Godly Model Creator Chapter 92

Gmc Chapter 92

Chapter 0092    Are you an undercover sent by those repeaters?

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This was an extensive piece of news.

A reporter had released a news manuscript in order to summarize all the information available at the time of publishing. After Su Hao had finished reading it, he finally understood where this blue dream butterfly came from.

Simultaneously, the blue dream butterfly was staring at the virtual screen.

So she really had been a human before...She wanted to cry, yet no tears would fall. At this moment, she remembered that she was now a butterfly, a butterfly without lacrimal glands. She was also a mutated butterfly, considered to be a berserk beast, the enemy of mankind!

Su Hao quietly stretched out his hand for the blue dream butterfly to lie on.

As he watched the blue dream butterfly on his hand, she curled up her wings and block herself from view. It was similar to a person who had been wounded crying in a corner like a kid. 

Inexplicably, Su Hao felt heartache.

Hey, little brat? Su Hao smiled, You dont miss your home?

Home? The blue dream butterfly slowly opened her wings, revealing a pair of blank eyes.

This is the era of origin ability! Su Hao pretended to be undisturbed and smiled, Anything is possible! If people could transfer your soul to a berserk beast, then there must also be the possibility of transferring it back into a human. Plus, your memory is slowly being restored. Who knows if one day, youll be able to recall your identity and home?

Dont you want to meet with your parents and loved ones again? Su Hao asked.


The blue dream butterfly flew up suddenly. That gloomy look could no longer be seen as she looked at Su Hao in excitement, YouWill you help me?

Su Hao laughed, Let me ask you this. After staying on my hand for so long, arent we friends?

Friends...Yes, we are friends!

The blue dream butterfly excitedly flew around. This also meant that she no longer had to live in wild, becoming a lonely little butterfly who had to carefully survive and live in worry about being eaten by other berserk beasts.

Do you want to stay in my house or follow me to natural selection class? Su Hao looked at her, This year, I will probably be very busy and involved in various dangerous situations. If you stay at home, you can accompany my sister and mum.

The blue dream butterfly shook her head, I will follow you. As for danger, you dont have to worry since the blue dream butterflys ability is perfect for concealment.

Oh? Su Hao was puzzled.


A transparent ripple could be seen on the blue dream butterflys body which was followed by her disappearance, leaving no traces behind. However, Su Hao could still sense her presence on his hand.

Stealth? Su Hao was shocked.

No. The blue dream butterfly shook her head as her stature was once again revealed, I am using my confusion ability to create a visual alternative, allowing me to blend in with the surrounding environment. That was why you couldnt see my presence.

So its like that. Su Hao realized it was the same concept as a stealthed car!

If this is the case, we will return to the natural selection class tomorrow. Su Hao smiled indifferently as he looked at the blue dream butterfly on his hand, I hope that we will realize our dreams.

As for the matter concerning the Origin Ability Association, nobody mentioned it.

It was alright to listen to the news. If you took all of its contents as gospel, however, you really were an idiot...With such a good opportunity for research, how would the scientists from the association possibly let it get away from them?

This was the era of origin ability, the era of a dark civilization!

At night, as his family members returned, they had a good time together. Su Hao accompanied his sister to help train her fighting technique before calling it a day.

The next day, Su Hao had already returned to school by early morning. 

He leisurely walked onto the campus, but after his half a month absence, the campus appeared to be tenser than normal. Everywhere you looked, there were students bustling about due to the imminent start of the battle of honor!

Su Hao was carrying a little cage in his hand. Inside the cage, a grump blue dream butterfly was trapped. 

According to the little brat, this blue dream butterflys sanity had been destroyed. Possessing both a berserk beasts temper and hostility, it had even attacked its own kind. However, since its body didnt have any problems, there werent any problems in keeping it as a pet. Plus, it would help Su Hao in completing the task.

If not for the little brat reminding him, Su Hao would have completely forgotten that his original objective had been to obtain two hundred task points...Who would have thought that the trigger for such earth shaking news in Jianghe City would have been this two hundred point task? If Sun Batian knew this, he would definitely vomit blood in anger. 

Su Hao had already seen yesterday's news. It was well within his expectations.

Although there were quite a number of loopholes in his plan, due to his ability to control his identity, the Sun family couldnt imagine that the domineering man in white was a third year high school student! His motives for targeting them was not to cause the Sun family losses. With such a large event having transpired, the Sun familys lackeys wouldnt have the time of day to bother him. 

Su Haos mood was pretty great.

After entering campus, Su Haos mood became even better by meeting a good friend of his, Sun Yaotian. 

Aiyo, isnt this the prince of Sun family. Su Hao looked at Sun Yaotian who was walking over from opposite side, revealing a trace of smile, Yesterday, I saw a picture of Prince Sun. It was really interesting.

Sun Yaotians face was bad, extremely sour.

The picture mentioned by Su Hao was none other than the picture of Sun Yaotian wearing a laboratory coat taken by those damn journalists. Although the Sun family managed to remove them, the Sun family was only powerful in Jianghe City. What about the rest of cities from different corners of the Earth? In the Internet era, numerous forums had the pictures of him.

In addition, his fathers lesson from yesterday was still vibrating within his ears.

Yaotian, I wont help you in dealing with this. If you cant even handle an ordinary student from a poor family, what qualifications do you have to inherit the Sun familys industry? Talent, resources, in which parts of these you are inferior to Su Hao? Why are you always losing? Reflect on this and think about it yourself! If its crafty exploitation, your brother alone is already enough! If you want to be a capable man, show me that you can beat him without any petty tricks! Only then will you have a unyielding heart!

Sun Yaotian clenched his hand together. His body was visibly trembling. Yes, his talent and resources were superior to that of Su Haos. Yet, why had he lost to Su Hao?

Why did he hide himself behind tricks every encounter?

Why didnt he even have the courage to stand in front of him?

Was he afraid of losing?

No, absolutely not! Sun Yaotian roared, finally daring to look at Su Hao, Su Hao, I am challenging you. Do you dare accept?

The loud roar echoed within the campus, shocking all passerbys.

All the students raised their head to look at Sun Yaotian. This brat, had he taken the wrong medicine? Forget about his random shouting which could scare off a little girl, he even went ahead and challenged the top freshmen?

Su Hao was also shocked by the roar. Upon looking at the madness on Sun Yaotians face, he seemed to understand something.

Interesting... Su Hao squinted his eyes, looking at Sun Yaotian.

Sun Yaotian caught his breath and stared at Su Hao. All the students passing by had stopped to watch this strange scene unfold. What was going on here?After the last battle in martial arts hall, the two of them hadnt clashed for a long time! Such a scene attracted a large crowd once again. 

A silver light flashed. Su Hao noticed Zhou Wang standing within the crowd, with a nonchalant look in his face. Like a crane in a flock of chickens, he assumed a state of not concerning oneself. Yet, his eyes were locked in this direction. 

This guy

Su Hao was speechless.

Looking at the expression of Sun Yaotian, Su Hao stepped forward step by step. Standing exactly in front of Sun Yaotian, such a scene really made the crowd nervous. These two wouldnt break out into a brawl, right?

You want to challenge me? Su Hao casually looked at Sun Yaotian.

Yes! Sun Yaotian raised his head. Staring at Su Hao with red eyes, I want to challenge you to a fair and square battle once!

Battle simulation building? Su Hao raised his eyebrow.

No, the training field! I dont want a battle simulation, but real combat! Sun Yaotian gritted his teeth as his eyes revealed unprecedented madness.

The surrounding crowd was in an uproar!

A real battle!

It was extremely dangerous. Plus, it was pretty obvious that Sun Yaotian couldnt defeat Su Hao. Although his talent was strong, talent didnt directly represent strength. No matter what Su Haos talent was, his current strength was definitely ahead of everyone else here. Was Sun Yaotian trying to get a beating?

Su Hao looked at Sun Yaotians expression. He smiled out of nowhere and patted his shoulder, Are you an undercover mole sent by the repeaters?


Sun Yaotian was at a loss. What did he mean?