Godly Model Creator Chapter 83

Gmc Chapter 83

Chapter 0083    Mysterious organization

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

One material, two materials, three materials

The blue dream butterfly stared with its eyes wide open. Let alone explode, the terrifying origin ability liquid bomb hadnt exposed a single trace of foam from start to finish. 

When all twenty materials were mixed together, Su Hao poured the final product into a round container. Bomb successfully created!


Su Hao released a sigh of relief. He had finally completed it!

An origin ability liquid bomb!

It was a round, transparent piece of glassware, a mere five centimeters in size. The glassware contained a crystal clear blue liquid, which reflected even rays of light, sparkling like a diamond. Who could guess that such a tiny bottle of liquid could produce such terrifying lethality?

As for the method of activation, you simply had to shake it vigorously. Three seconds later, the liquid inside would react, creating a powerful explosion. 

Su Hao carefully stored the bomb away.

Today, there wasnt any possibility of going out. Although the sun still shone in the sky, it was mere hours from setting. Additionally, Janghe City was quite far from the laboratory. Su Hao estimated that once he arrived, the sky would have turned dark.

It seems that I can only act tomorrow.

Su Hao also thought of using this entire night to improve his current plan. After all, nothing could be allowed to go wrong. 

His general plan was to rush into the laboratory tomorrow and drop the bomb, killing everyone inside. He would then rescue all the butterflies. What would he do after that?

Once the enemy was alerted of his actions, they would certainly investigate!

Although Su Hao was very cautious, he couldnt deny that various strange abilities existed in the world. If even a single clue was discovered, it would be extremely troublesome for him. Such a scenario was not something which he could tolerate.

This is not a joke. This brother here is trying his best to save Jianghe City and its people from pits of fire. In the end, do I really have to shoulder any ensuing trouble by myself?


Su Hao would never involve himself in any matter which could backfire on him. If he wanted to act, he had to ensure that his plan was foolproof. 

No matter what kind of organization was behind this, he mustn't allow them any time to investigate! Su Hao thought for a moment and came to a resolute decision. Exposure!

He would expose everything! What era was it? It was the era of origin ability!

The internets level of development had reached unprecedented levels. As long as something was uploaded to the internet, it would be impossible to stop it from being spread! However, Su Hao was fairly sure that most major families would be monitoring the internet with a large degree of precision, detecting any sensitive vocabulary. After this matter had been exposed, such people would be extremely busy.

However, determining when and where to best expose this matter required a deeper understanding. 

Su Hao looked to the left and right of his room, his gaze ultimately coming to rest on a storage room. It contained items which his family either werent or couldnt use at the moment.  


Su Hao opened the door to the storage room. Countless specks of dust hovered in the air. It seemed like nobody had visited this place in quite awhile.

The blue dream butterfly which had just arrived at the scene was covered in dust. Such a bad sensation caused it to hover aimlessly in the air. Su Hao, who found this scene rather humorous, pinched its wings and placed it on top of a nearby cabinet.

The size of the room was not even ten square meters. It couldnt be considered big nor small. A variety of things were displayed here. What caught the most attention was the steel armor placed in the centre.

Iron man!

There was a time where Su Hao had noticed his lack of progress. He placed all of his hope in technology and iron man was, without a doubt, one of the best!

Su Hao was obsessed and had even bought a set of armor. Unfortunately, after more investigation and research, he was discouraged by price tag of tens of billions star dollars!

Wasnt he trying to become strong so he could protect his family and allow them to live freely? If he had tens of billions star dollars, why was there a need for such armor? Su Hao had abandoned this idea without any hesitation. 

As he recalled the now fond memories, he thought that the previous him was extremely funny, both young and immature. 

Why couldnt he wear this tomorrow?

Not only would he hide his identity, he could even shock the whole world! This set of armors covered his entire body. After putting some more thought into it, Su Hao gave up on this ridiculous idea though. 

Too heavy!

This was not a titanium alloy or legendary metal, it was just ordinary iron. If he were to wear this armor, not only would he tire easily, but it would limit his mobility. 

This wasnt surprising to Su Hao. After all, he only spent five hundred star dollars on it. What could you possibly expect from such a cheap item?

As he continued to look around for a moment, he spotted quite a large number of clothes. However, they were either school uniforms discarded by him and Su Ling, or his fathers clothes from long ago. If Su Hao was to wear any of these, he would identified quite easily. 

It isnt good when technology advances too quickly either. Su Hao complained.

As he prepared to close the closet, Su Hao was suddenly startled. This wardrobe was a standing type. The region above was generally for hanging clothes while the bottom section was for neatly folded clothes. However, in the bottom section, there was a wooden box.

Su Hao took it out and had a look. The surface had been enveloped by dust.

What is this?

Su Hao opened it to discover his dads work certificate, that of a martial arts trainer. At the bottom, there was an uniform. It was the most common martial arts clothing which could be found at street vendors. 

However, after he removed the training clothes, Su Hao discovered a white cloth.

He quickly noticed it wasnt the same material. It was incredibly smooth to the touch. The material was obviously that of an extremely high quantity, with an appropriate price tag to accompany it. As he removed the entire white cloth, he was shocked. 

Instead of calling it a cloth, it would be more accurate to call it a robe.

With an uncommon design and the cape to accompany it, Su Hao thought of a game he had played before, Assassins Creed.

Although the style was completely different, the overall shape was pretty similar.

This material...

Su Hao suddenly grabbed a sharp item and stabbed down. The cloth remained unscathed.

Sure enough!

An indescribable look could be seen within Su Haos eyes. Heavens natural silk...A type  of silkworm which had undergone mutation produced this silk. It was both soft and nearly indestructible, but incredibly expensive! Later on, the government had begun to hunt down the silkworms in order to domesticate them. It was nearly impossible to stumble upon them in the wild. 

The amount of people qualified to make heavens natural silk clothes were small in number. It was an exaggeration to say that once you sold this clothing, you would be one of the richest and most influential people in Jianghe City. 

What is going on? How could dad have such clothing?

Su Haos facial expression was miserable at the moment. As he flipped the gorgeous cloth back and forth, he finally discovered a small serial code. Located at the lower right back of the cloth was a printed serial, K82031.

There is a number series which mean it is standardized!

This heavens natural silk, it must have belonged to the government!

Ive never heard of it, thus this must be confidential!

This cloth must have come from a mysterious organization formed by government. They perform highly confidential tasks and thus, require heavens natural silk cloth. Most likely to protect their safety.

With these clues, Su Hao was able to analyze some information. Although what he deduced was little, it was already enough to shock Su Hao.

His usual impression of his dad was that of a father who loved his children so much, that he would play the fool. After seeing this, however, it was enough to change his view. Coupled with the fact that his mother, Li Xiaorui, had given him the black box, Su Hao felt that something was definitely odd. 

Fathers car accident...

The mysterious black box

This gorgeous standardized robe

As more clues appeared, it was enough to change Su Haos understanding, simultaneously stirring disbelief in his mind. The blue dream butterfly could feel the unusual atmosphere and quietly lay on his shoulder.

Su Hao sighed, Once I am in Zhanzheng College, will I finally get an answer?

Dad, who are you exactly?

Are you really just an ordinary martial arts coach?

Zhanzheng College, I will definitely find the answer there!

Su Haos goal had never changed!

For such a long time, Su Haos mediocre talent had now become extraordinary.

After calming himself down, Su Hao shook off the dust on the cloth before returning it, Unfortunately, there is a serial number on top. Otherwise, it would be perfect for concealing my identity.

Hearing this, the blue dream butterfly suddenly flew up and landed on the cloth.

He could see the fluttering wings of the blue dream butterfly at the lower right corner of the cloth where the golden serial number was placed. As it gently waved its wings, numerous blue breezes appeared with slivers of energy flashes. The lines of golden thread were completely removed and the heavens natural silk instantly tightened. No traces of tampering could be seen. 

A cloth without a serial number was born!