong, his killing intent was very thick before he managed to calm down after quite some time, “Why?”

Only Su Minghui’s eyes revealed a flash of regret.

Su Changhong.

The Su family’s peerless genius. With Su Minghui, they became the family’s dual hope.

Both of them are the future pillars of the Su family. Due to his defeat to Su Hao, Su Minghui instead came to an understanding and stayed at the peak professional realm for a longer time. As for Su Changhong, he stepped into the domain realm and became the strongest one, a domain esper within his batch!

As long as he cultivates normally, he would be the future pillar of the Su family. Why did he resort to betrayal? Facing the question from the big elder, Su Changhong went silent for a while before replied, “I want to become stronger!”


The big elder was puzzled. Whatever he can’t give, can that rubbish Su Aota give? Regarding this, Su Changhong no longer replied. Instead, he looked at Su Hao.

“Clan Head, do you dare fight with me?”

“Come then!” Su Hao’s eyes shone. Without any nonsense, the internal force in his body began to operate. As the golden light flashed, he looked like a beast in human form while charging at Su Changhong.

A tremendous battle was about to unfold!