Godly Model Creator Chapter 98

Gmc Chapter 98

Chapter 0098    Indistinguishable path

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

Su Hao was stunned.

Under the moonlight, he was able to clearly see the face of the repeater in front of him. Miraculously, it turned out to be that of the repeater whom Su Hao had eliminated just a moment ago. He was still alive?

Howre you still alive? Su Hao asked in shock.

He was certain that he had killed the repeater. However, he clearly laid in front of him right now!

A recovery type ability?


The repeaters origin ability was that of a flame type. Despite not using any abilities earlier, the flames he had used were in plain sight. What was going on here?

The foe felt Su Haos hesitation and peeked at his face, carefully asking, Su Hao?

En? Su Hao glanced at him.

It really is you. Damn, you scared me. The foe was visibly relieved.


Su Hao felt some energy fluctuations and a student with a white uniform appeared in front of him.



Yes, yes. This person was extremely proud of himself, I thought that a repeater had discovered me just now. This is so scary man. My name is Wang Lian, I placed 96th in the mock exam.

Su Hao: ...

Yet another illusionary ability!


No wonder he had felt the opponents moves were incredibly weak during their exchange just now.

No wonder he had been fooled into thinking the repeater had been revived. Looking at the joyful expression of Wang Lian, Su Hao helplessly reminded him, Next time, please reveal yourself earlier. I nearly killed you on the spot.

How would I have known you were a freshman. Wang Lian felt wronged, as he pointed at Su Haos uniform. 

Su Hao looked down and noticed that his entire body was a dark green. It was impossible to determine the original color!

Su Hao could only smile at this.

In a single battle of honor, he had already discovered so many strange abilities.

Alright, just watch your step. Su Hao shook his head and turned, preparing to leave.

However, the sound of footsteps could be suddenly heard. A repeater was closing the distance between them at an extremely fast rate. The opponent didnt even attempt to conceal theirself, showing their confidence!


Su Hao cursed for a second. The bush remained some distance from him. Even if he wanted to hide, he didnt have the opportunity to anymore!

Wang Lian also noticed the approaching calamity.

Hit me!


Wang Lian took the appearance of a repeater once again as he faced Su Hao, Hit me!

Su Haos mind was already on edge. He threw a punch towards Wang Lian.

After they had exchanged a few moves, a yellow silhouette flashed by. As the repeater arrived and saw the scene, he immediately made a move towards Su Hao.


A huge impact forced Su Hao to retreat several steps. 

Such strength...

Su Haos was startled. He had already participated in numerous fights. Among all the students he had met, they all had strong origin abilities, but inferior fighting techniques and physical strength. That was why he was capable of fighting on equal terms. The strength of the person in front of him, however, had already surpassed his own by a large margin!

As he rubbed his numb arm, Su Hao looked at his opponent. Did he have 400 points in physical fitness?


The repeater sneered. As he flexed his muscles, his clothing bulged at their seams.

Su Haos pupils contracted. He had just received his answer. 

His origin ability was the physical enhancement type. As energy was supplied to his body, he would experience a terrifying increase in both strength, defense, and other aspects of his body. 

Moreover, from Su Haos observations, he was able to estimate that his foe possessed at least 14 points in origin ability! Maybe even 15 points!

Damn bratty freshman...

The repeater smiled sinisterly. He rushed towards Su Hao with blinding speed, sending a punch directly at Su Hao. 

The violent fist left a gust of wind in its wake as it made its way towards Su Hao. Su Hao dodged to the side, causing the punch to collide with a tree. The fist had left a large hole in the trunk of the tree. The gap in strength was simply too oppressive. He couldnt afford to exchange blows with the repeater.




Su Hao was beaten without the possibility of counterattacking. The foes had both a physical enhancement ability and a powerful fighting technique. If they continued to fight, Su Hao would definitely end up on the losing end. 

Damn it!

Model analysis, start!

Su Hao activated his origin ability, creating a model of the opponent. One by one, skills began to appear within his mind. His origin ability was needless to say. As for fighting skills, a beginner military fighting technique was hovering there

His body was much stronger than Su Haos!

His fighting technique also exceeded Su Haos!

What there any point in continuing this battle?

Su Hao took a deep breath and turned around to evade the repeaters assault. He picked up a tree trunk from the ground that had a sharp front edge. It was the one Wang Lian had prepared to deal with Su Hao. 

He didnt know what material was used to make this, but it had an aura that exuded weight. 

Su Hao carefully felt it. It felt like a tree that was present...iron wood! An iron wood which had undergone mutation! It was not known how Wang Liang had managed to chisel it into its current shape. At the very least, it would provide Su Hao with some help.  



The two attacks from the repeater were blocked by Su Haos weapon. Surprisingly, his hands had become numb. 

Idiot, are you capable of receiving such strength? The repeater grinned evilly.

Su Hao squinted his eyes.

Model analysis, start!

He formed a terrain model of a ten meter range around him. 


Within ten meters, every object was mapped in his mind. Although the dark forest inhibited ones vision, with his terrain mapping, Su Hao could clearly view the surrounding area.

One second.

Su Hao took the initiative to destroy the model. A duration of one second was definitely more than enough for this small region.


Su Hao intelligently dodged. The distance between each tree, the stones under his feet, everything had all been utilized by him to the fullest extent. He avoided the repeaters blows for over a minute.

Hmmpp! Lets see how long you can evade! The repeater grumped.

At this time, a yellow shadow flashed by. Wang Lian had rushed forward. The repeater glanced at him for a second, Come and help me seize this bastard!

After he finished his sentence, the repeater marched forward.

Su Hao looked calm. The lifted the trunk in his hand and threw it towards the repeater. 

Ridiculous. With such weak force behind it, you expect it to hit me? The repeater disdainfully belittled. He began moving to his left, planning on evading the attack. 

However, Wang Lian launched his attack at this moment.


The weak punch was incomparable to the strength of the repeaters body, causing him almost no damage. However, his body was propelled several centimeters forward. 

Pu ci.

The trunk easily passed through the repeaters chest.

His body was carried through the air, nailing him to the tree behind him. The repeater struggled for a bit, looking at Wang Lian in shock, before dissipating into the dark forest.  

A repeater was dead!


Su Haos points increased yet again.

Wang Lian removed the trunk from the tree and laughed, I will give you the point as payment for the trouble I caused you just now. However, this trunk was something which I spent a lot of time making. It is not something I will give to you.

Su Hao was speechless. It was needless to say that Wang Lian might have started crafting this trunk from the moment he had spawned. If this weapon was used correctly, it was incredibly sharp. 

Be careful then. Su Hao casually said.

Wang Lian nodded. Just like that, the two of them made their separate ways.

If both of them were to team up, the result would be better butthey obviously couldnt trust each other! Since they had no chance of winning the battle of honor, the reward for personal score made everyone enemies!

Once again, he went back to the dark forest.

Su Hao found a hidden bush and restored the energy used by his body.

A moment later, two freshmen passed by his hiding spot. Su Hao didnt bother them and they obviously didnt notice Su Hao. Funnily enough, he could easily be found as long as an infrared detector was activated. A mass of red heat would be seen within the bush.

However, using an infrared detector here was like carrying a torch on your body You would expose yourself to everyone before managing to find anyone. 

Half an hour later, Su Hao had been restored to his peak.

Carry on!

Model analysis, start!

Life detection!


His origin ability began to spread, with him in the center. 

However, in less than a second, Su Haos entire body was startled. He was hit with a sudden spurt of nausea. His body nearly dropped to the ground. The model hadnt even established itself in his mind before collapsing.

Su Hao was shocked, What is happening?