Godly Model Creator Chapter 93

Gmc Chapter 93

Chapter 0093    The eve of the battle of honor

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Su Hao casually replied, Tomorrow is the battle of honor. If I was to battle with you today, no matter the result, I wouldnt be able to maintain my best condition for the battle of honor. This is your aim, right?


Sun Yaotian was a bit too emotional. Just now, after having received stimulation from Su Hao, he had already placed the battle of honor in the back of his mind. He finally had the courage to fail after remembering that he was not someone who was afraid of failure! However, upon being toyed with, he was speechless.

The crowd reacted to this accusation with a roar. If Su Hao really did fight Sun Yaotian in real combat and happened to be injured, wouldnt tomorrows battle of honor have concluded for him before it began?

Sun Yaotian had acted without thinking beforehand. 

So, I will decline. Su Hao was very firm with his decision, Everyone knows that the freshmen wont win easily in the first battle of honor. But no matter what, I will fight to my heart content. As for battles concerning private interests, I will leave them for last.

After saying this, Su Hao left.

Su Hao had refused.

The surrounding crowd also began to scatter, leaving Sun Yaotian alone in confusion. He really didnt have such intentions Last time, in order to defeat Su Hao, he had employed various dirty tricks and still ended up beaten badly. Now, he had presented himself as food for Su Hao, yet couldnt get things done?

With your current strength, you could easily teach him a lesson without suffering injuries. Zhou Wang said as he looked at Su Hao who was walking towards him, With such hatred between the both of you, you would normally never let go of such a golden opportunity.

What happens after I fight him? It is not like I could kill him. Su Hao laughed, If I could end his life, I would do so without hesitation. Its too bad. If I really dared to do so, the head of Sun family would definitely turn Jianghe City into battlefield.

Su Hao stated this with a deep meaning.

If he could kill Sun Yaotian, he would have already done so while in the underground laboratory.

True. Zhou Wang also felt fear as he thought of that person from the Sun family. With his tendencies, if Sun Yaotian managed to die, he might really declare war with all of his forces. He would not hesitate in turning Jianghe City into a battlefield, creating an unimaginable number of casualties. 

Hey, this is not right. Why am I discussing killing Sun Yaotian with you? Zhou Wang hit his forehead in speechlessness, A while ago, didnt he send someone to cause you trouble, trapping you in the police station? Based on my observations, with your personality, you would definitely return the favor.

Their circle was so huge. Sun Yaotian resorting to such methods was not something which could be hidden from them.

Its different. Su Hao shook his head.


Zhou Wang didnt understand what was different this time.

Su Hao squinted his eyes. Of course it was different.

After all his blood and sweat, he had finally been able to leave a shadow within Sun Yaotians heart. Sun Yaotian just now, had struggled to rack up the courage to challenge him. If he had challenged him successfully and discovered the shadow to be a figment of his own imagination, Su Hao would face countless challenges and troubles in the future. 

With a spurt of energy, Su Haos rejection was like pouring cold water onto Sun Yaotians newly found determination. 

After gathering his courage just to be ridiculed, it wouldnt be as easy for Sun Yaotian to gather his courage next time around. After three times, it was likely that Sun Yaotian would no longer be capable of facing Su Hao. This was something Su Hao had learned from a book titled Psychological Tactics Guide. The advantages of being a bookworm were once again displayed. 

Teacher Su Wan had told him before, fighting was diverse!

Looking at the expression of Su Hao, Zhou Wang had an inexplicable feeling of eeriness. He had three seconds of silence for Sun Yaotian. No matter who you had to offend, avoid offending Su Hao at all costs. 

Tomorrows battle, are you confident? Zhou Wang changed topics.

Can you stop joking? Su Hao rolled his eyes, Of course not. The gap is too huge. The only thing we can do is take care of our own ability and get the best personal ranking possible!

Almost all the repeaters origin ability are above us. Zhou Wang was worried.

So what if it is? Su Hao indifferently said, The battle of honor is a war in large terrain. Some students origin abilities are not suitable for such a situation.

That is also true. Zhou Wang felt dumb.

Just prepare yourself. Even if you cant win, consider it as gaining experience. Su Hao patted Zhou Wangs shoulder, I will go hand over my task first.


Zhou Wang nodded as he left.

Entering the schools task firm, Su Hao handed over a blue dream butterfly to complete his task.

Yesterday, due to countless of blue dream butterflies flying around, quite a number of people had managed to catch some. The past two days, the rate of completion regarding the blue dream butterfly task was significantly higher. In the eyes of the seniors, Su Hao was clearly one of those lucky ones.

Two star mission. Berserk beast capture completed. 300 task points reward.


Su Hao exclaimed in excitement. After all, this task was not easy.


After the task points were credited into his account, Su Hao had a look at his current task points. A total of 3000 points! He had successfully reached the requirement to buy body forging technique!

After reaching his target, Su Hao kept his calm. This was because even if he had body forging technique, he didnt have the time to train it it right now. 


Body forging technique was not the same as fighting technique, but a method to improve physical qualities. What he needed was exercise, exercise, and more work outs! Using origin ability to slowly modify physical quality was a long process. It was not the same as fighting technique, something which could be easily mastered.

This was also the reason why Su Hao had aimed for body forging technique first.

The earlier he obtained body forging technique, the earlier he could start his training. If he was to obtain it later, he might not be able to master body forging technique even by the time college exams had arrived.

Tomorrow, after the battle of honor, I will obtain 100 task points regardless of the outcome. Then, I will concentrate in body forging technique. Before this I will need to restore my condition to its peak.

Su Hao sat cross legged. His beginner origin ability transition technique began to activate, with traces of energy appearing.

During mock exam, he had scored 1200 points. At that time, he was clear that of the last 400 points he had obtained from ability index, 100 points were obtained with a trick. If a thorough investigation was carried out on Su Haos origin ability energy within his body, theyd be able to detect the problem. 

Su Haos actions couldnt really considered as cheating.

It was because of the assessment of origin ability talent. The model he had shown was as if an E grade product was pushed to D grade. That was why his points had increased by a large margin. This wasnt really a problem, but such data would be inconsistent with the guideline given by the Origin Ability Association.

After all, the Origin Ability Association had given the assessment of grade E for model analysis, which was clearly documented!

If Su Hao was assessed in the Origin Ability Association, the score he obtained would definitely be different from the one he had obtained in mock exam. If that group of scientists noticed the changes in Su Haos ability, he would definitely be detained for their research. 

Fortunately, Su Hao had already mastered beginner origin ability transition technique, officially increasing his origin ability by another 100 points. His overall points reached 1200, which meant his origin ability was now truly 12 points!

For the duration of one day, Su Hao didnt do anything but wholeheartedly immerse himself in cultivation. These few days, engaging in intense battles had tired him greatly. He needed to relax his body and ensure his mental condition was optimal for tomorrows battle!

The battle of honor, the true duel!

At this time, September 30th, more and more students returned to campus. Several dozen students returned during the evening trip alone. 

The empty and peaceful campus turned lively once again!

The natural selection class had a total of two hundred students. On most days, the majority of them would be busy completing tasks outside of campus. Only a few students could be seen on campus at that time. At the end of the month, almost one hundred percent of them would be return, which made the campus busy again.

The most interesting part was that some who obtained some rare materials from outside were not willing to sell them to the school store, but then willing to exchange them among students. However, what was more interesting was that it was only among the same batch. Repeaters would only exchange with other repeaters. The same applied to the freshmen too.

Everyone was prepared for the battle of honor. Compared with the freshmens preparation, the old timer repeaters had a much smoother time. 

The night quietly passed by.

The battle of honor was getting closer!