Godly Model Creator Chapter 82

Gmc Chapter 82

Chapter 0082    Deploying bomb

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Su Hao gave the blue dream butterfly some time to calm down. Although it was incapable of speaking, once it had been angered, its tantrum was like a tornado.  

Rest assured, I have a plan. Su Hao attempted to comfort it before heading to a grocery store in Jianghe City to buy large amounts of supplies. Afterwards, he travelled to his masters pharmacy store.

Though the pharmacy store was closed, that didnt prevent Su Hao from taking items. Since Zhang Zhongtian had accepted him as a disciple, his information had naturally been added to the security system, allowing him to come and go as he pleased.

After taking large quantities of items unavailable on the market, Su Hao was finally able to complete his item gathering.

A total of twenty materials varying from liquids, solids, and gases were included.

Even Su Hao felt that he was being quite reckless. As he thought about the twenty materials he had taken, his mouth turned dry. He was extremely clear about what type of terrifying existence would be created once these materials were put together.

Whatre you trying to do? The blue dream butterfly wrote.

Su Hao licked his lips, Origin ability liquid bomb.

The blue dream butterflys little eyes opened wide. Origin ability liquid bomb

The phrase liquid bomb referred to a flammable chemical liquid which was placed in a special container containing an explosive device. As for a origin ability liquid bomb, it integrated the deployment of origin abilities with a liquid bomb, increasing the explosive force by several fold.

With just one origin ability liquid bomb, like a stone thrown into a calm lake, the origin ability would spread into its surroundings like a ripple of water. Such powerful lethality was hard to imagine.

Compared to ordinary explosives, the origin ability liquid bomb had one major drawback, which was the radius of the explosion. Usually, the explosion would only have a circumference of one meter! As long as you remained outside that distance, you would be capable of avoiding any damage from the bomb. This time, however, such a defect was advantageous for Su Hao.

Those blue dream butterflies which were placed on top of experiment tables? The height was exactly 1.4 meters. Thus, the liquid bomb would leave them unscathed while simultaneously catching everyone inside in one fell swoop.  

If any teachers were to discover that Su Hao was producing an origin ability liquid bomb, they would definitely become irate.  

Although textbooks contained some related details, they were intended to teach students how to evade such an attack, not to craft one!

There were a total of two hundred points in the theoretical basics course, which included all sorts of basic information. They were intended for students future battles and survival. As for Su Hao, who had scored the highest in theoretical basics, he had the tendency to remember everything he came across. This naturally included things outside of the syllabus, such as the recipe for origin ability liquid bombs.

To make an origin ability liquid bomb, exactly twenty materials are needed. Half of the materials could be found in ordinary market for hundreds of thousand star dollars. As for the other half, which consisted of rare materials, they were worth more than three million star dollars. When Su Hao had arrived at the pharmacy shop for the first time, he had noticed that such rare materials were not uncommon at all in Zhang Zhongtians store.

For one origin ability liquid bomb, the materials alone amounted to four million star dollars. Also, for mixtures containing twenty materials, the level of difficulty in producing them was no joke. The failure rate was extremely high! Upon failure, there was a high chance for an explosion to occur, killing any nearby people.

That was why the market price for a single origin ability liquid bomb was greater than fifty million star dollars!


The blue dream butterflys little wings fluttered for a few seconds, as it fled to a higher elevation.

At this point, it had thoughts that perhaps the actual villain was not those bastards in the laboratory, but the simple looking boy in front of it. Using an origin ability bomb, what type of madness was this?

What had truly frightened it was the fact that Su Hao was daring enough to carry out his experiment here!

Had he not considered the consequences if he failed?

With no protective measures prepared, if he failed, the repercussions would be severe.

A successful origin ability bomb would have a controlled explosion, but a failure? What type of explosion would it lead to? The blue dream butterfly was extremely worried for its future.

Should I just give up in saving them?

At this time, how could Su Hao be mindful about the concerns the blue dream butterfly had? All the had already been set up in front of him. He was ready to begin.



Bottles after bottle of beginner origin ability restoration drug was poured into his mouth. The energy within Su Haos body was quickly restored to full. He stared at the materials prepared in front of him before starting.

Model experiment, start!


His mind space became blank. Twenty materials quickly appeared within his mind.

Compared to terrain modelling, the consumption of these materials was almost negligible. Once again, he began the grand experiment.

Based on the memories within his mind, Su Hao adjusted the configuration countless times.

Despite this, during the first trial, a large scale explosion occurred after integrating just five materials.

On the second attempt, he improved slightly, failing once the seventh material had been added.

The third time

The fourth time

The tenth time around, an explosion occurred when he mixed in the fifteenth material.

During his twentieth attempt, it exploded after adding the nineteenth material.  

Su Hao became angry upon noticing some errors that would take awhile to fix. He was stuck at the nineteenth material and could no longer proceed.

The simulation consumption for Su Hao wasnt huge, but after dozens of experiments, his origin ability energy had been bottomed out several times! He had drunk every available energy recovery drug and the origin ability liquid bomb was still nowhere to be seen.

Damn it!

Su Hao was brimming in anger. Is it that difficult? I thought there was a ten percent success rate?

However, Su Hao had completely ignored the fact that the ten percent success rate was for skilled bomb experts. He was still merely a novice student!


Su Hao bought a number of materials for beginner origin ability recovery drug. One hundred thousand star dollars vanished in the blink of an eye. Su Hao immediately made himself twenty bottles of beginner origin ability recovery drug.

His success rate was one hundred percent!

After several days of perseverance, he was now proficient to the point where he could identify herbs through a simple touch. Even without using his origin ability, Su Hao was still capable of success.

As for any strange herbsmodel analysis, go!

After several more rounds of experimentation, he once again had nothing to show for his efforts.

Su Hao was already numb towards failure.

Once again, upon placing the nineteenth material into the mixture, there was no reaction. Su Hao dropped the last material inside, with no reaction yet again.

I failed again! Su Hao waved his hand and the models vanished, Oh almighty origin ability bomb. I have finished, but there was no reaction. How many more times must I fail?

Hey, this wasnt right!

Su Hao suddenly reacted. Just now, it seemed like there was no reaction from both the nineteenth and twentieth material. Additionally, there was no explosion?

Su Hao was shocked. Hadnt he succeeded?

He had repeated the experiment so many times that he had gone retarded. Well, this was still just a simulation. He recalled the feeling from before and tried to remember every single detail.

A new experiment began once again.

For three successive tries, he succeeded!

When Su Hao finished, he detonated the origin ability liquid bomb within his mind. The power was indeed extraordinary. However, no matter how extraordinary it was, the damage was still limited to a radius of one meter.

Within ten meters, a normal liquid bomb would be most effective!

For distances greater than ten meters, the role of dynamite would have already weakened. Besides explosive forces of enormous proportions, origin ability would remain the most lethal option. With the ability to ignore both position and barriers, anyone would receive direct origin ability damage within one hundred meters.

After completing several experiments, Su Hao looked at the pitiful amount of energy within his body and the several bottles of recovery drug beside him. Finally, he decided; experiment, start!

While Su Hao was seriously engaged in experimenting, the blue dream butterfly was worried once again.

Dont tell me that he really is mad? In its eyes, Su Hao had bought a pile of materials and jstared at them for half a day. During this period, he had kept refilling on bottles of recovery drug and hadnt started any experiments.

Afterwards, Su Hao had gone out to buy herbs to make more bottles of recovery drug. Once again, he had consumed the drugs and continued dazing

Inexplicably, the blue dream butterfly was deeply worried by the current series of events.

As it was musing, it noticed Su Hao begin to act.

It saw Su Hao skillfully divide each material in front and begin to mix them. First material, second material, third material added

Countless of materials capable of exploding the room were thrown in by Su Hao without any hesitation. Feeling scared, the blue dream butterfly flew even higher.

This madman Was he making a snack or a bomb!