Godly Model Creator Chapter 86

Gmc Chapter 86

Chapter 0086    Beginner variant esper

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

A raging fire was rampaging throughout the laboratory.

The entirety of the interior had become ruined by the rampant flames. Thanks to the bomb, many areas were burning due to high temperatures. The experiment tables, in various levels of dissolvement, fell to the ground one at a time. On the tables, countless blue dream butterflies laid unconscious. 


Su Hao rushed forward and stepped on a fallen table. He took a huge leap, performing a jump kick. 

With such pitiful strength, you dare to be so arrogant!

The middle aged man could no longer hold back his anger. His iron fist bombarded the location of Su Haos kick. 


Su Haos jump kick clashed with the mans fist. He felt a powerful force travel through his leg to the rest of his body. His jump kick was disrupted, sending his entire body flying. 

Su Hao adjust his posture in the air, landing smoothly. 


The ground trembled as he landed, showing just how much force hed been on the receiving end of. 

Su Hao raised his head and wiped the blood from his lips. A single move! It had been similar to his previous battle with Sun Yaotian. It was needless to say that this middle aged man was extremely powerful. In terms of physical fitness alone, he was already far above Su Hao!

It was obviously a mysterious control type origin ability, yet this middle aged mans physical fitness was still terrifying!!

Su Haos became alert. After his first confrontation with Su Hao, the middle aged man was also surprised. However, he wasnt surprised at Su Haos strength, but how weak he was!

This level of strength...A beginner variant?

The middle aged mans expression turned to one of ridicule, Such a huge laboratory was destroyed by a beginner variant esper. How ironic!

Beginner variant!


Su Hao was puzzled at the mans words. He had never heard of these two phrases before, despite his wide array of knowledge. Using the context from the middle aged mans chatter though, he was able to form a basic understanding of their meaning. 

Beginner variant...Very weak...

Esper. Could it be a description of his origin ability talent?

Su Haos thoughts flowed like electricity through a generator, the formidable strength of his model analysis showing its potential yet again. After eliminating all other possibilities, he arrived at the most likely conclusion that could be made. 

He himself was an esper.

Additionally, he was an esper of the beginner variant stage. Of course, the middle aged man in front of him was in a higher stage. As to for the specific details, however, Su Hao remained clueless.

Then, what stage are you? Su Hao sneered. His eyes honed in on the middle aged man.

Model analysis, start!


A faint blue light flashed. The surrounding scene changed as Su Haos mind quickly established a model of the middle aged man.

When the 3D model of the man appeared in his mind, it was accompanied by cards. Su Hao had only taken a glance before his scalp tingled with trepidation. 

Body forging technique.

Fighting essence.

Advanced basic fighting technique.

Advanced police fighting technique.

Advanced military fighting technique.

Advanced origin ability cultivation technique.

Advanced origin ability transition technique.

Intermediate origin ability control.

Bewitching control essence


A dozen cards appeared, with nearly all of them being advanced cards which Su Hao had previously heard of. 

The foes origin ability was bewitching control. Su Hao was clear about this and well prepared to fight it. However, what was with all these body forging and fighting essences? 

Four hundred points in physical fitness.

Four hundred points in fighting skills.

This middle aged mans fighting capabilities were also stronger than Su Hao!

This was the first time he had seen someone who had full score in these categories. At the same time, this middle aged man possessed dozens of cards, including a shining origin ability card. 

How strong was this mans true strength?

If not for his injuries, Su Hao wouldnt even have the courage to face him!

Can I read the cards?

Su Hao randomly selected a card to read it.

Card selection completeadvanced military fighting techniquemodel analysismodel establishedcard model failed to establish!


His sight turned bright as the model collapsed and his surroundings returned to normal. Su Hao squinted his eyes. He had been interrupted. 

The middle aged man facing him knew this!

Despite this, Su Hao had gained a lot of information. 

The ability to establish a model of this man indicated that he did not possess the anti ability detection of the tutor in the natural selection class. At the very least, he couldnt detect his model analysis. The only reasonable explanation for how hed been able to find out was the abnormal state of energy consumption during the process.

This situation had never arisen when facing students similar to himself. 

Su Hao considered that such events had occurred due to the huge power gap between the two of them. After noticing Su Haos move, the foe used his ability to interrupt the process!

The middle aged man opposite sneered as he stared at Su Hao, Interesting. Detection ability class? I thought it would a combat ability. A beginner variant esper with a detection ability talent. I really dont understand where your courage is coming from. Who incited you to do this?

Su Hao smiled indifferently, How about we take turns asking questions?


The scene in the laboratory appeared in Su Haos mind once again.

One second!

He compared the current and previous state of the laboratory, giving him an understanding of just how severe the damage was. By using a contrasting image, Su Hao was able to quickly discern any differences. 


The middle aged man was obviously confident in himself. In facing such a weak esper, it was no different from bullying a kindergartner. Although he was injured, a beginner variant esper was still incapable of competing with him in his current state.

His main aim was to obtain information about his opponent which he could pass to his superiors. 

Otherwise, with the loss of this laboratory, he would end up as a corpse no matter where he fled to! The lab had been irreversibly damaged. He had to find out the truth behind this matter!

How was the location leaked?

Great, who is the person supporting you from behind? The middle aged man asked.

Two seconds!

Su Hao remembered every location which was in danger of an imminent collapse. These spots become his weapon of choice in the coming battle. 

I have nobody commanding me from behind. I am only here because of the task I accepted. Su Hao casually replied.

He was telling the truth.

He appeared here because of his task. However, it had been to capture blue dream butterfly, not destroy this laboratory. His appearance here was simply a coincidence. 


The middle aged man was stunned.

A task!

Could the Origin Ability Association have found out about this place and issued a task to destroy it? No, it was impossible! If the Origin Ability Association were to find this place, those old men in Jianghe city would definitely take matters into their own hands. How could such a small task be issued?

The middle aged man livened up and stared at Su Hao, Brat, you dare to play with me?

Three seconds!

Su Hao took note of the position of every blue dream butterfly. He would try his best to avoid damaging them during battle. 


The laboratory model in his mind instantly collapsed. Su Hao only had ten percent of his energy reserves remaining. 

Looking at the furious middle aged man, Su Hao sighed. Why did nobody believed him even when he was telling the truth? However, since he had completed his terrain modelling analysis, he no longer had to wrangle with the middle aged man.


Su Hao made his move and instantly rushed to the front of the middle aged man. The physical strength of this middle aged man was far ahead of his own. Su Hao had personally experienced it just a moment ago.

However, the middle aged mans legs and abdomen were bleeding heavily.

No matter how strong his physical strength was, in front of the origin ability liquid bomb, hed still be on the receiving end of damage. Just a small part of the explosion had been enough to cause him serious damage.

His current speed was a fraction of what he was capable. This was an opportunity for Su Hao.




Su Hao directed a quick three hit combo towards the middle aged man, releasing three points of fighting essence without hesitation. The man was forced to retreat by the small explosion of energy. Su Hao didnt have the confidence to link his moves when facing someone with a four hundred point fighting skill. Thus, after collecting a tiny bit of fighting essence, he released it without hesitation!

The middle aged man grumped for a second. His injury was burning in pain. With a roar, he directed a punch at Su Hao.

His leg injury would not interfere with his strength.


Su Hao quickly took two steps backward. Such strength was not something he could confront head on at the moment. The middle aged man took the opportunity to press forward, throwing another punch.


Su Hao sneered. He retreated once again. A few pieces of debris fell from the roof. The middle aged mans onslaught was interrupted. 


Five stones, each the size of a football, smashed into the ground and raise a cloud of dust. If not for the middle aged mans quick response, even if he didnt die, he would have been seriously injured!