Godly Model Creator Chapter 78

Gmc Chapter 78

Chapter 0078    Nine successive victory

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In front of the black cattle beast, Zhao Feng stood motionless.

His origin ability, penetration, was extremely effective when dealing with black cattle beasts that lacked the ability to evade!

Since conversing with Su Hao, Zhao Feng had finally understood his path forward, prompting him to begin training nonstop. He wasnt like Su Hao, a new and inexperienced freshman. Every task point that he accumulated was used to its full potential, enabling rapid progress that could be seen within a months time. 

This time, he was prepared to reach a distance of three thousand meters in field exploration!

Dashing from the side of the black cattle beasts body, he prepared to move forward. Suddenly, his wrist vibrated. Zhao Feng raised his wrist and a virtual screen popped out. As expected, a message concerning the battle of honor had come.

Three tasks!

Victory of battle, defeat, and personal honor!

The same tasks again. Zhao Feng naturally laughed. A few months ago, he had still been a freshman. After the college entrance examination, however, he had instantly become a repeater. As it was his first time accepting the tasks as a repeater, he had just discovered that they were almost identical to those of the freshmen. 

These three tasks were nearly the same, having simply swapped names from either side.

The only task which gave him an odd feeling was pinned at the very top of list.


Task name: Repeaters honor

Participants: Repeaters of natural selection class

Star rating: Three stars

Content: As time flies, the new generation turns into the older generation. Without knowing, the freshmen have become repeaters. As the saying goes, the rear waves of Yangtze River drive on those before; the old waves would end their journey on the beach. As a repeater, do you want to end up dying on the beach? Absolutely not! Guard the honor of repeaters and raise your courage to challenge the freshmen!

Conditions: Nine wins

Task reward: One thousand task points


One thousand task points for nine wins!

What did nine wins signify?

Zhao Feng pondered for a moment. There were a total of nine skirmishes in the battle of honor. This meant that they were unable to suffer even a single loss. Once they failed, the thousand points would vanish. 

In other words, repeaters must always maintain an absolute advantage. 


Repeated stimulation!

The school management encouraged freshmen to challenge themselves. They also held the same stance with repeaters. This ensured that both sides would compete with each other and bring forth progress for the entire school. 

The natural selection class was truly deserving of its reputation!

A nine win streak? Zhao Feng sighed. Last time, hadnt their side been entirely wiped out, allowing the repeaters to obtain a winning streak of nine? This year, the generous reward of one thousand task points would belong to them!

However, was a nine win streak really that easy to obtain?

At first glance, it seemed like repeaters had the advantage, but the freshmen had endless potential. Considering that factor, the probability of the repeaters winning all nine battles was only fifty percent, equivalent to the freshmen taking a single victory. 

In the last two battles, talented students would usually start showing their potential.

Of course, there were exceptions, such as Chen Yifeng and Sun Yaohuis batch. Let alone nine consecutive victories, repeaters had only managed to obtain four successive victories. As for remaining five rounds, they had become punching bags!

When these two terrifying fellows worked together, the result was astonishing!

This time, would the repeaters be able to obtain nine straight wins?

A figure suddenly appeared in Zhao Fengs mind, Su Hao!

It was a fact that his talent was weak, but when Zhao Feng had confronted him, he had felt an inexplicable pressure. Not to mention, this freshmen batch had Zhou Wang, Bai Lingfeng, and Chen Yiran as well. These names were widely associated with the word genius.

This generation was without a doubt, the rise of geniuses!

This battle will be very interesting. Zhao Feng smiled indifferently as he closed the virtual screen and continued to march forward.

Before the battle of honor, he wanted to obtain the rewards for reaching three thousand meters in field exploration.

At the same time, it was not known how many people had already seen this information.

The repeaters had started preparations long ago, while the freshmen were looking at the tasks with much vigor. They had learned a tough lesson about the difficulty in obtaining task points after receiving their first reward for field exploration. 

There were a few freshmen that had spent points without any reservations after obtaining their first reward. 

Only after spending all those points did they realize that obtaining task points was no easy feat! A normal task only worth one hundred points. As for those spanning half a month or longer, they only had two hundred to three hundred task points as a reward. 

This was a tragic sight!

Were there really such idiots among the students?

Dont doubt it!

As many people have mentioned before, of every group, ten percent would consist of idiots! This fact was something which everyone must understand. In a small group of five members, you would already have a chance at encountering such people, let alone the one hundred freshmen. The amount of people belonging to this pig-like group was not insignificant!

One of them, Li Xin, had even managed to become a leader!

Who was Li Xin? On the first day of the natural selection class, he was the student responsible for calling over a teacher with an instantaneous movement ability, immediately using one of this three life and death commands.

A single life and death command was of trifling value to Li Xin.

During his first field exploration, he had obtained a generous amount of rewards! Only after spending all his points and obtaining a new task did he realize the true value of task points. 

After confidently accepting a public venue task, he was beaten bloody and swollen a week later by those who had arrived before him. The three hundred point reward was naturally unavailable to him after failing his task. 

During an investigation of a young couples divorce, he had managed to prepare materials and was close to completion when those two bastards suddenly reconciled! Also, he had forgotten to record the task. Otherwise, the school management or Origin Ability Firm would have been able to claim a reward for him.

One naturally couldnt obtain a lesson for free. Two hundred task points for a lesson; it was worth it!

Gritting his teeth as he recalled the lesson, Li Xin appeared to grow smarter and accepted a task to hunt a berserk beast. He had contemplated greatly. This time, there wouldnt be anyone to bring him trouble. Right?

In several instances of battle, a senior would casually take the defeated berserk beast from under his nose with a wave of their sleeves, not even leaving a speck of dust. 

Two hundred task points escaped from his grasp once again. 

This past month, Li Xins journey had been full of ups and downs. It was quite pitiable, but looking at the battle of honor, the generous allocation of task points was able to bring a smile to his face. 

These penny repeaters, wait for this little grandpa to trash you!

A howling sound could be heard echoing in the natural selection class. Despite receiving blow after blow this entire month, Li Xins heart was still very strong!

Jianghe City, Su family.

After understanding the task, Su Hao decided to return and participate. With two days remaining, he had more than enough time to prepare for the competition and return to peak condition. 

As he read the tasks for the battle of honor again, Su Hao was surprised. In the task list, there was a task related to berserk beasts and the one who had published the task was none other than the natural selection class.


Task name: Capturing berserk beasts

Task requirement: Origin ability of twelve points and above

Star ranking: Two stars

Content: Capture a blue dream butterfly outside of Jianghe City.

Conditions: The gorgeous butterfly may not be damaged. Injuries must be less than ten percent.

Reward: Three hundred task points


The task was published by the natural selection class and the site is outside of Jianghe City?

After taking a glance, Su Hao had a general idea of what must have happened. A teacher or leader had probably released such a task due to laziness. 

This was not a task from Origin Ability Firm, but the school.

Interesting, the requirement for origin ability is twelve points or greater. The number of freshmen capable of fulfilling such a prerequisite shouldnt be too large. Also, there is the condition of a ten percent or lower injury rate. The reward is only three hundred task points. Su Haos brows raised as he calculated feasibility of completing such a task. 

In general, this was no ordinary task. 

The task points rewarded werent bad, but requirements were quite high. To hunt blue dream butterfly was an easy task, but capturing one was another story. Additionally, there was the damage restriction as well as the fact that the destination was outside of Jianghe City. For students in the natural selection class, traveling back and forth would take up a days time. A students acceptance of this task would hinge on how suitable they were for the job. 

Su Hao pondered for a moment. In the end, he still decided to accept the task!

He already planned on returning to class. Plus, he would remain in Janghe City for these two days. This was a simple task, not worth stressing over. In other words, this task wouldnt delay him nor take up too much time. 

Considering the damage restriction, he would have to approach this from pharmaceutical perspective.

Overall, it was possible. 


Su Hao tapped on the virtual screen and accepted the task. 

Information concerning the blue dream butterfly quickly appeared in Su Haos communication device. Su Hao had a look at the virtual screen and began to carefully study the task.