Godly Model Creator Chapter 97

Gmc Chapter 97

Chapter 0097    The freshmen's counterattack

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This years freshmen are a bit too weak.

The natural selection campus vice president frowned. Under normal circumstances, the freshmen would usually be a beating bag their first time around. However, the current difference in casualties between the two sides still left him with a sour taste in his mouth. 

In order to show showcase the campus progress, a decent performance was required from the freshmen. The best possible outcome would have been for each new class to improve upon the previous years result. 

Principal, dont be anxious. It is just the start. Su Wan gently flipped her hair, This scene is troublesome for the repeaters only with regards to finding victims. If it was a team battle, a few random punches might be capable of scoring them some points. This kind of personal battle It isnt that beneficial to them.

Stop finding excuses. The vice principal looked at the battle on the screen with visible worry on his face, Last batchs natural selection class was obviously weaker. If this batch is even weaker, our funding might be cut off.

Several teachers glanced among themselves, but remained silent. 

The repeaters had only died once. However, it was not an interesting battle. This was because when the screen played the highlight, they were stupefied as they saw eight freshmen coincidentally meet. By teaming up, they managed to kill a repeater, but paid a heavy price.

The repeater had been extremely strong. His origin ability was at 16 points. Even among the repeaters, he was a well known figure.

It had been an eight vs one battle, yet it ended in everyone perishing together. Such a scene made the school teachers speechless. The repeater had managed to instantly jump to rank one, a worthwhile trade on his part. 

With a bad atmosphere in the room, the screen suddenly flashed. An interesting playback appeared.

A few people looked up, seeing a repeater with burnt arms. Wielding a flame, he engulfed a freshman in fire, banishing him into the dark forest. 

The score was now 31 to 1, with another freshman dead. 

The vice president sighed deeply. However, he didnt even have the chance to open his mouth when yet another dot on the map flashed and disappeared. A highlight began to play itself. 


The screen flashed.

In the darkness, the previous repeater who wielded the flame ability was shown once again. 


Everyone looked on in surprise. This repeater had killed someone again in such a short span of time?

On the screen, the repeater extinguished the flame. It was clear that he shouldnt stick around too long after causing such a commotion. As he was about to leave, a shadow flashed by. With a kacha sound, he fell to the ground without any resistance.

A repeater had died!

The score on the screen changed to 31 to 2. 

Who is that?

No idea, I couldnt see clearly.

Magnify it. Immediately magnify it. Cancel the darkness! The vice principal ordered.

The technical staff immediately replayed the highlight they had just viewed.

With the virtual screen production under the control of the technical staff, the entire dark forest was turned into a bright day. This time, everything could be clearly seen.

The figure which appeared from within the bush revealed himself for just two seconds. The first second was the moment he had slain the repeater and the next second was spent leaving the scene. A repeater with such a powerful ability had been eliminated so easily. This barely qualified as an interesting highlight. If both of them were to fight face to face, it would have surely been more interesting. 

This student is? The vice principal asked.

Su Hao, the top student in this batchs freshmen. His origin ability is 12 points. Somehow, his progress hasnt increased the past month. I wonder what was he busy with, but it seems that his strength has grown a lot. Zhang Qiang gave a brief explanation after accessing the data of Su Hao.

The first month!

It was the best period of time progressing leaps and bounds. Most people would progress at least an additional point in origin ability. Yet, there were no changes in Su Haos origin ability. According to the data recorded during simulation, Su Haos origin ability had stabilized at 12 points. This entire month, his origin ability hadn;t increased at all. 

Not bad, top freshman. The vice principal nodded with a thoughtful expression.

However, that one move of Su Hao seemed to have been the precursor to the battles prelude. 

At this moment, another dot disappeared. The virtual screen showed another exciting scene.

In an open space within the dark forest, a dazzling white light illuminated an area of nearly 100 meters in circumference. Numerous lights appeared from the sky. Thunder as thick as an arm hacked a repeater to death. 

For several seconds, there were nothing but blinding white rays.

The score refreshed!

Thirty-one to three!

Who is this?

Dont knowcant see clearly.

The vice presidents face twitched, Technical staff, are you daydreaming? Deal with this faster!


The technical staff replayed the scene. They played the entire video rather than just the highlight.

After the lightning destroyed the repeater, a thin figure appeared from within the lightning. 

The thunder and lightning returned to the young mans body. The surrounding area was restored to darkness.

The young man sneered and disappeared into the forest.

Who is this student?

The vice principals eyes shined.

The son of the Zhou family, Zhou Wang. Previously his origin ability was 11.8. Never would have expected it to increase to 14 points in just a month! By progressing 2.2 points, it is almost comparable to Chen Yifengs time!

Zhang Qiang said in a shocking awe.

Zhou Wang was worthy of being the son of Zhou family. Such a silent person unexpectedly had such a terrifying ability. After so many years, would the Zhou family finally produce a peerless genius? 

Zhou Wang!

Origin ability, 14 points!

With an absolute advantage, he had beheaded a repeater of the same level in an imposing manner. 

As they were recovering from the shock, two dots disappeared, one red and one blue. 


The virtual screen played once again. Yet another shocking scene appeared!

Under the moonlight, the dark forest was covered in silvery white.

As the moon shone dazzling light, there was a sheet of ice crystal underneath. It was no ordinary ice crystal, engulfing the surrounding ten meters. The clear crystal beautifully reflected the dazzling light. 

This was even more amazing. Not even a figure could be seen. Only a cold voice could be heard.

Crystal, explode!

Two cold words sounded out and the surrounding ice exploded with a bang, the force sweeping around the area. 

The violent explosion sounded out continuously. As the ice crystal disappeared, a repeater and freshman had met their deaths.

A single explosion cause them to die together!

The score refreshed!

Thirty-two to four!

Technical staff, I remember that youre not a graduate from Lan Xiang right...

The vice principal sighed and shouted, Hurry and deal with this now!

Yes, yes!

The technical staff wiped off his sweat. After quickly retrieving the scene to play back, the highlight was replayed on the screen again.

However, this time you could easily see that within the ice crystal, a petite girl with a white uniform was confronting the repeater opposite her.

After using her endless ice crystals to trap the repeater, she directly triggered the explosion.

From beginning to end, the unfortunate repeater hadnt made a single move and had died alongside her. 

This student is? The vice principal asked.

Chen Yiran, Chen Yifengs sister who also happens to be my disciple.

Su Wan smiled, When she entered natural selection class, her origin ability was at 10 points. Now already at 12 points, she knew very well of her shortcomings and that she couldnt defeat this repeater in a head-on collision. That was why she decisively chose to die together.

Chen Yifengs sister. The vice principal nodded and deeply moved, Chens children, are all genius.

Watching the performance of these students, the vice president began to calm down. Although some people wouldnt dare to touch the natural selection class, but reduction in their budget would greatly impact future students. Fortunately, he knew this time around that the current batch was not weak. 

The scene on the screen continued.

The following scene involved a youngster named Bai Lingfeng. With 12.5 points of origin ability, he killed a repeater with 13.8 points. The freshmens score increased once again.

The battle of honor!

It was everyones stage!

In such a battle, the knowledge of theoretical foundations, combat experience, and knowledge of survival in the wild played very important role. Within the dark forest, more deaths were occurring. 

Su Hao obviously didnt know that the freshmen had already obtained five points.

Hidden in darkness, Su Hao slowly moved forward. 300 meters were covered in an instant.

There is movement!

Su Hao heard something originating quite some distance away from him. His figure slowly moved closer. Carefully observing via a gap between bush, Su Hao saw a yellow figure holding a sharpened trunk.



Su Hao hid his figure well as he stared at the footsteps of the repeater, who was getting closer to his current location. Ten meters...five meters...three meters


Su Hao leapt forward from within darkness. With a single punch, he disarmed the repeater. 

He followed this up with a flurry of rapid punches towards the repeaters body. The enemy would shortly be dreaming. Su Hao laughed, but his hands continued to move.  




Several of Su Haos moves were blocked by the repeater. However, the strong impact still forced the repeater to retreat several backwards. However, Su Hao felt strange because...the enemy...was far too weak!

Too weak!

The repeater was 15 points in origin ability. Unexpectedly, he was beaten to the ground after just a short exchange. 

Is he injured?

Su Hao had some doubts. His mind became even more alert. The enemys origin ability hadnt been revealed yet. 

15 points origin ability, even if he was injured, he must not be underestimated!



Su Hao once again blasted two fists outward. Without any hesitation, he made his move.

Fighting points, burst!

Accumulated energy burst out from Su Haos fist, instantly landing the repeater onto the ground. He was knocked into a nearby tree, causing leaves to fall. 

Su Hao quickly stepped on him and threw one last punch towards his head.

However, as his fist was coming down, Su Haos was startled. He looked at the face under the moonlight in shock, How could this be?