Godly Model Creator Chapter 95

Gmc Chapter 95

Chapter 0095    Dark forest

Translator: Yorasu I Editor: SourGummies

Virtual landscape: Dark forest

Number of participants: 200 people

List of participants: All students

Winning condition: All foes must die

Dark forest!

Su Hao first scanned through the surrounding landscape. This was a lonely forest, surrounded by towering trees, adorned by the sound of flowing water. It was a full moon, incredibly bright due to its contrast with the dark forest. The dark forest was incredibly beautiful with the moonlight illuminating it from above. 

So it was like this!

Su Hao had a new conclusion regarding the spawn location based on the virtual map. If he didnt guess incorrectly, the battle would be a chaotic brawl involving personal combat. 

If the scene had been similar to the ghost castle, the fighting mode would probably have been a group battle.

In fact, Su Hao was almost right on the mark.

After being transferred to the dark forest, a lot of repeaters let out a string of swears. Individual battles and random spawns were quite troublesome for them. If it was a group battle, with one hundred repeaters grouped up, they could easily sweep away the freshmen in one go. Within this type of forest map, finding someone was no easy task!

Individual battles...I love this.

Su Hao raised a smile on the corner of his mouth. Leaping forward, he quietly hid himself in the darkness under the moonlight.

Forests were something he was familiar with.

I could meet both teammates and enemies at any time.

Su Hao quickly analyzed. If he stumbled upon teammates, that would be fortunate. If he were to stumble across enemy It was worth noting that even the weakest of repeaters had at least 13 points of origin ability!

He mustnt face them directly. He would have to use terrain to his advantage!

Su Hao thought at the speed of light. Since this was called the dark forest and a virtual scene, the sun probably wouldnt exist. Till the end of battle, it would maintain the dark environment. As long as he was able to evade the moonlight and hide himself in the dark, he wouldnt be discovered.

If it is dark...

A light suddenly lit up in Su Haos mind. If he was to activate his origin ability now 

Model analysis, start!


Su Haos sight turned imaginary. Su Hao was in the centre as the surrounding scene rapidly grew. This time, the target of Su Haos model analysis turned out to be the entire forest!

Was this even possible?

When he had just mastered the advanced origin ability cultivation technique, he had been able to build a model of the ghost castle, which was hundreds of square meters. Yet he had only been able to maintain it for three seconds!

When he had mastered the origin ability transition technique, he had been able to create a model of the underground laboratory, which was thousands of square meters. It had lasted the same duration as before, three seconds!

And this timeit turned out to be the entire forest?

How big was this forest? Ten thousand square meters? One hundred thousand square meters? He didnt know!


A large scale model was established within his mind. In less than a fraction of a millisecond, the model built by Su Hao collapsed.


The model hadnt managed to succeed. When it had reached  86 meters from him, the model had already disintegrated. This was because this time, Su Hao was not only building the terrain, but everything!

Terrain! Characters!

As long as everything was in contact, Su Hao built the model within his mind. Naturally, the energy consumption was enormous. This was especially true when he was in contact with a character. The moment when energy consumption for a character model had started, his progress was immediately ended.

11 oclock from me, about 86 meters away, someone is there!

Su Hao said so within his heart. This was his true aim.

At that moment, when his origin ability had spread through the ground to begin analyzing models, a model had begun forming within his mind. The instant a character had been creation, he had quickly cut off his ability. This would save his energy, yet allow him to detect characters.  

Sure enough, only in actual combat would there be a continuation of progress.

Su Hao once again noticed another new function of his model analysis.

For the time being, I will name you...life detection.

A living body and an ordinary object were very different. Living beings acted as a high energy light within the dark forest. This was the reason why Su Hao had been able to cut his ability off the moment he detected a living character. Of course, if he was able to establish a model for the character, it would be even better. However, the current Su Hao was incapable of supporting such high energy costs.

0.01 milliseconds, yet ten percent of my energy had been consumed!

Su Hao frowned. This new feature was not practical. The consumption was too huge. At least in this dark forest, no matter how fast the consumption was, it was still worthwhile.

Lets go and have a look.

Su Haos stature moved. Like a ghost, he disappeared into darkness.

There were a lot of strange plants within dark forest.

Su Hao dared not touch them. According to his knowledge, more than thirty percent of these strange plants were toxic. Of course, he couldnt confirm whether these simulated plants were toxic too.

Su Hao carefully moved in the forest. When he reached a distance of 86 meters from his original spot, he didnt spot anyone. It was obvious that the student had already traveled from this area. 

Upon reaching this spot, Su Hao was extremely cautious.

He bent down as low as he could in order to hide his body. As for the uniform on his body, Su Hao had dyed it dark green using tree leaves.

Environmental concealment.

Why did the army and marines make camouflaged clothing? To hide! Only when one mirrored the actual environment, would optical camouflage occur, hiding the entire body. 

Su Hao had rubbed the juice of leaves on his white uniform to dye it green.

Under the moonlight, a white uniform was extremely eye catching. But now, even if the moonlight was to fall directly on Su Haos body, it would only reveal a lump of green. 

Su Hao had completely hidden himself inside the bush.

However, as Su Hao took a deep breath to calm himself, a strange sound could be heard into the distance. 

This sound...

Su Hao quietly trekked towards the source of the sound. After exiting the brush, the sound could be heard more clearly. 

Su Hao slowly raised his head towards the direction of the sound.


A bright white light flashed by. Su Hao subconsciously closed his eyes and squatted down.

Not good, did the enemy find me?

After being caught off guard by the white light, Su Hao had been blinded temporarily. However, due to his strong psychological strength, he maintained his calm. Since he couldnt see anything, he simply had to close his eyes.


Since his eyes were closed, he was able to clearly pick up any sounds of movement. Su Hao was very attentive in listening to the enemys movement, but the strange part was that the foe hadnt reacted at all.

They noticed presence of someone, but couldnt pinpoint the location?

Su Hao wagered a guess. He held his breath, lowering his body even further.

Three seconds had passed. Su Hao slowly opened his eyes. His vision had recovered for the most part, but there was still some remnants of light around him. Even while in the bush, he could see clearly. At the same time, a crackling sound could be heard, accompanied by a weak scent.

Suddenly, an absurd idea popped out within Su Haos heart.

Dont tell me that

Su Hao quickly raised his head from the bush. He really felt that it was ridiculous. Su Hao had anxiously hid himself just now, yet the situation in front of him was really

In the open space in front of him, a student wearing white uniform was holding a large stick in his hand. The top of the stick was burning brightly. 

Drilling wood to make fire!

That sound had been from this person drilling wood to make fire. As Su Hao raised his head, the fire had finally come to life. He didnt know what kind of wood this was, but the fire was pretty powerful to have been capable of causing his vision to be temporarily impaired.

This brat was pretty smart, being capable of finding something to burn in such a short period of time. He also knew how to use a torch to enhance his vision so he could see further but

Could you be any funnier than this?

When youre trying to light someone up, dont you realize that youre the first one to be exposed?

Su Hao was no longer able to condemn this guy. He was confident that if there was anyone else nearby, they would have noticed the fire here.

If a repeater was attracted...a miserable death would await.

No doubt!

The only ones capable of doing such a silly thing were none other than the inexperienced freshmen!

At first, Su Hao planned on reminding him of this, but they didnt have any relationship whatsoever. Plus, this guy might not even listen to his advice. With the way this guy acted, even if he didnt make such a scene, he probably wouldnt have survived much longer.

Suddenly, Su Haos mind moved. Even if he wouldnt help him, why not use him? It could be considered as him contributing to the freshmen.

Su Hao quietly lurked within the bush without moving, as if something was running through his mind.

It was within Su Haos expectation.

Two minutes later, a student wearing a dazzling yellow uniform appeared. A repeater!