Godly Model Creator Chapter 90

Gmc Chapter 90

Chapter 0090    Man in white

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Jianghe Group...

Sun Baotian nodded calmly, Follow me then.


Chen Yu nodded. Such a scene was normal in his profession.

Other journalists were stunned.

He had agreed just like that? Sun Batians temper was incredibly bad due to his proud nature. He was an extremely difficult person to get along with. Was a reporter backed by the Jianghe Group enough to soften him? This outcome had been out of everyones expectations. 

Or perhaps, the Sun family knew that the outlook was bleak, thus deciding to reign in their domineering ways. 

Sun Batian, we also asked for entry!

Yeah, open it to the public! Why are you stopping us?

Seeing that Sun Batian had given way, a few reporters started to voice out their dissatisfaction. They might not have been brave enough to take the lead, but it required very little courage to loot a burning house. Sun Batian let out a sinister laugh. Two flashes of movement could be seen from either side of him. Two bodyguards had left his side, striking out before returning to their previous position. 

The two reporters that had voiced their protest had been silenced. Two wisps of blood could be seen on their necks as their bodies fell to the ground. 

Does anyone else have something they want to say? Sun Batian casually asked.

The area was shrouded in silence, with nobody daring to speak. All the reporters swallowed the saliva in their mouths. They all looked towards the ground, no longer daring to speak up. The Sun family, one of the overlords of Jianghe City, had finally revealed their sinister methods. 

This was when the reporters realized that it was the era of origin abilities!

Before the Origin Ability Association made their move, nobody would be capable of shaking the Sun familys status!

Coldly sneering, Sun Batian brought his men into the underground laboratory. Finally, they could see the ruinous scene for themselves. Sun Yaotian was being helped by a few subordinates. They were currently administering both body and stamina recovery drugs to him to aid his recovery. 

Reporting to the chairman. The situation of this underground laboratory has been investigated clearly. Based on the evidence collected from the scene, it was identical to that described on the forums! The only doubt we have is concerning the young masters involvement. An analysis engineer with glasses presented his report.

Sun Batian looked calm, Good. It is much easier to convince others using half-truths. Out foe is clearly aware of this fact. Bring Yaotian over here.

Soon, Sun Yaotian walked over with a pale expression. After consuming several bottles of advanced drugs, his body had recovered for the most part. Besides some minor nausea, his movement remained unimpaired. 

Dad. Sun Yaotian called in a soft voice.

Tell me, why are you here? Sun Batian casually asked.

I... Sun Yaotian was hesitant. He had just woken up and remained ignorant to the severity of the matter. His thoughts remained on his kidnapping, thinking that his dad had come to save him. 

Speak! Sun Batian widened his eyes.

I...I accepted a task at school. After I completed the task, I went directly to Jindu Nightclub to enjoy some time. After finding someone to accompany me for the night, I was attacked in the morning. Sun Yaotian embarrassedly said.

Then? Sun Batian calmly asked, Who was the one that attacked you?

I dont know. Sun Yaotian felt dejected, The foes ability was too powerful. They were wearing a white robe and I didnt get any glimpses of their face. Their origin ability should be above twenty. Even with my abilities, I took a single hit before fainting.

Sun Baotian stared coldly at his son. He assumed that his son wouldnt dare lie at this point.

Chairman, this was the residual image extracted from the middle aged mans eye by the analysis department. Have a look. The analysis engineer came forward once again, displaying a virtual screen to everyone.

It was a picture.

Within the ruins of laboratory, a fire was burning heavily. A man dressed in a white robe was standing in front. His body was full of murderous intent. Using the image, it could be deduced that the distance between the middle aged man and man in white was around four to five meters. However, the image couldnt display any facial characteristics whatsoever, showing nothing but a blur. 

Him, it was him! Sun Yaotian pointed at the picture of the man in white in horror.

Sun Batian pondered for a moment, What is your estimate of his strength?

The analysis engineer pushed up his glasses, According to the traces left in scene, the middle aged man is at least a professional variant. Unfortunately, there are no records of such a person in the police database. As for the exchange between the man in white and the middle aged man...It was an instant fatality! Besides the hole in the neck of the middle aged man, there were no other traces of an attack from the man in white.

Sun Batians facial expression turned grave.

The analysis engineer continued, The damage to the laboratory was primarily caused by an origin ability liquid bomb. However, the market hadnt received any excessive requests for the twenty required materials. If there was a large scale purchase of these items, the Origin Ability Association would have definitely intervened. Thus, the perpetrator didnt create a bomb from scratch.

After the explosion of origin ability liquid bomb, the middle aged man sustained injuries to both legs. Based on the clues, he probably managed to detect the threat and avoided much of the explosion. However, due to insufficient height, he was still affected. Despite the injury to his legs, his origin ability wouldnt have been hindered in any meaningful way. As for the strength of the man in white, we are unable to produce an estimate due to the lack of data.

The analysis engineer had done his job well. If Su Hao was here, he would definitely be shocked. This young man had been able to deduce the details of the preceding events incredibly accurately! However, he had been incorrect concerning the bomb production. With the expensive materials from Zhang Zhongtians store along with Su Haos purchases, it had been more than enough to produce a single bomb. 

One portion of materials...That was enough for Su Hao!

At least professional variant level and capable of using a prohibited item like an origin ability liquid bomb... Sun Batians face didnt look great. A foe with such strength had been able to perfectly execute such a troublesome plan for the Sun family. Had the Sun family messed with any criminal organizations? Having an enemy was not scary, but a powerful enemy shrouded in darkness was something to be terrified of. 

Yaotian, have you offended anyone? Sun Batian looked at his son. Although Sun Yaotians strength was only mediocre, his ability to offend others was nothing short of incredible. 

Nope. I havent. Sun Yaotian hurriedly waved his hand, Dad, I spend my time at school learning. I only left to celebrate because I completed my task. I definitely never offended anyone of this caliber.

After explaining a bit and seeing Sun Batians face ease down, Sun Yaotian continued, Dad, if we consider people who have enmity with me though, there is somebody I can think of.


Su Hao! Sun Yaotian grinned evilly, He is very jealous of me. After last times incident, he must have been looking for an opportunity to deal with me. Perhaps he found someone to act for him.


A heavy slap made contact with Sun Yaotians face. He fell to the ground, his face swollen from the impact. 

The site analysis engineering team continued collecting information, ignoring what had just happened. 


Sun Yaotian looked at his dad in disbelief. He never would have expected his father, who hadnt beaten him a single time before, to suddenly strike him. 

Can you stop messing around? Sun Batian looked at his son in disappointment.


I asked you if youve had enough trouble. Sun Batian asked in a flat tone.


You really think that I would fall for your petty tricks? You really think I dont know about your frequent visits to Jindu Nightclub? You really think I didnt know about the shady business youve conducted with Li Jun? Sun Batian was very sad.

Do you know how much energy I had to spend to send Li Jun to the Public Security Bureau? As long as chief He recommended him, Li Jun would be capable of getting the position. But because of you, he is dead! Even forgetting about that, what are you trying to do right now? Our Sun family had an enemy in front of us, yet your jealousy is showing! Chen Yu, give him the details of our familys losses!

Chen Yu, the number one reporter of Jianghe Group and promising gold medal reporter, had turned out to be one of the Sun familys arrangements!

Chen Yu activated his virtual screen and read, After the rumor had been released for thirty minutes, the Sun familys losses amounted to one million. After the exposure of laboratory ruins, an hour after the rumors release, our losses reached a sum of five million. Right now, two hours after the rumors release, our losses have reached ten million and continue to grow.

Sun Yaotians face went pale. With such enormous losses, what could possibly be happening right now?

Remember that you are our Sun familys first successor. Because of your talent, we placed the entirety of our hopes on you. However, that is all contingent on your enrollment in Zhanzheng college. Sun Batian casually said, If youre not able to enter Zhanzheng college, I wont invest a single penny on you!

After Sun Batian finished his sentence, he ignored Sun Yaotian and let Sun Yaotian stand there. 

Immediately contact the Origin Ability Association and report exactly what happened here. Report every detail and dont conceal anything!

Yes, chairman!

Chen Yu. I will leave it to you to clarify the details of this matter in the report. Sun Batian said to Chen Yu.

Rest assured. Chen Yu smiled, Everything is under control.