Godly Model Creator Chapter 84

Gmc Chapter 84

Chapter 0084    Finding some troubles for Sun family

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

Wow, you even know how to do this?

Su Hao was stunned. This little guy was obviously not an ordinary blue dream butterfly. It not only knew how to write and communicate, but possessed a lot of magical abilities. Excluding the ability to speak, it knew more that an ordinary human would! Now, it had even become a part-time tailor. 

This could not be explained by science!

The ability to communicate could be considered a side effect of mutation. Its confusion techniques were part of its origin ability, but its capacity to write was definitely unnatural. 

Also, this brat was capable of calmly communicating with humans, as if no language barrier was present.

It knew about Jianghe City and the major families. It even knew what heavens natural silk was. Of course, knowledge of the origin ability liquid bomb was also included. Most of the time when Su Hao had communicated with it, he had subconsciously ignored its real identity, treating it as another human being. 

What exactly is this brat?

Su Hao was puzzled.

As he watched the little guy attentively remove the golden thread, Su Hao cast out any doubt in his heart. No matter what its true identity was, they were currently on the same side. 

Once the thread was completely extracted, it was pinched into a lump. Although he had never seen it before, its rarity was definitely not inferior to that of the heavens natural silk.  



Su Hao tossed the robe over his clothing. While wearing the white robe, his stature was completely hidden. As Su Hao put on the cape, a trace of origin ability flashed. Su Haos face became blurred. 

Via a mirror, Su Hao was able to view his current appearance. 

He couldnt see his stature nor face! Although he lifted his head, he still wasnt capable of seeing his face, despite being a mere meter from the mirror. 


Su Hao removed the cape and the clear image of a face appeared in the mirror once again. 


With the cape re-equipped, his face became a blur. 


Su Hao exclaimed as he looked at the blue dream butterfly beside him, How is it? Do I look straight out of Assassins Creed?

The blue dream butterfly nodded earnestly.

This cloth Su Hao squinted his eyes. A cold gaze flashed by. This entire time, he had always felt worried whenever he was doing something.

His identity!

His home!

His sister Su Ling and Li Xiaorui, his mother!

He had too many things to worry about!

Love was all about being reckless and impulsive, but Su Hao didnt have such luxuries. He could do something for Chen Yiran, but his bottom line consisted of his family. No matter what he planned on doing, he always considered the safety and well-being of his family first and foremost. 

When Sun Yaotian had bullied him, he endured!

Despite Sun Yaotian always disturbing Chen Yiran, he could only tolerate it!

The arranged marriage between Sun and Chen families, he could only endure!

When Sun Yaotian had attempted to mess with him in the police station, he could only use Li Jun as an outlet for his anger. Su Hao was very aware that Sun Yaotian was not someone he could touch. Sun Yaotian carried the hopes of the Sun family. If any tragedies were to befall Sun Yaotian, the Sun family would become a mad dog, destroying Su Haos family. This was not something he could ever tolerate.

But this time, the appearance of this cloth had made Su Hao incredibly excited.

To be beaten without retaliating was not his style. Suppressing ones anger for such a long period of time could lead to disastrous consequences. SInce the problem of concealing his identity had been solved, he had a golden opportunity to strike back!

In a bright and open space, he dared not provoke Sun family.

However, didnt Sun Yaotian love acting in dark? He could act in dark too! By using this cloth to hide his true identity, it would be much easier to carry out the many things which he wished to do. After all, there were many matters he had yet to resolve...Havent you heard this line before?

Never offend a bookworm!

If he ever reached a moment where he had to struggle between life and death, Su Hao would let Sun family discover that he had seen many things he shouldnt have. His vast knowledge in theoretical basics was only an inkling of what he was capable of. As for the rescue of the blue dream butterflies, it was simply for the purpose of obtaining task points. The Sun familys hands would be full shortly afterwards.

Sun Yaotian always found opportunity to give him trouble. He now had the chance to return the favor. 

The blue dream butterfly had been lying on the shoulder of Su Hao. Looking at his sinister smile, its body unknowingly shook in fear. It wondered which unlucky fellow Su Hao had his eye on.

In the morning, the sky had yet to brighten.

Jianghe City, an Internet cafe.

Within one of the rooms, a teenager who was struggling to stay awake left. After being awake for the entire night, he had long ago exceeded his limit and wished for nothing but a good nights sleep. 

Suddenly, a white silhouette flashed by, appearing in the room. 

That flash of white was none other than Su Hao. 

Looking at the game on the monitor, Su Hao smiled indifferently. He quickly finished up and sent a message to management. He left a sum of one hundred star dollars before leaving the room. 

After a few moments, the person in charge arrived. 

Strange, where is the patron? The staff had some doubts before noticing several characters on the screen monitor. Idle leveling character for 24 hours, do not disturb.

On the table, there a hundred star dollars.

Huh, it must be that brat again. The guy in charge shook his head. The fee had been paid in advance so there was nothing to complain about. One hundred star dollars was enough for two nights.

This type of thing was fairly common in internet cafes.

Although communication devices had replaced phones and computers, that was only on surface. For games which demanded high specifications, that were hundreds of gigabytes in size, the communication device definitely wasnt capable of storing them. Only a large screen and high performance game console was capable of fulfilling such customers demand.

This era, the main attraction of internet cafes was for gaming and business was booming. 

These kids.

The guy in charge shook his head and left, after paying for the game console at the counter. 

Jianghe City, Jin Du Nightclub.

No matter the era, from ancient times till present, some things had always remained desirable. At this time, when the morning was quiet, nightclubs would be in full swing. 

Room 322, there was a do not disturb sign hanging in front of the door.

In the room, a passionate couple were on the bed, caressing each other.

The snow white buttocks of the young girl was pointed towards the roof, with her long and fluffy black hair draping over her shoulders; as the man behind her thrusted in and out, she released nonstop moans. 

Suddenly, the young girls voice became high pitched, her moans becoming more frequent. Her body began to tremble. 

As the man roared from behind, his body suddenly came to a halt. After trembling for a few seconds, he discovered that the girl in front of him had already fallen unconscious. 

Again, another useless woman.

The man coldly grumped for a second and lit up a cigarette. Once he turned around, a handsome face was revealed, that of Sun Yaotian!

F*ck, the quality of Jin Du has been getting worse.

Sun Yaotian cursed in dissatisfaction. He loved virgins, yet his skill was formidable. How could an inexperienced virgin possibly last long enough to entertain him. As a descendant of Sun family, he had visited nightclubs since he was young. From ages fourteen until eighteen, his plethora of activity had made him an experienced fighter. 

These ordinary woman, no matter how beautiful were they, were incapable of satisfying his desire?


As he thought of Chen Yiran, a surge of evil appeared within Sun Yaotians heart. However, the shadow of Su Hao alsoappeared, dissipating any lewd thoughts in his mind.

Su! Hao!

Sun Yaotian burst into a fit of rage. Every time he thought of Su Hao, he would become livid.

In the past, Li Jun had always accompanied him during such activities. With a police chief accompanying him, many things would become more convenient. Things were no longer as easy though. There was not much to say about the Sun family. He had constant training arranged for him by his family. Everytime he went out for girls, he would hide his activities from his family. Fortunately, he didnt skip his training excessive amounts. Otherwise, his father would not let him off lightly. 

Today, he had snuck out after rotting in the natural selection class. It was so hard to find an opportunity to relax and yet, his fun had been ruined by this girls inability to withstand his lust. 

Damn, next time Im going to remind them to save some good toys in advance.

Sun Yaotian felt a bit fatigued. After all, he hadnt slept the entire night and had unknowingly traveled to the world of dreams.


There was the sound of shattering glass

Sun Yaotian sudddenly frowned. He felt as if something was wrong. The alertness which had been ingrained in him made him look towards the window. 

A white shadow suddenly popped out and rushed towards him.

Damn it!

Sun Yaotian was startled and wanted to fight back, but his physical fatigue slowed his reaction. 


Feeling as if he was pressed down by a thousand pounds, Sun Yaotian noticed that the foe had hit his body hard. The foe stepped on his chest with the entire weight of their body. 

With such weight, he was dealt a critical blow. 

The horrifying force crushed the bed under Sun Yaotian. Sun Yaotians body landed on the floor. Once again, he was struck by another impact, with traces of blood appearing. The floor had been shattered. 

What a terrifying gravitational force!

This time, the soundproof rooms of the Jin Du nightclub played an important role. No matter how loud the inside became, nobody would hear anything from outside.

As Sun Yaotian was about to faint, he widened his eyes. He wanted to discern the identity of his attacker, but all he could see was a pair of cold eyes, filled to the brim with killing intent. Whenever he tried to get a clear look, the face instantly blurred. 

One move!

With his current strength, he couldnt believe he had been crushed in a single move!

This persons strength, what was his actual ability? This speed, this strengthHis assailants origin ability must have been greater than twenty! Could it be that legendary?

Since when had he offended such a powerful character?