Gourmet Of Another World Chapter 1390

Chapter 1390 The Invincible Lord Dog

He stuck out his tongue, licked his lips, and savored the dishs aroma in his mouth. He could not help but narrow his eyes. After becoming a God, Lord Dog did not examine the sublimed power in him immediately. Instead, he savored the aftertaste of the dish.

Suddenly, a terrible rumble rang out in the sky. Di Ting and Earth Prison Dog both raised their heads at the same time and immediately saw a burst of dreadful pressure sweeping down.

Gradually, a golden ring emerged in the starry sky as if it were born from chaos. Countless thunderbolts were flashing in it, which came in all sorts of colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, cyan, and purple. Whenever they flashed, the ring would spin. The void was crumbling under the rings pressure! This was an extremely dreadful power!

The whole Earth Prison, or perhaps the whole Netherworld was shrouded in fear at this moment.

"What is this?!" Di Ting sucked in a cold breath as he looked incredulously at the ring in the sky, which was spinning and bursting with myriad streams of light. He felt a crushing weight press on his mind and a mighty power that made his heart race!

"A Godly Tribulation" Ah Zi took a deep breath and said with a blank face. It was as if she was answering Di Tings question.

A Godly Tribulation was the lightning punishment for a God. If one wanted to become a God, they naturally had to be baptized by this lightning punishment. However, not every existence who broke through to the God Realm would face it. Anyone who transcended it would comprehend a divine power. Therefore, it was a tribulation only top geniuses would face.

Divine powers were different from divine abilities. When Di Ting became a God, what he had comprehended were divine abilities, so he did not attract a Godly Tribulation. As for Lord Dog, once he transcended the Godly Tribulation, he would comprehend his divine power. That was rare even among the Gods of the Divine Dynasty!

Is this black dog a freakish genius? Ah Zi was confused.

Lord Dog twitched his nose, glanced indifferently at the golden ring in the sky, and sighed softly. Then, he seemed to notice the surprised look on Di Tings face. With slightly arched brows, he said lightly, "This is a Godly Tribulation, the lightning punishment for Gods Why? It didnt come to you?"

Di Ting was speechless. Was this the difference between them? He took a deep breath as a look of apprehension came into his eyes. Now that Earth Prison Dog had successfully broken through the God Realm, he had lost the chance to stop him, and the Power of the Laws in the Great Netherworld would all be controlled by this dog!

A bitter feeling filled Di Tings heart. There were only so many resources of Laws in this world, and if this dog took them all, he would have nothing. He clenched his teeth and gave Lord Dog a resentful look, then he turned to look at Bu Fang and Whitey. If it hadnt been for these two fellows dragging him down, hed have ruined Earth Prison Dogs breakthrough, and the resources of Laws in the whole Great Netherworld would be his.

Di Ting took a deep breath. The only thing he could do now was to quickly take away as many resources as he could while Earth Prison Dog was transcending the tribulation. There would be nothing left for him if he were late! After all, the resources of the Great Netherworld were enough to feed only one God.

Di Ting floated up, and soon, his body burst into bright light. He wanted to leave! He wanted to go back and plunder all the resources! However could he flee?

Lord Dog turned his eyes and rested them on Di Ting. When he saw that the latter was turning to run away, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly. "You want to run away after showboating?" His voice was still ringing in the air when he appeared at Di Tings side.

"Ugh?!" Di Tings pupils constricted, and his chubby boy face trembled violently! "How could you move so fast?! I thought you comprehended the Law of Time?!" He sucked in a cold breath. He never thought that Earth Prison Dog would appear beside him so fast.

"Are you stupid? I paused the time, walked with my cat-like steps in front of you, and even tidied up my glossy black dog fur Its just that you didnt see it" Lord Dog said, rolling his eyes.

Did he really pause the time? How was that possible? Could time be paused?!

Di Ting felt as though his heart was being grabbed by a big hand. It was freezing cold! The strongest Law of the Universe was indeed terrible!


In the sky, the golden ring of Law was spinning and thunderbolts were rolling. This kind of thunderbolts seemed to be affecting both flesh and soul, which were extremely frightening.

"You You should be transcending the tribulation now Otherwise You cant stabilize your cultivation base!" Di Ting said with a gentle and polite smile on his embarrassed face.

However, Lord Dog just shook his head. He slowly raised his paw and floated in front of Di Ting. "Im not in a hurry. Did you bully my men just now?"

"No, no I was just passing by!" Di Ting almost burst into tears as he forced a smile.

However, as soon as he said that, the paw came down.


The void exploded with a rumbling sound, while half of Di Tings head was blown off. His body fell outside Yellow Spring City. The ground caved in once again, and the whole city was pushed higher as if it had turned into a lofty cliff wall!

Di Ting climbed out of the ruin, terrified. Earth Prison Dogs Power of the Law frightened him. Against the strongest Law of the Universe, his Law of Light was as fragile as a baby. Was the difference between Laws really so huge?

Half of his head was blown off. However, now that he was a God, he was incredibly resilient. A vast amount of energy gathered around him, and soon, his head was back to normal.

Lord Dog hovered in the sky, emanating formidable divine pressure as he looked at Di Ting. When he saw the latter recover, he opened his mouth and barked. As the voice rang out, everything around him seemed to pause! Even the flying rubble was floating in midair and stopped falling.

He walked down from the sky with his elegant cat-like steps, taking one step at a time and twisting his chubby buttocks. Soon, he was in front of Di Ting.


The time pause was over. Those rubbles fell to the ground and filled the air with a constant rumbling sound, while all the people on the wall exploded into an uproar!

"YOU!" Di Tings eyes went wide in horror.

But Lord Dog did not give him the chance to speak. He threw out another paw and smashed Di Ting to the ground again.


The ground shook violently, and an abyss suddenly appeared in front of Yellow Spring City. As for Di Ting, he was pushed across the ground to the bottom of the abyss by Lord Dog

After everyone was numbed by what they saw, Lord Dog slowly floated up from the abyss. His paw was holding the dimmed Di Ting. With a thud, Di Ting was thrown to the ground like a dead dog, kicking up a cloud of dust.

Only then did Lord Dog had the mood to face the golden Ring of Law in the sky. He could sense an extremely dreadful pressure in it.

"Stay here Ill come back to deal with you later," Lord Dog said, patting Di Tings head with his paw.

Di Ting was no longer able to resist. How could he? Earth Prison Dog had comprehended the Law of Time, which made him unreasonably domineering! For the first time, Di Ting felt hopeless, even though he was a God now. He knew there would be a difference between them, but he did not expect it to be so tremendous


Lord Dog rose into the sky, twisting his buttocks and walking with his cat-like steps as he rushed into the golden Ring of Law.

One thunderbolt after another fell from itsome were gold, some blue, and some red All kinds of thunderbolts poured out of the ring as if to destroy everything! It was too horrible!

All the people in Yellow Spring City trembled and fell silent, not daring to move. On the other hand, Bu Fang was calm. He was drinking some Nine Revolution Great Path Tea and eating Oyster Pancake to recover.

The sky was filled with thunder, the clicking sound from the spinning of the golden ring, and Lord Dogs barks. It was very noisy and mind-disturbing.

Whitey had resumed its chubby appearance, and the spear and the flags behind its back had all disappeared. Touching its bald head, it stood at Bu Fangs side.

"Do you want an Oyster Pancake, Whitey?" Bu Fang asked, glancing at Whitey and twitching the corner of his mouth.

Whiteys mechanical eyes flashed, then it raised its huge palm and pushed it forward to reject the offer.

Bu Fang shrugged, took a large bite off the steaming Oyster Pancake, and swallowed it.

It did not take Lord Dog too long to transcend the tribulation. Soon, he descended from the sky with his elegant cat-like steps. Of course, it would be perfect if his appearance were elegant as well. A pity that after transcending the tribulation, he was charred by the thunderbolts. Even his dog fur was split. However, since his hair was black, it was hard to see that he was charred

The Godly Tribulation was over. A milky white column of light fell from the golden Ring of Law and shrouded Lord Dog. He narrowed his eyes as if he was taking a bath. His limbs were outstretched as if he was flying, and his tail wagged happily.

On the ground, Di Ting was filled with envy, while all the people in Yellow Spring City watched with respect. Lord Dog was comprehending his divine power and also condensing his Divine Core. After transcending the Godly Tribulation, he had become a God at this moment!


The milky white column of light disappeared, but the golden Ring of Law continued to spin. It was as if a supreme being was saying something. A loud voice filled the air, but when it reached the peoples ears, it became a rumbling sound.

Finally, everything faded away, and peace returned. Lord Dog was still the same Lord Dog, an extraordinary dog. However, if one looked carefully, they would see that profound runes of Law were constantly swirling in his eyes

Di Ting looked up at the black dog. Suddenly, time paused, and the next moment, Lord Dog appeared at his side.

"Do you want to know what divine power I have comprehended?" Lord Dog looked at Di Ting and said in his magnetic voice.

"No I dont want to know!" Di Ting shook his head in horror. A God who had comprehended a divine power was much stronger than he, who was just an ordinary God! Hed better not dig his own grave.

Lord Dog twitched his mouth. "I had thought of killing you with a paw, but You are now the leader of the Great Netherworld. If you die, the Great Netherworld will become a leaderless great world, and the Divine Dynasty will send someone to take over and control it. So Ive decided to spare your life. Even so You cannot go unpunished. You have bullied my men, so you have to pay the price."

After saying that, Lord Dog raised his paw, while the look in his eyes grew deep.


Countless runes of Law emerged and tangled, turning into a dogs paw print in the shape of a plum blossom. The next moment, he thrust the paw, which went into Di Tings spirit sea and slapped the Divine Core inside.

Di Ting coughed out a mouthful of blood, and he felt the world around him had turned gray.

Lord Dog seemed pleased with his masterpiece.

"This is the Time Seal I left inside you From today on, you are my God Slave. If you dare betray me, the seal will explode, and you will grow very old in one day It will be very miserable."