Godly Model Creator Chapter 85

Gmc Chapter 85

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Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies


Upon noticing that Sun Yaotian was still conscious, Su Hao directed another kick at him, causing him to faint. 


The racket from the fighting had caused the young girl to wake up. Due to the confusion caused by the scene in front of her, she fainted yet again. 

Su Hao draped Sun Yaotians body over his shoulder and left via the broken window. From the beginning, the blue dream butterfly had been lying on his shoulder. 

Sun Yaotian, who remained unconscious, was still unaware to the reason for his downfall. It was neither Su Haos strength nor speed, but an ability which had prevented Sun Yaotian from reacting properly. Coupled with an entire nights exercise, he had believed it to be the work of an expert. Never would he have imagined that the real perpetrator had been a tiny butterfly.  

Jianghe Citys wall.

Su Hao smiled as he looked towards the ten meter wall. 

This was the wall of Jianghe City. Generally, this wouldve been the foremost defense against any berserk beast attacks or a war. Under normal circumstances, however, it was just an ordinary wall. At this moment, Sun Yaotian was lying under Su Haos feet, wearing nothing but a cloth. This was due to the fact that Su Hao was afraid that Sun Yaotians naked body would cause him to throw up. 

In front of Su Hao, the blue dream butterfly desperately shook its head.

You dont agree with what Im doing? Su Hao smiled sinisterly.

The blue dream butterfly shook its head. It appeared as if it would rather die than agree. 

Ai, too bad. He is the key to saving all your friends. Dont you want to save them? Su Hao sighed.

The blue dream butterfly hesitated.

Although it couldnt understand the purpose of the naked man in front of it, Su Hao had clearly said it was to save people. Oh, that was incorrect. He was useful for saving butterflies. If he didnt act, then they would...

Biting the bullet, the blue dream butterfly grabbed Sun Yaotians hair and flew upwards rather unsteadily. 


One hundred sixty catty in weight was carried by the blue dream butterfly over the walls and towards the distance. 

Worthy of being the king of blue dream butterfly. Su Hao exclaimed.

He had already deduced the true identity of this little guy, the leader of blue dream butterfly tribe. Its origin ability was even stronger than other butterflies. Coupled with its incredible alertness after mutation, it had been lucky enough to escape capture. 

Looking at its fragile appearance, it was perfectly disguised. 

In Su Haos plan, Sun Yaotian was critical towards its success. As for saving the butterflies...Uh, it appeared that this actually had nothing to do with saving them. 

Everything was ready! Su Hao was simply waiting for the right timing!

Su Hao quietly went back home. After waking up early, he had a quick meal. 

Only after it had reached 10 A.M. did he exit the city gates. In less than half a hour, he reached the region outside of the secret underground laboratory.

Nobody could be seen. The blue dream butterfly had drifted down from the trees above a moment ago.

Where is that bastard? Su Hao asked.

Within the underbrush over there. The blue dream butterfly pointed at the underbrush, He wont wake up for another twenty-four hours.


Su Hao nodded. Lets go. We have to act now.

Huh? The blue dream butterfly was stunned, Were just leaving him there?

He wont be useful until later. We need to enter first before I can say more. Su Hao vaguely replied. After changing his robe, he headed to the cave. The blue dream butterfly looked at him suspiciously before tagging along.

Two guards!

Along the way, he had carefully scouted the path to the laboratory.

All circumstances were similar to yesterday.

Su Hao took out the origin ability liquid bomb. It seemed as if he was prepared to throw it any second now. The blue dream butterfly had long ago escaped to a higher elevation, afraid of being caught in friendly fire.

Su Hao calmly hid behind the corner. Through the spy camera, he observed the movement at the laboratory door.

One hour

Two hours

Su Hao was like a predator, a cat hiding in the brush as it waited for its prey to appear. 

Three hours

The glass door abruptly opened, with a man exiting from the interior of the laboratory. The two guards examined him carefully in order to ensure that he hadnt taken anything with him. 

This is the moment!

Su Haos eyes lit up. Emerging from the corner out of nowhere, he threw the origin ability liquid bomb with all his strength towards the glass door. 

Look at the bomb!

With Su Haos sudden action, the liquid in the bottle already began to react. The liquid was boiling red, with white smoke beginning to form. The white smoke soon filled up the interior of the bomb, the telling sign of an imminent explosion. The two guards who had just finished checking, saw the sudden emergence of an unknown item through the air. They were stunned and unable to react. 

As for the person who just left the laboratory, he had a clear view. A red boiling liquid, covered with white smoke, was heading towards his handsome face. He instinctively ducked. 


The origin ability liquid bomb easily flew over him. 

After tossing it, Su Hao hadnt bothered to spare a glance at it. He quickly retreated backwards and jumped upwards. After retrieving a fang from his waist, he fiercely hooked it onto the wall. Just like that, he was hanging at an elevation of three meters above the ground. 

At this point, the origin ability liquid bomb had made its way past the glass door into the laboratory. 

With just a red blur flying through the air, the staff conducting experiments were caught off guard, asking, What is this thing?

Their brains hadnt even reacted by the time the origin ability liquid bomb had landed. 

A violent impact radiated outwards, the explosive force blew everyone within its radius to pieces. For those closest to the bomb, they had only felt their lower bodies turn hot for a moment, before it had completely vanished. 

The ultra high temperatures instantly melted the lower half of these people. Countless experiment tools hit the ground. 

At the same time, a wave of origin ability swept across the surroundings. Countless people, despite being further away, were also affected and received fatal injuries! 

One second!

In just one second, the whole laboratory had become an ocean of flames.

However, at this moment, Su Hao didnt have the luxury of enjoying his masterpiece. He had initially believed that the bomb would only affect a height of one meter, but had forgotten that this was a cave. When the supports of the underground laboratory were destroyed, a disaster would follow. 


Su Hao quickly fled. 

Countless stones began to drop from above, causing Su Haos escape route to be encumbered. Fortunately, the little guy on his shoulder fended off any stones headed towards Su Haos back.  

There were just several corners, yet he had to run a full minute before escaping!

At this time, the tremors within the caves had finally come to a halt. 

The origin ability liquid bomb was indeed worthy of a fifty million dollar price tag! The extravagant cost of building such a laboratory had vanished in the blink of an eye. 

Su Hao had a sudden thought. The materials used to make the bomb had all come from his master. When his master had finished his research, he would definitely find Su Hao to calculate his debt. 

Come, lets enter and see.

Su Hao and the blue dream butterfly carefully entered the cave. Surprisingly, the glass door remained in once piece, although it had been bent out of shape. It could no longer could serve its purpose. The black gas in the experiment tables had vanished, but the butterflies laid on the floor without any reaction.

No response?

Was the person who controlled them dead?

Su Hao raised his head. Within the sea of flames, a middle aged man walked out step by step. His entire body was covered with blood and fried flesh, but he was still alive!

Oh shit!

Su Haos body involuntarily formed goosebumps. How could this be!

This was an origin ability liquid bomb!

Although he was hiding in the corner above, he had seen everything through his spy camera. He clearly saw several people of decent strength have their lower bodies instantly melt under the effects of the explosion. They had all died horrific deaths. Quite a number of experiment tables had been destroyed as well, proving the power of the explosion!

But this middle aged man

Su Haos mouth went dry. This time, he seemed to have offended a great master.

Fortunately, he was wearing a white robe and his expression was concealed from view. In the eyes of the enemy, Su Hao was a merciless killer that wouldnt hesitate. 

Who! Are! You!

The middle aged man roared at Su Hao. The injuries on his body began to slowly recover. Such physical fitness, was even ahead of Su Hao.

He couldnt wait any longer!

Su Hao wouldnt let go of an opportunity to strike while the opponent was injured. No matter how strong this middle aged man was, he was seriously injured. This was the best chance he had!

March forward!