Godly Model Creator Chapter 80

Gmc Chapter 80

Chapter 0080    Weird thing

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

What is all of this?

Su Hao swallowed some saliva. He was fairly sure that he had seen something he shouldnt have. 

It was possible that this mightve been a company which, in order to solve issue of the blue dream butterflys increasing demand, had conducted some research. Based on the price of blue dream butterfly, the value of the hundreds of thousands of blue dream butterflies here was an exorbitant figure! If this information had not been released to the public, yet had been discovered by Su Hao, one could only imagine the extent to which the company would go to in order to eradicate the source of any leaks. 

It seems like I picked a terrible day here.

Su Hao cursed himself. There were two guards keeping watch near the front gate of the laboratory. Although he couldnt see their actual strength, the aura they emitted was at least that of fifteen origin ability points!

Such levels of strength were definitely out of Su Haos league.

Not to mention the fact that others were still within the laboratory. 


Su Hao wasnt hesitant in his decision to leave!

With such secretive activities going on, it would be best to avoid getting involved if possible. Su Hao was fairly confident that once they had discovered his presence, they would chase him to the ends of the Earth. 

Fortunately, when Su Hao had taken his peek, the two guards had been preoccupied with opening the gate for the middle aged man. Otherwise, they mightve noticed him. 

Inhaling a deep breath, Su Hao slowly made his way towards the exit, trying his best to avoid any unnecessary noise. 

Three hundred task points, this brother doesnt want them anymore!

However, Su Hao never expected that after turning a corner in his retreat, he would encounter something that would make his body stiffen. His eyes wide open, Su Hao stared in disbelief. In front of him, a blue dream butterfly was carefully making its way along the path. It didnt dare use its wings to propel itself through the air. Upon seeing Su Hao, it was also astonished, its tiny eyes widening in apprehension. 

What the f***! A blue dream butterfly?

Su Hao felt like he was in a dream. How could there possibly be a blue dream butterfly here?

He felt an intense urge to capture the blue dream butterfly in front of him, but he was well aware of how foolish that would be. 

He was still located inside the cave. Once there was any hint of trouble, the two guards around the corner would make their way here. The instant they arrived, hed surely be on the receiving end of whatever torture they could come up with. 

What terrible luck!

Su Haos only hope was for this blue dream butterfly to quietly fly away.

Su Hao remained motionless in the same spot. What surprised him though, was that the blue dream butterfly opposite him had mirrored his actions. It lay motionless, having attached itself to the cave wall without a single noise. 


Dont tell me this guy has also realized the dangers of this place and decided not to move?

This absurd idea flashed within Su Haos mind. As he was looking at the blue dream butterfly, it glanced at him for a short moment, before looking at the corner and rustling its wings a bit. 

Su Haos stress caused him to swallow his saliva in anticipation. Oh, ancestor butterfly, you cant make a move at this point!

To his surprise, the blue dream butterflys wings only moved the slightest fraction, pointing towards the hole outside. 


He had seen a ghost!

Su Hao quickly calmed his beating heart. Mirroring the butterflys action, he also pointed at the hole outside, prompting a nod from the butterfly. 



This world had become mad!

Su Hao could no longer hold his calm. Was this really a blue dream butterfly? How could it understand human language? Su Hao felt that the way he viewed the world had been completely overthrown!

Big eyes on small eyes.

With both human and butterfly gazing at each other, Su Hao slowly extended his hand while facing the blue dream butterfly. 

It seemed to hesitate for a moment, but after considering the current state of events, it gently landed in Su Haos palm. 

Su Hao held his breath and he silently crawled towards the caves exterior. 

After a short while, he finally reached its exit. .

Only then did Su Hao allow himself to release a sigh of relief. He had finally come out!

Looking at the blue dream butterfly on his hand, he subconsciously tried to capture it. 


The blue dream butterfly suddenly flew away from him. After escaping from the hole, it no longer listened to Su Hao and gave him an angry stare. Obviously, it was furious at Su Hao for betraying it. 


Su Hao let out a hoarse cough. His actions a moment ago were indeed rude, but it was just a special little butterfly! Stop being such a bother!

Looking at the blue dream butterfly which had bared its fangs, Su Hao curled his lip. Considering this brats degree of deviousness, his task points would most likely fly away. 

Haix, my 300 task points!

Su Hao helplessly sighed and headed outside. Remaining in front of the enemys base would not be the wisest decision. 

A few minutes later, Su Hao had managed to distance him from the entrance to the cave. 

This task had been full of bad luck for him. 

What else would you call stumbling upon a master butterfly hunter, encountering a group of people involved in confidential experiments, and running into a blue dream butterfly that understood human language? Wait, hold on. A blue dream butterfly?

Su Hao suddenly turned his head. A blue dream butterfly was floating in the air, following him closely. 

Noticing Su Hao turning around, the blue dream butterfly was shocked for a moment, before distancing itself from Su Hao. Su Haos mouth twitched. As he walked a few steps forward, the blue dream butterfly followed along. Once Su Hao turned back, it quickly fled, putting distance between the two. 

Damn you...

Su Hao surrendered, Alright, you win. I will not catch you. Are you still not satisfied? Why are you still following me?

The blue dream butterfly appeared to hesitate for a moment before flying in front of Su hao. If Su Hao made a single move, it was still capable of escaping at a moments notice. 

Tell me. Whyre you following me? Su Hao stared at this little butterfly as if there was nothing unusual about asking a butterfly a question. 

After having not received a response for some time, only then did he realize that butterflies were incapable of speech. 

In fact, Su Hao already felt as if he was going insane. In what way did this thing act like a butterfly? It had already followed Su Hao since the beginning. He was certain that when he had entered the cave, this butterfly had been quietly tagging along. When he had turned back and caught the butterfly red handed, only then did it show signs of embarrassment. 

Pu pu!

The blue dream butterfly flapped its wings a few times. The leaves on the ground were blown away, revealing the bare land.

Then the blue dream butterfly flew off to the side, before returning with a small branch. It then drew something on the land.

Su Hao: .........


Since it could understood language, the fact that it could write wasnt surprising. 

At least the very least, it couldnt speak. Su Hao comforted himself with this thought.

The blue dream butterfly wrote for quite some time before finishing. Its little wings appeared fatigued and the branch was thrown to the ground. Su Hao looked down. There was only one word, a messily scrawled save.

Save, save life? Su Hao repeated, You mean, you want me to save them?


The blue dream butterfly quickly flew upwards and nodded as hard as it could in front of Su Hao.

I dont dare!

Su Hao refused without hesitation.

This was no joke! What was the strength of the enemy? Those two gatekeepers were already at least fifteen points in origin ability. With such strength, a slap from them would be enough to kill him. Also, in this world, there existed an incredible number of blue dream butterflies which were captured and kept as pets. If he were to save each and every one of them, wouldnt be die from exhaustion?

The blue dream butterfly looked at him with a pitiful expression.

Su Hao said without any reservation, Dont look at me like that! Also, dont try to use your ability to confuse me. If I say I wont, it means I wont! For what reason must I go and save them? Also, did you know that my task is to capture a blue dream butterfly? If you, you had best believe I will capture you!

The last sentence was clearly most threatening. The blue dream butterfly was scared, retreating backwards. Seeing that Su Hao didnt react, it realized that it had been deceived by Su Hao. With both wings curled together, it tried to act as pitiful as possible.

Su Hao didnt pay attention towards this and turned away.


Again, the blue dream butterfly flew before him. 


Su Hao decisively captured it and pinched its two little wings. This time, the blue dream butterfly was in full blown panic and struggled very hard.

Su Hao coldly laughed, If you keep struggling, do you believe that I would crush you flat or not?

The blue dream butterfly earnestly moved within Su Haos palm.

You want to write? Su Hao was puzzled.

The blue dream butterfly nodded and wrote a few words on Su Haos palm. Su Hao paid attention to the stokes. It was three words, Not the same.

Whats not the same? Su Hao was puzzled, Youre saying Im different from those people? Or are you trying to say that the ones which get caught are not the same?

The blue dream butterfly nodded. Then, pondering for a few moment, it nodded again.

Su Hao frowned, Both not the same? To say that Im different from those people, I could understand. But what does you mean that those getting caught are not the same?

The blue dream butterfly began to write again. Su Hao had already stopped restraining it long ago. However, this brat seemed to know Su Hao that wouldnt injure it and had escaped from his palm.

One man and one butterfly. They began to communicate with each other while squatting by the grass.