Godly Model Creator Chapter 81

Gmc Chapter 81

Chapter 81    The mastermind behind the plot

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

This is taking too long!

The blue dream butterflys writing speed was far too slow. The process was wearing Su Haos patience thin. Looking at the state of this blue dream butterfly, however, today would definitely be a day to remember. 

If it followed him back to Jianghe City, it would bring countless difficulties!

Su Hao activated his virtual screen, selecting a virtual writing software. 

With a swipe of his hand, a holographic keyboard appeared in the air. While looking at the blue dream butterfly, he questioned, Can you type?

The blue dream butterfly shook its head.

I thought you were a genius? Su Hao muttered with disdain. He closed the holographic keyboard and changed to a form of input writing. With a swipe of ones fingers, strokes would remain on screen, prompting character suggestions. 

You should be able to write using this, right?

The blue dream butterfly nodded.

It flew from his palm towards the virtual screen. 

At this moment, Su Hao had a sudden realization. This little brats origin ability was ten points! Its strength wasnt weak at all. It exuded a majestic aura as it flew through the air this time around.

On the virtual screen, rows of characters appeared in rapid fashion. Compared to Su Hao, its typing speed was even quicker!

Blue dream butterflies dont mind being treated as a pet. Compared to the outside world which is full of danger, it is far more comfortable and safe being a pet. However, those people arent the same. They catch blue dream butterflies for the purpose of harm

Harm? Su Hao was puzzled. How did they harm?

The blue dream butterfly continued to write, They obtain control of blue dream butterflies and sell them to the misses of large families. Then, they control those misses.

...! Su Hao was shocked, You mean that dark energy

Yes. The blue dream butterfly replied. I dont know what ability it is, but it is capable of controlling people like a puppet. Those blue dream butterflies were caught in a similar fashion.

Su Hao was bewildered.

Thinking back to the laboratory and the dark energy that laid within, Su Hao didnt doubt the blue dream butterflys words. Additionally, when that middle aged man had caught the butterfly, he had felt a peculiar sensation at the time.

However, he hadnt put too much thought into it. He had only felt as if there were some minor issues. 

Now, it appeared that they were not minor issues, but major ones! 

The laboratory was not for the purpose of a companys technological research, but to study how to control blue dream butterflies. Afterwards, they would be able to infiltrate and control people who purchased blue dream butterflies.

Of those who could afford blue dream butterflies, were any of them were not exorbitantly wealthy?

Once those misses were under control, it was very likely that things would escalate. Perhaps, even the boss of a company or the chairman of a group would fall under their control. 

At that time, the entirety of Jianghe City would become a world of ambition!

When that time arrived, the residents of Jianghe City would suffer along with those large families. Who knows what those madmen in power would do?

His friends and family still remained. 

This matter must come to an end!

Su Hao pondered for quite some time and then nodded as he looked at the blue dream butterfly, I will save them, but the problem consists of how to do so. I am already far weaker than those gatekeepers.

The blue dream swayed a few times before writing again.

Request help!

Of course we need help, but who we could possibly ask is the question here. Su Hao bitterly smiled, With such a big laboratory, there must be someone behind them! In that case, were simply offering ourselves to the tigers den. Wont we have a miserable end?

There was a moment of silence.

Su Hao didnt know who to believe in!

Chen Yiran, he believed in! Zhou Wang was also someone trustworthy.

However, the Chen and Zhou families were not forces he could place his trust in. What if those families were involved? For those families at the top, something like this was normal. 

Despite Jianghe Citys size, he couldnt find anyone to help!

If Su Hao reported this matter, hed be taking a gamble. 

To gamble on either Chen Yiran or Zhou Wangs father involvement in this matter...He would be placing his life in the hands of others. Once he hit the muzzle of gun, he dared not imagine how he would die. 

Since I cant find anyone to help, I will act on my own! Su Hao sneered. He wasnt stupid enough to gamble with his future.

Hey, little brat. If I get rid of these people, would it save those blue dream butterflies? Su Hao looked at the blue dream butterfly and asked.

En, as long as the one with the origin ability dies, their control will be lifted. wrote the blue dream butterfly. 


A crazed look could be seen in Su Haos eyes, Since you want to destroy Jianghe City, I will destroy you first!

The blue dream butterfly blinked its eyes as it stared at Su Hao. After noticing Su Haos gaze was directed at it, it became alert. As it was about to retreat, its wings were pinched together by Su Hao once again. 

Little brat, you want to save your people right? Su Hao asked with a sinister smile.

The blue dream butterfly nodded its head.

Good then. Su Hao laughed, Lets see. If I was to go, it would be too big of a movement to remain unnoticed. You will help me go and take a look at whether it is safe. As long as nobody is patrolling, we are free to act.

The blue dream butterfly made a long face. In the end, under threat from Su Hao, it rushed into the hole with a dauntless spirit. A minute later, the blue dream butterfly quietly returned.

How is it?

Nobody is exiting. There are only two guards watching the door. The blue dream butterfly wrote.

Good, wait for me here. Su Hao quietly slipped into the cave until he reached the last bend. If he was to look around the corner, he would be able to see both the two guards and the laboratory.

It wasnt the wisest idea to stick your neck out in this type of situation. 

Communication device, start!

A virtual screen popped out. Hidden investigation, activate!


From the top of the small communication device, a needle-like object appeared. If you were to observe it closely, it was actually a tiny camera installed on the communication device. This time, however, it protruded out of the devices body. With such slim body, you wouldnt notice it unless you were looking for it. 

Who would pay attention to such a trivial object from more than ten meters away?

Su slowly extended his right hand and operated the needle-like camera to spy around the corner. The laboratory door appeared in front of Su Haos vision.

Two armed guards were standing in front of the door. Behind them was the automatic glass door. It was made of a special glass that was harder than most titanium alloys. Su Hao estimated that if this door was to sealed, he was incapable to breaking it open. 

Through the glass door, he had already seen the scene consisting of blue dream butterflies surrounded by an dark energy. In the laboratory, there were people wearing white coats along with the middle aged man who captured the blue dream butterfly.

Model analysis, start!


At this moment, the terrifying consumption of origin ability energy began once again. Even after the increase from beginner origin ability transition technique, his gas tank had nearly emptied itself. 

Although terrain modeling only created a temporary model, with such a large area, the energy consumption was increased by a large margin. 

Before, the ghost castle had been enough to drain nearly all of Su haos energy despite his mastery of advanced origin ability cultivation technique. Currently, even after upgrading his energy capacity, he was unable to accommodate the consumption of the laboratory.

One second!

A perfect model of the laboratory appeared within his mind. The exquisite experimental tools, the corners of each path, and the position of each blue dream butterfly came into view.

Two seconds!

Su Hao carefully analyzed the separate rooms in the laboratory. He took notice of which rooms belonged to the common staff, the one that belonged to the middle aged man, and even the placement of objects within those rooms.

Three seconds!

Su Hao then analyzed the path to the laboratory, determining the fastest path to both infiltrate and escape. 


The model in his mind collapsed. Three seconds. With Su Haos current ability, he could only support the model for a duration of three seconds! This wasnt even a permanent model, just a temporary one! The energy consumption of terrain modeling was no joke. 

However, for Su Hao, three seconds was enough!

He quietly exited the cave and greeted the blue dream butterfly, returning to Jianghe City. Of course, when they entered the urban area, Su Hao hid it within his pocket until when nobody was around. 

WHat did we come back for? The blue dream butterfly wrote in anger.

Su Hao replied, I need to buy something.

Buy what? The blue dream butterfly felt strange.

A bomb. Su Hao smiled sinisterly.

!!! The blue dream butterfly was obviously frightened. It was stunned for a few seconds, before quickly reacting and writing, No! Absolutely not! My people are still inside. Once the bomb explodes, everyone will die!