Godly Model Creator Chapter 87

Gmc Chapter 87

Chapter 0087    Mysterious voice

Translator: Yorasu I Editor: SourGummies

Within the laboratory, flickering flames continued to shine. 

The middle aged man gloomily stared at Su Hao, who was two meters from him. Alarm bells went off in his head. He pondered whether that had been a coincidence? Why had those stones fallen as he had moved through the area?

Was it a coincidence? Or had this youth in front of him predicted it would happen?

Calculation? Deduction? Or a telekinesis control ability?

This person is problematic!

After years of battle, he had seen a number of strange ability talents. If he had been careless, any one of those abilities could have been his downfall, leaving him without a grave. Origin ability talents werent terrifying on their own. What was truly terrifying was someone who had maximized their talents potential! 

The middle aged man stopped in place.

Cautious enough.

Su Haos eyes squinted. Since youre not making a move, its my turn to do so.



Kick by kick, Su Hao aimed several stones. These stones flew towards the middle aged mans most vulnerable spot, his legs! Simultaneously, Su Hao dashed forward. Leaping on the nearby tables, he headed directly towards the man. He directed a kick downwards as he flew through the sky. 

A stone or my kick. Lets see which one you will block!

Is it inconvenient moving with your injuries?

I will aim for your injuries!

Two stone rapidly made their way through the air. Su Haos kick also made its way downward, full of killing intent. The middle aged man remained motionless. With his eyebrows knitted together, it appeared as if his bleeding lower body was of no concern to him. 



Two sounds echoed through the lab as the two stones arrived first. Su Hao only saw a dazzling blue light illuminate the area in front of him. A crystal clear blue shield suddenly appeared in front of him. 


Just like before, Su Hao was forced to retreat as his kick landed. 

After tumbling through the air, he returned to his original spot. He raised his head with shock on his face, staring at the dazzling blue shield. His pupils contracted. This shield turned out to be...


The crystal clear blue shield collapsed into various fragments around the middle aged man. Within the sea of raging red flames, a magnificent scene was born. 

Blue dream butterflies!

Countless blue dream butterflies were surrounding the middle aged man!

Blue dream butterflies, each of them had the equivalent of ten points of origin ability. When they flocked together, it would bring about a disaster!

A blue dream butterfly was still something Su Hao could handle!

As for two blue dream butterflies, Su Hao could still struggle to win!

But hundreds of them

Su Hao felt his scalp go numb. No wonder the middle aged man was so proud. This was where his confidence came from.

Bewitching control!

This horrifying ability had shown its strength at this moment. His bodys injuries hadnt affected his control whatsoever. Su Hao was in deep trouble this time. 


A stream of blue flashed by. Su Hao managed to avoid the attack by a hair's breadth, causing the wall behind him to collapse as it was struck. 

Under the control of the middle aged man, the countless blue dream butterflies wings became a weapon or murder. Like a blue ocean floating in the air, once it passed by, it would leave a trail of destruction in its wake. 

In the underground laboratory.

Su Hao dodged around. The blue torrent followed him mercilessly. Occasionally, a few stones would drop from above, striking the torrent. By delaying the torrent, it allowed Su Hao to catch his breath. However, the blue torrent would quickly reorganize. 


Su Hao once again narrowly avoided an attack.

If he had not been familiar with every corner, he would have died several times over already! The middle aged man controlled the countless blue dream butterflies like a god of death. The only thing Su Hao could do was flee.

After evading several times, Su Hao finally made his way to the exit. 

However, another attack was headed towards him. Su Hao skillfully avoided it, but he had not been their target this time around. They were all heading towards the exit. 

Not good!

Su Haos face changed. The man wanted to destroy his escape route!

Su Hao kicked two stones towards the middle aged mans left and right halves. 


As the breeze whistled by, the middle aged man sneered. The blue torrent divided into two parts. One headed towards the exit as the other half quickly returned to his side.

Hong longlong!

A few pieces of debris fell down. The exit hole had collapsed. Su Haos exit route had been blocked.

The blue torrent returned back to the mans side, turning back into individual blue dream butterflies.


Total domination!

Not only was his origin ability high, he was also skillful in controlling the blue dream butterflies. This middle aged man must have been dealing with them for quite some time.

Who are you? Su Hao squinted his eyes.

The middle aged man played with a blue dream butterfly on his hand. Since the hole had been sealed, he was in no hurry to kill Su Hao.

I should be the one asking this. Such an interesting brat. At first, I thought you were from the Origin Ability Association, but Id have never thought you were some weak nobody. Despite being a beginner variant esper, your ability is detection class.

Beginner variant

Su Hao once again heard this term. He asked, Then youre not a beginner variant esper?

Beginner variant? The middle aged man laughed at Su Haos words, Ten years ago, I had already reached professional variant.

Professional variant!

Su Hao learned a new phrase, professional variant.

The middle aged man had once mentioned that he was just a beginner variant esper. Then of course, this man was much stronger than Su Hao. The higher stage would be called professional variant.

Beginner variant. Professional variant.

He wondered if there were any divisions between them? Perhaps they were several levels apart, but professional variant was definitely stronger than beginner variant. This was why the middle aged man was so confident.

Professional variant! Su Hao exclaimed, Impossible. The task I accepted only mentioned beginner variant espers. Have I been cheated?

Joke! You want to get information from me through such means? The middle aged man exposed a sinister smile, You are not a killer or people from the organization. You are just an ordinary esper who doesnt even know about beginner variants and professional variants. Yesterday, when I come back here, I had felt as if someone was watching me. That should have been you, right? From the look of you, you seem like a newbie who just graduated or perhaps, astudent?

Su Haos body turned cold!

Both of them were trying to get information of each other. Su Hao was analyzing the middle aged man and vice versa. By exchanging a few words, Su Hao had only able to get information about espers, but this middle aged man could already tell that he was a novice from his behavior. Such keen observation skills!

After all, the gap between the two was too huge!

Also, Su Hao knew very little about these things! What is a beginner variant? What is a professional variant? He wasnt clear about any of this. 

Seems like I guessed right. The middle aged man continued in a deep voice, Just a little nobody who happened to pass by. How ironic...If this is the case, theres no need to drag this on any further. Lets end it!


The blue dream butterflies around the middle aged man instantly illuminated themselves!

Once again, the countless blue dream butterflies formed a stream of blue. They formed a V shape in mid air, before crashing down. Each wing was like a flying dagger. The large V shaped torrent was full of murderous intent.

Su Hao tensed all the muscles in his body. As he stared at the blue torrent, his mind ran over all the options available to him. 

It was too fast to evade!

The range was too great! Theres nowhere to hide!

No matter how much Su Hao analyzed, he couldnt find a solution to this predicament!

Was he going to fail this time around?

Su Hao was unwilling. In the end, there was a huge gap between their strength. This middle aged man was the strongest person he had confronted to date!

As long as he was able to get close to the middle aged man, Su Hao was confident of defeating him. After all, with his injuries, he shouldnt have much combat strength or energy left. The dazzling V torrent had become Su Haos main obstacle. This caused his last hope to disappear just like that.

What should he do now? Give up?

No, hed never give up!

Su Hao looked around him. He licked his lips. There were at least four to five pillars in a state of collapse. Once these were broken, the whole laboratory would collapse. 


Once these pillars were destroyed, they would die together!

As this idea just appeared within his mind, the sweet voice of a girl rang through his head, Ignore the V attack. Just go and kill him. You only have one chance!