Godly Model Creator Chapter 780

Chapter 780 The Might Of A World Esper

“Brother…” Su Aota said trembling.

Behind him, Su Aodi stood there quietly with an ashen expression while holding a piece of paper. Su Aota had a glance at it, and his trembling became even worse as if he had been struck by lightning.

That document was clearly written.

First day: Su Aota recalled all the disciples under him. Ignoring the potential future damage, he forcefully commanded those disciples, who are going to challenge Su Hao, to take drugs in order to breakthrough. The consequences were severe. At least ten disciples of the Su family lost their lives in the process to obtain the opportunity to step into the domain realm.

Second day: Taking advantage of his identity as an elder, he threatened and bribed the family chef to poison the current Su family’s Clan Head, conspiring a murder; cruel and merciless.

Third day: Selling disciples. In order to expel Su Hao out from the family, he gave the genius disciple Su Changhong to another force, brainwashing the disciples to completely lose confidence in the family.

Fourth day: Cooperated with the Tian family, Zhang family, and the undercover elders hidden in the Su family, conspiring together with them to overthrow the Su family and regain power.

Fifth day…

For a total of seven days, whatever Su Aota did was clearly written there. With Su Aota’s strength, with a glance, he could naturally read it all. He didn’t continue reading the later part, but that’s no longer important because he knew what he had done. As for his little brother’s temper…

“Big brother, you have crossed the line.” Su Aodi calmly said, causing Su Aota to feel a sudden chill.

The reason he could be this arrogant is all because he could rely on his world esper little brother! No matter what he did, even if he’s to oppress the good members of their family, this little brother of his won’t appear. Instead, he would even clean up the mess. It has been such a long time that Su Aota has forgotten that Su Aodi is still a world esper!

“I…” Su Aota wanted to explain, but noticed that he couldn’t open his mouth.

What’s there to explain?

His misdeeds were all clearly written there!

“I have told you this before. No matter what you do, I won’t blame you. Even if you are to kill someone for your own benefit, I will stand behind you firmly. But, there is one absolute taboo you must never do! You must never ever betray the Su family!” Su Aodi said in a cold tone. His icy cold expression made Su Aota’s heart skip a beat.

He was extremely familiar with his younger brother!

Don’t judge his usual kind character. To be able to step into the world realm, how could such a character be simple? When his little brother is angry, even he would be scared.

“We never betrayed the Su family!” An elder who followed Su Aota retorted loudly, “Su Hao is just a hairy brat. On what qualifications can he be our Clan Head? Only by letting Elder Aota become our Clan Head would it meet people’s expectations…”

“Pfft~~” Su Aodi raised his hand and a bloody hole formed on the elder’s forehead!


The elder’s body fell to the ground.

The crowd was stunned by this scene!

Who would have thought that the moment Su Aodi made his move, one life would be lost, and it’s an absolute domain esper of the Su family! Another elder was scared by his action and shouted, “Su Aodi, how dare you! Even if the government wishes to kill someone, they have to be convicted first. Just with some doubt, you decided to kill?”


Yet another life was lost.

The scene became silent.

The six elders on Su Aota’s side had lost their morale. After all, two elders were instantly killed, causing endless panic among the people.

This Su Aodi, has he gone mad?

They were puzzled.

As for Su Hao and Su Minghui, they just looked from afar and sneered. This is the attitude of a world esper against other espers of lower realms. Without Rule Force, no one is qualified to speak with Su Aodi! Regarding this point, when Su Hao confronted Tian Gang, he already understood it well.

Below the world realm, everyone is an ant.

How powerful is the Rule Force?

Even Su Hao wasn’t sure!

Previously when he faced Tian Gang, even when he was able to face a life domain esper at that point, under the Rule Force, there was no room to resist! The saddest part was Tian Gang didn’t even use his Rule Force to the fullest. All he did was use his Rule Force… and slam people down!

This is a humiliating method.

Flame force, water force, curse force, seal force…

Su Hao had heard of numerous Rule Force but had never seen the true display of their power. Even the wind force shown by Su Zhengwen was used to slam people! What’s the effect of wind force? What kind of Rule Force is it? Su Hao wasn’t qualified to know!

Because he is still far away from the world realm.

In fact, forget about Su Zhengwen’s Rule Force, even he couldn’t understand his own Rule Force! No matter what, the essence of the world realm is the Rule Force.

Using Rule Force to slam people, that’s not even touching the surface of the threshold.

Su Hao still remembered that in the beast domain, a big hand descended from the sky, subduing the nuclear detonation and left nothing behind. Even when he was hiding in the model world, he got pulled out. If he weren’t emitting a beast-type aura at that time, he would be killed!

Compared to such espers, what can a domain esper do?

Too bad, these elders didn’t have the same understanding as Su Hao.


The remaining two elders saw this and decided to flee in two different directions. Their thoughts were with their speed, if they’re to flee in a different direction, at least one can survive, right?


With just a finger, the two elders died on the spot. Two holes were formed on their foreheads literally at the same time! One left and right; it would be too late to take action?

You’re overthinking it…

Rule Force can just destroy you anytime, anywhere.

The remaining elder watched this scene in horror. A world esper is actually is powerful? Seeing that the situation isn’t great, he turned around and charged toward Su Hao in an attempt to kill him! Right now, there was only one chance of escape, which is to capture Su Hao as a hostage! Although Su Hao displayed the standard of a peak professional esper, it was still far away from his domain realm.

Su Hao just stared at him coldly.


Light flashed.

A body fell to the ground.

Another elder died.

The scene was totally silent. As for the rest from Su Aota’s side, they were so terrified that they laid on the floor, not daring to move, fearing that the next one to die would be them! In just less than three seconds, nearly all the elders from Su Aota’s side died. Is this the legendary strength of a world esper? No one dared to speak.

Seems that it has been quite some time since the last day of the chaotic era that people had forgotten how powerful a world esper is.

However, no one noticed that when the last elder died, Su Aodi looked at Su Hao with a hint of surprise. This is because he knew that he didn’t kill the last elder! It was by the hands of Su Hao! That brilliant light… that force…

This new Clan Head seemed to be more mysterious than ever.

“Brother? Su Aodi said in a low voice, causing Su Aota to shudder, “After I have stepped into the world realm, it has been quite a long time since I have accompanied my family. In the future, you just need to stay beside me.”


A crisp sound could be heard.

Su Aodi dragged his brother and left. That sound…

“He’s crippled.” Su Hao sighed, “Crippling his origin ability, from today onward, he can only be an ordinary man.”

“So ruthless.” Su Minghui was a bit shocked, “If it’s me, no matter what crimes my family members do, I can’t take such a heavy action. At most, I will just lock them up.”

“He’s protecting Su Aota.” Su Hao looked calm, “Such an ending is the best. Otherwise, with Su Aota’s temper, whether it’s for revenge or hatred, I will definitely kill him!”

Su Minghui was dumbfounded.

Not only was Su Aodi being harsh, even with a world esper standing behind him, Su Aota still dared to enact this plan. However, at this time, Su Minghui understood the meaning behind Su Hao’s words.

This ending is for the best.

A storm which has not yet risen got flattened by Su Hao. When the truth was revealed, all the disciples trembled in fear.

There were actually three elders who are undercover? Su Aota actually collided with other forces? Su Changhong actually got sold by his own family? Just any news of this is enough to shock the entire Su family. If not for Su Hao plucking them out now, when there is a future battle, the consequences would be severe.

It was so severe that it could destroy the entire Su family!

At this point, the prestige of Su Hao within the Su family had climbed once again! Su Aota tried to kill him and seize his position, but never would he have thought that Su Hao was using him. His action instead gave a huge opportunity to Su Hao. What a blessing in disguise for the Su family. Although their overall strength had dropped slightly, at least, they can now be united without those spies!

One can imagine that in the future, the entire Su family will be like a piece of strong iron.

As for the matter regarding Su Changhong, Su Minghui personally went to find him. It wasn’t Su Changhong betraying the family but Su Aota trading him as a condition for their cooperation. To be frank, Su Hao said that as long as he’s willing to return, everything is in the past. However, Su Changhong seemed to be disappointed with the Su family and decided to leave.

“The next time we meet, we will be enemies.” Su Changhong just left these final words.

“You want to leave him alive?” Su Hao looked at Su Minghui.

“En.” Su Minghui nodded without hesitation, “It’s no use to kill him. When we meet again in the future, I want to defeat him fair and square to let him know that it’s definitely a mistake to choose the Tian family!”

“Alright.” Su Hao praised.

In this confrontation, Su Hao killed a domain esper inadvertently. However, what made him sad was that the silver needle became smaller by a bit. Obviously the silver needle would have to consume some force to kill a domain esper.

This time, Su Hao could only give up the idea of killing anyone with his silver needle.

The silver needle needs to recover, but with no progress in his Rule Force, Su Hao could only shift his attention back to his Potential Release. After this big battle, Su Hao finally understood the invincibility within the same realm. Since the professional realm is still applicable, what about the domain realm?

Breakthrough, he needs to breakthrough!

Last time, he managed to trick the big elder. This time, he just won a big credit. If he doesn’t take the opportunity to make a request, his contribution might soon be forgotten.

At that time, it would be more difficult to enjoy the Su family’s resources.

“I need to think of a way.” Su Hao turned around and quickly went to the big elder to negotiate.