Godly Model Creator Chapter 94

Gmc Chapter 94

Chapter 0094    Record Breaking

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All students, please gather at the martial arts building at 10 am.

The battle of honor is about to begin. Please be prepared.

Two short messages were sent to everyone. Su Hao glanced at the messages, washed up, and ate his breakfast. After finishing, he headed towards the martial art building. If you carefully observed him, you would be able to tell that he was anything but calm. 

Was he stressed out?

No. It was not nervousness, but excitement!

Su Hao had participated in countless battles, but they had mostly involved fighting berserk beasts. As for duels against another person, there were only a handful!

Fighting berserk beasts was quite simple. After determining the type and obtaining information about it, you could form a plan for dealing with it. The rate of victory would be quite high. This was the advantage granted by human intelligence. However, he was now facing a hundred students, with no clue as to their abilities or tendencies. Plus, their origin abilities were all much greater than his!

Regardless of the result, he would gain valuable experience from the battle of honor.

Su Hao was looking forward to it!

Within the martial arts building, many students had already gathered in advance in preparation for the event. Freshmen and repeaters were divided on either side, along with one hundred machines each. 

A few repeaters walked in confidently, cracking jokes. The confident aura permeating from their bodies made Su Haos mind more alert. The strength of these people was formidable!

Noticing the freshmen who were waiting here, the repeaters stared at the freshmen with a provocative look. Many freshmen lowered their heads, not daring to stare back. The gap in strength was too great, leaving them without the littlest bit of confidence. 

Su Hao frowned, but didnt pay any attention to them. His state of mind remained calm and tranquil. There were only ten minutes left. He didnt want to join in on the circus act.

Look? Look at what? A mocking shout could be heard, Repeaters are strong? Youre just an egg, a group of students who failed their college entrance exams! Youve just lived longer than others by a year, thats all. 

Living like a dog, besides bullying your junior brothers, Im afraid you guys dont have anything else to show.


The lively atmosphere in martial art building became frigid. That faces of several repeaters turned stiff. This persons words had struck a nerve.

Who are you?! A repeater asked in a cold tone.

Me? The student pointed at his own nose, I am Li Xin! This young master is destined to enroll in Zhanzheng College. You guys appreciate the time you have left. After this young master gets strongers, I will teach you trash a lesson.

Li Xin?

A trace of a smile could be seen on Su Haos face. Wasnt he that guy who had wasted one use of his life and death command? He really was as bold as ever.

Great, Li Xin. I will remember you! Remember my name, I am...


Li Xin raised his hand, This young master is not interested in remembering a losers name. Wait until youre famous. Only then would you qualify to have me remember your name. Zhao Feng, who has a 13 point origin ability, is known as prince of close combat. You are just a background character without any title, destined to be the stepping stone of this young master.

Li Xin turned around and left after finishing his sentence. The repeaters face had an awful expression sprawled across it. The latter half of the sentence had really instilled hatred, Li Xin...I will make you regret your words!

Li Xin chose a machine and sat on it. He just happened to land next to Su Hao. 

Youre pretty courageous. Su Hao faintly smiled as he looked at Li Xin.

Hey? Li Xin just noticed that Su Hao was sitting next to him. Carefully looking, You are Su Hao, right? Its really you! Wow! Do you have the courage to slaughter them this time around?

Slaughter them...

Su Hao bitterly smiled, Dont even think about it with so little time. After provoking the repeaters, you walked away pretty quickly.

Of course. Li Xin curled his mouth, After all, I am not capable of defeating him now. Talk is cheap, of course I have to flee quickly. If I was to be captured, the consequences would be dire.


Su Hao laughed. This guy wasnt as silly as he looked.

Oh yeah, Su Hao. Your record in field exploration was broken yesterday. Li Xin happily said.

Oh? Zhou Wang? Su Hao said in a soft tone. At this time, the only one who could possibly break his record was none other than Zhou Wang, who possessed abnormal strength equal to his! With a month, Zhou Wangs strength had probably advanced leaps and bounds, landing above his own. After all, enhancing ones origin ability was much faster than improving your physical quality.

No, its a guy named Gao Xiang.

Gao Xiang? Su Hao pondered for a moment. He couldnt recall any information about such a person and  asked, Not in the top ten?

Of course not. He is outside the top fifty. Li xin happily continued, This guy not only broke the 2000 meter record, but rushed all the way to 4000 meters!

4000 meters!

Su Hao was shocked. This was no joke! He had struggled like a mad man to reach 2000 meters. A freshman who was outside of the top fifty had been able to rush directly to 4000 meters?

Whats the situation here?

Hehe, youre shocked right? Li xin proudly replied, Many other people were shocked as well. However, after doing my research, I discovered that his origin ability was none other than...flight! He is the person in our school that always wears wings, the birdman!


Su Hao had a vivid impression of him. He recalled that in the school field, there would always be a birdman flying around in an unstable manner. While practicing his origin ability with the wings, he had left an impression on quite a number of people. Su Hao would have never expected that he would also manage to enter the natural selection class.

Yeah, thats him. Li xin continued with emotion, This guy relied on his origin ability and just sprinted to the outside! The berserk beasts within 3000 meters were not able to touch him at all. It was only after reaching 4000 meters, that he got himself slapped down by a berserk beast. 

Oh? Then how did he return?

Return? Stop joking. After being beaten by a berserk beast from 4000 meters away, could he still return? Of course he activated the life and death command. Even though the teacher managed to save him, he had already received quite a heavy injury. He had to spend 100 task points for the school teacher to give him medicine. Li Xin had a bit of regret after narrating things up to this point, Aiya, 4000 meters, how much of reward is that? Life and death commands could be used in such a way. Its such a shame that I wasted one.

Su Hao laughed out loud, Say this after you can fly.

Oh yeah. Li Xin returned back to his excitement.

Yet another guy with big nerves

Su Hao shook his head and smiled. Looking at the time on virtual screen, he saw that there were still five minutes left. It is about the time. Lets prepare.


Li Xin also sat in the machine.

Two minutes remained. Everyone was already present. A burly teacher took a big step and walked into the building. It was none other than the instructor for high intensity physical strength training, Zhang Qiang!

The machines are already connected. You can now link to the virtual fighting room! Zhang Qiang said out loud.



Countless connection sounds could be heard. Su Hao sat inside the machine, his wrists and ankles locked down. As the machine started, a faint blue light came from above and scanned over Su Haos body. At the same time, countless lights flashed by. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself inside the virtual room already.


Virtualization is complete~

Checking DNA - personal information finished loading - establishing character for each person - establishment complete -


The familiar virtual room, besides the gorgeous sheet of virtual screen, was completely white. A message suddenly popped out from the screen. Su Hao tapped it to have a look and the battle of honor details appeared.

Battle of honor.

Participants: Repeaters and freshmen.

Condition for victory: Kill every student you see.

Warning: The battle of honor will create a virtual map. All students will be sent there. Student will appear in designated location on the map.

Creating a virtual map on the spot? Appearing in a designated location on the map?

Su Hao ran a quick analysis. Did this mean that if the map was different, the way theyd fight would be different too?

The first time freshmen participated in the battle of honor, would usually end in a massacre. Whether it was terrain, battle tactics, or strength, there was too big of a gap between the freshmen and repeaters. Su Hao had obtained as much information as he could from his limited resources.


A notification echoed, causing Su Hao to look at the virtual screen. The time was exactly 10 am sharp.

The battle of honor starts now!


Su Hao felt a change of scenery unfold  in front of his eyes. It felt like his entire body was floating within a stream of data. Countless colors flashed past his eyes, before turning back into white and becoming clearer. 

When Su Hao opened his eyes, countless information laid in front of him.