Godly Model Creator Chapter 88

Gmc Chapter 88

Chapter 0088    Blue dream butterfly, who are you exactly?

Translator: Yorasu I Editor: SourGummies


Su Hao became pale. This voice in his head had appeared out of nowhere, leaving behind no clues. There was only the middle aged man in front of him. Where had the voice come from?

Could he have been bewitched?

No, that was impossible! That V shape torrent was enough to kill him. There was no point in using such petty tricks. If that was the case, besides the middle aged man, who could it have been?

He had no idea!

Ignore the V attack. Just go directly for the kill. You only have one chance!

This was akin to asking Su Hao to kill himself. That terrifying blue torrent was composed of countless blue dream butterfly wings; they were as sharp as razor blades. If Su Hao dared to make his way into the midst of the torrent, he wouldnt have the ability to make it out!

However, he didnt have any other options. It didnt matter where this voice came from. Since it had appeared in his moment of despair, it should have been there to aid him. Plus, he could hear a hint of urgency in its voice. 

Only one chance

Was this to inform him that he should grasp this opportunity by using the entirety of his strength to attack?

Su Haos mind moved quickly. Based on the current circumstances, he finally made his decision.

March forward!

Within the laboratory ruins, Su Haos highly alert body stepped forward. His goal was none other than the V shaped torrent! Even the middle aged man controlling the torrent was stunned. This brat, was he handing himself over to the throes of death?

Su Hao swallowed the saliva in his mouth. 

In one second, Su Hao had already sprinted forward ten meters. He was much closer to the middle aged man. However, the V shaped blue torrent was right in front of him. 

A desperate struggle? The middle aged man coldly laughed, Ignorant fool. Let me show you the power of this torrent.


Su Haos body rose into the air. As he sprinted, the surrounding terrain was imprinted in his mind. Since he had chosen to believe the voice, he would not hesitate. In the eyes of Su Hao, that V shaped torrent was no longer present. The heavily injured man was all that remained. 


Su Haos body collided with the torrent in mid air. The dazzling V shaped blue torrent instantly enveloped Su Hao. However, the ensuing scene was shocking. The torrent had passed through Su Hao without harming him!

How could this be?

The middle aged man yelled in fright. Despite his control over the swarm of butterflies, he currently was incapable of engaging in close combat. 


Su Hao emerged from the V shaped torrent, appearing in front of the middle aged man. He retrieved a sharp fang from his waist and and stabbed towards the man. 


The fang pierced his throat, passing through the entirety of his neck, and nailed him to the ground.

A one hit kill!

That V shaped blue torrent cut through the hole. Surprisingly, the hole which had been sealed by various stones had been broken open. This attack was truly strong!

With a look of fear, Su Hao looked at the reopened hole, If such an attack was to hit my own body....

The middle aged man was dead.

He had been given a swift death. His throat had been penetrated, crucifying him to the floor. 

Su Hao carefully pulled out the fang. Noticing the shocked expression of the middle aged man, his thoughts became tumultuous. In the end, who had it been?

Who are you?

Su Hao asked in a loud voice. Besides sound of burning flames, he didnt receive a reply.

Have you left?

Su Hao murmured. He closed his eyes and recalled back the situation just now.

Just now, as he had rushed towards the torrent, countless numbers of blue dream butterflies attacks had instantly crumbled. Every blue dream butterfly that came into contact with his body had avoided him as if theyd met a terrifying predator. After leaving his body, they had once again melded into the torrent. 

What were they trying to evade? Blue dream butterfly...Someone who could influence blue dream butterflies...

After suddenly arriving at a conclusion, he turned to his right in shock, You?

To the right of Su Hao, a blue ray of light flashed. A blue dream butterfly was flying nearby. It was the blue dream butterfly who had been lying on his shoulder. However, the blue dream butterfly appeared rather lethargic. Its eyes no longer had that bright color. After shaking its wings a couple of times, it dropped down with zero resistance.

Su Hao subconsciously caught it. The blue dream butterfly fell onto his palm. It then chose a comfortable position to rest.


A loud sound echoed. Countless blue lights flashed by as the blue dream butterflies appeared before Su Hao. He was now surrounded. These butterflies had previously been under the control of the middle aged man. As he died, they had gradually been freed from his control, regaining their freedom.

What are you guys trying to do? Su Hao puzzled and asked. It was unfortunate that these butterflies couldnt understand his words.


A ribbon, similar to a translucent blue light band came out from a blue dream butterflys body. It linked itself to Su Haos palm. Following this, countless crystal clear, blue lights emerged. An area of ten meters around Su Hao was decorated with mysterious lights, akin to a fantasy wonderland. 

Su Hao was stunned upon viewing breathtaking scene before him. It was an otherworldly beauty. 

Upon noticing that the blue dream butterfly had gradually recovered its color, Su Hao finally understood that they were attempting to heal it. 

A few minutes later, the surrounding blue light disappeared. The blue dream butterfly on Su Haos palm was finally resuscitated, managing to propel itself into the air. 


The blue dream butterfly rushed into the group. However, due to its larger size, it was quite eye catching within the numerous blue dream butterflies.

Blue dream butterfly...Who are you exactly? There were too many questions within Su Haos heart.


The blue dream butterfly flew in front of Su Hao and tapped on his communication device twice. Su Hao activated the virtual screen and selected the writing keyboard.

Carry out our plan first. We will talk about it later. The blue dream butterfly wrote.


Su Hao nodded and quickly exited the cave.

Countless blue dream butterflies evacuated, flying one by one into the distance. Soon, they disappeared into the depth of forest.

Su Hao quickly dragged out Sun Yaotian. After throwing him into the laboratory, he made sure to outfit him in a lab coat before making his exit. 

With the departure of a man and a butterfly, breaking news swept through all of Jianghe City like a wildfire!

At 2 P.M. in the afternoon, countless blue dream butterflies flocked through the sky, stunning quite a number of people amidst their activities. Such a rare butterfly, yet there was an entire flock. How much wealth was that!

Countless people, upon receiving such news, rushed to the wild. Almost every powerful individual in Jianghe City had gone and bought a hunting net to catch them. The grocery store in Jianghe City, which only managed to sell a few each year, had been cleaned out of its entire stock in under in an hour. 

Many reporters quickly wrote articles about this event on the internet. A group of blue dream butterflies dancing in breeze had become the largest headline of today!

Why would there be so many blue dream butterflies in one spot?

What was happening here?

For those reporters who loved getting to the root of things, it was hard to bear. Every news center in Jianghe City quickly launched an investigation in order to land the scoop. However, an automatic mass mail was sent to every reporter.

The mystery of the blue dream butterflies appearance!

The reporters obviously opened the correspondence. What greeted them was a bunch of amazing texts. With a description of several hundred words, it exposed the thrilling conspiracy of Jianghe City, causing all the reporters to break out in a cold sweat as they read. 

Jianghe Citys number one group, the Sun Family Group Corporation, poured a lot of money into building an underground laboratory. Using a bewitching control ability, all of the blue dream butterflies would be controlled and sold to residents of Jianghe City at low price. Then, residents would be controlled using the blue dream butterflys ability, handing over control of Jianghe City.

How did they build such a large scale laboratory with such high-tech tools? How did Jianghe Citys government tax bureau and police department allow such a thing to appear in Jianghe City? Did Sun Family Group Corporation hide the truth from the masses? Or perhaps, they had already used blue dream butterflies to control a number of government officials? All of this is something worthy of contemplating.

According to our investigation, the one in charge of the laboratory is the Sun familys first successor, Sun Yaotian. The underground laboratory has already been destroyed by us. Details of the address can be seen below. Based on our understanding of the Sun Family Group Corporation, the Sun family colluded with many government officials. Such matters remained unsettled. We would like to ask the citizens of Jianghe City to boycott the Sun family and their business.