Godly Model Creator Chapter 779

Chapter 779 Truth Exposed

Domain realm!

Su Changhong is a domain esper!

For Su Hao to face such a person, no one was optimistic. Yet, Su Hao showed no hesitation and directly charged forward.


At the center of the square, a loud crashing sound echoed.

Mountain Breaker!

When Su Hao replaced the origin energy with his internal force, coupled with his physical fitness, an unimaginable force erupted and nothing could surpass it.

Even Su Changhong couldn’t help but dodge!

“Dodge!” Su Changhong flashed sideway.

However, just when he halted and was getting ready to counter-attack, he felt the terrifying incoming shadow again. Su Changhong’s face instantly turned ugly.

Mountain Breaker!

Su Hao actually charged at him again!


An afterimage flashed, leaving behind a thundering sound.

Everyone became dumbfounded. What had they just witnessed? At first, they thought that Su Changhong went berserk. The scene of Su Hao being suppressed didn’t appear. Instead, it was Su Hao who showed his dominance from the start! When he charged towards Su Changhong once more, Su Hao sent yet another punch.

Basic fighting technique!

It turned out to be that?

It was a fighting technique which everyone was familiar with! Of course, everyone would be familiar with the basics. However, when Su Hao displayed this set of fighting techniques, it was on a whole different level.


What kind of otherworldly speed is that?

What about that terrifying force?

The most basic fighting technique, when displayed under Su Hao’s hands actually turned into such a killer move. Plus, there was no energy fluctuation detected. Even if Su Changhong wanted to capture the traces, he couldn’t do so. This situation only appeared when he met a berserk beast in an accident!



Su Hao was literally a beast in human skin!

For someone who just stepped into the professional realm to be able to confront a domain esper, Su Hao had really crossed an entire big realm. Using the most basic fighting technique coupled with Mountain Breaker, he forcefully fought Su Changhong toe to toe.

So what if you’re a domain esper?

I will just punch you out!

However, Su Changhong is still a legit domain esper. Although he got overwhelmed by Su Hao’s heaven-defying speed and power, his defensive measure didn’t leak any holes. No matter how fiercely Su Hao attacked, his punches were all blocked. At the same time, he couldn’t do anything against Su Hao.

The battle seemed to be in a deadlock.

However, such a situation didn’t last for long. A few minutes later, Su Changhong gloomily realized that if this situation continues…

His energy would be forcefully exhausted by Su Hao!

“Do I really need to use that move…” Su Changhong sighed.

The Clan Head is indeed worthy of his reputation. Even after that fight with the Tian family, he still possesses such horrifying strength. Too bad, the Su family is too weak.

The scene rotated, Su Changhong seemed to have recalled the moment before he went up the stage, the instructions given by Su Aota.

“Su Hao’s strength is terrifying. Plus, with so many cards in his hand, it’s normal to have an accident. So, I will teach you an origin technique. If you encounter any danger, directly use this technique. Then, Su Hao will suffer a heavy injury!” Su Aota said with a sneer.

An origin technique?

An instant serious injury?

There is actually such a technique?

Su Changhong was also puzzled. As for that origin technique which he mastered eventually, he realized that it’s an extremely ordinary inducing technique. In other words, this origin technique is used to induce something within Su Hao’s body to inflict serious injury.

As for triggering what?

Su Changhong was clueless.

All he knew was that he must win!

The world is already in chaos, and the Su family still remained this weak. He needs to find a strong family which he can rely on, and the Tian family is without a doubt the best choice!

“I’m sorry.” Su Changhong gritted his teeth and immediately cast the origin technique.


In the air, an energy particle lump shone brightly.

Su Hao, who was about to attack Su Changhong, suddenly became stiff and he actually dropped to the ground. Every disciple was shocked. What happened?

“You…” Su Hao looked at Su Changhong in shock.

“This is!” Su Changhong was also shocked.

At the moment he activated that origin technique, he only realized what this damn origin technique is, poison! Su Hao actually got poisoned, and that technique was just a means to trigger… the poison? How did the Clan Head get poisoned? Su Changhong seemed to remember a chef of the Su family came two days ago.

Chef, cook, poison!

Su Changhong’s heart turned cold. Even he would have never thought that Su Aota would resort to such means to deal with the Su family, his own people!

“This is the reason why I say the Su family is too weak…” Su Changhong sighed in his heart. Fortunately, when he accepted this mission, he no longer remained a member of the Su family!

This matter had nothing to do with him.

“Die!” Su Changhong stared at Su Hao firmly.

If one wishes to enter the Tian family, he has to prove his allegiance, and it can be done by killing Su Hao!

Light flashed as Su Changhong directed a punch at Su Hao. Su Hao splurted a mouthful of blood and was slammed in the distance. Landing on the ground, there was no sound coming from him, shocking the crowd.

“Clan Head.”

“Su Hao!”

Everyone was stunned. The big elder instantly went into a rage, “Su Changhong, how dare you!”


The big elder immediately charged at Su Changhong. With a flash of light, a barrier blocked in front of Su Changhong. Su Aota smiled, “Big elder, this is the battle for Su Hao’s return. Life and death; each person has their own destiny. For an outsider, you actually dare to take action against your own family member. What are you trying to convey here?”

“You!” The big elder was brimming with anger.

An elder stepped forward to support Su Hao up. In the end, he just shook his head and sighed, “His body tissue has been greatly destroyed. Su Hao can’t last long.”

“You guys…”

Everyone looked at them in anger. They actually killed the Clan Head?


The anger at the scene seemed to have ignited. No one noticed that Su Minghui, who has the closest relationship with Su Hao, didn’t step forward. He just looked at the dispute and revealed a sinister smirk at the corner of his mouth.

“Quiet.” Su Aota shouted, revealing his aura as a domain esper to silence everyone. Only then did he continue speaking, “For Su Hao to die in a challenge, that’s nothing abnormal. After all, in history, the death rate is over 50%. He got killed by Su Changhong fair and square. What’s there to blame.”

“Since he’s dead, he’s not qualified to be the Clan Head. However, my Su family can’t be without the Clan Head, right? If you all don’t mind, I can solve this problem of the Su family.”

Su Aota finally revealed his ambition.

He actually planned to take the Clan Head’s position for himself!

“Great! Great!” The big elder’s eyes turned cold, “I should have killed you earlier; you’re a man who will always have evil intentions! Even if Su Hao isn’t here, it won’t be your turn to be the Clan Head!”

“Hehe.” Su Aota was very calm, “Calm down, Big elder. You’re already so old, if you die of anger, that would be bad. I think it’s better for us elders to vote fairly.”

“Really?” The big elder was clearly angry. He wanted to see what kind of trick this Su Aota is going to play. 80% of the elders were his men. 10% are neutral. He wanted to see how Su Aota is going to claim the throne as the Clan Head?

“Everything can be easily solved in a hand of votes.” Su Aota looked at all the elders in the square, “Elders who support me to become the Clan Head, raise your hand.”


Six people raised their hands!

In addition to Su Aota and two elders beside him, behind the big elder, there were an additional three elders who raised their hand without hesitation.

“You guys…” The big elder couldn’t believe it. Turning his head behind, he looked at those two elders which he has always been taking care of, “You guys are also betraying us?”

They were silent.

“Big elder, this isn’t about being betrayed.” Su Aota played it down, “Could it be you’re a member of Su family and I am not? Obviously, I am wiser than you and they decided to support me.”

“Great! Great!” The big elder could barely contain his anger, “But there are only six people. Not even half. What can you do?!”

“Really?” Su Aota revealed a sinister smile and looked at everyone coldly, “Then, elders who don’t support me, raise your hand.”


The big elder and his faction raised their hand.

One, two, three, four… five. There were actually only five people!

“This…” The big elder was stunned.

There are 20 elders in the Su family. Six supported and five against while nine remained neutral! Su Aota actually had the advantage of one vote, he won!

The crowd went into an uproar!

“This isn’t possible!”

“How could this happen?”

Everyone went into a daze. No matter what, they could never think that such a result would happen. That Su Aota actually managed to convince fifteen people. How is this possible?

“A bunch of idiots.” Su Aota secretly ridiculed.

Talking about calculation, they are so weak in this topic!


Of course, it’s not that many!

They had three people on their side. As long as they find three more people, that’s enough. As for the remaining nine men, Su Aotagave them lots of profits and resources so that they just needed to remain neutral! They didn’t need to do anything. As long as they remained neutral, they could avoid offending anyone but also make a fortune. Why should they reject such an offer?

With his campaign, Su Aota easily rubbed the big elder’s face with dust.

At this time, everyone finally understood. The matches earlier were all just an act. The battle to win the Clan Head throne was his true purpose!


The big elder and the others in his faction fumed.

He would have never thought that the seemingly united Su family would decay to such a degree!

“Phew.” Su Aota felt refreshed, observing the overall situation. Standing up, he looked at everyone coldly, “Then, from now on, I am the Su family’s…”

Before he managed to finish his sentence, Su Aota’s words came to an abrupt halt because he saw Su Hao slowly stand up from amongst the crowd. This caused him to be alarmed. What made him even more uneasy was Su Hao looking at him with a sinister smile.

“Indeed, my effort in playing as a minor character wasn’t wasted.”

“How could you…” Su Aota looked at Su Hao in disbelief. He knew how deadly poison he used is! How could Su Hao still be alive! Su Hao just casually smiled. Without bothering with him, Su Hao looked at somewhere behind him.

“Senior, this is for you.”

“What?” Su Aota turned around and trembled all over his body. His face was very pale.