Godly Model Creator Chapter 89

Gmc Chapter 89

Chapter 0089    Sweeping whole world

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

Not a single person dared to publish this!

Nobody was daring enough!

Although journalists loved publishing shocking news, doing so would result in offending one of Jianghe Citys largest forces, punching a ticket to an early death. Nobody dared to do so. This matter needed to be verified before anyone could decide whether or not to publish it. If it turned out to be false, the gains they wouldve obtained would have been a fraction of the potential losses. 

After ten minutes, the same message was posted in various online forums. It was as if the sender had noticed that not a single journalist had broken the news. 

The contents of the message once again sent a shock through its recipients. 

During the period of time where the flock of blue dream butterflies had flown through the sky, countless rumors had broken out. Through the hundreds of forums it had been posted to, the millions of people who had seen the message had become enraged. If the contents of the message were true, this was unforgivable. 

The contents of the message possessed several flaws. For example, how could blue dream butterflies possibly could control millions of people? However, that didnt prevent people from forming their own theories. Someone soon shared their own take on this issue. He theorized that the blue dream butterflies were a stepping stone in research. When the final product was ready, bewitching control would then be used on people. The whole city would become puppets under the Sun familys control.

If a simple rumor was capable of impacting the large groups in Jianghe City, they would have already ceased to exist. 

After the message had been posted, the majority of people simply thought of it as a smear campaign aimed towards the Sun family. This especially applied to the heads of large groups, who merely ignored the message. Conspiracies such as this would occasionally rise from time to time, forcing major groups to respond. The rumors would usually disappear after several hours. 

Such matters were not worth their time of day. 

However, when reporters rushed to the location written in the message, they discovered that there truly was an underground laboratory!

It was true!

The contents of the message were true!

On the floor, countless of dead researchers could be seen along with the middle aged man. After investigation, they discovered that this mans ability was that of a powerful bewitching control esper!

It was even professional variant level, much stronger than that of a  beginner variant esper!

Even if one didnt consider this information to be newsworthy, there was still one more matter that had yet to be resolved. After the reporters checked the identities of the various researchers, they were shocked to discover that one of them turned out to be Sun Yaotian! 

It was the Sun Family Group Corporations first successor, Sun Yaotian!

He had turned out to be a researcher here!

Sun Yaotians appearance stunned the world of journalism. Countless people took videos and pictures as evidence, spreading them throughout major forums and news sites. 

At this point, the rumor finally took off. 

In just ten minutes, the amount of traffic had exceeded ten million!

Penguin Corporations communication software, responsible for the broadcast, quickly spread across the globe. This matter attracted attention from everyone. 

Attempting to control all of Jianghe City?

Bewitching control ability?

Jianghe City, along with many others which had received the news, immediately checked their respective espers that possessed the bewitching control ability.

If Jianghe City had this issue, wouldnt other cities as well?

It didnt matter whether this information was true or false, as long as the possibility existed. A grand cleaning campaign began. Every esper with a bewitching control ability was subjected to government surveillance and supervision. As for rebels or those with criminal records, the government immediately imprisoned them and forcefully controlled them. 

Su Hao would have never imagined that the conspiracy that he had put into motion would envelop the entire planet!

In Jianghe City, within the headquarters of Sun Family Group Corporation, Sun Batian gloomily listened to a report.  


Sun Batian stood up. The marble floor had shattered into pieces. Sun Batian was at his limit, forcibly withholding his anger. 

For such a long time, nobody dared to touch my Sun family. Sun Batian said in a deep voice. His low tone scared the wits out of his secretary. Breaking out in a cold sweat, he stood there motionless, not daring to speak.

Have you found the person who spread the rumor? Sun Batian calmly asked.

The secretary swallowed his saliva, Chairman, we havent found them. We tracked the IP address and found out that it was forwarded from an Internet cafe. When I sent someone over, they found nothing but an empty chair and an automated program. Nobody was seated there.

Surveillance cameras?

No one. Nobody could be seen in that days video feed. According to the person in charge, someone appeared early in the morning and topped up the nearly expired machine. He assumed that it had been from yesterday night and ignored it. the secretary answered nervously.

Such a coincidence. Sun Batian laughed sinisterly, That Internet cafe, destroy it.

This...this... The secretary was covered with sweat.

En? Sun Batian frowned. The secretary quickly lowered his head and bit his lip, Chairman, that Internet cafe is owned by a distant relative of the Sun family.


Sun Batians face took a turn for the worse.

Such a fine plan. They planned every step so well. Sun Batian sneered, Start to oppress such rumors. Within an hour, I want all news about this to be gone no matter what!

Yes! The secretary nodded. However, his communication device vibrated at this time. After opening the device, shock could be seen on his face.

Chairman, they have located the underground laboratory. It was true!


Sun Yaotians face finally exposed a trace of annoyance, This time around, the foe has actually managed to do it. My Sun family had stood in Jianghe City for numerous years. How could a rumor possibly impact my group? Contact the police departments bureau chief He and ask him to investigate quickly.

The secretary bitterly cried as he looked at the video on the screen, Chairman, they also found young master in the underground laboratory.


Sun Batians face turned scarlet.


A roar echoed. The office desk in front of him was decimated. A huge hole could be seen under his feet, causing numerous people downstairs to exclaim. This was the 88th floor of Sun Family Group. A simple step had caused a hole to form beneath his foot!

Sun Batians strength could not be understated!


The secretary immediately changed his virtual screen to public view. From the screen, the countless pictures taken by journalists were shown once again. Within the laboratory ruins, the fire had been completely extinguished.

Sun Yaotian was lying among the ruins. He was just beginning to regain his consciousness. Due to his heavy injuries, the current Sun Yaotian was both weak and gloomy.  

Yaotian isnt in the natural selection class? Murderous intent was exposed from Sun Batians eyes.

The secretary smiled awkwardly, Im not sure. However, with the young masters temper, I am afraid that the natural selection class wouldnt be capable of holding him.


Sun Batians fists were clenched. Veins could be seen on his forehead, Immediately arrange for me to personally rush to the scene. Anybody who dares to block me, kill him!


The secretary nodded and quickly headed to make arrangements. In his mind, he was very clear that the chairman who had remained silent for many years, had finally lost his temper. This time around Jianghe City would be bathed in blood. 

Sun Batian personally rushed to the underground laboratory. A number of the Sun Family Groups espers also tagged along, cordoning off the entire area. As for the berserk beasts in the area, they were eradicated within a radius of ten miles. The reporters and any bystanders were asked to leave.  

Sun Batian! A reporter coldly shouted, How dare you! Youve gone overboard this time! You cant stop this, you are fighting against all of Jianghe City! If you dare to block the scene, you can only wait to be wiped out!

Finally, there was someone who dared to step up. Standing on the side of truth, someone dared to voice their dissatisfaction. With the appearance of Sun Yaotian and all the evidence present, the Sun family would be finished this time. What was there for him to worry about? The Origin Ability Association would never ignore such a matter.

Sun Batians figure, which had been about to enter, suddenly halted and turned around. With a brimming killing intent, he stared at the reporter, What is your name?

Chen Yu! Jianghe Groups reporter, Chen Yu! The young reporter replied with confidence.

Chen Yu, its him?

Jianghe Groups number one gold medal reporter actually came!

Huh, Jianghe Group is the number one news center for Jianghe City. Plus, it has the support of a large group. Lets see how Sun Batian is going to handle this.

The surrounding reporters discussed among themselves. They were all waiting to see how things unfolded.