Godly Model Creator Chapter 91

Gmc Chapter 91

Chapter 0091    The identity of blue dream butterfly

Translator: Yorasu I Editor: SourGummies

Everything had been clarified!

A report by the Jianghe Group had cleared all the doubts of wrongdoing by the Sun family. Also, after the Origin Ability Associations investigation, they also voiced their support of the Sun familys innocence. These details were reported on a news show belong to the Jianghe Group. 

Unfortunately, only major groups would believe such news. As for ordinary citizens, they remained skeptical.

Didnt you read the message? The Sun family had their own people within the government! It would take mere minutes for a family such as theirs to cleanse themselves of wrongdoing. Additionally, only Chen Yu had been allowed to enter that day. As for everyone else, they had been forbidden from placing even a foot inside. Not to mention the fact that two journalists had been killed. Wasnt this incredibly suspicious? 

Gossip was something ordinary citizens loved the most.

Countless rumors spread among the citizens. They preferred to maintain a state of skepticism and distrust towards any single source. This resulted in the entirety of malls, chain stores, and shops that belonged to the Sun family being deserted. Not to mention the reduction in sales, due to the decline in the Sun familys image, a multitude of negative effects transpired.

The Sun familys shares continued their downturn. It would be quite a while before they would manage to stabilize. 

At this point in time, the events surrounding the mysterious blue dream butterflies could be considered to have concluded. As for the mysterious organization, the matter had been left to the Origin Ability Association to handle. As the victims of the blue dream butterfly event, the Sun family had already suffered a twenty percent decline in their revenue. It would take them an extremely long time to recover. 

As such events were happening, the mastermind Su Hao was in his room, staring at the small eyes of blue dream butterfly with his big eyes.

Be honest now. Who are you exactly? Su Hao asked seriously.

The blue dream butterfly took an apple from Su Haos table. A flash of light occurred and voila, the apple was cut cleanly. It was handed to Su Hao as an apology. 

...This was my apple in the first place! Su Hao stared at it, Tell the truth now. This time around, I wont let you fool me!

The blue dream butterflys body flickered as it began to write gracefully, I was originally an ordinary blue dream butterfly in the clan. However, my origin ability experienced a mutation and thus, I unexpectedly became the empress of blue dream butterfly. Despite leading them to a happy life within forest, we came across that middle aged man with his bewitching control. Because of my strong origin ability, I was able to escape. As for the rest, I believe you already know.



Able to marvellously mutate? Go and mutate your head!

The blue dream butterflys language and culture was that rich?

Then what about that voice? Su Hao asked indifferently.

Uh... The blue dream butterfly had obviously forgotten about this part. Frowning for quite some time, Oh yeah! Blue dream butterflies have an ability, allowing us to communicate with a person directly with origin ability. But due to its large energy consumption, I rarely use it.


Could you be any less believable?

It was your own ability, yet you had to think for a full minute to give an answer?

Little brat. Su Hao grabbed the wings of the blue dream butterfly in dissatisfaction, Dont test my patience. If you continue lying to me, I will throw you outside.


The blue dream butterfly struggled for a few moments, trying to break free from Su Haos grasp. Looking at him in disapproval, it hesitated for a moment, before finally writing a few words slowly on the virtual screen.

I am Zhang Yating.

Su Haos was startled. With both eyes widened in disbelief, he had never expected the blue dream butterfly to come out with this name.

You named yourself? Su Hao asked cautiously.

No. The blue dream butterfly shook its head.

Su Hao looked at the beautiful flying blue dream butterfly in front of him. Suddenly, an absurd idea came across his mind. He couldnt stop himself from asking the blue dream butterfly, Are you...human?

The blue dream butterfly looked sad, I...I dont know.

En? Su Hao felt strange.

The blue dream butterfly lowered its head, I also suspected before than I was a human. However, I cant recall anything. From the moment I was awake, I was already a blue dream butterfly. But in my mind, there is this consciousness who keeps reminding me that I am Zhang Yating! Later on, I remembered more and more, such as writing and speech. However, I still couldnt remember who I am.

Could I be a blue dream butterfly that accidentally obtained the memory of a random girl? Or perhaps Im a human who was destined to possess the body of a blue dream butterfly? I am not sure. If I keep thinking about it, Im afraid I will go mad one day. Thus, I can only forget about all of this and happily live as a butterfly flying within the sky. The blue dream butterfly slowly wrote in the virtual screen.

It was just a wall of text, yet they gave Su Hao a sense of inexplicable sadness. 

Was that why it was hiding its other self?

Was it a human or a butterfly?

Su Hao suddenly recalled that ancient man, Zhuangzi. He had dreamt of becoming a butterfly. He felt that his dream was so magical, that he actually had become a butterfly. When he woke up, he found that he was still Zhuangzi, a man. Yet, was he really a human or butterfly? This was the doubt of the ancient man, painstakingly similar to the blue dream butterfly in front of him!

Blue dream butterfly...Zhang Yating...human...butterfly... Su Hao felt that there was something playing within his mind. It was as if he had recalled something important, but he lay on the cusp of remembering it. As long as he reached out, the truth would be revealed.

In order to have higher score in theoretical basis, he had read countless of materials, dedicating years of his life. Some had just been glanced through and remained in the depth of his memory. Su Hao seemed to have recalled something, prompting him to ask, What was the time you woke up?

Just woke up? The blue dream butterfly was somehow at a loss, It seemed like a sheet of white. Beside white, I couldnt see anything else. Later, I fainted. At that time, I still couldnt recall anything, so I didnt know what was happening. I just remembered that once I escaped, I flew for a very long time.

White... Su Haos eyes lit up. There was one thing he was sure of being white!


Su Hao immediately activated his virtual screen and then typed a few keywords to search: experiment, butterfly, possession.


The screen refreshed. There was only a bunch of unrelated news, there was not a single clue! Continue! Su Hao changed the keywords to include experiment, butterfly, and soul.


The screen refreshed. Yet again, it was a bunch of nonsense. Continue! Su Hao had a look at the contents above and changed the keywords: experiment, berserk beast, moving soul.


The screen refreshed, with countless articles of official news appeared. Su Haos mind was in shock. This was the one. He selected the foremost article at the top, a news report from a few years ago. If Su Hao was not mistaken, it was about the scheme of an evil organization.

Today, under the strike of Origin Ability Association, the scheme of an evil organization was finally exposed. According to the reporters investigation of the scene, it was discovered that the evil organization had resulted to kidnapping mankind. This was for the purpose of solving the problem of berserk beasts low intelligence and in order to cultivate their strength. Through a certain origin ability, the soul of a human was transferred into a berserk beast. In these past few years, the organization had kidnapped countless humans. In the entire world, hundreds of thousands of cases about human disappearance have been recorded, with most of them likely related to these events.

Our reporter had obtained permission from the Origin Ability Association before we proceeded with writing this news. According to the records of the evil organization, this soul moving experiment only had a success rate of 0.01%, which means one in ten thousand! Which mean out of every ten thousand victims, only one will live on with the identity as berserk beast. A month ago, a berserk beast escaped and attacked the Origin Ability Association. Only on the brink of death, did it reveal its identity as a human to the association.

The Origin Ability Association was so mad that they finally took action! Like thunder, they swept through this evil organization. Any staff involved in the experiment were eradicated! However, within the laboratory, they did found a number of human souls which had already been transferred into berserk beasts. Some had already forgotten about their human identity and become violent, forcing the association to kill them.

Some had forgotten their true identity, yet they still kept their name or important events. After some communication, they followed the association back. With the help of the association, they were able to restore their memories. Unfortunately, some were not able to accept their current state and decided to kill themselves.

According to the records of the Origin Ability Association, they also found out that the ventilation of the evil organizations place was damaged. Some kind of small berserk beast with sharp claws might have escaped from there. Due to the probability of it being one of the human soul experiment products, it is extremely dangerous. Thus, to the public, please inform Origin Ability Association immediately.