Gourmet Of Another World Chapter 819

Chapter 819 Cross The River

Translator:Zenobys, CatatoPatch

They had arrived at the Yellow Spring River.

Bu Fang and Nethery looked at the massive, furiously seething Yellow Spring River in a daze.

In their hands, steam rose from the roast meat.


Bu Fang opened his mouth and tore through the roast meat with his teeth. The golden oil oozed from it, dripping on the ground.

From the river, steaming hot water splashed toward Bu Fangs face.

The Yellow Spring River was a huge river that cut across the Earth Prison. The rivers blood-red water never ceased flowing. Sometimes, withered bones and even fragments of legendary divine weapons would float and bob down the river, drifting away.

It was a mysterious river, indeed.

Follow me, the Yellow Spring Rivers surroundings are very dangerous. With your current power, its easy to get into trouble. Nethery stuffed her mouth with the meat. She waved at Bu Fang, walking forward.

Bu Fang froze for a while before following her.

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

The cyan stones near the bank of the Yellow Spring River were also dyed red, which looked somewhat fearsome.

Those are called Blood Marble. They were formed and dyed with the water from the Yellow Spring River. They are considered a natural resource available around the Earth Prison. Since the Blood Marble is suitable for transmitting mental force, many great blacksmiths would use them in their forging process, Nethery explained as they walked.

The two proceeded forward, and the foliage around them became more abundant.

Amazingly, some trees grew directly from the Blood Marbles. Those trees swayed, and the leaves rattled, producing eerie sounds that sent a chill down peoples spines.

Gurgle Gurgle

Many spirit beasts were crouching on the trees. They looked very ferocious and frightening, their bodies stained in a blood-red color.

Their round eyes gazed at Bu Fang and Nethery, making their pores squeeze up.

They are the spirit beasts living by the Yellow Spring Rivers riverbanks. Theyre really strong. However, as long as you dont provoke them, they wouldnt make a move, said Nethery.

However, as soon as she finished her sentence, the spirit beasts made a move. They tucked their forked tongues out, which looked like those of a snake.

Bu Fang chomped his roast meat, giving her a nod.

Yeah, no provoking. Were here to take the Yellow Spring Grass. After that, well go immediately, said Bu Fang.

The fragrance of the steaming hot roast meat dispersed, lingering around the area.

Bu Fang was satisfied with his roast meat since the meat wasnt all that bad. In fact, it was much better than the many kinds of meat available in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Meanwhile, the spirit beasts on the trees continued moving.

Their eyes gazed at Bu Fang. A moment later, they opened their mouths, shrilling at the two. Their voices echoed throughout the area.

A spirit beast jumped off the tree, landing on the ground forcefully.

Dust and mud were stirred up. The spirit beast charged straight for Bu Fang with incredible speed.

Nethery and Bu Fang were startled.

Netherys eyes focused. She raised her exquisite hand, striking a blow at the spirit beast.

Didnt you just say that if we dont provoke them, they wont attack us? Bu Fang bit down on the meat one more time, asking skeptically.

Netherys face darkened. She didnt know what had happened as well.

The speed of that spirit beast was really faster than she had expected. It had reached them before they had time to fully react.

However, ever since they had returned to the Netherworld, Netherys cultivation base had become stronger. The void even seemed to distort and materialize under her palm.


The spirit beast was blown backward.

However, that spirit beast did a somersault in the sky before landing on its feet. Immediately, it charged straight at them once again.

Squeak. Squeak.

The trees rattled

A moment later, numerous twinkling, frightening eyes flashed.

The same kind of spirit beasts craned their necks out of every tree. Then, as Bu Fang and Nethery watched with shock, they descended from the trees one after another, dashing toward the two of them.

The horde of spirit beasts made Nethery speechless.

Run! Nethery screamed.

Facing so many spirit beasts, only an idiot would stay and fight.

And so, Bu Fang and Nethery grabbed their roast meat, crazily running away.

However, no matter where they ran, those spirit beasts would follow, attacking them in a frenzy.

Bu Fang raised his brows as an idea popped up in his head.

A moment later, he threw away the roast meat in his hand.

The steaming hot meat curved through the air before falling on the ground with an audible thud.

It was strange, anyway.

Those spirit beasts chasing after Bu Fang instantly changed their target. They crazily rushed toward his roast meat.

Nethery was startled when she saw that. As it turned out, those spirit beasts were attracted by Bu Fangs food.

Thinking about it, Nethery also wanted to throw her meat away to attract the spirit beasts.

However, before throwing her meat away, Nethery hungrily bit into the meat one last time. The oily juice splashed, and the meat filled her mouth.

After chewing a few times, Nethery finally threw it away, attracting the spirit beasts attention.

As Nethery continued chewing, the two of them exchanged looks, their faces emotionless.

Who knew that the meat in their hands had provoked those spirit beasts? Indeed, they stood out too much, eating roast meat while crossing the river.

Lets go while those fellows are attracted by the roast meat, Nethery said, pulling Bu Fangs hand, deciding to head toward the distance.

However, as soon as they took a step, they halted.

Because far from them, the bright eyes of the spirit beasts were all gazing at Bu Fang and Nethery, blocking their path.

Bu Fang looked at that crazy horde of greedy spirit beasts for a few moments before saying, We should go back

Begrudgingly, they had to retreat.

Bu Fang found that body of the giant spirit beast that he had slain.

As they had left for a while, some spirit beasts, which looked like dark green wolves, had laid their eyes on the corpse.

The Netherworld is actually a world where the strong eats the weak. Whoevers got the bigger fists makes the rules Nethery said.

Those dark green wolves werent really strong. However, they were enough to let Bu Fang understand how dangerous the Netherworld was.

When the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand, the dark green wolves ran away, intimidated by the dragon.

Bu Fang cut a big block of meat from the spirit beasts corpse, putting it into his system dimensional bag.

Getting back to the riverside, Bu Fang whipped out his Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Those spirit beasts liked roast meat, didnt they?

Then lets use roast meat to attract them

The golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife spun on Bu Fangs palm, sparkling with radiance. Then, he began to roast the spirit beasts meat. Using the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the aroma of the roast meat became thicker and stronger.

Pieces of golden glistening roast meat rose up, stacking together.

More and more spirit beasts began craning their heads out of the trees.

Bu Fang and Nethery exchanged looks. They stepped out and immediately dashed ahead.

With every step they made, they threw a piece of roast meat away. Instantly, they had a whole pack of spirit beasts on their tail.

As they ran and threw piece after piece, the spirit beasts were attracted one by one

However, they still had to continue to dash without stopping.

After the spirit beasts finished the meat, they resumed their chase.

Bu Fang and Nethery didnt even turn their heads around, they only focused on gaining extra distance as much as they could.

Unknowingly, they had already crossed the thick forest, reaching the Yellow Spring Rivers riverbank.

When the spirit beasts approached the riverbank, they didnt dare to move forward. They hurriedly retreated, as though they were afraid of something.

The Yellow Spring Rivers water was blood-red, which looked like the entire river was dyed with fresh blood.

The blood-red water was murky, so people couldnt see what was at the riverbed.

We need to cross the river. The other side is where the Yellow Spring Grass grows. Nethery pointed toward the riverbank on the other side, which was covered in a blood-red mist.

The other side of the river was obscured by a thick fog.

Netherys hands lowered. A moment later, the Netherworld Ship appeared.

Hop on. We should use the ship. With our competence level, if we dared to cross the air above the river, terrifying things would strike us into the river. Then, we will be eroded to our bones. Unless they are existences at Lord Dogs level, no one dares to cross the air here. Its no different from courting death, Nethery warned.

Thus, they got on the Netherworld Ship.

Rumble! Rumble!

The river seethed as the Netherworld Ship got on the water.

Nethery and Bu Fang stood on the Netherworld Ships deck in silence.

A mysterious force pushed the Netherworld Ship from behind. It swayed and calmly moved toward the other side of the river.

Bu Fang stood on the front deck, watching the river water.

The river water rippled like the roar of a savage beast. Sometimes, he saw broken white bones and some unknown fragments drifting by.

It was absolutely terrifying.

Indeed, the Yellow Spring River was mysterious.

The Netherworld Ship swayed, soon disappearing into the blood fog.

On the riverbank, the spirit beasts that had vied for the roast meat climbed back on the trees. They craned their necks and tucked their tongues out, watching the Netherworld Ship disappear.

Hidden Dragon Continent

Several hundred miles outside the Heavenly Secret Holy Land, the void was distorted. A moment later, it was torn apart, becoming a shattered and twisted cave.

Three figures slowly walked out of the cave.

Boom! Boom!

As soon as they walked out of the space fissure, Mo Sa slumped on the ground. He panted. His giant body shrank back to his regular size, which was around three meters tall.

Black blood was gushing out of the holes on his body.

The divine energy lingering on his wounds was slowly eroded away by his Nether energy. Shortly, the divine energy disappeared, and in turn, Mo Sas bleeding holes slowly recovered.

Scared me out of my wits! Almost let that Granny kill me! Mo Sa rubbed the metal rings on his horns, talking with fear lingering in his heart.

The Hidden Dragon Continent was able to protect the Heaven Pass for so many years because of people like that granny. They were willing to stake their lives recklessly. If I werent there, you two would have been dead by now, Mo Ye said bluntly.

The vertical eyes on his forehead closed, resuming their silent state.

Mo Cha flapped his wings. He was somewhat angry, wiping away black blood on his mouth.

Damn My senses never failed me. The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was definitely in the Heavenly Secret Holy Land at that time

Previously, youve promised me. And now, youve made a mistake. You tell me do you want to die? Mo Ye clasped his hands together, sweeping his eyes through Mo Cha.

Mo Cha felt like his entire body was being twisted.

The Heaven Pass Tribulation will start soon. If we cant get the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, we will have to pay a big price to break the Heaven Pass. So, you have to sense it right now. Find out where that damn Heavenly Star Catcher Disk is or you will die right here! Mo Ye seemed angry. His eyes became frighteningly cold as he said that.

The vertical eye on his glabella opened, letting out frigid light.

Mo Chas body tightened, and several feathers fell off his wings.

Dont, dont, dont Mo Ye, Big Boss, theres no need for violence. Im going to sense it right now!

Mo Cha waved his hands. A moment later, he closed his eyes, his mental force scattering throughout the area.

All of a sudden, after just a single breath, Mo Cha gawked. He looked at Mo Ye awkwardly.

Mo Ye, Big Boss Ive got it. Mo Cha was a little shocked.

Where is it?

That direction Mo Chas mouth twisted as he pointed in the opposite direction of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land.

That direction led to the Valley of Gluttony.