Great Doctor Ling Ran Book Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Single Skill Book

Yun Hua Hospital's Emergency Department occupied its own small building which was connected to the ward building.

Huo Congjun slowly made his rounds from observation room to observation room in ascending order. He listened to the reports from the resident doctors in charge while providing suggestions or treatment plans.

Every now and then, Huo Congjun would remove the patients' dressings to take a look at the recovery progress of their wounds.

Yun Hua Hospital's Emergency Department was beginning to assume the manner of a smaller Department of Internal Medicine and Surgery.

The beds in the observation rooms were basically fully occupied. It was only under this kind of situation would doctors be relatively willing to transfer patients to other departments.

Huo Congjun lifted up the dressing on a patient's waist and turned to ask Ling Ran, "You performed the suture?"

"Yes. The patient is twenty-eight years old and was stabbed by a reinforcing bar at a construction site. I debrided and sutured the wound" he spoke for half a minute as if he was reciting from memory.

This was how it was like when they made ward rounds. The department director and the associate department directors responsible for the treatment groups rarely came into contact with the patients. Unlike what ordinary people imagined, they did not know everything about the patients. The resident doctors and the junior attending physicians were the ones responsible for all the trivial tasks.

If medical interns such as Ling Ran were to participate in the treatment of patients, they also had to assume the corresponding trivial jobs, and explain things to the senior doctors as they performed ward rounds.

In short, the junior doctors' time was worth wasting so that the senior doctors can focus all their energies on nothing but diagnosing and treating patients. For the Department of Surgery, the surgery itself would be performed by higher-ranked doctors while preoperative preparations and the patients' prognoses were left to the junior doctors.

Of course, if conflict appeared between doctors and patients, junior doctors would be the ones to take the bullet.

Similarly, Huo Congjun would not look at the medical records. He only learned about the situation by listening to it with narrowed eyes before pressing on the patient's caudal vertebrae and asking, "What do you feel?"

"Nothing." The patient was a young farmer-turned-construction worker who was staying in the hospital for the first time. He was rather worried when he saw the group of doctors.

Huo Congjun hummed in acknowledgement. He shifted his hands to the side and pressed a few more times. "How about now?"

"Nothing." As he spoke, he glanced at Huo Congjun's expression and asked softly, "Should I be feeling something?"

"It's good to feel nothing." Huo Congjun flashed a pleasant smile. From his perspective, he felt happier if the patient's prognosis was good. Because of that, he even went out his way to provide an explanation. "When this part is injured, and local anaesthetic was administered, patients would often feel soreness and tenderness over here. Sometimes, some of them experience weakness and pain in the waist, hence affecting their lives and ability to perform physical labor."

Huo Congjun pressed the patient's caudal vertebrae a few more times and said, "Since you don't feel any pain and soreness right now"

"No, not at all." The young farmer-turned-construction worker nodded firmly, while beside him, his family members flashed relieved smiles.

Huo Congjun hummed in acknowledgement and said, "This shows that the debridement and suturing were done well, and that you're recovering quickly. It's a good thing."

"That's wonderful. Thank you, doctor. Thank you." The patients and his family members revealed happy expressions, and the atmosphere was harmonious and loving.

At the same time, Ling Ran heard the familiar voice of the system providing him with a notification.

[New Achievement Unlocked: Patient's sincere gratitude]

[Achievement Description: The patient's sincere gratitude is the biggest reward to a doctor]

[Reward: Basic Treasure Chest]

However, Ling Ran could not help but feel rather emotional. After debriding so many wounds, he had only obtained 'sincere gratitude' twice, and both were from cases that were validated by Huo Congjun.

It might be because the patients did not know whether the medical treatments they received were the best, and could only judge it based on information received from chief physicians like Huo Congjun.

Or was it because patients, too, needed other people's analyses to be able to thank their doctors with all their hearts?

Ling Ran was rather deep in thought and his expression had turned somewhat frosty. To other people, he appeared rather arrogant.

Doctor Zhou liked Ling Ran a lot. He coughed a few times and said, "Young Ling's suturing was indeed done quite well."

Doctor Zhou was an experienced attending physician and had quite the powerful support behind his back. When he heard that, Huo Congjun nodded and said in agreement, "Ling Ran's suturing is not bad, indeed."

"He's a talent that our department needs," Doctor Zhou said with a smile.

In front of so many people, Huo Congjun only hummed and said nothing on that topic.

The biggest question involving all medical interns who came and went every year, was the number of people allowed to stay.

The medical interns were not the only ones looking at him. The skilled personnel of the hospitals were also watching him. Even though Huo Congjun wished to keep a talented intern like Ling Ran, he would not say it in front of other people before he was certain about it.

This was a typical example of a sensitive topic.

Even so, for a while, Ling Ran became the focus of everyone's attention. The medical interns who stood at the back of the group were especially having mixed feelings.

These days, it was already quite hard for undergraduates to stay in the hospital after their internships. With Yun Hua Hospital's particulars, they could theoretically raise their explicit requirements to take in only doctoral students. However, they still retained a passage for undergraduates to enter the hospital. On the surface, they claimed that it was because they did not limit themselves to only one type of talent. In reality, it was reserved for those with special relations to people in hospital.

Of course, if Department Director Huo was to find ways to retain Ling Ran who had no backing, with his position as a department director and a hospital administration committee member, he would naturally be seen as Ling Ran's backer.

Ling Ran quietly returned to the back of the group.

He was not qualified to be in charge of any beds at the moment. Because of this, the patients he dealt with were placed in empty beds that belonged to other resident doctors. When making ward rounds, he would have to go forward to give his reports whenever it was his patients' turns. He would then have to return to his position after he was done with his report.

'Open the box.' Since Ling Ran now knew that other people would not be able to see whatever came out from the box, he became more and more nonchalant when it came to calling out to the system.

"Opening Basic Treasure Chest," the system responded.

An animation of a chest being opened immediately appeared before Ling Ran's eyes.

The little white box's lock catch slowly unfastened, the box's cover lifted up, and bright light spilled out of the box. An Energy Serum

'Eh?' Ling Ran suddenly stopped in his steps.

'It's not an Energy Serum this time?' Ling Ran saw with delight that a book was vibrating within the light.

"It is not an Energy Serum." The system's reply was so stiff that it sounded as if it was trying to cheat Ling Ran for payment.

"Open it, open it." Ever since he performed the Turing Test on the system, Ling Ran's behavior became rather straightforward. It was an emotionless system anyway, and there was no point in being polite to it.

As for the question of whether the system had the ability to outsmart the Turing Test? It was of course possible, but what could Ling Ran do under that situation? He could only feign obliviousness.

The system said nothing else. It only flipped open the skill book which shone with a silver light. There were a bunch of words printed in a small font on the title page.

[Single Skill Book. A skill branch is obtained: M-Tang Technique (Master Level)]

[Introduction: A multiple-strand intratendinous suturing technique raised by Jin Bo Tang, a lecturer of China's Nantong University, in 1992. It comes in various forms such as two-strand and three-strand. For the first time, there was a breakthrough from the limitations by Brunell, the founder, and the difficulties of flexor tendon repairs in Zone II was solved. The technique was hailed as the M-Tang Technique.]

[Function: The flexor tendon suturing technique is used to repair lacerations in the flexor tendon. For Master Level, the success rate can be up to 85%, and the odds against problematic tendon adhesion formation can be lowered.]