Godly Model Creator Chapter 96

Gmc Chapter 96

Chapter 0096    Planning a trap

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

While in the virtual reality of the battle of honor, clothes were not allowed to be taken off.

White referred to freshmen and yellow represented repeaters. Both were incredibly eye catching. You were barred from removing the enemies clothing and wearing it to disguise your allegiance. Plus, repeaters were already well aware of each other's identities. This rule was clearly implemented to prevent the repeaters from taking advantage of the fact that freshmen didnt know each other very well. 

Su Hao laid down on the bush. As he peeked through the mouth of the bush, he could see that the freshman remained clueless. 

This guy still hadnt realized?

He really didnt

Su Hao was speechless.

He looked at the repeater who had resorted to taking a roundabout route, getting ever so closer to the freshmen.

Ten meters Nine meters Eight meters

Su Hao squinted his eyes.


The freshman seemed to have noticed that something wasnt right and stood up. 


A yellow shadow flashed. The repeater had quickly hid himself behind a large tree.

After scoping out the area around him, the freshman still couldnt notice anything out of the ordinary and sat down, Haix, I simply cant see anything at night When morning arrives, that will be great. My ability will blind your eyes!


Su Hao cursed for a second. Since this was called the dark forest, there obviously wouldnt be a daytime! This guy wanted to wait for morning?

Quietly, the repeater showed up once again. 

Although this repeater was significantly stronger than the freshman, his steps remained cautious. He showed no signs of panic. Looking at this, Su Hao felt that the gap between these two was too huge! Whether it was strength, psychology, or even experience, the freshman was nowhere close. 

Seven meters Six meters Five meters


The freshman was obviously on high alert. As he turned around, the repeater smiled sinisterly. A yellow shadow flashed by as his whole body moved forward!


Su Hao already couldnt bear watching any longer. A weak freshman against the attack of an old timer...


A fiery flame burst out from the repeaters hand. This was the most common flame ability, a close range explosion. The entirety of the explosive force was directed at the freshmans body.

Was he going to die?

Su Hao stared at the scene in front of him without blinking. He discovered a horrifying sight. 

The body of the freshman suddenly reduced in size. His entire figure had been reduced to the size of a rope, with an extremely fragile appearance. As the blaze passed by, it was hard to focus ,as the diameter of the freshmans current body was only about 1 cm!


The flame passed through his body. The freshmans body instantly expanded back to normal. His left hand suddenly stretched forward and pulled the repeater towards him, as he bombarded him with punches.

Damn it!

The repeater was obviously stunned by the turn of events and struggled as hard as he could. What kind of ability was this?

However, the body of the freshman was like a fortress and had tightly entangled the repeater. His entire arm stretched forward and with a quick twist, the repeater was trapped. The repeater simply couldnt break free at all. The only thing he could do was resign himself to the bombardment of punches/ 

At this moment, Su Hao had finally realized the truth behind the current situation. 

He had unexpectedly also been fooled by this guy!

Others were looking for him. But how sure were you that he wasnt baiting them? With such a strange ability, the repeaters sneak attack had backfired.

But...a repeater was still a repeater. The gap in origin ability, was it really that simple to overcome?

As Su Hao was pondering, the scene of the fight changed once again.

The repeater had unsuccessfully tried several times to break through. He had been reduced to a sorry state by the never ending punches being thrown his way. With a trace of blood flowing from the corner of his mouth, he finally lost his cool. His entire body became shrouded in red flames. This entire section of the forest was illuminated by his red body.


A dazzling flame ring appeared from the repeaters body. The freshman was instantly blasted outwards. Black spots could be seen on his body, as he continued to burn. 

Little brat, good plan! The repeater looked at him and said, But it ends here!


This repeater was now on alert. More flame rings appeared within his hand, preventing the freshman from getting any closer. The freshman tried to stretch his arms several times, but repeater was able to easily evade his attacks. 

This sort of outcome wasnt surprising with such a huge gap between the two of them. The freshman struggled for a while longer before being killed on the spot. 

Huh...One task point in hand. The repeater sighed and wiped the sweat from his forehead, Damn, I almost met with an unexpected failure. Why are there so many abnormal fellows in this batchs freshmen? The ability just nowchanging shapes? It has been a long time since I came across such strange ability.

As the flame died off, the whole forest was once again restored to darkness.

When adjusting from a bright area to a dark one, it was typical to suffer a brief moment of temporary visual impairment. The moment the fired died off, Su Hao made his move!


Su Haos figure jumped out from the bush!


The repeater was obviously shocked by this. The darkness greatly impaired his vision, preventing him from seeing a thing. Just as he prepared to react, he felt a hand grasp his neck. A second later, a very strong force was passed to his neck.  


The repeaters neck was twisted on the spot.

Su Hao let go of his grip. The repeaters body fell to the ground without any resistance.

His shadow moved again. Su Haos dark green uniform blended in with his surroundings, melding into the shadows. It was impossible to detect him at this stage. Since his blow had succeeded, Su Hao made his retreat. The two battles just now had attracted the attention of quite a large number of people. At this moment, leaving was the best option.

Sure enough, just as Su Hao left, a yellow uniform figure appeared at the scene. All that was left were two corpses, each wearing a uniform from either side. 

He squatted down. After inspecting his surroundings, bright eyes could be seen from the repeater, The mantis stalked the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. Seems like this batchs freshmen has quite a number of talented students.

He had one point in hand.

Su Hao hid himself in darkness once again. As he lay within the bush, he began to slowly recover.

His first move had been perfect!

As for the reason why he didnt help the freshman just now, the answer was simple. It was too bothersome!

Not everyone would appreciate your efforts in saving them. Especially in this virtual fitting room. If he was to move forward during the battle between repeater and the freshman, killing the repeater, there were several possible outcomes. 

For example, that freshman might ask him why he hadnt helped him earlier? Or why he had saved him, was he trying to take his point?

At that time, perhaps they might have even become enemies. 

Thus, this was the best.

Clean and neat! A point in his hand!

As he analyzed the battle just now, the only thing which Su Hao was unhappy with was how the freshman had also managed to fool him. It it hadnt been a freshmen, but a repeater, would Su Hao have taken the bait? 

Never consider anyone as a fool!

Su Hao reminded himself. Even if it really was an idiot, he must treat them with respect. If he was to develop any bad habits, it would be troublesome when he entered the battlefield for real...

This was a battle of honor, where even the slightest mistakes are intolerable...

After fully recovering his energy, Su Haos mind became active once again. He started his origin ability.

Model analysis, start!


Countless models emerged within his mind before instantly collapsing. This time, twenty percent of his energy capacity had been exerted!

8 oclock from me, 300 meters away, there is someone!

Su Hao once again quietly moved towards 8 oclock from him.

At the school control center.

Within the empty school control center, countless of virtual screens were flashing. Above them, the current situation of the battle of honor was shown.

The first virtual screen showed the current score between both teams. The repeaters had 30 points while the freshmen had a single point to their name. 

The second virtual screen was a map of the dark forest. Above the map, countless of red and blue dots were flashing. The disappearance of a dot represented a student who had been eliminated from the battlefield. 

The third virtual screen shared highlights.. Whenever a dot disappeared, the virtual screen would immediately show the scene of the elimination, From the beginning, this screen had replayed various highlights within moments of occurring. The vast majority of these highlights were of brilliant moves by the repeaters that had managed to kill their targets. 

Nothing was too interesting. It was a one-sided affair caused by suppression of absolute strength. 

As for this virtual screen, it was a fixed type, allowing you to lock onto the movements of certain students. It currently showed the situation of several repeaters. 

In a short duration of ten minutes, thirty freshmen had been killed, with a single casualty for the repeaters.