Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Girls of the New Generation

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Wang Jia cleaned herself up half an hour earlier, refreshed her makeup and applied light eyeshadow before she entered the operating theater.

Ling Ran waited until they were all ready before he went in.

Ma Yanlin smiled and said, “Doctor Ling, did the surgery over there go smoothly?”

“It’s fine. Once I performed the incision, whatever was inside the patient was the same as what was seen on the MRI scan.” Ling Ran’s mood was quite good.

He once could not understand MRI images. Most of the clinicians were about the same as him; on the outside, they looked as though they were studying it attentively, but they were actually just pretending. The main reference was the textual description provided by the Medical Imaging Department.

Only a few doctors would study it carefully before they can get a general idea of the patient’s condition. The results of their analysis might not even be as good as obtaining an explanation from the Medical Imaging Department.

Clinicians who could really understand MRI scans were quite few. In fact, even the professional doctors from the Medical Imaging field also needed to do long-term studies and readings in order to remember the reference lines of various parts, learn the parameter calculations, and so on. Of course, there was still a considerable advantage for a surgeon in the Department of Surgery if you could understand MRI scans.

Compared to X-rays and the high-density X-rays provided by CT machines, MRI scans were made by the machine detecting electromagnetic fields in water molecules, and they allowed doctors to understand the patient’s physical condition almost completely. From the summary of the mortality rates of many hospitals, plenty of patients died of lesions, and these lesions were often reflected on the scans. However, the clinicians would usually just worry about verifying their own judgments, and the Medical Imaging Department often only provided conclusion based on the scans, and thus, they never managed to discover the lesions beforehand.

Ling Ran mastered the Master Level MRI Analysis on Four Limbs, which could be used to form an ND image of the tendonin his mind during a flexor tendon suturing. The ‘N’ in ND meant the image was greater than 3D.

After Ling Ran read the MRI scan, not only could he see the external characteristics of the tendon from all directions, he could also understand the internal condition of the tendon. If he employed different methods to take scans of the patient’s body, he could even perform analysis on the patient’s body layer by layer.

Like a fly in the ointment, the shortcoming was that the costs of an MRI scan was higher, and it would take more time before the patient could make an appointment. They could not blindly request the patient to take more scans. If they did that, they would be able to get more detailed scans, and they could probably declare themselves to have X-Ray eyes because they could make incredibly detailed analyses of the patients’ bodies.

“Today, we’ll be performing the incision from the side.” Ling Ran took a marker and drew a line on the patient’s palm.

Ma Yanlin felt his eyelid twitch as he watched this. Performing incisions on the side of the palm was uncommon. He recently read a lot of data on the M-Tang technique. Although he had seen similar cases where the surgeons had also performed incisions on the side of the palm, the difference between reading medical cases and seeing it put into practice was incredibly huge.

“Doctor Ling, do you know the patient?” Ma Yanlin asked.

Ling Ran gave him a strange look. “Why would I know the patient?”

“No, I mean, the direction of your incision is unusual,” Ma Yanlin explained quickly.

Ling Ran nodded as he said, “From the MRI scan, the strength of the hand can be greater if we perform the suture at the palmar region.”

Strength was the ultimate indicator of tendon repair. All the complex techniques during the surgery were for increasing the strength of the hand during recovery. Ling Ran’s answer could be said to be very appropriate.

Ma Yanlin’s confusion grew even stronger. From his impression, Ling Ran was actually a very well-disciplined surgeon. Ling Ran’s surgeries had always been without any strange ideas; he followed the procedures of the surgery down to the T.

If he were to describe Ling Ran’s surgical operation, a tank might be the best description. No matter what the enemy was like, he would power his way through. If he succeeded, then he would lay all obstacles flat in his path. If he failed, he would try again.

Ling Ran suddenly performing an incision on the palmar region truly shocked Ma Yanlin, but he did not say anything either.

He might have acted as Ling Ran’s assistant for over thirty M-Tang technique surgeries and had even sutured a dozen pieces of skin, but his knowledge regarding the M-Tang technique was still minimal.

Ling Ran smoothly extracted the patient’s tendon. The palmar tendon was indeed weak and there were signs of tearing.

Ling Ran carefully trimmed the edges and sutured them. If he had performed the incision on the surface of the palm, the same action would take more than twenty minutes of surgery, and the prognosis after suturing would also be very different.

Ling Ran felt that the surgery went well. The others also found the surgery pleasing to the eyes.

The admiration in Wang Jia grew to extreme levels. She said, “Doctor Ling’s surgery is even smoother now.”

“Practice makes perfect.” Ling Ran smiled. Naturally, he would not say that he spent nearly an hour looking at the MRI scan before he came up with his surgery plan.

In the past, he did not have the condition to do so. Ling Ran could not understand MRI scans. He would form a basic idea on the patient’s condition based on the description from the Medical Imaging Department, and he could only make his decision once he performed the incision on the patient.

Now, it was different. With the Master Level MRI Analysis on Four Limbs, the condition of the scan naturally appeared in his mind when he looked at the patient’s tendon. It became much easier for Ling Ran to come up with surgery plans after that.

No one would want to be a tank and get pummeled all the time. If he could have an easier workload, then he would definitely welcome it with open arms.

“In my opinion, Doctor Ling is in high spirits. Something good must have happened to you.” Wang Jia was not really asking about the surgery. With only two sentences, she directed the conversation to the topic she needed to know.

Ling Ran asked, “Something good?”

“You bought a car, and we all saw it.” Wang Jia giggled a couple of times and said, “Doctor Ling, you’re so great. You haven’t even officially graduated yet, and you already have a car.”

“My father bought it for me.” Ling Ran graciously admitted to this factthat he was a spine breaker[1].

In Wang Jia’s heart, this was not something that subtracted points off Ling Ran’s potential as a romantic partner, but was a symbol that her Prince Charming’s family lived in harmony. Those ugly men who fought with their families at the slightest disagreement were the malignant tumors of their society.

“Doctor Ling’s car is pretty. It’s really round, and it’s especially cute.” The surgical nurses also joined in the conversation.

Ma Yanlin said, “It’s a 1.6-litre Volkswagen Jetta. It has a MacPherson strut independent suspension, right? The quality of the Volkswagen Jettais okay, it just looks very similar to all the other models, but the L-shape tail light is still a bit interesting. If you can change the halogen lamp, it’ll be even better”

Wang Jia interrupted him and said, “We girls don’t understand car brands. In short, it’s enough if the car looks good.”

Although she had looked up the Volkswagen Jetta dozens of times on the Internet, at that moment, she did not show any signs of having done that.

Ma Yanlin said a little unceremoniously, “Because you think like that, that’s why there are so many accidents involving female drivers. Forget the quality of your car, you have to understand the properties of your vehicle so that when you’re on the road and there is an emergency, you can respond to it quickly”

“Doctor Ling, when you get off work, can you please give us a ride?” Wang Jia was not ready to listen to Ma Yanlin’s nonsense. She made a straightforward request, one that the other nurses had agreed upon in their previous discussion. “We want to go to Haidilao to eat hotpot. It’s not too far from Lower Groove Clinic, but it is too difficult to get a taxi in the afternoon.”

“Okay,” Ling Ran answered in such a straightforward manner that Wang Jia could not use many of the words she had prepared.

Ma Yanlin even shut his mouth obediently. He was no fool.

Wang Jia was extremely happy. After the surgery, she could not help but leap with joy.

According to the methods she learned from ‘How to Get Your Prince Charming’, girls who took action first had higher success rates compared to those to waited passively. And asking a prince charming to help her do something trivial was often easier to initiate contact than helping Prince Charming solve a trivial matter.

Wang Jia and the rest had already thought about it. Later, as thanks, they would treat him at Haidilao.

Although there were five people eating together, as the four young girls gathered, they could make each other somewhat more beautiful, as observed in Korean girl groups. If they had multiple girls who were more beautiful than the average girl, they would be even more beautiful than when they were seen alone.

Wang Jia’s mind went blank for a moment as she thought about this. She changed her clothes quickly and then at the nurse’s desk, she chatted with the other three girls about the matter of their carpool later. Everyone made friendly and meaningful negotiations on the value of the seats such as the front passenger seat and the back seats, and how they should be distributed among themselves

Zhao Leyi happened to pass by the nurse’s desk at that moment. He only heard the second half of the conversation and knew that the young nurses needed a ride. In this regard, Zhao Leyi, who had just bought a BMW 320, was inexplicably happy.

Zhao Leyi was a senior attending physician. Of course, he was still not skilled enough to be an assistant lecturer, but a few years of being an attending physician had allowed Zhao Leyi to save up some money.

Compared to the resident doctors in the lowest stage of the exploitation chain, attending physicians had plenty of ways to earn money. Purchasing a BMW 320 had also troubled Zhao Leyi for only a while.

To make up for the trouble, Zhao Leyi had stayed up late to perform surgeries before he drove 186 miles to participate in a Car Club the next day…

…but the strangers in the Car Club would never be as considerate as the young and beautiful nurses in the hospital department.

‘A lot of people still don’t know that I bought a BMW.’ Zhao Leyi could not help but think of the story of a certain protagonist who would rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle.

When he thought of this, Zhao Leyi remembered the time and set a reminder on his phone.

After work, Zhao Leyi went downstairs immediately. He drove his BMW and parked it at the door of the medical technology building where the young nurses had agreed to meet at. He intended to meet them as if he was coincidentally passing by.

“Wang Jia, are you all off work already?” Zhao Leyi saw a few young nurses dressed in casual clothes walking out of the building. He immediately walked out of his BMW and greeted them at the door.

“Doctor Zhao,” the polite young nurse greeted crisply.

The greeting made Zhao Leyi’s heart float. He quickly asked, “Where are you going? I’ll give you a ride.”

When he said this, Zhao Leyi patted the roof of his BMW. He presented himself as generous, but in his heart, he was in pain.

This was a new BMW. The white paint made the car seem as if it was covered in a layer of waxit was glossy and bright. Zhao Leyi had never touched it with his hand before.

However, Zhao Leyi still had a sense of pride in his heart. ‘I bought this with years of my savings. You might not know the logos of other car brands, but you must surely know the BMW’s blue sky and white clouds logo.’

Several young nurses looked at Zhao Leyi before they looked at his car. They only laughed loudly, and whispered among themselves softly.

Nurse Wang Jia responded politely, “Doctor Zhao, we won’t bother you. We already have someone to give us a ride.”

As she spoke, a black car stopped by Zhao Leyi’s BMW.

The black Jetta was shorter than the BMW by one leg, narrower by one arm, and shorter by one head. It was neither beautiful nor eye-catching; it was as simple as a machine.

However, the BMW was a beautiful piece of art, looking as if it was shining brilliantly. Even if Ling Ran sat in the driver’s seat in the black Jetta, he only appeared as a bit of an eyesore. For a moment, Zhao Leyi was filled with pride.

‘I have worked hard for many years, and finally, it is time for me to collect my harvest.’

“It’s too crowded for five people to sit in one car. You can have a few people sit in mine,” Zhao Leyi spoke clearly. He felt that he was entitled to speak loudly because the money he used to buy his BMW and the money he used to pay his taxes was enough to buy that silly car Ling Ran drove.

“Wang Jia, you take the front passenger seat.”

“It’s okay.”

“We can squeeze together.”

The girls had already assigned their respective positions, and while they gave their responses to Zhao Leyi’s suggestion, they all squeezed intoLing Ran’s small Jetta. Four petite young nurses easily filled up the small car.

The small car was activated slowly, and it gradually disappeared from Doctor Zhao Leyi’s sight.

Zhao Leyi looked at his empty BMW. There was deep disappointment in his heart. ‘What’s the matter with the girls now? Where did all the vain and materialistic girls mentioned by those devious people on the Internet go?’