Godly Model Creator Chapter 79

Gmc Chapter 79

Chapter 0079    Blue dream butterfly

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

Blue dream butterfly, a type of butterfly which has undergone mutation; loves living within wild forests. Its strength is low, typically around ten origin ability points.

Advantage: Beautiful appearance

Disadvantage: Beautiful appearance

This description was nothing but bullshit. However, the characteristics of blue dream butterflies truly were as listed. Its beautiful appearance was both its greatest strength and its biggest weakness. Many people were willing to capture them as pets, similar to the task which Su Hao had accepted just now. 

The blue dream butterfly was a variation of a rather strange butterfly. 

Because of its special ability, it had been named the Zhuangzi reincarnation butterfly. It was a butterfly that was capable of reincarnating your dreams, creating an unreal fantasy once you dreamt. It was unknown whether this was true or not, but the blue dream butterflys ability was definitely that of hallucination. 

The difficulty of capturing it was increased manyfold by its deceptive appearance and terrifying special ability. 

This task doesnt appear to be easy. Su Hao thought, Beautiful? Berserk beasts can be considered beautiful?


A 3D projection of a blue dream butterfly appeared from his communication device. Su Hao took a glance and his face brightened. A sparkling butterfly had appeared in front of him. It was about ten centimeters long, with a translucent green body speckled with blue dots. It was as dazzling as a diamond. For girls, the risk of being captivated was almost one hundred percent!

This is the blue dream butterfly?

Su Hao was quite shocked.

Under normal circumstances, a typical butterfly would appear quite appealing. After amplification, however, it left one with a feeling of terror! The dense lines on its body would leave you feeling numb. But this butterfly did not seem to not have such lines. Regardless of the level of magnification, you were capable of viewing its beautifully crafted lines.

This was an interesting task.

Not to mention others, even Su Hao himself wanted one for himself after seeing it. With such beauty, it wouldnt be a bad idea to admire it during your free time. 

However, upon reminding himself of its worth, Su Hao had to give up on this idea of his. 

He would rather sell it than keep it for himself!

Three hundred task points, what kind of concept was this!

According to his own estimates which compared task points with star dollars, the gap between the two was a factor of ten thousand. In other words, these three hundred task points had a value of three million star dollars. Of course this was only Su Haos estimation, but it wouldnt stray too far from the truth. 

A blue dream butterfly pet would cost you three million?

No, it was far more than that. This was only for its capture! After all, a blue dream butterfly was wild and full of killing intent! After its capture, it needed to be bred for quite a long time to produce offspring. Only its descendants would be able to be kept as pets. This cycle took a long period of time. 

A normal butterfly would produce a dozen offspring. However, the blue dream butterfly only produced one offspring at a time making it far more rare!

A wild blue dream butterfly would be worth around two million to three million, but a blue dream butterfly pet was different. If you didnt have at least thirty million, you couldnt even dream of owning one. Additionally, there was no standardized price for it. 

Damn! Su Hao murmured to himself. With his efforts, his family did not lack wealth, but compared to those big families, he was still far off.

Spending tens of millions just to purchase a pet?

Wasnt this a bit too much?

After he finished reading the information about blue dream butterfly, Su Hao tapped on the map. Above the map, there was a marking indicating the general location of the blue dream butterfly. As for the specifics, Su Hao would have to determine them himself. 

He was already clear about the task information. The next issues was actually capturing it. 

Su Hao did some research on internet. Due to the extreme value of the blue dream butterfly, there were a multitude of methods shared online concerning its capture.

Unfortunately, most of the methods shared had ended in failure. Even if their strength far exceeded that of the blue dream butterfly, they would only end up confused or perhaps, even dead.

After some investigating, Su Hao learned that in order to capture the blue dream butterfly, he would need a specially made material butterfly net which would prevent it from breaking away.

After visiting a store in Jianghe City to get such a net, Su Hao once again prepared a small crossbow and some anesthetic, departing to the region outside of Jianghe City.

As for his plan, Su Hao had conjured up quite a cruel, yet simple method. 

He planned on shooting bolts at the butterflys wings, waiting for the anesthesia to take effect before capturing it with the net. It was that simple!

As he headed outside of Jianghe City, Su Hao embarked towards the point on the map. It was further away than the location where he had hunted berserk red jackals in the past. Fortunately, the current Su Hao was nothing like before. He easily travelled into the forest behind. 

The first spot. No!

The second spot. No!

The third spot. No!

The map had a total of five marked locations. Su Hao was shocked to find that the first three he had gone to were empty! How could this be? The task had said that these locations were hotspots for the blue dream butterfly. Encountering it might have required some luck, but for all spots to be empty, it was no longer an issue of luck. 

Once again on the move, he rushed to the fourth spot. Once again, there was nothing to be seen.

Su Hao looked at the empty woods. Frowning, he squatted down and cleared the leaves on the ground, revealing traces of footprints. 

There is somebody one step ahead of me!

Su Hao sneered. Under normal circumstances, this type of matter wouldnt pique his interest. However, this time, this task had been accepted by him. He couldnt be blamed. 

After all, it was three hundred task points!

After taking back all his equipment, Su Hao quickly headed to the last spot. Just like he had predicted, after arriving, he saw a middle aged man with light blue cloth capturing a blue dream butterfly using a net. 

The blue dream butterfly didnt have the power to resist.

Though the online description had stated how cruel and strong the killing intent from the blue dream butterfly was, it was captured as easily as a stationary puppet by the middle aged man. 

Theres a problem!

Su Haos mind became vigilant. He stopped himself from rushing forward any further. 

The middle aged mans skilled maneuver and the strange reaction of the butterfly had raised his awareness towards some issues. From this persons actions, there was a high probability that he was an expert in catching butterflies.



With such a high caliber of ability, it was was incomparable to that of Su Hao, an amateur.

After successfully capturing the butterfly, the middle aged man looked at the blue dream butterfly with satisfaction, With the blue dream butterfly almost ready, the plan can also start.

With loud laughter, the middle aged man nonchalantly left. 

Su Hao, who had been left behind, felt unwilling.

As for why?

I just wanted to catch a butterfly to complete this task, yet I met with this goddamn f*cker? What are the odds of running into someone with the same task as me? Next time I go out, Ill have to choose a better day...

Regardless, for Su hao to give up now was not something he would do willingly.

Three hundred task points!

With that sum, he could purchase body forging technique!

He changed his mind. Su Hao had already made a decision in his heart. Looking at the middle aged man, he quietly followed behind.

Passing through some woods along the way, the middle aged man abruptly decided to stop at a cave. After making sure that nobody was in the immediate vicinity, only then did he enter the cave.

Su Hao observed from afar. That was a cave.

This middle aged man lived deep within the forest! If he hadnt seen him enter with his own eyes, he never wouldve guessed that there was such a place here. After all, it was just a hole that lay under some grass. These types of places were abundant within mountains.

Su Hao slowly moved towards the hole. With a quick glance, he saw that the middle aged man had already disappeared around a corner. Once again, he dashed forward, following the mans path. 

The cave wasnt small, with the occasional drop of water falling from its roof. 

Su Haos figure was quick and agile. His three hundred points of physical fitness, played a very important role this time around. With four to five forks, this cave seemed to be endless.

Su Hao frowned. What sort of place is this?

After entering another turn, Su Hao skillfully tagged along. He stole a glance from around the corner, becoming terrified at what he had seen. Instantly retreating, he quickly hid in a corner. 


Su Hao was in a state of panic.

What had he seen?

The last section of this path, via his route, ended sharply. At first, he had thought that this was a simple cave, with the middle aged man capturing a bunch of blue dream butterflies for selling. He would have never predicted what actually lay at the end of this path.

What he had seen turned out to be a huge underground laboratory!

Su Hao had taken just a quick look and he had already estimated that it was larger than one thousand square meters. His quick glance hadnt been enough to see how large it truly was. In the laboratory, there existed countless amounts of experimental equipment. Each blue dream butterfly was clipped onto an instrument. They appeared to have been injected with something and had strange energy rays wrapped around them.