Godly Model Creator Chapter 849

Chapter 849 Could It Be Youre Not Human?

Cough, cough.

That lean man coughed up blood.

By relying on Memory Control, he had obtained many powerful defensive origin techniques, such a level of defense was completely useless in front of the Mountain Breaker and Water Split combo!

Are you kidding? How much is Su Haos physical fitness?

Just his body alone already reached the level of peak domain realm! Coupled with his extremely powerful six-star origin techniques, so what if youre a grade S talent esper?

I have already told you, its all for your own good. That lean man bitterly smiled.

Its for our own good, and that needs you to tamper with our memory? Su Hao sneered, If someone says this to you, how would you react?

You dont understand. That lean man sighed.

Then, you understand? The voice of the old man could be heard. Those few elderly had escaped from the turbulence of their memories as they stared at that lean man, Memories are ones most precious thing. Whether its sweet or bitter, its our precious assets! But with these things erased, do you understand how painful it is?

You dont know! That old man roared, You can tamper with others memory at will. Naturally, you wont understand the value of a memory! However, to us, its akin to breaking our hands and feet! We have been searching for so many years in the dark. How could we just give up with just these words of yours saying that its for our own good?

Now, tell us the answer.

The answer that we wish to know.

That lean man went silent.

Those elderly just looked at him, waiting for him to speak.

Memory is it really that precious? That lean man sighed suddenly, Even if you have to pay with your own life, even if you know that you will die remembering such a memory, do you still wish to search for it?

Of course!

That old man didnt hesitate.

The lean man looked at them and finally sighed, Actually, I also dont know myself.

Those few people present opened their eyes widely. It has now reached such a stage, whats the need to lie anymore? Su Hao frowned slightly.

I really am clueless. That lean man added another sentence, Dont you ask me earlier about the pain of memory loss? I know because my own memory is incomplete too.

Everyone looked at him in disbelief, Your memory is also incomplete? You can tamper with memories! How could your memory have a problem too?

It really has a problem! That lean man closed his eyes with a bitter smile for a moment, My memory has been sealed, and the one who sealed it

Is myself!

Everyones face became even weirder. Who the hell would seal his own memory? However, that lean mans expression didnt seem to be fake. When Su Hao was trying to strike the iron while its hot, a terrifying entity suddenly locked onto this place and charged at the speed of lightning.

A world esper!

Everyones face changed!

Had they finally caught the attention of a world esper?

They thought that it was the same man from that lean mans organization. However, who would have thought that at this time, the lean mans expression changed even faster than them as he looked in that direction in horror.

Damn it, that thing is coming!

That thing? Su Hao noticed this word.

Its not a human nor a beast but something else!

In my name, Black Moon!

That lean man took advantage of this chance to summon Black Moon. When Su Hao was charging his strength to counter that lean man, he noticed that the lean man aimed the vortex not only at them but at himself too! He wanted to erase his own memory!

Su Hao realized something, and decisively pulled Li Xin to hide.

Black Moons light flickered, covering the lean man. Then, that lean man didnt hesitate and followed Su Hao to hide. A faint light emerged, covering Su Hao, Li Xin, and himself to conceal themselves.

Far away, those old men were still stubbornly looking in the other direction. As they had experienced this before, even if Black Moon was now stronger than before, it still couldnt catch their attention.

No matter what, we must not lose our memory!

Who cares about that world esper!

I want to see what the so-called truth is all about!

If I can know the truth, I wont regret it even if I have to die!

These several old men looked in a certain direction.

That horrifying entity finally arrived. A girl shrouded in faint brilliant light emerged from the sky like a goddess!

Those few old men were stunned.

This is that world esper?

A little girl?

Light flickered.

As the Holy Light vanished, the girls figure was revealed. She looked to be around 17 years old.

Who are you? The leader of the elderly asked.

However, the girl ignored him. Her cold eyes glanced at those men without a trace of emotion, which caused everyone to feel a chill.

This feeling

Found the lost memory.

Implementing the first act: Erasure!

Executing order!

There was a faint cold voice coming out from the girls mouth.

Could you be


A bright sword appeared from the girls hand. With a slash, rays of light fell from the sky in a flash.

Time seemed to still at this moment. Those old mens eyes suddenly opened wide, and they gradually lost their focus as if they couldnt believe that they would die like that! Truth? Memory? Sorry, you wont have the chance! At this time, they finally remembered what the lean man meant with paying with ones life.

It turned out that

What he said was this?

The leader of the old man looked somewhat relieved. Finally, it ended at least, it proved that they didnt guess incorrectly, and their efforts all this while werent wasted!

At least

Their effort was passed on to one person.

Vaguely, that old man looked in a certain direction. He knew that the young man was there. As for what will happen in the future we will leave it to you, be sure to find the truth!


Those elderly all fell to the ground.

In the dark, Su Hao watched this scene in shock.

So, this is the power behind the mystery of this world? Just a random little girl is a world esper? What kind of terrifying force is this? Hold on this is wrong! Su Hao remembered the sentence mentioned by that lean man before this, that thing came! That thing? Could it be

Shes not human?

Su Hao didnt dare to watch anymore nor dare to move!

He knew that this young girl isnt any ordinary world esper! That terrifying aura and force, he had only seen those coming from a few people, and those people are all peak world espers! In other words, this little girl has the strength rivaling a peak world esper!

One second!

Two seconds!

Su Hao just silently watched. That lean man covered his mouth tightly and didnt dare to let out even the slightest bit of noise. No one dared!

After a few seconds, that little girl seemed to vanish after confirming the death of the elderly and the disappearance of their world imprint.

Light flashed, and that little girl disappeared without a trace.

Su Hao and that lean man didnt dare to move. After waiting several minutes to pass and determining that no one was present here, only then did these two men slowly come out of hiding.

Their backs were long soaked wet.

That thing is here again! That lean said trembling.

What is that thing? Su Hao looked at him and asked.

I dont know. That lean man shook his head. Noticing that Su Hao raised his eyebrows, he quickly waved his hand, I really dont know. I erased some of my memories earlier.

You even erased your own memory? Su Hao was stunned. Then, he recalled the scene earlier. This guy actually acted on himself during a crisis.

Of course. That lean man calmly said, Everything related to that matter is not allowed to exist. Oh, by the way, you should have forgotten that thing matter by now. You also saw the consequences just now. As long as you have even a little bit of memory related to that matter, you will be killed by that damn thing!

You mean Su Hao asked in a little uncertainty, As long as there is a little memory of that matter, that thing will kill?

Of course. That lean man said with some lingering fear, Its not the first time. Each time when I do this, I will erase my memory of the matter. Only after refinement will I recover my memory. In my memory, all descriptions related to that matter are replaced with ****.

Even that works?

Of course. That lean man continued, I remember writing that. Its my own seal, so I am well aware of my level, and I will not open it no matter what. However, what makes me depressed is that each time I try to erase others memories, they will ask me something about that matter.

That lean man said a little upset, As a result, I knew that matter again! So, before that thing comes, I have to erase my related memory again. At first, I wasnt comfortable with it, and nearly got caught. However, later on, I got used to it

Can you imagine each time youre awake, your memory is blank. Will you be afraid of being in a strange place by yourself?


How about one hundred times in a row? You eventually get used to this.

That lean man sounded very emotional, Anyway, its only a temporary erasure of memory. After erasing it, there would be substitutes, so there wont be any issues. Wait until the memory of that matter has been refined, and then it will look normal. My memory is now recovering

It came back!

That lean man was pleasantly surprised, but after a closer inspection of his memory just now, he was shocked. Looking at Su Hao, You you, you! You actually didnt erase your memory?

Yeah. Su Hao shrugged his shoulder and smiled with interest, Im extremely clear of that matter you mentioned. Do you want me to remind you?

Dont say it! That lean man was stunned.

He looked at Su Hao in disbelief, How is this possible! As long as one knows of that matter, you will be hunted down. How can you be safe? Could it be that you escaped earlier? Impossible! That thing left earlier because there were no more targets.

In other words, it didnt notice you! That lean man wondered. Looking at Su Hao as if he was looking at some magical specimen, Could it be youre not human?

Black lines were forming on Su Haos forehead.

Youre the one whos not human! Your entire family is not human!